Blame yourself!



Blame yourself!
by Cameron A. Batmanghlich

In nowhere-ness
I will find you

In resignation
I will tempt you

In nothingness
I will re-invent you

In emptiness
I will fill you

In darkness
I will make you SEE yourself

In silence
I will make you scream

In loneliness
I will make you yearn, and cross the border of insanity

In insanity
I will speak to you of ‘wisdom of all ages’

In pain
I will let you indulge in pleasure till you scream NO MORE!

In pleasure
I will let you say hello to pain personified

In your touch
I will make a fire to warm your frozen spirit

In your soul
I will penetrate as deep as tree roots penetrates into the soil

In your eyes
I will fly in-between dimensions and teach you how to spread your wings

In your ached, heavy and stiff limbs
I will find agility and teach you how to meditate in a state of weightlessness

In your pinned arms behind you
I will push you towards the wall and take you as a hurricane takes an Island in the ocean

In your body
I will be a tornado lifting you to the sky

In your captivity
I will let you taste liberation

In between your cells
I will find the electro-magnetic force and rub it on your face, till your physical being dissolves

In your voice
I will find the images from the past
Thousand of years ago … when dressed in a white robe with long
black hair…and once again….I will love-devour you

In your fear
I will find the courage to break the cemented walls around your heart

In your bitter-sweet cynical smile
I will find the longing for love and revive your long lost faith

In your regrets
I will find gained learning and encourage you to press ahead

In your bitterness
I will make you laugh aloud

In your hate
I will find compassion and forgiveness

In the sound of your sigh
I will fill find the glue to put back together the broken pieces of your heart

In your kiss
I will erase the memory of the past

In the absence of personal history
I will entice your tears to break free

In the taste of your tears
I will find hope and push you towards love

In your newly gained desire
I will satisfy you

In your dream of future
I will wrap you

And in that state
I will enslave you

– Gothenburg, Sweden


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by shifa (not verified) on

This was a marvellous poem which most excellently turned emotions into words!


Most excellent

by Sasha (not verified) on

Most excellent poem, once more. Besh wishes.:o)