The Bright Sunlight

The Bright Sunlight
by ExoticSarah

When I looked outside to see the bright sunlight, I knew right away that life was just too good to be true. That even though the sky was blue, I wasn't. I could see the clouds moving, as I concentrated, staring at the sky. In my mind, my life was going great and I had nothing to worry about. At that moment, enjoying the bright sunlight, I felt right, I felt complete.

I knew that in due time, something was just destined to ruin it. The happiness I felt was either an illusion that was falling into my hands, like a paradox floating above my head or a non existant figment of my imagination, that only left the glass half full. I couldn't help, but question my own happiness. I have always prayed for the best, as I am a faithful woman, but I also knew that I couldn't rely only on prayer, as GOD receives so many and our freewill gives us the ability to think as we do and do as we think.

I kept thinking to myself, "if only I could predict the future, if only I could see what the future held, if only I could see what was is yet to come" but then it hit me. Our world is not perfect. Our world is balanced between light and dark, high and low, and black and white.

Why must others suffer and feel pain, so I can be happy? Why must others go hungry and feel starved, so I can eat? Why must others be illiterate and feel confused, so I can learn?

The world is a chain of more than just life. The world is a chain of hope and there is hope everyone. Every time I questioned about my own thoughts, I was aware that I believed only what I wanted to believe, what I had seen, and what I do see, and that is the bright sunlight.

- Sarah Afshar


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Amazing prose. Definitely

by Salma From Tehran (not verified) on

Amazing prose. Definitely the best I've read on this website. Keep up the excellent job. You make me proud to be Iranian.



by Gomnam on

Dear Ms. Afshar,


I have been writing poetry for about a year, and since I found this site today, I became curious to see who the other self proclaimed poets were, and what types of things inspired them. So, I did look into some of your blogs and found that you are quite proud of yourself, and think of yourself as a great thinker and poet.

Please note that I do not mean to offend you, but only want you to make you think about a few things. This is only because I see potential in you, and wish to discuss somethings that I do believe could make you a better poet, philosopher, and Ultimately a more complete human being, which is after all the ultimate goal which anyone should aspire to.

Your poem, if you can actually call it that,is not without its merits. Nevertheless, I do have to admit neither this, nor any of your blog posts warrant such arrogance as you display. Perhaps it is because you are not very proficient at the English language, I don't know. What I do know is that even Rumi was not as pompous. How can you say "whether you are above me or below me"? How are you measuring this?

My work is much more touching and inspiring than yours. I just won an award for one of my poems, yet I still do not think the way you do. This type of arrogance does not befit someone who claims to be a philosopher and a poet. You do need to do some soul searching. Perhaps you have not experienced the harsh realities of life. Maybe you have never had to work a low level job, never were a refugee, I don't know. I was born in Khorramshahr and have been a refugee, and had many other things to deal with. I have reached many of my goals and have had support and sucess as well.

But the message I can give you is to never judge anyone for being below you. This is a crucial step in reaching a better understanding of humanity, the world, and existence.