How, Where, When and What?


How, Where, When and What?
by Cameron A. Batmanghlich

How do you measure the weight of a second, felt upon your heart?

How do you count the miracles contained in an hour, witnessed by your eyes?

How do you price and pay for the moment of a first encounter, with your life force?

How do you define the feeling of the first kiss, and comprehend it?

How do you name the sensation of finding your other half, and digest the awe?

How do you explain the illogical act of giving up all your plans, just for a glimpse of hope?

How do you convince yourself to plunge into unchartered waters?

How do you find the courage to risk another heartbreak … another fall into the abyss?

How do you envision your future based upon just a loving look?

How do you wish to end your days?

How do you wish to enter the next world?

How do you wish to be remembered?

Where do you find the location at which your tears no more taste of the bitter?

Where do you find the place when at sleep, no more nightmares haunt you?

Where do you go to find that smile once lost?

Where do you search for that respite longed for?

Where do you hide your anger?

Where do you bury your sorrows?

Where do you show your smile without feeling any shame?

Where do you let the sound of your laughter echo into the ocean of the eternal?

Where do you see your past, present and future all in one instant?

Where do you sigh without having the sound of it filling your surroundings?

Where do you find the acid to dissolve your past?

Where do you go to be reborn?

When do you begin to feel your mind is giving in for your desires?

When do you see the light in the end of a tunnel?

When do you remember the promise of peace that the angels once gave you?

When do you start hearing God’s voice in your heart?

When do you hear music speak to you?

When you do see colors telling you stories?

When do you start looking upon the world as the wonder it is?

When can you start giving without expecting anything back?

When do you begin feeling part of the universe?

When do you begin to sing a song every morning you wake up?

When do you start longing for the evening to go to bed, and when in bed just about to fall asleep, longing for the morning to wake up anew?

What is the question engaging everyone’s mind since we all were able to think … ‘The meaning of our lives’?

What is the matter with us all, not seeing the answer right in front of us?

What is the point of living without knowing the answer to this question?

What is hindering us to see and accept this answer?

What prevents us from keeping our minds sound?

What is this splinter in our minds distracting us from seeing the obvious?

What is this delusion covering our hearts?

What is preventing our hearts to remain transparent?

What is clogging the divine voice from filling our beings?

What is the weight of a second?

What is the definition of the first kiss?

What is this thing called love?

Oct. 24, 2007
– Leeds, United Kingdom


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Great, it is just beautiful,

by Souri on

Great, it is just beautiful, very touching.



by ZA (not verified) on

Very moving. My eyes teared up when I got to the lines about acid dissolving our past and tears no longer tasting "of the bitter."
Any day now, I will awake.
I will open my eyes and not think of you.
The weight inside my heart will not be there.
I will not turn over and wonder how it was that
You used to lie next to me and I could rest my head
In the crook of your arm near your shoulder and you would kiss the top of my head and I would sigh.
Breathing out and praying for this to be the day that you would be finally glad to love me.

Busy bearing children, busy singing songs.
Busy moving boxes, changing houses,
following where you needed to go.
Busy reading stories, busy giving baths.
Busy encouraging you to follow your heart no matter what the cost.

And at night, when I lie down and
I know you are with another,
I sigh and remember when I was young and
No thought would have entered my mind.
We were so much in love and
We were two halves to
One whole.

Any day now, I will awaken and my
Heart will no longer hurt for you,
or because of you.
You will be a ghost, a memory,
a vapor from my past.
Perhaps I may have a fleeting glimpse of you in our children, but your place will ever be empty,
just as you wanted.

I will wonder who you have become and how it happened that you became a stranger to us all.
I will watch summer change to autumn's falling leaves, and winter's snowfall change to
newly green spring.
And I will not think of how you would hold my hand
and call the season beautiful.
I will not recall your letters.
I will not recall your touch.
I will not recall how we were going to grow old together.

Any day now, I will awake and
I will not think of your lies and
the blame and
your excuses.
Any day now, I will not be tormented by regret.
Any day now, I will not retrace my steps.
I will not relive the years.
I will not lay the future once more in its grave and sprinkle earth on top, vowing to never dig again.
Any day now, I will awaken and
I will be free.