All birds are my friends!

Before I knew it, I was hovering above the ground


All birds are my friends!
by Cameron A. Batmanghlich

Falcons are my kin.

Sparrows are my allies.

Crows are my messengers.

Pigeons are always there and fill the shoes of the crows in their absence.

 And eagles …

Eagles are my competitors.

                                                   But all the birds are my friends.

 Even the vultures.

Even the seagulls.

Most days, during the late mornings or early afternoons when I just have woken up, with my hair still in a mess and dressed in my morning robe, a cup of black coffee in my hand and a lit cigarette in the corner of my mouth, standing in the balcony under the sun, I get a visit by a sparrow.  He comes and sits very close to me on the edge, and talks to me.

He brings me news and briefings form the previous night's adventures in the other realm.

Sometimes my little sparrow is sad, almost looking ashamed, being forced to give me news and updates that I am not too happy to hear about.

Sometimes he is excited and can't stop singing.

And sometimes he is puzzled and does not understand the message he is delivering, when he reveals secrets that I have chosen to forget.

And then again, there are times, when he takes a comforting tone.

Although I am a predator, the sparrows are not afraid of me.  They trust me and love me and are even worried about me.  Because in me they have found a predator-friend, who is protecting them against other predators who have no love for the sparrows.

Not long ago, I was in the other realm again.  It was night and I was with a couple of people I knew, at a place full of malice - not terror, but pure malice and unholy.  I was watching others feasting and indulging themselves in each other.

I was watching them with indifference and yet focus.

Then, I saw a sparrow flying hard and fast to reach to me.  All excited and terrified he sat on my left hand's index finger.  The tiny sparrow then told me to leave that place pronto

 … he was scared.

I tried to calm him down so that he could speak up clearly, but before I knew it, a whole group of sparrows almost hit me and covered my entire body.

By flipping their small and fragile wings in frenzy, they tied to pull me way from that place.

In that pull and push between me and the herd of sparrows, I suddenly turned my head and saw two eagles watching my allies – the sparrows - with fiery eyes ready to attack and devour their tiny bodies.  But they did not move.  The almost mechanically made looking like eagles, kept staring at me with blood red eyes intensely as to shy me away.  But I stood my grounds till they realized that I am not giving in and that I m the sparrow's friend and ally.  So … finally they flew away.

I then realized, that stare of the artificially made looking eagles were not after the sparrows … but after me.  The sparrows wanted to warn me of a coming danger, which would happen when I would return to the earthly life.  Their warnings prepared me and I was ready for the danger ahead when I woke up.  The challenges and the dangers occurred, but just like the two eagles with white heads that did not dare to harm my allies, the malice against me next day, had no affect on me what so ever, as I had already been warned.

The sparrows became my allies during one of my roaming in the other realm.  I was strolling on a narrow path without any sense of direction …  no destination in mind.  It was dark and the air was standing still.  Then suddenly I say a hurt chick crow unable to move in the middle of that path.  I spoke to the little shiny black bird and asked what was wrong? … she couldn't answer.  I was afraid that someone else walking on that path, would not see her and accidentally step on her.  So I picked her up and put her aside, hoping that her kin would come to her rescue.

Then … I continued on my path without thinking of her anymore.

I had not gone more than perhaps fifteen meters, when I noticed a group of sparrows flying towards me.  They reached me and then covered my whole body.

I became a sparrow man.

They were trying to take me off the ground … fast launch me into the air…teaching me to fly, by flipping their small wings hard in an attempt to life me.

They lifted me off the ground and then put me down again.  Then they told me to fly.  Before I knew it, I was hovering above the ground.  The sensation was so intense and overwhelming that I lost focus and got scared.  My fear forced me down to the ground.

From that night and that incident which happened in the other realm, the sparrows become my allies.

But …

The falcons are my kin.

I am of the same blood and temper – same nature.

I understood that when one evening in a desert, I held a falcon on my forearm and looked into his vibrant eyes and stroke his chest, felt and touched his restless heart beating as intensely as a firestorm; just like my own heart.

And he, that capriccioso flyer felt my love for him …

And he saw my aura …

And he touched my wings …

And he hugged my pain …

And he blessed my hope …

And he let his own aura to unite with mine.

That night he told me about me, also being a falcon.

It was right before I was going to scrap the last fibers left of my umbilical cord with the people who brought me into this world.

That falcon, kept in captivity and yet free in spirit, told me that from then and onwards, I would live as a falcon.  He told me that from then and onwards I am a light-winged dying traveler predator without a heart, without a family, without a hometown and without a home.

Only then, I understood that I already had lived some time as a light-winged dying traveler predator without a heart, without a family, without a hometown and without a home.

All birds are my friends.

Even though the Eagles are jealous of me.

Although more powerful and more majestically looking, yet they lack my agility, flexibility and speed ...

Also, my heart beats faster!

Still they are my friends.

Even if most often than not they are competing with me and a bit jealous of me, when it really comes down to it, they will be there for me.

My zodiac sign is Leo and according to the Chinese horoscope, I am a rooster, but still I am a flying bird.

My wings will soon be spread out.  I have been promised that.  As the matte of fact, my wings are already spread out, it is just that I need to dare to fly, just like in my first encounter with the sparrows.  

I need more courage.

I need a bigger heart.

I have to wait a bit longer…

I have to let my heart bleed a while more.

I have to pray a bit longer.

And in an absurd way, I even have time…although I am soon going to die.

But that does not matter.

It is enough if I only fly once.

Not on this earth, not here and not there … but in my own neighborhoods, in the other realm, where I no longer am a dying traveler predator without a heart, without a family, without a hometown and without a home, but just a flying predator.


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