Love, compassion, empathy, loyalty, devotion, beauty, divinity and care


by Cameron A. Batmanghlich


With love and hope for a return to
the age of light, to once again
live side by side with
my beloved angel.

We are soon to enter the ‘Age of Aquarius’.

The divine celestial constellation is taking form, undetected from the eyes of astronomers and scientists.

The time for the return of celestial enlightenment and universal knowledge to mankind, is approaching with tremendous speed.

Light is waiting by the gate of the first ring of the ‘Grand Dimension’. Soon, all seven layers and rings of our once divided dimension will be unified, bringing about the healing of the ‘Grand Dimension’, allowing the free flow of universal knowledge to all beings.

The most prominent sign and proof of the coming events, is that time has lost its linearity and become exponential.

The cycle of rotating climate change has started. In a few years, the map of the earth as we have known for the past few thousands of years will be unrecognizable. But the spiritual descendants of the unblessed viceroys from the past, deliberately misinform and mislead the public, calling it ‘Global Warming’ and capitalize on this lie for their own benefit and agendas; trying to delay the process of mankind’s awakening as long as they can.

Soon the spell, cast over mankind for millenniums of what people know as ownership, will be broken. And so, price tags on everything will disappear. The sinister concept of pricing was invented on the false notion of scarcity, in order to create a way to gain an edge over others; while the abundance offered by mother earth in combination with mankind’s ability to invent, if used and maintained correctly, would never end.

Except for a few, all the prophecies and predictions has already taken place. And the occurrence of those remaining few predictions and prophecies is now inevitable. It is unavoidable because no one listened to, nor cared about all the given warnings by us, when we in the past, reincarnated as messengers and tried to reverse the devastating trend we saw developing.

It is too late now. There is now no return.

Never before, since the destruction of Atlantis, mankind has had access to so much knowledge and so many tools. But science, technology, art and any regained knowledge since then, are being used for everything else except for the good of all living beings.

It is used to deprive humans from their magical powers, separate them from nature which provides them with universal energy and by doing so, being able to easily control them.

All beings, from animals to plants to the ether itself are suffering.

Mother earth, has been abused to extend of extinction in an effective and brutal way.

Despite existence of efficient production methods and abundance of food and natural resources, tens of thousands of people are dying of famine each day, while others are wasting food and resources in an insane and mind blowing fashion.

The number of people who in one single shopping spree spend as much resources enough to feed an entire village somewhere in this world for a year is terrifying. And others cheer this crime and secretly wish they would have been in the same position … able to indulge in the same crime.

This absurd behavior has now been given a name with a positive connotation: ‘Born to Shop’!!!

Distribution of earth’s resources has gone berserk.

Contrary to common belief and despite all the shiny built cities, mankind is living in the darkest and most evil times of its history.

The new incarnating souls are deprived from their innocence right in the beginning of their entrance into the physical realm in this world, manipulated by the effective machinery of mass media.

At the most, some desperate souls with a hunch of ‘things not standing right’, are seeking answers in religions and their so called holy scriptures. Books that are so contaminated and arbitrary revised over and over again by the unblessed men and women with hunger for power and greed, that not even a single trace of the ‘Wisdom of All Ages’ once intended to be found in them are traceable.

The pure scriptures and ‘Gathas’, once rescued from Atlantis and spread throughout the world has been destroyed or hidden.

Whatever wisdom we managed to take with us from Atlantis and stored in the ancient civilizations of Persia, Egypt, Maya, Inca and China was destroyed by the armies of the spiritual decedents of the unblessed viceroys, who once destroyed Atlantis. Like blood hounds, they sniffed themselves to where the knowledge was hidden and burned down entire cities to the ground.

And so, the ‘Divine Hierarchy of the Masters of Wisdom’ supervising the progress of mankind and providing leadership never managed to properly take root. Instead, the unblessed ones created a chain of command, ensuring the permanent spiritual and physical enslavement of mankind for the past 10 000 years.

God and creator of universe, the divinity is now a mean to satisfy greed and exert power, commit more atrocities, or is simply denied.

The concept of leadership is so badly deluded that no one dares to seek guidance no more … and rightfully so, as today’s leaders possess no divine inspiration or instinct.
Leadership today is learned at institutions, and the right to lead is attained through a diploma in Management in three years with graduates as young as 21 years of age!

True leaders are blocked, pushed back into oblivion and assassinated ... spiritually or physically.

The lineage of the Nobles is now broken.

The descendants of the nobles, still having the blood of the ‘Masters of Wisdom’ running through their veins, have become ‘Nuevo Pobre’ and deprived from any maneuverability ... any power of initiative.

They are now, no more than excavengers, roaming around without any destination or purpose; their talents and leadership qualities being wasted.

Their seed is no more being planted, and they no longer multiply.

Instead, half blood, half talented beings, manipulated and used by the evil, have been given the opportunity to assert and establish themselves as the new elite. Their newly gained riches and status has its origin in blood money, bootlegging, murder, deception and not by selfless, honorable efforts and heroism, constituting the making of the nobles.

These new ‘Nuevo Riche’ and established elite have no concept of fairness and their deeds are motivated by self perseverance leading to – again - greed and quest for power to dominate; lacking the divine inspiration which is translated to efforts made for common good.

Theft is now renamed ‘Good Business Acumen’; lies are called ‘Politics’, deception called ‘The art of negotiation’, truth-bending is called ‘News’ and genocide called ‘Patriotism’!

Prostitutes are celebrated, deviants knighted, thieves hailed, cheaters rewarded and murderers decorated.

The magical duality of the masculine and feminine has been destroyed. Men and women look upon each other with suspicious eyes. Love has become another form of trade. And bringing children into this world have become just another way of satisfying empty lives … used as another kick to get high for a while!

Love, compassion, empathy, loyalty, devotion, beauty, divinity and care have lost their meaning.

An organized chaos has been established in order for the evil forces to move and act freely, without any effective countermeasure ... without any accountability.

Malice is now promoted by the spiritual decedents of those past unblessed viceroys, with manipulation and destruction as their main tool for generating power and sustaining their dominance.

Greed, mass destruction, murder, manipulation, Molestation, violence, theft, lies, and misinformation are no longer controllable and have become synonymous with mankind in the ‘Celestial Confederation’.

These attributes coloring mankind’s actions, direct and mold their lives in such fashion that it has become a socially accepted norm, and promoted feverishly.

Atrocities committed around the globe, are shown shamelessly each day and no one raises an eyebrow anymore. That is one of the triumphs of the unholy and the unblessed. To do whatever they want, whenever they want, show it, and get away with it.

Mankind is now suffering from numerous chronically spiritual maladies.

There is no return. The final battle is here. Forces are gathering fast.

While the evil entities with their demons, mercenaries and concubines, are rapidly preparing for the destruction of earth for a total control of the remaining masses, we are receiving reinforcements from outer frontiers of fourth and third ring of the ‘Grand Dimension’.

Our allies in the ‘Celestial Confederation’ have arrived and frequently visit us here on earth, marking their positions. These markings known as ‘Crop Circles’ are most often taken for hidden messages delivered to us by the aliens… sure they are messages, but not the kind that most would like to see and not by the entities that are described in the science fiction literature and movies.

The number of ‘Masters of wisdom’ coming back through reincarnation on large scale is increasing.

We the ‘Predators’, the ‘Frontline Musketeers’ within the order of ‘Divine Hierarchy’s Mysteries of Creation’, are now crossing path, and recognizing each other. We now can meet our reincarnated fellow ‘Musketeers’ and ‘Masters’ here on earth from the past and greet each other with a look and a nod.

Something that was not allowed for us before, as it would have put us all in a far too dangerous predicament.

We are now able to remember our past in our conscious state of mind.

The ‘Brothers and Sisters of Wisdom’, along with reincarnated ‘Masters’, are using enemy’s information infrastructure to communicate with others and save as many as possible, bringing them to safety, behind our lines.

While the ‘First Grade Masters of Wisdom’ are busy planning, the ‘Second Grades Masters’ are reaching out and gathering their forces from the past. We are traveling to all the corners of the world to see and touch upon our past soldiers … both in person and in the other realm. Even though most of our soldiers do not understand and do not recognize us as yet. Their consciousness is being kept dormant for their own safety for now.

Soon, we the ‘Masters of Wisdom’ from all three grades of the order of ‘Divine Hierarchy’s Mysteries of Creation’ will unite. And soon, we will liberate and break through the second ring of the ‘Grand Dimension’ - the last barrier into the physical realm - paving the way for our angels to re-enter earth and line up with us in full daylight for everyone to see their glory.

The time has arrived for us to avenge the murder of all the angels in front of the eastern gates of Atlantis, as they tried to hold back the unprovoked attack by the unblessed viceroys’ armies, so that few of us could escape certain death through the western port, and keep the torch burning until the day for our return.

That day … the day of our return is here very soon. And we will avenge the murder of our Angels right here on earth.

Even our adversary, the spiritual descendant and lineage of the unblessed viceroys holding power on this earth, are aware of this and are very busy, doing their best to reinforce themselves.

They are trying to develop defense systems preventing our allies from the ‘Celestial Confederation’ to reach us, through military programs called ‘Star Wars’. But their efforts are futile. It is as if trying to shoot down an airplane with an arrow and bow!

They even try to circumvent us and negotiate with our allies from the ‘Celestial Confederation’. But that is laughable too.

And so, it is time for me to give account for my most beloved, my Angel, before I enter the battle with him and face an uncertain future.

Before I embark on telling the story, I must however apologize for sounding a bit too enthusiastic about the coming war.

Wars must be avoided until the very end, and the echo of each shed drop of blood, will reach the very end of our breathing universe…even the unblessed and unholy blood.

But enough is enough.

There is no other way except force, to put an end to this darkness and malice; no other way to liberate mankind from its complete spiritual and physical enslavement.
There is no other way to bring the deprived magic which is the most vital element of any human being back ... even if that means spilling blood.

Dedicated to my everlasting companion
here on this earth, the western wind
and my friends - all the birds.

May his divinity again grant me your companionship after the battle.

‘SECOND GRADE MASTER OF WISDOM’ and ‘FIRST GRADE FRONT LINE MUSKETEER’, known as ‘PREDATORS’, with the unconditional right to ‘Name and Appoint’; within the order of ‘DIVINE HIERARCHY’S MYSTERIES OF CREATION’, under the banner of ‘UNITED FIRE AND WATER’ with the symbol of the rising sun from the ocean. First incarnated on earth into the AGHRATA (city) of ‘PHORNIMIA’ built by other ‘BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF WISDOM’, located in the far eastern side of what is today known as the Pacific Ocean, west of the lost civilization of ‘MU’, in the period of the alignment of the three planets Melona, Jupiter and Mars with the Sun, on an exact day of 68 000 years ago from this date, at the break of first light.

March 21, 2007
As close as I can get to the place
where we once lost Atlantis.

* * *

Twilight … my time of respite.

Western wind … my companion here on earth.

Ocean … half of my symbol of eternity, soon to be completed by its other half, the rising sun.

A reef ... my place of power, prayer.

Fire … my signature.

Music … my speech.

Scents … my way of orientation.

Birds … my friends.

Words … none - when facing divinity.

Eyes … intensely tearful

Heart … fully transparent

Weightlessness … causing my body forgetting space, just as during periods of spiritual transformation.

My whole being is going through a long diminuendo, ending in an everlasting fermato.

Time stands still.

My heart has taken over all of my being. I now have turned into one big beating transparent heart.

My inner eyes are wide open…

I am here for a ‘Rendez-Vous’.

Yes … a ‘Rendez-Vous’ with my very own angel.

I have looked forward to this moment for a long time. It has been a good while, since we last had some time together by ourselves without any interruption.

Last time it occurred, it was seven years ago. Right before my third death here on this earth … my third transformation.

It has been crazy … this life I mean. I do not recall so many transformations and deaths during one single incarnation in less than four earthly decades. It is kind of mind-blowing I must admit.

No wonder I feel bit dizzy and drained.

But I guess it has been necessary…I needed to grow fast…not much time left. The ‘Age of Enlightenment’ is rapidly approaching, and forces are gathering for the final battle fast.

I need to be ready … many lives will depend on me ... many souls will need me. Both newly incarnated souls into earth and the ones that have been here for a while and gone through many reincarnations.

I am sure what is happening to me is happening to all ‘Masters of Wisdom’ in all three grades. And we are not many. Well, not as many as we would like to be.

The ‘Leaders Ring’, although far more solid and united since the destruction of Atlantis, is still not large enough. And so, it imposes greater responsibility upon each of us.

We are perhaps stretching ourselves a bit too thin.

But not to worry … there is no reason for alarm as yet. And we are getting reinforcement by a large number of our brothers and sisters, beyond the frontier of the ‘Second and Third Dimension’.

Also, all our allies from the ‘Celestial Confederation’ are arriving for support.

We are strong and getting stronger by each day.

Still, none of us, not the reincarnated ‘Brothers and sisters of Wisdom’, and not the incarnating ones nor the angles, none of us, are prepared to take the slightest chance, and risk a defeat in the coming battle.

If we fail this time, everything will be lost forever.

And forever…is a long time!

That is why I need to meet my angel more often. And that is why I have to grow fast and enhance my radiance to reach as many as possible. And growth for any ‘Master of Wisdom’ is possible only through reincarnation, both physically and spiritually.

I have to admit … it is a bit my own fault. I mean all these transformations during this single incarnation that I have to go through that is. I have been a bit lazy in the past, a bit too indulging in my past lives and reincarnations. I should have been seeking more growth. But I procrastinated.

So now, all these transformations are coming at once!

But then again, perhaps I would have pushed the envelope a bit too far for my own and other ‘Masters of Wisdoms’’ good.

I and my brothers and sisters were all that people and lower soul groups could handle at the time. And also, our enemies were too powerful back then in relation to our few numbers.

In the past few thousands of years, we only reincarnated as scouts or messengers. Either trying to warn humanity or assess the situation first hand.

We were always by ourselves and alone, and we always came without any protection. So, extreme care was a necessity. Making ourselves and our wisdom too visible would have endangered all of us. A few of us did that, reveled too much, and they were lynched brutally.

In the past, when reincarnated on earth as scouts or messengers, we were not allowed to bring our angels. When leaving battlefields in the other dimensions to incarnate on earth, our angels had to stay and hold our position.

Still it happened a few times, that the angels disobeyed the orders and rushed down to save a few of us now and then.

But by doing so they put themselves in too far of a danger and worse, we had to leave before accomplishing or mission.

So again, perhaps there was not much more room to maneuver, and I guess that is why I procrastinated my growth, allowing a larger radiance of my wisdom to cover a vast number of other beings.

But it is different now.

As we have liberated the rings of dimensions all the way form the sixth to the third and soon will be overtaking the second dimension, we are now daring to show ourselves more frequently and with far more ease. Also, our angels are now allowed to visit and even assist us in this first dimension – the earth.

That is why I can now see my angel every seven years or so.

And tonight, it is time again for us to be together here on earth.

Yes…my angel should be here soon. He should be here any moment.

Any moment now, I will see the sign of his arrival…lightning in the horizon, illuminating the ocean way into nothingness.

He is always late…I hate that. Dangerous too…his tardiness that is. But in the end he always shows up.

I have to make sure that the invisibility surrounding me here remains intact…I don’t want to scare the living dog out of the poor tourists around here. They would get a fit if seeing Caramius … he he.

Yes Caramius…that is his name…my angel.

His name is Caramius.

Every time I pronounce his name…my heart fills with immense love, and my eyes with joyous tears.

Caramius is a very young angel … only some 20 000 years old. I always tease him about his young age.

But man o man…powerful he is … and beautiful.

Still a juvenile … kind of childish. That is why his feathers possess such extraordinary glow. It is his enthusiasm shining through.

I remember when Caramius was born.

Yea…I remember it well.

I had wished for him ever since I was incarnated onto earth 68 000 years ago for the first time. But his conception by the ‘Holy’ took a long time and his essence took even a longer time to take form.

Caramius was born at the break…at the break of the first light. Just like myself and just about this time.

I can still see the flashes and the absolute light surrounding everything. I am not talking about the kind of light that the sun produces…no…it was another kind of light. It had substance…the light was heavy…it had warmth…it even had a smell.

It was scented with tangible beauty.

And music…yes music…the most divine music that can be imagined and compared only to the voice of his ‘Holy’.

That kind of music is now lost. It disappeared with the last part of Atlantis being devoured by the ocean. Only very recently - say in the past couple of hundred years - now that we are approaching the ‘Age of Enlightenment’ and gain ground, that some have managed to snatch pieces and parts of that music, which still hovers in the celestial sphere, and play it. But it is all in fragments and gives no meaning. It is as if someone would try to put together parts of a vessel which was broken millenniums ago, and make it fly…it just doesn’t work.

Caramius was in my arms when he, for the first time, opened his eyes and smiled. He was the most beautiful being I ever had laid my eyes upon.

I cut his umbilical cord myself. Then held him in my arms for a long time…opened my robe and let him touch my skin and breathe in my smell.

My ‘Sisters and Brothers of Wisdom’ had dug a crater in the sand on the shores of Western side of what is known today as the Atlantic Ocean. The sea had filled the crater, and in there, I sat with Caramius tightly held in my arms.

For ninety days and ninety nights, I whispered into his ears the secret of all ages and shared with him the courage residing in my heart. I sawed hope, beauty, courage and strength into his transparent and empty heart.

During the first 30 days, I told him about the ‘Mysteries of Creation’. About the point when ‘TIME’ was created in order to carry ‘The Tangible’. I told him about the sound that created the universe, galaxies, stars and all the ‘Beings’ in our ‘Celestial Confederation’.

I told him about his divinity … I told him about his intent and his purpose.

I whispered into his ears about the ‘Grand Dimension’.

After the passage of the first thirty days, again my brothers and sisters of Wisdom arrived and lit the first ring of fire around the crater, indicating the completion of the first 30 days and nights of transmitting universal wisdom form my heart into Caramius heart.

The second thirty days and nights to come, was spent on telling Caramius about the ‘Masters of Wisdom’, about our ‘Brothers and Sisters of Wisdom’, about the ‘Divine Hierarchy’s Mysteries of Creation’.

I told him about the true nature of his being, and mine.

I told him about our inseparable spirit.

I spoke to him of love.

I spoke to him of light.

I spoke to him of fire.

I spoke to him of the water

I spoke to him of earth.

I spoke to him of ether.

I poke to him of the nature of time.

And I described to him the ‘Sound’ that created everything.

I thought him all about the magical glue uniting fire with water, soul with body, divinity with earth.

I thought him the secrets of flight.

I told him of our history from the day of creation until that day when he was finally made.

Finally, after the second completed 30 days and nights, again my ‘Brothers and Sisters of Wisdom’ arrived and lit a second ring of fire around our crater. This ring of fire had flames reaching higher, than the first ring.

The wisdom and universal knowledge that I was going to tell Caramius was only for him, and that high-flamed fire veiled this information to reach other souls.

Caramius was still in an absolute state of meditation. Not even once did he open his eyes. His breathing was slow and metronomic. Peace surrounding us was so tangible that you could touch it. And all along, the divine music was heard around us.

The last thirty and nights was the most tantalizing and exalting one for me.

It was during this time, that I was going to tell him all about the future.

I told him about the progress of light into far ends of the universe bordering our ‘Grand Dimension’.

I told him that soon the unification of all beings in the ‘Celestial Confederation’ will be completed and the universe will be lit in full.

I told him about mankind’s future and the plan.

It took me full thirty days and nights to tell him all this and at times I was afraid that I would not have time to complete his education.

By the end of the ninety days and nights, once again and for the last time, my ‘Brothers and Sisters of Wisdom’ arrived and lit the third ring of fire around us. This ring had the highest reaching flames.

Then I slightly bend down towards his face and blew air onto his forehead. Caramius body let go, and his spirit was set free to venture out all around the ‘Grand Dimension’ and see for himself of what I had spoken of for ninety days and nights.

For further 270 days and nights, I held Caramius’ body in my arms in that crater filled with the ocean’s water and three rings of fire around us, while Caramius was enjoying his newly gained art of flight, venturing around in the ‘Grand Dimension’.

For each marvel that Caramius would see during this time, a new feather would grow on his wings. Every time a new feather would come about, I would smile, as I knew how he must have felt seeing new miracles. I could feel his amazement seeing and touching upon all the miracles created by his divine.

Caramius was busy roaming around in the ‘Grand Dimension’, exploring every bit of it. He was encountering our allies, making friends, and applied his knowledge of love to every one and everything he encountered.

Finally upon his return and a full 365 days and nights since his birth, Caramius was standing in front of us all, in his full glory.

His silky soft, pearl white feathers, arranged in a way not letting the slightest volume of air through was glowing in the light produced by the three rings of fire.

So intense was the fire lit by my ‘Brothers and Sisters of Wisdom’ that it shaded the rays produced by the rising sun.

In that moment, we were standing face to face to the large crowd gathered for Caramius and me.

Caramius was standing behind me and had wrapped his wings around my body, bending his head down, letting his forehead resting on my head, while each and every one of the ‘Masters’, ‘Brother and Sister of Wisdom’ along with other angels blessed him with a kiss on his head, transmitting a bit of their own life-force into his spirit.
Yes … this was the time of the birth of Caramius.

Caramius was born during a time when there only was one dimension. We had not yet been forced to divide the ‘Grand Dimension’ into seven layers, creating barriers in order to protect humans. And the number of evil souls, demons and devil’s concubines were too few to reckon with.

(Part One of Seven)


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Grand Dimension

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‘Grand Dimension’

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