Moon after Moon

I have never been this woman before you, before I found you


Moon after Moon
by Sheema Kalbasi

I need you to say you love me. I want your words to touch me again. Look, who knows maybe I will break into a thousand pieces soon. Perhaps morning tempers and letters burn, but I want my body to learn new words, a fistful of words as sweet and sour candy that happens to be in my mouth; words that stem from the heart and soul, making rich feathery sensation on the back of my neck; words that tantalize like the tip of your tongue finding its path to my lips. These are simple adventures that fill, pant, and pour the depth of my body where I let natural forces find fever at every beat, every beat that is as strong as my desires.

To be loved by you, one must know how to swim. You live your love. In you, love is flesh and bones. It is so intensely real that it feels unreal. You are the life I haven't begun. You make my blood steam and my lips come forth to seek yours even in your absence. Every morning when we awaken and the sky strips off its black covers, my naked flesh awaits your response.

I bend my arms without reservation. I have never been this woman before you, before I found you, before beautiful became a little song that breathes slowly but continually. I can hear your heart like a shell next to my ears. Linger and whisper my name. Touch me. Sensuality remains a female quality.

Even in places where women are forced to veil and live under religious laws, sensuality remains intact. In places where life and lives are interpreted by men who are an expansion of God's legal exemptions on earth, women have to remain sacred with their lovers as unknown intimates.

Moon after moon these women's soft kisses are opium highlights while their hair, smoky eyes, faces, throats, and tenderness are forced to obey the rules of men whose logic lurks and shames God and goodness. Women, who at times are stained by the soil, covered up to their chests, lapidated, spools of white on their beds bloodied, or their bodies beaten by men who are tenants of an unpredictable God, men who act as His exhibitionists.

It is at these times when I need you most to hold me and let me stand naked with sorrowed feelings before they reappear, wrestle, and make me their faithful companion.



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by ZanAmrikai (not verified) on

I don't know why others have criticized your writing, to be honest, because I can totally enter what you are saying and feel it all. As a woman, the way we think and the way words work in us and for us is different somehow than it is for men--at least, that is MY opinion. Your writing is lovely and very evocative--I put myself right into those scenes and they fit perfectly for how a woman feels. Blessings to you and keep up the good work!


If you disagree...

by Roger Humes (not verified) on

...I have watched the evolution and growth of Sheema as a writer in English. She has found a unique voice, one that spins words in ways no native speaker ever would. This is good, very good. Language cannot grow unless people are pushing its boundaries, making it move into areas of new expression.

If you don't like what Sheema writes, your problem is with taste and not with quality of writing. As one who has put over 400 hundred poets online and who has written himself for over 40 years I do believe I know a little about writing in the English language.

So take your fairy tale English lit class rules and your inflexible leftist attitudes elsewhere. If you cannot admit this women writes extremely well in English then you need to do some introspection and self-examination. The problem is with you and not her.


The problem with Sheema

by Fred on

The problem with this writing is that in few lines it humanely describes the inhumanity which is the norm in many countries including Iran. Perhaps the beef with her is not the unfairly maligned linguistic failings rather her seemingly innate ability to cut to the chase and bare that which is indefensible, the utter dehumanization and subjugation of women based on ancient rituals. She also displays the same problem throughout her Echoes in Exile.


چیزی که این

نانام (not verified)

چیزی که این نوشته‌ها را از انواع مشابه ادبی عاشقانه/اروتیک/زنانه...) متمایز می‌کند غلیان احساسی و اصالت ‌آن‌هاست. کلباسی در این نوشته‌ها "تلاش" نمی‌کند. قلم بی‌اختیار می‌رود. او نمی‌نویسد: می‌نویسانندش! این جوشش، بی‌انکه خود او بخواهد‌، ژرفا ‌می‌افریند. ادبیت که هیچ‌، حتا شعریت هم در این نوشته‌ها مهم نیست. دغدغه در اینجا اساسن دغدغه‌ای ادبی یا شعری نیست. اهمیت این کارها هم -دست کم از دید من- در همین است

مسئله جدی‌تر و فوری‌تر (اگزیستانسیال‌تر‌‌) از آن است که سنجه‌های ادبی به کار بیایند. ناسازه ولی این‌جاست که این خود اهمیت ‌"ادبی" بسیار دارد

رود را باید روان گذاشت. پرداختن به مسایل اجتماعی- اگر خود‌آگاهانه باشد- جلو جریان آب را می گیرد. از این جهت با جهانشاه موافقم

به هر حال خوشحالم که نوشته‌های کلباسی باز در اینجا چاپ می‌شوند


Sheema jon: Breathtakingly

by Your friend (not verified) on

Sheema jon: Breathtakingly poignant. Not being a man, I admire what you're trying to do to in holding a mirror to pathological obsession of men with erotica and animalistic sex into some kind of humanity of a woman...xo

To all Occidentalist and defunct leftist:

If you don't agree with Sheem's politics, have the guts to say so...if you don't, then keep quite and let others enjoy her poetry.

SOme people are just jealous because they have never been able to publish a book...Perhaps if you moved to Soviet Union or N. Korea, you'll find a publisher to publish your canned and copied anti-imperialist rhetorics!

Q! I will buy you a ticket myself for free, if you decided to move from sunny S. California!!!

Sheemas books on




Jahanshah Javid

Sensual evolution

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks Q. But we'll have to agree to disagree. I have witnessed Sheema's evolution for eight years or so. She arrived in the U.S. from Denmark and struggled to express herself in English. I used to do a lot of edits on her English poetry -- and she hated it (any artist would). But her erotica (for lack of better word) which she started publishing last year, belong to a different class altogether. I'm no literary expert by any standard, but as a reader her words move me. She expresses love and desire in the most natural and  dreamy fashion. You may see grammatical mistakes here or there, but if there are any, I take them as artistic license which take nothing away from their amazing sensuality/sexuality. For those who are curious, I recommend these samples: "Now that spring is here", "The spring snow", "At night", "Twice every morning"...


Jahanshah, I disagree

by Q on

The poetry and the prose are not "good" by any known standard. Kalbasi seems to think tactless insertion of words and verbs are poetic and therefore "beautiful." There may be some merit to her kitchen sink approach -- had she been deliberative or systematic about her choices of clichés and grammatical mistakes Microsoft couldn't catch. However, I don't think she's aware of them. Too many people must have complimented her based on what sounds like creative writing without respect to what actually is creative writing. I bet she has never had a real editor, only well financed Orientalists too eager to repackage cultural supremacy for an awe-struck late-sipping audience.

Creative writing is neither to be abused as a crude delivery vehicle for slapdash politics, nor is it a refuge for functional illiteracy.



Thank you.

by Feshangi on

I enjoyed reading your lovely piece. It is beautifully written.  



And I...

by Parham on

... definitely agree with Jahanshah!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I'm so glad you're writing again. I'm a big fan of your erotica, or sensual writings or... not sure what to call them. But they are mighty beautiful. Can't get enough. My favorite line is probably this: "words that stem from the heart and soul, making rich feathery sensation on the back of my neck; words that tantalize like the tip of your tongue finding its path to my lips." One thing to consider: When you switch into social commentary, it ruins the mood! Nevertheless, I eagerly look forward to more.