Like a Poem

Like a Poem
by buna

Seeing you is reading a love poem

I am the lilies that in your hair reside
On the walls of your church
I am the image of Christ crucified

I am a book on your bookshelves
A whippoorwill on your shoulder
I am anklets around your calves

I am a holyman meditating before an icon
Of a Buddha belonging to a woman
Who in my eyes has been broken

Make me again whole
With a kiss, with love
Help me reach my goal
Until a kiss, until love

toward a mirage you are a doorway
like a soothing ointment, like a poem
but you are agony! You are agony!

You are a robin full of spring
Like a gramophone record
Loud and clear, with no skipping

But the glint of a razor in your eyes resemble
Something two-faced, something treacherous
Like a bullet in the temple

Make me again whole
With a kiss, with love
Help me reach my goal
Until a kiss, until love

-- Originally in Persian by Yaghma Golrooey, translated by Buna.


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Rushing away.

by Francesco Sinibaldi (not verified) on

In the light
of a new song
I like the
perception of
a sweet sensibility,
the height of
the season and
a burning desire.

Francesco Sinibaldi

persian westender

I always thought that the

by persian westender on

I always thought that the symbol of love is recognized as heart, because heart (del) has been considered to be center of emotions and feelings. 


Buna this is my take on your comment...

by Hassan Danesh (not verified) on

...I think the ancient persians with their legenday ability to carve out beautiful master pieces right inside the heart of awesome massive stone (Persopolis staircases)figured their fertility symbol by watching two swans during the courtship in those days that the air was crispy and lake virgin and perstine and no sign of stinky noisy cars in crowded city cutting each other in speed to get faster to their destination whatsoever.

Whether or not the persians got this symbol from white or black swan I leave it to the scholars of ancient persia to find the accurate answer...

That was my five cent worth of comment on your posting and hope it helps...


heart shape

by buna on

the original heart shape, like a five upside down, originated in ancient times, before writing and was a fertility symbol. draw a classic heart shape; put a dot on top of each of the two highest points, now put a short vertical line between where the two lines at the bottom of the heart meet...voila!



by Dr. A. Hassan Danesh (not verified) on

Toward a Flexible World

Left hand is the eastern hemisphere
The right hand the western one
I gently bring these two half world near each other
Until each finger touches its corresponding counterpart
Now I can see the entire rounded planet earth
Form from my ten figners
With five windows
Corresponding to five contintents exists in earth
Corresponding to five ocean of earth
To make this rounded fingery planet earth complete
Indent the fingers inward at their point of convergence a bit
Now you see five windows of love openned up on earth
Each after the image of man's heart

The rounded flexible earth
Like the man's beating heart