Soul to Soul


Soul to Soul
by Cameron A. Batmanghlich

Surrounded by two pillars of ivory

The gate is opening up

The path to her being is becoming visible

Her soul is calling

A crescent as bent as the moon

Occupies my vision form above

A crescent as white as the ivory pillars gently hugging my ears

Deluded sounds of her prayers, obstructed by the two pillars of ivory, are coming out from the gate of her temple – her mouth

Round and firm in my palms

Points that are indicating the passage to her inside

As an inverted twin navels pointing into her being, located on her chest

Giving milk as if she has just delivered her first born … love

I reach up and bite those points to squeeze even more of that white life-giving fluid and drink it as Count Dracul would drink his nightly red blood

How can that be? How can she produce this?

She bears no child … nor is she a recent mother

She is …

Desire has now lost its power and looks around for a big brother to speak for him

Prayers are turned into pleads

Pleads into moaning

Moaning into begging

And beginning into a silent loving wish

Sounds and heat

Silent yearning and hunger

Compulsion of a jet engine

Prayer of the night

A moment - just

A moment lasting for eternity

A moment so fragile, that thinking about it may break it and make it disappear

A moment out in another dimension

Magic looks impotent in front of the this miracle

Miracle is no longer impressive in front of this energy

Energy is losing its fluid form in front of this flash

Flashes seem gray in front of this light

The Goddess of love has surrounded herself with angels and is witnessing our passion.

Breathing is no longer necessary

Gasping for air is meaningless

Meaning loses its purpose

Purpose is dissolved

No flashes no more … it has stopped … only darkness of the eternal cosmos

Way out there, the only thing that still keeps me rooted into this dimension is her voice

Her voice that has lost its familiar tone and enters my inner ears with a new pitch

And my inner ears opening up … I hear her … I LEARN her

All energy must be locked inside her and consumed by my devouring spirit

Her … prayer

Her taste

Her milk

My mouth is full … full of flavours

And the rest of my body … aaah …it does not matter anymore

It is too late

Physical senses are pushed aside

As it is now only

Soul to Soul


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ebi amirhosseini

Dear Cameron !

by ebi amirhosseini on

This poem of yours exactly gave me the same joy & love as the "Daffodils" by Wordworth & "Tandis??" by Saeed Soltanpour .



Very cool, passionate

by KayvanAli on

Keep these refreshing poems coming :->


soulful, passionate and erotic

by IRANdokht on

what a pleasant diversion from the every day politics and religious discussions.

your poem made me feel alive!

(I didn't care for the milky substance there but the rest of the poem was so powerful that I got over it quickly!)





by URSOUL (not verified) on