Mosaddeq at the Hague


Mosaddeq at the Hague
by Majid Naficy
If you go to the Netherlands

Visit The Hague court of Justice.

On a rainy night

Linger at its closed gate

And look through the iron rods:

There, in that lighted building

Across the rain-laden trees,

An old man stood

More than half a century ago.

He came from our homeland

To speak out against the oil cartels

Before the whole world.

He did not hold anyone hostage

And took only a few steps

To reach the podium.

Listen, listen

Even years after that bloody August (1)

One can still hear his voice.

He speaks in beautiful French:

"Mesdames et Messieurs!

Ladies and Gentlemen!"  

September 24, 2005

1. On August 19, 1953 Mohammad Mosaddeq (1882-1967), the democratically-elected  Iranian Prime Minister, was overthrown in a coup d'etat orchestrated by the American and British intelligence services, in collaboration with Kashani, a fundamentalist clergy and Zahedi, a Nazi-sympathizer general. They gave absolute power to the Shah who had fled the country a few days earlier. In 1951, Mosaddeq led the movement for nationalization of the Iranian oil industry, which was under the control of the British. In June 1952, he traveled to the Hague to defend Iran's case in the International Court of Justice.


مصدق در لاهه

اگر به هلند میروی
از دادگاه لاهه دیدن کن
در یک شب بارانی
پشت در بسته اش بایست
و از لابلای میله ها نگاه کن:
آنجا، در آن عمارت پر نور
کنار درخت های باران خورده
بیش از نیم قرن پیش
مردی کهنسال ایستاد
که از سرزمین ما آمده بود
تا از بیداد غارتگران نفت
با جهان سخن گوید.
او هیچ کس را به گروگان نگرفت
و تنها چند قدم برداشت
تا به پشت میز خطابه رسید
گوش کن، گوش کن
حتی سالها پس از آن مرداد خونین
هنوز هم میتوان صدایش را شنید
که به زبان زیبای فرانسه میگوید:
“Mesdames et Messieurs!
خانمها! آقایان!"

24 سپتامبر 2005
مجید نفیسی 


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Somebody, pinch me! (I want my old drag queen back)

by فغان on

Wow, what have they done to you, girl ? Was it the crash? or, is it the Prozac thing?

Where is my queen of charm who'd enter the room, enlightening everybody with his ( OK; I mean /her ) glittering bling; LOLing here, ;)ing there?

Come closer; I wanna whisper something to your royal ear ( not that close, you pervert) . Don't let them make another papa Ben out of you. One boring disappointed old philosopher with no future is enough for the constitutionally confused Pahlavi dynesty.


The Pahlavis and all mullas must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth.

Farah Rusta

A few historic amendments:

by Farah Rusta on

 1. In April 1951 the Shah appointed Mossadegh as prime minister through the same constitutional process that all the prime minsters before and since had gone through: a vote of inclination by Majles followed by the royal appointment. Therefore, Mossadegh was appointed as prime minister and not elected. If his appointment was supposed to have been democratic so were the appointments of ALL his predecessors and quite a few of his successors.

2. Kashani, "a fundamentalist clergy", and the spiritual leader of the terrorist group, Fadaeeyan Islam, was a formidable ally of Mossadegh. He was elected (in 1951) on a Jebhe Melli ticket as Tehran's first deputy to Majles and was ppointed by Mohammad Mossadegh as the Speaker of the Parliamet.  Later Kashani and Mossadegh fell apart due to Mossadegh's drive to (unconstitutionally) dissolve the Parliament and Mosaddegh's closeness to the Tudeh party.

General Fazlollah Zadehi, an alleged Nazi sympathizer and an alleged grain hoarder who had retired from the army was appointed by Mohammd Mossadegh as his first Minister of the Interior in Mossadegh's first cabinet in 1951. He supported the oil natioanalization movement but broke with Mossadegh over Mossadegh's close fraternity with the USSR supported Communist Tudeh Party. He was dismissed by Mossadegh after cracking down on Tudeh party protests,

3. The question of the Coup d'etat and the forces behind the oil nationalization movement have already been discussed at length in my previous comments and postings.