Oh, how I wish

Oh, how I wish
by Jahangir Sedaghatfar

There were no BORDERS, no FRONTIERS,

No WALLS splitting whole of  the Planet....

Oh how I wish

We were all compatriots, arms in arms upon ONE LAND

Dancing upon the Kaleidoscopic opulence of mother EARTH

And that the red of no massacre

‌ای کاش حریم و مرز در کار نبود

بر گرد ِ جهان این همه دیوار نبود

‌ای کاش همه هم وطن ِ هم بودیم

این نطع ِ زمین مسلخ کشتار نبود



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Soosan Khanoom

Heartfelt and Sad at the same time !

by Soosan Khanoom on

Heartfelt because it shows the depth of your wish but sad because we all know that is not going to happen .. it never did and never will..as long as the earth is occupied by animals who are calling themselves humans. 

Thanks for sharing your beautiful poetry with us!!