For Obama

by Mahnaz Badihian

I moved to the United States 6 months after the Iranian revolution but never voted all these years till 2008 for Obama. On the day of his inauguration I wrote the poem below which was published in many online magazines. This year, although I may not vote, I belive Obama will be elected again. Not because he did so well in the last four years but because America may not want to hire Ayatollah Romney! Also, Obama is smarter, more reliable and has more experience. On top of that he is not a war-loving kind of guy. He is articulate, self-made and understands the majority of our social issues and problems, primarily because he has lived these problems. I hope my prediction is correct!


Unexpectedly, sun is rising on your shoulders

As you come from a long road of battle

While the blood is flowing from our ears

With the bad news penetrating day by day in our soul

While sorrow caves in on our lips and our chest

Remember we were lost in the darkness of history

While trying to find our way at the “railroad”

Ending in exile

Remember together we read

 “The Jungle” and “The Color Purple”

We ran on the seaside to counsel the dead birds

To vitalize our dreams by the hope in your eyes

We knew we can bring the sun close to our doorstep

And count the stars that look at us unexpectedly

When the day breaks we will go to the railroad

To free those slaves that worked hard for our silk dress

And skipped towards freedom to greet you

But the truth is that the sun is rising unexpectedly

On your shoulder and the little dormant plants have started

Climbing everywhere towards the sun on your shoulder


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Obama ....Great poem ....

by jasonrobardas on

   Obama is definitely the best choice available ....I agree with you on the fact that he is from a simple background ....He is trying to provide the people of this country with basic health insurance .....He is trying to keep the social safety net in place. He is trying to strengthen the middle class that has been under attack ...he believes the wealthy need to pay their fair share .....

     He is not a fundamentalist ...he belives in the rights of women to make decisions over their own body....He is the better choice for the US....

   On foreign policy ....he has been somewhat more sensible than his republican counterparts.....

    I like your poetry ...I suggest you go and vote for Obama ....Women have a lot to lose with Romney being the president ...Do it before it is too late...


      We also have to realize that he is the president of USA...and primarily,he will  adapt policies that are best suited to the interest of the people of that country. .This is what is expect from any  leader of any  country  

Soosan Khanoom

"On top of that he is not a war-loving kind of guy "

by Soosan Khanoom on

Well.. perhaps you are right .. although I am not sure why on earth he agreed to invade Libya?   Even Obama, himself, after that, was wondering about his Noble Peace Prize ...

Two Thumbs UP to you Obama

It seems that when it comes to the foreign policy, Obama basically is same as Bush if not worse. 

More Killing in Obama's 'War on Terror' Than Bush's 'War' | The ...