Kavian S. MIlani
21-Dec-2007 (24 comments)
امسال شاهد بودیم که به مناسبت سدهء مشروطیت نشستها و همایشهای زیادی در مراکز دانشگاهی و فرهنگستانی در درون و برون کشور دایر شد >>>
21-Dec-2007 (12 comments)
Choose from the list the candidate that is more evil >>>
21-Dec-2007 (one comment)

"Self Explanatory".



Reza Shah's companions

Reza Shah's companions

1941 visa document

by Farbod Davarpanah
21-Dec-2007 (27 comments)


21-Dec-2007 (23 comments)
In my opinion, Middle East is the best market for arm traders such as United States because of several reasons>>>


All in the family

All in the family

Photo essay: Three days with the Salari family near Brussels

by Jahanshah Javid
21-Dec-2007 (23 comments)



Happiest thing

A Yalda love story

21-Dec-2007 (4 comments)
In a quiet middle-class suburb of Tehran in 1975, three friends attended a co-ed middle school. Amir, Maryam, and Morteza were 13. Inseparable at school and after school, the three friends were known as “The Three Musketeers,” creating havoc at school, playing games and sports together, and hanging out in nearby shops and eateries. Maryam was a beautiful tomboy, with long auburn hair and freckles, Amir a lanky, blue-eyed terror, and Morteza was the dark and mysterious bookworm whose attraction to the other two nobody understood. Seventh grade passed quickly with minor reprimands from school authorities and parents and more laughter than the group would experience in the years to come>>>


Finally, baby

There was another life in me! It was superb, yet strange!

21-Dec-2007 (9 comments)
My nails have gone into a shock. This is the unbelievable fact that the doctors have agreed upon. There are some weird looking lines and dents on my nails due to a trauma. And guess what. That trauma was my delivery. I have such a dramatic, unique delivery experience that I finally decided to write about it. It would be hard to do a full spiel version of it for every single one of my friends over the phone. Plus I figure the story can be entertaining and may be useful for the rest of the world who don't know me!>>>


شب سنگسار، شب يلدا
21-Dec-2007 (3 comments)
پس آنگاه، گريست
مرغی پريد.

گرمای پستان هايت، می شد تفسير نياز ساده ی كودكی شود به حيات.
و مردی به زنده ماندن.
وقتی كه زندگی را با آفتابه يی، در مستراح های عمومی می شويند.

پس آنگاه، در چال ِ گونه هايش گم شد. در بی انتها. تا بی انتها.
از بی انتها.
آه ! تو فراموش شده ای.
فراموش شده ای تو، آه ! >>>


چند فیلم، چند خط

به اضافه‌ی یک جور ارزش‌گذاری

20-Dec-2007 (7 comments)
- ترور جسی جیمز (●●●●): یک شاهکار، ولی کمی کشدار. یک نوآوری شجاعانه در چهارچوب ژانر وسترن، با بازسازی قواعد ژانر از نظر فرم (با نماهای دور و سرد ولی چشم‌گیرش، به اضافه‌ی تدوین پر از سکوت و آرام و سیر و سلوک عرفانی گونه‌اش) و روایت (وجود راوی دانای کل با آن صدا و سبک گفتار سرد و با فاصله‌اش). با اینکه اسطوره‌ی جسی جیمز را به زمین می‌آورد، از ستایش محناطانه‌اش باز نمی‌ماند. >>>


Your Sound, Your space

(for M)

Eid nights I sat listening and watching, like so many
Iranians across the country
To our smooth shaved and small-nosed "brethren" in Los
Angeles and their last minute Pari rice plug on
Wheat grass planted in the late winter
My aunt, my second cousin, my parents
Look for every possible last-minute ingredient
the white fish and green rice could possibly need >>>


Rostam #3

Rostam #3

Early sneak peek at next comic book

by bahmani
20-Dec-2007 (4 comments)


David ET
20-Dec-2007 (4 comments)
چهار نفر بودند با نامهای:‌ همه کس، هيچ کس، يک کسي، هرکسي >>>
Azadeh Azad
20-Dec-2007 (8 comments)
Homeless women in Tehran >>>
mohammad reza razavi
20-Dec-2007 (one comment)
همواره ناخوشایند و سخت است، بخصوص اگر طبق قوانین کشور میزبان دارای وضعیتی نامشخص باشی!>>>