31-Dec-2007 (10 comments)
I wish you and Iran a very prosperous year. Long Live Iran, Long Live Irani. >>>
31-Dec-2007 (19 comments)
Shivering Iranians >>>
SCE Campaign
محمد مصطفايي: در پرونده ابهامات و ايرادات بسياري وجود دارد كه حكم صادره مبني بر قصاص نفس را با ترديد و شبهه جدي مواجه مي نمايد>>>


Royal treatment in Nice

Royal treatment in Nice

Photo essay

by Jahanshah Javid
31-Dec-2007 (21 comments)


31-Dec-2007 (3 comments)

"Self Explanatory".



A visit to see Amma

You feel blue, I have been blue, let me, Amma (Mamma) hug you

30-Dec-2007 (7 comments)
Alexandra Palace in north London on a grey morning in December – a Thursday. An Indian-looking man in a bright orange parka is guarding the driveway to the grand Victorian exhibition centre at the top of Alexandra Park. A banner next to him announces the presence of Amma – born Mata Amritanandamayi – "The hugging saint." White women in white saris, men clad in white, wearing beards, smiles, or looks of utter seriousness, make their way in and out of the main hall which, as their feet testify, you can only enter in socks>>>


محترمه بوتو

در سوگ نمادی بی نظیر برای دموکراسی

30-Dec-2007 (9 comments)
خانم بوتو، این زن مسلمان تحصیلکرده سازگار با جهان مدرن و مخالف تداخل دین در حکومت، در مواجهه با این دشمنان اسلام پیشه، از همه چیز خود گذشته بود. می گفت که علیرغم آگاهی به خطرات آنرا به جان می خرد. می گفت که علیرغم مادر بودن و احساس قوی برای فرزندانش، او خود را مادر همه فرزندان پاکستان می داند. می گفت که من ماموریت خود را در نجات پاکستان از تسخیرش بوسیله افراطیان اسلامی می دانم. او پادزهر روییدن و پخش شدن علف های هرزه و زهرآگین دین فروشان را استمرار در پرورش نهال های دموکراسی و آزادی در سرزمین های ملل مسلمان می دانست و سرانجام آنها را با خون خود آبیاری کرد.>>>


Happiness in slavery

Greed and faith

30-Dec-2007 (8 comments)
We live in (here in America) what has been referred to as a fast food culture. If president Bush ordered all eateries closed tomorrow the American people would have him impeached in an hour. We don’t seem to care about our own lives, not to mention the lives of Muslims. The American people are being oppressed in the worst possible way, pacification. The same can be said about the Islamists as they are also being pacified, in their case the pacifier is Islam. In our case its comfort. What is my point? My point is this... Greed>>>


Culture shock

I only wish I had access to such a forum when I was a teenager

30-Dec-2007 (36 comments)
For those readers who are not in their 20s, back in the 1970s, the Iranian parents wanted their children to become either medical doctors or engineers (ya doctor besho, ya mohandes!!), I was sent to a university in Europe where they fully concentrated only in one subject during the 4 years of undergraduate studies. My father refused to send me to the US because he thought the freedom of choosing courses in a variety of subjects was too much of a “wishy-washy” upbringing to focus on becoming a professional Engineer or a Medical Doctor. >>>


آهنگ تو
این آهنگ

مرا به یاد تو انداخت

چو غریزه حیوانی

این چند نت کوتاه

مرا به دام تو انداخت



Oh Beautiful
30-Dec-2007 (3 comments)

Oh Beautiful,

I've heard of you.

What could you do

to a man of science?

30-Dec-2007 (6 comments)
No Gossip?>>>
Kavian S. MIlani
30-Dec-2007 (3 comments)
نویسنده: عمادالدین باقیچاپ سرایی 1383 (با افزوده ها)>>>
29-Dec-2007 (147 comments)
I would live anywhere but Israel >>>
JAN JANRAY aka Jalal Jonroy
29-Dec-2007 (2 comments)

The following are from notes the author used when coaching graduates for their final thesis films at Graduate Department of Film & Television: Tisch School of the Arts at NYU- New York University.