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A Merry Christmas Wish! >>>
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Amazing accomplishment >>>

I love this song. I translated it from Persian to English, so you can understand it while listening to it (the ones do not know Persian).

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Leyla Haidarian, in her weekly Persian vlog (video blog) debriefs some of her daily experiences as an Iranian-Austrian living in Africa

Khodadad Rezakhani
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The recent Turkish attacks on Iraq and the general indifference of the world makes one think that this is a collective punishment. >>>
SCE Campaign
The resolution that calls for "a moratorium on executions with a view to abolishing the death penalty," was passed >>>


پاره ای از خطرات بکارگیری انرژی هسته ای

بمناسبت تحویل نخستین محموله سوخت نیروگاه اتمی بوشهر

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بررسی اخیر یک موسسه تحقیقاتی آلمان که از سال 1980 تا 2003 میلادی انجام گرفته نشان میدهد که احتمال ابتلا به بیماری سرطان خون در کودکانی که در شعاع پنج کیلومتری نیروگاه های هسته ای زندگی می کنند، بیشتر از حد متوسط است. 77 کودک که در شعاع پنج کیلومتری شانزده نیروگاه هسته ای آلمان زندگی میکنند به سرطان و 37 تن از آنان به سرطان خون مبتلا شده اند در حالیکه شمار متوسط مبتلا شوندگان کودک به سرطان و سرطان خون به ترتیب 48 و 17 نفر است. به گفته اداره "حفاظت در برابر اشعه" این کشور، نتیجه این بررسی با تحقیقاتی که در سراسر دنیا در این زمینه صورت گرفته، مطابقت دارد. >>>


Confessions of a Secret Agent

There are two secrets whose sanctity I always honor

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When I first began "blogging" here (or more accurately, "threading") about two months ago, I had to defend my right to speak, because I was not an Iranian. It was hard, and sometimes painful, to hold my ground. But I knew I had finally arrived when I began to be accused of being a secret agent of various governments and organizations. I was “in”, I was accepted, I was one of the family. I met this victory with an odd mixture of satisfaction, frustration, and occasional despair. Recently these accusations have been popping up left and right, and I mean literally left and right, because I am now apparently both a Hezbolaahi and a Zionist agent

Manoucher Parvin
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Since I remember I've experienced the fear of truth as a powerful/painful feeling. And then my life both private and professional confirmed the destructive effect of this feeling>>>


جوانی از دست رفته یک استاد

مروری بر "جوان بدون بدون جوانی" آخرین فیلم فرانسیس فورد کوپولا

جوان بدون جوانی داستان دومینیک متئی (تیم راس) استاد پیر رشته زبان شناسی است که بر اثر برخورد با صاعقه به طور عجیبی جوانی خود را باز می یابد. این حادثه عجیب او را مورد توجه دانشمندان نازی قرار می دهد و او را ناچار به تغییر هویت و تبعید می کند. در راه فرار با لورا (الکساندر ماریا لارا) عشق دوران جوانی خود روبرو می شود و در کنار او موفق می شود که روی تحقیق نیمه تمام خود درباره شروع زبان های بشری کار کند. اما وقتی تحقیق او زندگی لورا را به خطر می اندازد، ناچار می شود که میان تحقیقی که حاصل عمرش است و عشق بزرگ زندگیش یکی را انتخاب کند. >>>


Get it together

The problem of the opposition is its incoherence

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There is no serious opposition for the Iranian regime. But at the same time it is also practically difficult to organise open and transparent opposition for the regime, or the leadership or even the sort-of-elected government while Iranian semi-democracy does not tolerate opposition. Any person or group openly acknowledging to oppose the regime or the system would risk serious threats to their lives, liberties and reputations (through cooked-up allegations in the media), for themselves and even their families. However there is some sort of an empowerment of the people in Iran. Iranians can choose between one Islamist and another>>>


We die every day

Speaking out in 1992 video

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The Birthnight
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Let's rejoice friends; it is Night of Birth

Rebirth of the Sun, to the face of Earth.

It is longest night, all around the year

That has good news, for you to hear:

"Herald to the world, the light is reborn,

Long domain of night, has again been torn.

Jahanshah Javid
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Got any questions?>>>
SCE Campaign

the public relations of the courts of city Kermanshah referred to Makwan as a "villain with background"