Our Goals Are Within Reach

Message from Sohrab A'rabi's mother on protest anniversary

13-Jun-2011 (6 comments)


Civilized Mess

Civilized Mess

Photo essay: Warsaw, the Phoenix city

by Keyvan Tabari
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Anahid Hojjati
13-Jun-2011 (17 comments)
دامن خشک  دامن خشک . [ م َ خ ُ ] (ص مرکب ) دامن پاک . پاک دامن . خشک دامن . مقابل تردامن و آلوده دامن و دامن آلوده .- دامن خشک (بصورت اضافه ) >>>
Saead Soltanpour
حدیث روز "مسلمان نيست كسي كه روي مودم وايرلسش پسورد مي‌گذارد در حالي كه ...>>>
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روستایی دور افتاده با کلیسایی مخروبه در استان فارس >>>

Tainted Brits


Playwright Mamet says Brits inherently anti-Semitic / JERUSALEM POST STAFF
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Iran Without Nukes / Roger Cohen
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اکبر گنجی در مصاحبه با رادیو زمانه >>>

سكوت و فرياد


Unintended Consequences

As sanctions ratchet up, Iranian Americans bear increasing burdens

13-Jun-2011 (43 comments)
The civil rights organization Asian Law Caucus has released its latest guide, The Impact of U.S. Sanctions Against Iran on You, which lays out some of the effects of sanctions on ordinary Iranian Americans and provides guidance for how to navigate the maze of new and existing restrictions. Last year, when Iranian-American Mahmoud Reza Banki was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for facilitating remittances between families in the U.S. and Iran, shockwaves rippled through the Iranian-American community>>>

Modern Iranian cinema on German TV


Two german TV channels remember the 2009 green movement



Time for Truth

Sahabi, Rafsanjani and Melli Mazhabis

13-Jun-2011 (19 comments)
The passing of Ezatollah Sahabi and the tragic killing of his daughter Haleh sparked a new wave of bewilderment and anger among most Iranians. Ezatollah Sahabi died of old age after much suffering at the hands of the Shah’s regime and the Islamic Republic. Those who watched or heard of the killing of Haleh at the funeral of her father were shocked, heartbroken and angry at the circumstances that led to her death. There was no reason—as if any reason can justify this heinous act>>>


The Jewish MP

Manoochehr Nikrouz tolerance and nobility in public service

13-Jun-2011 (one comment)
Upon the request of many citizens and his passion for assisting public, Dr. Manoochehr Nikrooz further decided to get involved in socio politics. In 1984, he was therefore chosen as the Jewish lawmaker of Iranian parliament (Majlis) with 99% of the elected votes at the age of 35. He was also relected for a second term as this made him the only Jewish lawmaker ever being elected to Iranian parliament post revolution for total of 8 years with consecutive approval rate of above 95%>>>
Darius Kadivar
13-Jun-2011 (7 comments)
Crown Prince Reza and Princess Yasmine’s Second Daughter Princess Iman graduated from The Bullis School in Maryland>>>