Mona Tahiri
10-Jun-2011 (5 comments)

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Radio Zamaneh / اکبر فلاح‌زاده
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"هنر ممنوع"

Radio Zamaneh / اکبر فلاح زاده
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Ari Siletz
10-Jun-2011 (8 comments)
Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) has rejected IRI swimsuit compromise for women's international swimming championship. >>>
Shifteh Ansari
10-Jun-2011 (27 comments)
Video Testimony from a Young Woman Raped in Detention, Most Detailed Account to Date >>>



Iran's Ahmadinejad risks becoming a lame duck, analysts say / Reuters
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10-Jun-2011 (4 comments)
حتما رهبر یک راهی براش پیدا میکنه. همانطور که میتونه فتوا بده و زن احمدی نژاد را بهش حرام کنه>>>


Kicking Women

We should not allow Iran to erode international standards in any arena, including sports

10-Jun-2011 (64 comments)
The regime running Iran should get no credit for the advancement of women. That credit goes to the progressive people of that country for resisting and circumventing a fanatical government which has made every attempt to block their progress by putting them on unequal footing. Forced hijab is the most powerful symbol of that policy. Second, Iran should not be considered an Islamic state -- whatever that means. A prerequisite for a person to be a true Muslim is free choice and since Iran doesn't allow that opportunity to its people, it fails the Islam test>>>
Abbas Mehran
Let's put women high above; we are not; women are doing it themselves; we have failed. >>>

A must read article

AIPAC from the Inside | Part 1: Isolating Iran

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10-Jun-2011 (3 comments)


Muslim Enlightenment?

How do we know when it happens?

10-Jun-2011 (38 comments)
How will we know that we have reached the shores of enlightenment? The answer is simple; when the large demonstrations by Muslims turn into protests against miscreants like Ben Laden and Anwar Al Awlaki. When talk of enforcing Sharia law is reserved to a few outcasts without the general support of Muslims. When there is no talk of oppression of women in Muslim countries and women are afforded equal opportunity. When burning a Quran is not worthy of news anymore and Muslims can study the book with a critical eye and without the fear of persecution>>>

Iran and Russia signed protocol to build IranSat

IRI Official: Manufacturing IranSat

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