Confusing diplomacy with surrender

Stressing diplomacy instead of practicing it

31-Oct-2007 (47 comments)
Answering a question about her vote on recent resolution on Iran Senator Clinton offered a detailed description of the resolution, which she said stressed robust diplomacy that could lead to imposing sanctions against Iran. French Foreign minister Dr. Kouchner told reporters that he believes in diplomacy. Secretary Rice also emphasizes the importance of diplomacy in dealing with Tehran and so does Prime Minister Brown and every European politician. The life is beautiful and the world seems sensible. Except for one tiny little bit of detail! >>>


 رهائی واقعیت حیّ و حاضر

نقدی بر برخی سخنان خطر خیز رهبران جمهوری اسلامی ایران

31-Oct-2007 (18 comments)
چرا باید حرفی زد که نه از نظر تاریخی وزنی دارد و نه گره ای از مشکلات امروز مردم فلسطین باز میکند؟ چرا باید سخنی گفت که آبی به آسیاب نژاد پرستان سفید پوست آنروز و امروز می ریزد و اسلحه ای بدست دشمنان قسم خورده ایران و لابی های قدرتمند آنها می دهد؟ اصلاً این معمائی است که چرا برخی از سیاستمداران جمهوری اسلامی اینقدر دلشان بحال دولتهای جابر اروپای ابتدای قرن بیستم مانند آلمان و اتریش و ایتالیا و فرانسه سوخته است که گناه نا بخشودنی و ضد انسانی نسل کشی و یهودی ستیزی آنها را بقیمت منافع ملی خود می شویند؟>>>


Foul language

We definitely DO NOT like seeing our work turned into a toilet-paper by commentators

31-Oct-2007 (92 comments)
My suggestion is to give the contributors more power, to accept or reject some, or all, comments. You know what I dislike most? It is not the comments with the foul language but what I can call SPAM COMMENT. Comments that come from people who have nothing to say, who argue about nothing, who are sometimes non-Iranian (completely out of touch with the area we come from), and I need to say this again, it is NOT about the things that are addressed at the authors that bother the authors (or I am guessing) but more about seeing your work turned into a piece of trash by some people>>>


Heaven scent

“Pinecone, Pinecone. We’re here honey.”

31-Oct-2007 (5 comments)
People like my wife and I who have spent years of our lives in pursuit of higher education have through the years been indoctrinated to believe that things, events or phenomena which cannot be explained logically, rationally and scientifically are simply figments of weak, unstable or wildly imaginative minds. It has only been in the past month that what we’ve always believed has been turned on its head, and we’ve come to feel that there are things which we cannot easily, logically, or rationally explain, but are as real as anything we’ve ever known>>>


Prostitution behind the veil (5)


31-Oct-2007 (9 comments)


Prostitution behind the veil (4)




Prostitution behind the veil (3)




Prostitution behind the veil (2)


31-Oct-2007 (2 comments)


Prostitution behind the veil (1)


31-Oct-2007 (153 comments)
PARTS: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) >>>


آهای زهراها ... نگرانتان هستم

گفته اند زهرا از ترس آبرو خودکشی کرده است!

31-Oct-2007 (16 comments)
می شنوم زهرایی که پزشک بوده و جوان بوده و حتماً عاشق صدای حمیدی و یا دستان بهروزی بوده ولی با همه ی شکنندگی اش دست بیماران می گرفته و جان روستائیان را نجات می داده و مدام دل توی دلش نبوده که چه زمانی لباس سپید عروسی می پوشد تا بتواند بعد از این با خیال راحت دست در دست حمیدش توی پارک بوعلی قدم بزند را در روز عید فطر گرفته اند و جمعی با بسیجی وحشیانه مورد تجاوز قرار داده اند>>>


America's enemy-du-jour

In search of a common conscience

30-Oct-2007 (3 comments)
As much as I've always enjoyed Ogden Nash, the poet, I must confess that many of his writings have impacted me as if coming from the wisdom of a philosopher rather than the wit of an accomplished light verse mechanic. And, among his many vignettes, there is one that seems to have stayed inscribed on my head, as if sentry in eternal vigilance. "There is only one way to achieve happiness on this terrestrial ball," says Nash, "and that is to have either a clear conscience or none at all." >>>


زن چینی

از چند پس کوچه گذشتیم و بعد جلوی دری ایستاد و کلید به قفل انداخت

30-Oct-2007 (6 comments)
خیابان خلوت و تاریک بود و من آهسته قدم بر میداشتم. در چند قدمی مکدونالد زنی جلوی راهم ایستاد و چیزی گفت. اول فکر کردم گدایی میکند ولی سر ووضعش به گداها نمی خورد. سر تکان دادم که زبانت را نمیدانم ولی میدانست که نمیدانم. قبافه ام داد میزد که غریبم. او کماکان چیزهایی میگفت و بطرفی اشاره میکرد. کنجکاو او شده بودم که کیست و چه میخواهد. >>>


با کوچ کوليان

رؤيا و واقعيّت و حقيقت و انسان

30-Oct-2007 (2 comments)
انسانِ بی رؤيا، حتّی الاغ هم نيست. من فکر می کنم که الاغ ها هم رؤيا دارند. آن الاغ گازر کليله و دمنه هم برای خودش رؤيايی داشت. اين که سرانجام، فريب آن روباه، راه رؤيای او را زد و طعمه ی شيرش ساخت، احتمالاً به دليل خريّت خود او بود. می دانيد؟ خر چيزی است و الاغ چيزی است ديگر: «خر»، يک تجريد است. يک تجريدِ عامّ. و الاغ، يک عينيّت است.يک عينيّتِ خاصّ، با دو گوش دراز. منتها الاغ ها، چون تعداد قابل توجّيهشان خر هستند، از فرط خريّتِ آن تعدادِ قابل توجّه، متأسّفانه، عموماً «خر» ناميده می شوند.>>>


La mia passione Italiana

I just have to write about my Italian passion

30-Oct-2007 (8 comments)
I don’t really know where it came from exactly. I always was intrigued by the Italian Mafia system, you know, the loyalty, the cleverness of doing things without getting caught and of course the beautiful way of handling things with the enemy. Italy always symbolized this ancient beauty for me. The people look like Persians, the same color of hair, skin and eyes. Their attitudes are like Iranians also, they have to accentuate what they mean by moving their hands in the air when they talk>>>


Glitters of empire

Celebrating the Royal Coronation in Tehran

29-Oct-2007 (81 comments)
On October 26th, 1967 Mohamed Reza Shah Pahlavi was to Crown himself and his wife Empress Farah (Diba) as respectively the Shah and Shahbanou of Iran. It was also the very first time in 2500 years that a Persian Queen was to be crowned and certainly a unique event to this day in any Muslim country. And for that purpose, it was necessary to order a new crown. The honor fell on the famous Parisian jewellers Van Cleef & Arpels, who created the most awesome crown, along with new parures to be worn by the sisters of the Shah at the Coronation >>>