The last of the Aryans

Aryans were all white skinned with blonde and blue eyes, so what happened?

30-Sep-2007 (34 comments)
It is with a great sadness that I have to announce the passing away of the last Aryan living in Iran. Professor Zoobin Atash-band passed away in his house of natural causes. He was 103 years old. Never married and with no living relatives the late Professor Atash-band was known to be the last Aryan living in Iran. I had the rare privilege to meet with him at a coffee shop near his residence about three weeks ago discussing a variety of subjects. Professor Atash-band was a scientist in fields of nuclear physics and applied mathematics. Below are some of the questions I asked and his responses:>>>


Gold mines in America

God bless them all

30-Sep-2007 (11 comments)
I had gone to all-boys kindergarten, grade school,
high school and college.
It was time to do some thing about it. Being a short
Iranian male is a serious handy cap in America and
a reason for rejection by all the non-fat Amercan females.
That was when I discovered the overweight American
females. >>>


Astrology II
Step out of everyday
and into the starry sky
for without science
you have no aim. >>>


شعرهايی که ديگر بوی گيلاس نمی‌دهند
30-Sep-2007 (one comment)
عکس‌اش را که کناراش می‌گذاری
از خجالت آب می‌شود
انگار که خاک مرده ریخته باشند
سکوت به هزار زبان داد می‌زند


سر به سرم می گذارد این باد

نه راه پیش و نه راه پس

30-Sep-2007 (9 comments)
باد میان موهایت ایستاده بود
و من دیگر نه راه پیش و
نه راه پس از خطوط رنگ پریده ی انگشتان تو



لای میله‌های نگاه مضطربت
تا آخر
شادمانه پَرپَر زدند...ا



آخر شب قصه به دام افتاد
آخر خواب پری ناز بدست گرگ افتاد
آخر راز باد قدر به آس پیک افتاد


Watch out, here they come! (part 2)

Guys from Kiosk talk about their album, their tour, and life

28-Sep-2007 (3 comments)
Arash Sobhani: ... it took us 3 or more years to write and record "Adam e Mamooli". Everytime I listened to it I could hear how I had changed during that period of time, and it gave me an idea how I was evolving (if you can call it that), but right after the album was out, I moved to the States, and I had to adjust myself to the new environment, so I was very busy "adjusting" myself to the new speed of life here, although I was surprised about how "Adam e Mamooli" had become popular and we felt very happy! But I had lost hope of doing a new album, first because I was outside Iran and thought that I have no right to talk about Iran anymore, and second because of the recording costs.>>>


هیلری پولی

هیلری کیلنتون و مدافعان فرهنگ ایرانی

28-Sep-2007 (22 comments)
اخیرا در یکی از تلویزیونهای محلی شمال کالیفرنیا ( آپادانا ، یکی از بیست واندی تلویزیون فارسی زبان مدافع منافع آمریکا) مدیر تلویزیون به همراه ۳ تن دیگر ، خبر از تشریف فرمائی خانم کلینتون را به شمال کالیفرنیا دادند و به همین مناسبت کمیته ای متشکل از ایرانیان طرفدار ایشان اقدام به برگزاری ضیافت شامی کرده اند تا بتوانند بنا بر ادعای خودشان با جمع آوری کمک های کلان مالی خانم کلینتون را ازباغ منزل میزبانشان به کاخ سفید روانه کنند ! مسلما در آمریکا اینگونه کمپین ها صد ها سال است که بوسیله بیلیونرها و کمپانی ها فراملی مختلف تحت نام دموکراسی برپا میشود. >>>


If an imaginary cartoon becomes real

Nuclearization of the Middle East

28-Sep-2007 (7 comments)
In recent months, several Arab countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, The UAE, Yemen and Lybia have boosted their nuclear programs or announced their intentions for reaching "peaceful nuclear capability". But many experts believe that Arab countries -- some of whom enjoy huge oil incomes -- are simply preparing themselves against the Iranian nuclear threat. While deterrence is the main rationale for the measures this or that Arab nations takes, some non-proliferation experts like Joseph Cirincione interpret the nuclear surge in the Middle East to be a result of global powers' interests and their competition to sell their nuclear technology.>>>


شاخه ی زيتون
28-Sep-2007 (4 comments)


من بودم و دريای بی خبر،
و شور جاذبه ی ماه
می دويدم
تب زده و لال
بر شيب های تند سواحل مسی
و بر بی خيالی تخم گذاری لاک پشت ها؛
می دويدم
و پايم هميشه
به جَزر می نشست.



Somebody, please adopt me...

I'm tired of the smell of bull shit that surrounds me wrapped in politics

28-Sep-2007 (9 comments)
I am a citizen of two countries. Or is it "I am citizens of two countries?" Never the less, in one hand I hold the passport of United States of America, in another Islamic Republic of Iran. Well, they're not in my hands actually; they're in a file cabinet. I have two countries, two citizenships, and yessssss, two leaders. Holly shit I have two leaders. One says, in a public forum, in front of faculty and students of one of the most prestigious universities in the US, if not the world, "we don't have homosexuality in Iran like you do here in America". Did he not sit next to anyone peculiar in the bus in Iran? Was there no one in his school with extra wrist and hand motions while talking?>>>


زورآزمایی بدون برنده

مقایسه سفر احمدی نژاد با خروشچف در شبکه ی رادیوی عمومی امریکا

28-Sep-2007 (3 comments)
*خروشچف که در سال 1959 در شرایطی مشابه با شرایط احمدی نژاد در نیویورک قرار گرفته بود تهدید کرد که سفرش را نیمه کاره گذاشته و به مسکو بازخواهد گشت. این تهدید منجر به توقف فعالیتهای تبلیغاتی "جوخه حقیقت" علیه وی شد. دنیل شور ، تحلیلگر و مفسر اخبار در "ان پی آر" – شبکه ی رادیو ی عمومی امریکا – معتقد است رفتار ی که با محمود احمدی نژاد در دانشگاه کلمبیا و مراکز دیگر شد، یاد آور رفتاری است که امریکائیان با رهبران شوروی سابق در جریان جنگ سرد داشتند. >>>


Express delivery!

Fast food at home

28-Sep-2007 (5 comments)
Fast Food. Get it quick. Delivery in 30 minutes or less. A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Why do we spend so much money (and time) ordering take-out and eating convenience food? Because we don’t have time. Because we are busy, because we have 3 kids and a husband/wife to feed when we get home. These are all valid reasons, of course. But what if you took the very same 30 minutes that pizza places promise to deliver food to you in and instead make something simple and delicious at home instead? Sure, there is a little effort involved. I believe you have to ‘Give a little, to get a little’, but the food you produce will not only be better for you and your family, but will probably be even better received!>>>


Ellie can dance

Home music video

27-Sep-2007 (12 comments)