We don't need your money

Women's equality campaign gets its backing from the people of Iran

30-Nov-2007 (13 comments)
We pay out of pocket for trips to other cities. We print the booklets with the $5 membership fees. Nobody asks for compensation for the articles on the website. We hold the workshops in the homes of volunteer women. We also get donations and prayers from women who have lost hope and have put their faith in our work. What would we need 15 million euros for? Our workshops don't need video projectors. To cut down on cost, we do not print nor photocopy our notes and displays; they are handwritten with markers. We have bought a few different colors of markers to make the notes more visually appealing.>>>


تئوری همان عمل است

: هر جا به تقسیم‌های دوگانه برخوردید حواستان را جمع کنید، خطر نزدیک است

30-Nov-2007 (14 comments)
برای شروع، پیشنهاد می‌کنم به سبک مارشال مک‌لوهان که می‌گوید «رسانه همان پیام است» بیاییم و این دوگانه‌ها را بشکنیم و ببینم چه اتفاقی می‌افتد: عین همان ذهن است؛ داننده جدا از دانسته نیست؛ محتوا همان فرم است؛ مدرن و سنتی از هم جدا نیستند؛ و باز هم از همه مهم‌تر «تئوری همان عمل است و عمل همان تئوری است.» >>>


The Iran threat

No doubt the perceived threat from Iran will diminish should Tehran yield to Washington

30-Nov-2007 (84 comments)
America and Israel have accused Iran of intending to diversify its program – they allege that Iran is using its civilian program as a cover to build nuclear bombs. This supposition begs the question why Iran would place itself in the spotlight instead of renouncing the energy program for history has shown that having an operating nuclear power reactor is no longer a prerequisite or even a necessary condition of obtaining fissile material which can be used for the development of nuclear materials. South Africa was able to develop five nuclear bombs without having a nuclear energy program. >>>


A chair

Sanctuary of memories

30-Nov-2007 (2 comments)
A chair is not only
Recipient of exhaustion
It is not a decorative ornament
And not only a sitting requirement

A chair is a station for a tryst
A relieve for fatigue
Receive secret or open mission
For exhausted feet to revive and regain


چپ پسامدرن

اصلاحات و عصر جدید پسا مدرن گرایی

30-Nov-2007 (2 comments)
تاریخ چپ گرایی در ایران پس از انقلاب تا پیش از دوم خرداد صحنه نقش آفرینی چپ های سنتی بود. دوم خرداد اولین فرصتی بود که چپ مدرن توانست عملا قدرت را به دست بگیرد. با این حال ۸ سال اصلاحات به دلیل تندروی هایی که خاص چپ مدرن بود شکست خورد و اصلاحات با یک بن بست روبرو شد . بن بستی که تا امروز هم ادامه دارد. ام...>>>


نبرد روستائیان و روشنفکران؟!

رئیس جمهور عملاً چشم امید بر طبقه متوسّط شهری ایران بسته است

29-Nov-2007 (2 comments)
سفرهای استانی رئیس جمهو از منظر های متفاوتی مورد توجّه منتقدین دولت قرار گرفته است. اینکه این سفرها برغم هزینه دار بودن و دور کردن رئیس جمهور از رسیدن به امور مملکت داری، همچنان از آنها دست نکشیده است پرسش درخور تامّلی بوده و ذهن نقاّد را به خود مشغول می کند؟امّا از جنبه ای دیگر نباید از خاطر دور داشت شعار ِ اساسی که منجر به پیروزی وی در انتخابات گذشته بر حریفان شد مسئله مردم گرایی و حمایت از اقشار کم در آمد بود .>>>


Don't immigrate to the US

If you have the choice to immigrate to more civilized countries, do so

29-Nov-2007 (106 comments)
I immigrated to the US well before the so-called “Iranian Revolution of 1979”. I always thought I had one leg up ahead of those Iranians that “had to run away” from the tyranny of the Ayatollahs -- to anywhere, including the US. Being born in Tehran, I watched the flock of Iranians from Khorassan, Ahvaz, Esfehan, Yazd, Kerman and Shiraz to the US - you know – the ones we used to call Daahaati – if you were born and raised in Tehran. I used to shun those Daahaatis immigrating from Iran in the aftermath of post-1979, thinking “what are they doing here”? >>>


Targeting Iran

David Barsamian spoke to Foaad Khosmood about his 2007 trip to Iran and his latest book Targeting Iran.

29-Nov-2007 (10 comments)
No, those are just excuses. I’m talking about the strategic reason which is as I just described it. In order to perpetuate US hegemony over the world and domination and control, any state that says no to Washington is singled out. And a state that is particularly rich in oil and natural gas has even more of an attraction to the United States.>>>


Kharistani envoy visits Iran

Kharistanis are apparently some very close relatives of the Jews, not Iranians

28-Nov-2007 (22 comments)
After the publication of my article about planet Kharistan, the new envoy of Kharistan to planet earth urgently contacted the Iranian authorities and offered their sincerest apologies to the Iranian government, the supreme leader, especially the president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the great people of Iran, for any possible offence that an illegitimate lunatic, code-named Ben Madadi, supposedly working for the enemies of Kharistan and Iran, has brought to the dignity and honour of the proud people of Iran. >>>


No rights no peace

Ms. Ebadi’s insistence that Iran surrender sovereign rights would do little to preserve peace

28-Nov-2007 (42 comments)
One can not argue with Ms. Ebadi’s statement that nuclear energy is the absolute right of every nation and that all nations including Iran and the US must uphold and respect international laws. But her declaration that “the United States cannot have the right to deal with Iran outside the framework of international law” and insistence that Iran must abandon its rights under an international treaty to enrich uranium exposes her naïve unawareness of the very facts leading to Iran’s referral to the UN Security Council which was scrupulously executed by the United States through coercion and intimidation outside that very framework of international law.>>>


Phantom unmasked

Ramin Karimloo speaks on his lead role in “Phantom of the Opera”

28-Nov-2007 (2 comments)
I have always greatly admired Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Musical shows, From Jesus Christ SuperStar, Evita to Cats all have been great international success’ for more than three decades running regularly on the London Stage and elsewhere worldwide. Ramin Karimloo has been performing Phantom of the Opera's title role since September 10, 2007, and this year will also mark the Phantom's 21st anniversary in London's West End. I was happy to interview Karimloo on his new challenge in a demanding yet rewarding role of The Phantom of the Opera. >>>


Salaaam Iran

A story was told of a land filled with gold

28-Nov-2007 (30 comments)
My road to Iran began with the flames of September 11 and led me two years later to Forough's poem on light. And so it has been a road suffused in light, albeit two different kinds of light. The history of Iran has been suffused in light but it has also been veiled in darkness. I am an Eastern European Jew so I know well the ways of both darkness and light, and still I believe that Light will find the way >>>


Allied inavsion of Iran

Who is going to actually fight the allies if they enter Iran?

28-Nov-2007 (65 comments)
As an Iranian, I can't wonder if we are headed towards similar events that took place when allies invaded Italy in 1943, after the country was already invaded by the Nazis? But before I get to that I want to write a paragraph about "Fools". The most dominant characteristic of fools is that they never fail to behave like fools. The fools in charge of Iran are no exception>>>


رنگ آمیزی چشمان تو

ابر و باد لباس های زمینی مان را از تنمان بیرون می آورد

آرام از کنار خانه ی تو گذشتم بی آنکه درش را بزنم .آرام بی آنکه حتی گل های آفتابگردان سرشان را بگردانند و نیم نگاهی به رد پای من بکنند .از کنار نرده های خانه ات که می گذشتم به رنگ آمیزی در و دیوار نگاه کردم و به یاد آن روزی افتادم که برای نقاشی صدایم کرده بودی . ساعت نه صبح بود که زنگ خانه ام را زدی .تازه میز صبحانه را جمع کرده بودم ، فنجان قهوه به دست در را باز کردم .با کلاه حصیری قهوه ای رنگ و لباس کار ایستاده بودی .دوچرخه ات را به نرده خانه تکیه داده بودی باصدای نرمت گفتی هنوز آماده نشده ای ؟>>>


Iran beyond Iranians

We are humble people. It is in our blood

27-Nov-2007 (21 comments)
Architecture is the art of living which is documented sometimes in the heart of a rock or it is molded as a mud brick or raised in the shape of a dome. Studying the architecture of a nation gives one insights on its peopleís personality and their characteristics. Iranian architecture is humble, pragmatic, and progressive as much of its creators the Iranians. I am not talking about the bad copies of Frank Lloyd Wright, Philip Johnson, or Le Corbusierís master pieces in northern Tehran. I am talking about the architecture of the old fabric of Yazd, Isfahan, Shiraz, Boushehr, Kerman, Mahan, Semnan, Kashan, Zanjan, Tabriz, and so on>>>