Saead Soltanpour
گفت و گوی تلویزیونی با دو فعال سیاسی یکی مذهبی دیگری کمونیست  ساکن تورنتو ی کانادا در مورد دخالت دولتهای بیگاته و سازمان سیا در ایران و نقش روشنفکران ملی  ومستقل>>>
22-Jan-2010 (2 comments)
خیمه شب بازی رژیم برای آرام نگه داشتن مردم برای 22 بهمن. It's too late budy >>>
مسعود از امریکا
22-Jan-2010 (11 comments)

غمت ز این مجلس، غصه نباشد، ای ماه رو فردوس
بوستان در یک دست، گلستان در دست دگر، ز این دیوان شمس در قلب، رها باش ای برادر، بس رها

22-Jan-2010 (one comment)
سخنرانی مزدور قاسمی>>>
Jahanshah Javid
22-Jan-2010 (14 comments)
Did you hear the news? Four thousand people have been arrested in the aftermath of the June elections. I repeat: Four THOUSAND>>>
22-Jan-2010 (one comment)
صمد آقا (پروز صیاد) و عین الله باقر زاده (حسن رضياني) در فیلم صمد به مدرسه می رود -۱۳۵۲ >>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
22-Jan-2010 (4 comments)
I got inspired by JJ call for coming out of our shell and allowing our fantasies to take us to 500 years from now>>>
22-Jan-2010 (20 comments)
Hojjatola Islam Hosseini in Namaz Jomeh after Ashura!  A very telling picture >>>
22-Jan-2010 (32 comments)
A short story about the lives of the young Iranian men in Japan of the early 90’s. >>>
22-Jan-2010 (4 comments)
Nothing will ever be the same as the colonists have their first encounter. >>>
Darius Kadivar
22-Jan-2010 (8 comments)
A documentary on Mehdi Bazargan, Iran's first prime minister after the Iranian Revolution of 1979, by those who knew him>>>
David ET
22-Jan-2010 (127 comments)
The below interim Secular constitution is the latest in the series of drafts that were revised thanks to the intellectual contribution of so many on during the past year>>>
Darius Kadivar
22-Jan-2010 (one comment)
The First Public Appearance of Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi since the Revolution which ousted his father from the Peacock Throne. Gathered with Followers in London, he delivers a speech of Hope and Unity>>>
22-Jan-2010 (one comment)
The Americans are coming>>>
Azadeh Azad
22-Jan-2010 (9 comments)
A mosque into the future! >>>