31-Jan-2010 (8 comments)
This was a comment in discussions about constitution of a republic for Iran which was not welcomed there but I think it's too important to be brought-up NOW, to be ignored.>>>
Darius Kadivar
31-Jan-2010 (2 comments)
Ghaatebeh's "Khatneh sorun" aka the "Circumcision Party" of Ghatebeh (Nozar Azadi) preparing him for his wedding night. Enjoy ;0) >>>
Temporary Bride
31-Jan-2010 (5 comments)
“I couldn’t sleep at all last night,” said Vahid. “I kept thinking about what you said to me." >>>
The insanity of the sane world>>>

An informative article from inside Iran on the middle right side of the page on preparing self defense items.

30-Jan-2010 (32 comments)
Instead of going for Japanese shabu shabu, I asked my friend to join me on the Bay with our sleeping bags and thermoses full of hot sake>>>
Noosh Afarin
30-Jan-2010 (one comment)
High Performance Composite Metal Foam, Dr. Afsaneh Rabiei has produced a new generation of metal foams >>>
30-Jan-2010 (one comment)

46 suggestions on what to do on 22nd of Bahman demonstrations (sounds serious).  I feel for these brave Iranian men and women. 

Please share it generously.

بیست بهمن به ياری سبز همه ايرانيان وطن دوست نيازمنديم >>>
  قاضی صلواتی جلاد مطمعن باش که مردم روزی همه ی جنایتکارهای جمهوری اسلامی را بسزای اعمالشان خواهند رساند حتی اگر در کنار خلخالی و لاجوردی دیگر جلادان خوابیده باشی >>>
مسعود از امریکا
30-Jan-2010 (30 comments)

The theme of this new blog is patriotism, sacrifice, bravery, and the wonderful glory of our beloved Iran in our hearts, in view of the dangerous demonstrations ahead on the 22nd of Bahman against this illegitimate and brutal regime

30-Jan-2010 (4 comments)
تقدیم به جهانشاه جاوید عزیز بخاطر زحمات زیادی که برای پیوند دادن ایرانیان سراسر دنیا می کشند >>>
30-Jan-2010 (29 comments)
If it was up to me, the choice would be clear.  I'd turn it to something culturally tabood .... But for at least 20% of Iranians living in Iran, Khomeini is a quasi sacred figure>>>
ebi amirhosseini
30-Jan-2010 (16 comments)
در اسطوره های آشوری از او با نامهای :آستارته،آنونیت،آتارسامین و "ایزدبانوی آمیزش مقدس" نیز یاد شده است. >>>