26-Jan-2010 (6 comments)
Let's all send e-mails >>>
26-Jan-2010 (3 comments)
Given the regime's immense popularity it should challenge the opposition to a popularity contest that can leave no opportunity to claim rigged rersults. >>>
Her First Facebook entries to friends around the world when she heard about the mounting tragedy, were:>>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
26-Jan-2010 (10 comments)
"Dost thou think thyself a puny form, when the universe in folded up within thee?" Would you say that you have real confidence and self esteem? >>>
26-Jan-2010 (6 comments)
ازسروده‌های عبدل قادر بلوچ >>>
26-Jan-2010 (29 comments)
I think it has become a cycle at where every 3 or 4 months the frustrations reach a boiling point and after much carefully crafted long winded comments people just can’t take it no more and start throwing insults and we have a full pledged war (of words ;-)>>>
26-Jan-2010 (2 comments)
Living in Diaspora we feel that by our action we can still make a difference, so the contributors of blog community of Iranian sites have decided to form a common ground>>>
26-Jan-2010 (8 comments)
If not regime change, then what?>>>
25-Jan-2010 (9 comments)
A nice surprise from receiving a package!>>>
25-Jan-2010 (4 comments)
Its a matter of time until Mousavi offers the jar of KY to Ali Geda. >>>
Ali A Parsa
Historic Lessons From Haiti Disaster. By Ali A. Parsa, Ph.D. >>>
سی و یک سال پیش حرکت آزادی خواهانه مردم کشورمان ناتمام ماند، ولی اینک پس از گذشت بیش از سه دهه و علیه استبدادی دیگر جانی دوباره گرفته است>>>
مسعود از امریکا
25-Jan-2010 (33 comments)

قانع مباش، ز این خرده ریز، در اعمال ازادی، و ز این استقلال
گر ازادی کامل نباشد، نیست استقلال، ای برادر، گول مخور، تا وجدانت، اتش گرفته

Ryan G.
25-Jan-2010 (6 comments)
What is a Persian party like? >>>
25-Jan-2010 (4 comments)
Contrary to dogma in certain quarters, globalism and free trade do not threaten Islam.  However they do threaten Islamists by producing a middle class that will demand rights. >>>