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Seh daastaan
Three short stories
Parvin Bavafa

Kaard-e mooket boree
Going on a different flight
Cyrous Moradi

Between kabob and sumac
I am the lucky one
Zariah Behesht

A story is a story and a bar is a bar
Short story
Siamak Vossoughi

Crows in the nightingale's tree
Excerpt from a novel
Sharene Azimi

Divaaneh-ee az qafas pareed
The nut who flew out of the cage
Cyrous Moradi

From "Confessions of a Writer"
Saeed Tavakkol

A love in Iran
Short story
Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

Recalling a night
Short story
Roozbeh Shirazi

The beginning of Mehr
There is wisdom amongst that tribe; how they bend with the wind, wait for the fuss to pass
Kambiz Naficy

Short story
Ali Ohadi

Expressions and rays
Short story
Afsan Azadi

The tree
Short story
Siamak Vossoughi

Magic carpet
Review: Roya Hakakian's "Journey from the Land of No"
Zohreh Khazai Ghahremani

Sallon varzesh zanaaneh
Hearing things at a women's gym in Tehran
Sadaf Kiani

Short story
Oliver Mallah

The pill
Marjane Satrapi's comic strip memoir, Vol. 2

Six feet under
Peyvand Khorsandi

Three chapters
From "Mysteries Of The Treasure At The Ghost Valley"
Ebrahim Golestan

The Green Scarf
Story by Webgard
Drawings by Legofish

An artist
Short story
Siamak Vossoughi

Behind the rope
London club
Peyvand Khorsandi

Hasan Jones's Diary
A day in London
By Peyvand Khorsandi

She uttered her current title softly: refugee
By Farid Parsa

The Peacemonger
Short story
By Siamak Vossoughi

Rain... a short story
(English translation)
By Saeed Tavakkol

Merry Christmas
Short story

By Sophie

Valid questions
Where I have been, where I am, where I am going
By Shahriar Zahedi

A day on the Danube
With my son Sohrab
By Najaf Daryabandari

A day on the Danube
With my son Sohrab
By Najaf Daryabandari

Jafar jen dideh
Short story
By Nina Ninavi

Eshgh-e mamnoo'
Forbidden love
By Mehran

The grand plan
Short story
By Farid Parsa

Hot summer afternoons
Sahar's love affair with Uncle Napoleon TV series
By Mahsa Meshki

Starry nights
By Majid

Sargozasht-e yek eskenaas
From "Daastaanhaayeh Raasteen"
By Amir Mehdi Noorbakhsh

Just saving my own life, that's all
He knew that somewhere inside he had a broken heart, but he did not feel it
By Siamak Vossoughi

On my birthday
By Nikoo

Marg dar veniz
Death in Venice
By Cyrous Moradi

Us and Them
Short story
By M. Farooq Azam

Noruz shaad
Playing a joke on your revolutionary boss
By Cyrous Moradi

Crazy love
Short story
By Hossein Samiei

Return of Shahrzad
By Eric J. Jerpe

The golden years
Short story
By Farid Parsa

Dabir-e hezb-e rastaakhiz
By Cyrous Moradi

My funeral
Imagining my own "untimely death"
By Zohreh Khazai Ghahremani

Fear and courage
By Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani

Escape from Abadan
Part 8
By Houman Jazaeri

To my darling
I love you, but...
By Amir Nooriala

Lasting impressions
Roshangar's Baressi-Ketab covers the most vital and interesting writing in Persian today
By Zara Houshmand

Bim-e bozorg
Short story
By Jamal Mir-Sadeghi

Roosari-ye sefid
The white headscarf
By Sadaf Kiani

Force of nature
This month be as mean and evil as you can be
By Madame Bayaz

Trip to Ramsar
The one who has left my nest will come back
By Azam Nemati

I am now a son of Nature, a brother of trees and flowers, a friend of sky and seas
By Morteza Mirbaghian

The wrath of God
Short story
By Hossein Samiei

A story of talk
She began to notice the existence of something like a script in conversations
By Siamak Vossoughi

Miracle on 55th Street
When you first arrive as a refugee in America...
By Roya Hakakian

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