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Khuzestan in San Diego
Meeting a former "enemy" thousands of miles away from home
By Ali Hosseini
December 30, 1998

In the ring
By Shirindokht Radi
December 22, 1998

I dream of you still
Lying in a pool of black ink
By Khordad
November 25, 1998

The Shadowboxer
By Bahman Towfighi
November 11, 1998

Zarry's Wedding
By Massud Alemi
November 6, 1998

A Portrait of Mana
A novel by Mokhtar Paki
October 22, 1998

Bergman and I
"Read it. It's very good," said the artist
Short story by Behnam Diyani
October 16, 1998

The servant
Excerpt from a short story
By Goli Taraghi
September 24, 1998

Bigaaneh-ee dar man
Excerpt from a novel
By Shokooh Mirzadegi
September 9, 1998

Open Air
"You must not shame me, Leily. You are not like the American girls."
By Jasmine Darznik
September 3, 1998

My long tresses I shall cut
Young girls in a fictional Persian village
By Dorit Rabinyan
May 14, 1998

In front of the Embassy
A gay couple witness the takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran.
By Massud Alemi
March 12, 1998

The Rendez-vous
By Azadeh Naderi
November 28, 1997

Excerpt from a short story
By Goli Taraghi
November 1998

Serr-e hekmat yaa mojaadeleh-ye do pasheh
Excerpt from a short story
By Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh
October 1998

A simple guide for Iranian tourists in Cyprus
Ramin Ahmadi's short story
October 8, 1997

Dast-e bar qazaa -- Excerpt from Sadegh Hedayat's short story from 1944
October 1, 1997

Tanz-e Hedayat
Satire in Hedayat's work
By Hassan Javadi
October 1997

Daryaa dar taakestaanhaa -- Short story by the much-talked-about Moniro Ravanipour
September 4, 1997

Jasmine that takes me to places where I have to leave words behind.
By Farzaneh Milan

An Indian explanation for a mystery known to men as "women". Translated by Sadeq Choubak

Ranj-e honar
Excerpt from Reza Farrokhfal's collected stories, "Oh, Istanbul"

Gooshe-ye meykhaaneh
Excerpt from Esmaeel Fasih's latest novel, "Panaah bar Haafez"

Hitchcock va Aqabaji
Taking grandmother to see "Psycho"
Behnam Diyani

Aadaab-e ziaarat
From the late author's masterpiece, "The pilgrim's rules of etiquette"
Taghi Modarressi

Maadaam gorgeh
Confronting a nasty neighbor in a foreign land
By Goli Taraghi

Just one coffee
She calls me after six months again. Can I buy you coffee she says...
Shadi Ziaie

Ajab ghalati kardam
From Iran's best-selling novel
Fattaneh Haj Seyyed Javvadi (Parvin)

Adam besho neesteem
From the celebrated film director's acclaimed novel
Mohsen Makhmalbaf

I rest in peace
I'm not bitter... I understand...
J. Javid

Sedaye toope football
Prison memoirs
By Shahrnoush Parsipour

By Simin Behbani

Pedarkoshtegi ba Pahlavi
The feud between two Qajari women and Ashraf Pahlavi
Masoud Behnoud

Tama' Shoghal
A tale (pun intended) from "Kelileh va Damneh"

Cyrus? Philosopher of love?
From "The Education of Cyrus", one of "first" novels ever written.

Tales from two cities
Selection from Abbas Milani's best-seller

My Uncle Napoleon
Selection from Iraj Pezeshkzad's masterpiece

Geleh sepordan beh bad
Remembering the poet Siyavash Kasraie Masoud Behnoud

Shadi Ziaie

Gol-e Aftabgardan
Behzad Sadeghi

In search of fate
Samad Behrangi's folk story on morals and money

Sorkh o Sefid
Santa Claus faces a tough challenge in Isfahan
J. Javid

Payan yek rooze ma'mouli
The perils of saying the "wrong" thing
Ahmad Shemirani

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