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1995 to end of 1998

November 19, 1998
The males are pregnant
By Katayoon Zandvakili

October 8, 1998
Beshno az ney...
Badri Tarvij's cries of love, loneliness and life in exile

October 2, 1998
Blowing our cover
Beware of people's various facades, be it a chador or...
By Hamid Jalili

September 4, 1998
Iraj Mirza's poem on the chador
Iraj Mirza's poem on the chador (in Persian)

June 5, 1998
Meeting in Moscow
Expat writers meet Siavash Kasraie shortly before his death
By Masoud Sepand

June 1, 1998
Parveen & I in Masjed Solaiman
By White Cloud

May 28, 1998
Baba Ezra
... and three other poems by Ali Zarrin -- plus a translation of a famous Hafez ghazal

April 22, 1998
Good Bye to the Good Humor Man
By White Cloud

April 22, 1998
Spring Love
By Kamran Hooshmand

April 22, 1998
By Nazgol Ashouri

April 2, 1998
June Craze
By Shadie Ziaie

April 2, 1998
Under the Sun
By Shafi'ie Kadkani (in Persian)

Feb 23, 1998
Zanaan Saraayandeh-ye Mo'aaser
Selections from a book by Parvin Shakiba

Jan 28, 1998
Forough Farrokhzad
Four poems:

- Tavalodi digar
- Esyaan-e Khodaa
- Aasheqaaneh
- She'ri bara-ye to

Jan 26, 1998
The Lion and The Throne
Stories from the Shahnameh (Vol 1)
Translated by Dick Davis

Jan 22, 1998
Friday Burial
By Borzoo Elahi

Nov 7, 1997
First of Seven Chapters
Borzoo Elahi

December 1997
Borrowed Ware
Medieval Persian Epigrams
Translated by Dick Davis

Sarv (Persian)
Fereidoun Moshiri

Mah (Persian)
Mandana Kamangar

Benmaay rokh (Persian)
Rumi's famous poem with audio link to Shahram Nazeri's masterful performance.

My father's shoes
Solmaz Sharif

Just thoughts
Ali Tahbaz remembers the horrors of the war - still.

Zendegi (Persian)
Haydeh Razaghi

Made you mine America
Ali Zarrin

A word with majesty
Ali Zarrin

Ali Zarrin

Dar gham-e doost (Persian)
Fariba Mehranfar

Kalagh va Roobah (Persian)
Iraj Mirza

Man hastam (Persian)
A chat with Forough Farrokhzad

Asheqaneh-ha (Persian)
Soheil Mahmoudi

Kucheh (Persian)
Fereidoun Moshiri

Sharab-e Nur (Persian)
Simin Behbahani

Nahal-e Arezu (Persian)
Parvin Etesami

Bachehaye Iran (Persian)
Hadi Khorsandi

Dar Josetejouye Khish (Persian)
Kourosh Angali

Kamran Hooshmand

Golchin III (Persian)
Selections from Abu Saeed

Shadi Ziaie

Fred Shahrebani

What is love by another name?
Shahrzad Irani

Doust (Persian)
Bizhan Samandar

Golchin II (Persian)
Baba Taher

Fred Shahrabani

Oriental sherbet
White Cloud

Tavalod (Persian)
Susan Ehteshami

Oh rain
Kia Makarehchi

Arash Kamangir (Persian)
Siyavash Kasraie

Va Nadanestan (Persian)
Mehdi Akhavan Sales

Golchin (Persian)

Khasteh-ye Khak (Persian)
Abdolkarim Soroush

What is love by any other name
Shahrzad Irani

Shahrzad Irani

Break free
F. Jivehie, a.k.a. Freddie Mercury

Life in the corporate world
Behzad Sadeghi

In the land of Sumerians
White Cloud

River of clouds
White Cloud

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