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May 2005
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Iranians spice up Canadian culture

Iranian Candidate Vows to Open Country

ny times
Iran Reports Gain in Test of Missile Fuel

NY Times editorial: Patriot Act Redux, and in the Dark

* Israel's outgoing army chief warning if there is no West Bank withdrawal
* Israel 'to raze 88 Arab homes' in East Jerusalem

cs monitor
Two Iranians are the first Muslim women to conquer Mount Everest

* Rafsanjani says Iran must rethink relation with youth, world
* "Some progress" in Iran nuclear talks: Bush

on top of the world
Iranian WOMEN and men summitted Everest

Audio: Rafsanjani raps, also

* Wanted: Rafsanjani
* Animal tamer: Khamenei

* Rafsanjani in hell
* Khamenei: Cave man

'Deep Throat' Reportedly Comes Forward

mossadegh in london
Speaker: Ali Rahnema
Moderator: Baqer Moin
(dress code: no jeans)

le monde
Mohsen Amiryoussefi's film with Abbas Esfandiari

message from tehran:
Congratulations. Agha as of today [] was blocked by ParsOnline! From this point on you are the enemy! You imperialist over-sized Satan.

ny times
Across Iran, Nuclear Power Is a Matter of Pride

she's serious
Rice to discuss plan to intercept weapons bound for Iran, North Korea and Syria

keeps getting better
Guardian and Human Rights Watch find evidence of abuse by Iranian revolutionaries under US protectio

roo ro beram
Cheney denounces prisoner abuse report

arms race
Iran tests new solid fuel rocket with 2,000 km range

can't thank the mollas enough
In Iran, a PhD means... Pizza Hut delivery work

Basra out of control, say police

Microsoft faces EU fine

campaign promises
* ISNA: 14-point "Pact with the People"
* AFP: Rafsanjani pledges 'interactive' diplomacy

free akbar ganji
* Ganji released for medical check up
* Press conference
* Human rights
* Petition

hossein derakhshan
Wired: Blog spring

what next?
French voters reject EU charter

axis of evil
Video: Iranian-American John Nybe

axis of slavery
Africa's last absolute monarch marries his 11th wife

under u.s. watch
Afghan women 'still suffer abuse'

10 million dollar man & woman
Manny & Neda Mashouf: Largest individual gift to SFSU

Converts: Russian Zoroastrians

iranians of the day
* Manny & Neda Mashouf: Gift to SFSU
* Tirdad Hossainzadeh: Prom night
* Siamack Salari: Lunch in San Francisco
* Mr. & Mrs Ali Daie: Wedding
* Avid Modjtabai: Influential in banking
* Khoob Shahmirzadi: Italian shooting champ
* Michael Hoshang Momeni: Radiological analysis
* Perissa Sattakeh: Kisser
* Jahanshah Javid: self-portrait

chef siamack salari
Video: How to make rice

brand new

U.S. Expands Aid to Iran's Democracy Advocates Abroad

Pakistan's Musharraf denies Iran nuclear bomb comment

you have it, why not us?
Washington, DC: Survey finds Iranians support quest for nuclear weapons

jomhouri khah news blog

poor rich crook
Rafsanjani claims riches-to-rags label

2nd clip
Ancient Tehran: 8,000 years

yeah baby

How Canada's Iranian community has forged its own unique identity

* Canada to join Islamic Brotherhood... EEshaallaa!
* GoozNews
* Video: Victoria's Secret: Airport security
* Video: Indian guru's laugh therapy
* Video: Kheek-kee Kombat
* Okh Joon! Free trip to Mecca
* Video: The miracle of beer

middle east culture

* Musharraf: Iran very anxious to get nuclear bomb
* Iran Lawmakers Want Nuclear Development
* Iran says U.S., Israel are the real nuclear threats

Naameh-ee beh rahbar-e enqelaab: Akbar Ganji raa azaad konid

Nuclear arms conference collapses without deal

iranians of the day
* Aravane Rezai: French Open
* Zahra & Enayat: Moishe's baby

iran-iraq war
Thesis written by Mazi (Mazyar) Bahadori, graduating from University of California, Berkeley, with a History degree

* System upgrade: Khatami 2.0
* Qalibaf's campaign promise
* Hamid Karzai
* Who said blones have more fun?
* Turkey elections

bemiram baraash
King Fahd on his deathbed

now that's news
Wimbledon: State of balls under discussion

thomas friedman
Just Shut Guantánamo Down

hossein derakhshan
Khamenei prefers the young and restless

Iran reformers mull presidential bid or boycott

music videos
* Googoosh: "Gol-e bee Goldun"
* Homeyra: "Ham-zabonam Baash"

1970s Googoosh, Foroozan &...

ny times
W.T.O. to Start Talks to Admit Iran

Bush to nominate Schulte to nuclear watchdog

sunni-shia wars
* Shias killed in Pakistan
* Sunnis killed in Iraq

cs monitor
Saad Hariri looks set to trounce his opponents in Lebanon elections

A Global Strike Plan, With a Nuclear Option

A step-by-step guide to charisma

iranians of the day
* Parsa Raissi: Tennis Hall Of Fame
* Hooman Tavakolian: Wrestler
* Arsham & Yeganeh Vaziri: Ahvaz
* Adejumo: Black Iranian
* Mahmoud: Cartoonist
* Shirin Ebadi: U.C. Davis
* Niyaz Hinze: Cousin Paria
* Mahan Esfahani: Stanford concert
* Sattar: Honorary doctorate!
* Hassan Darabi: Actor
* Sanaz Davari: Herself

Farnaz Ghazizadeh: maanto kootaah

election selection
* Rafsanjani's big poll lead
* Dirty tricks hit campaign

WTO Clears Iran to Start Membership Talks

iran nuclear talks
* NY Times
* Guardian

human rights
Officer's Trial Gives Glimpse of C.I.A.'s Role in Abuse

ey baba velemoon koneen
FBI records detail Koran claims

Voting ends in the referendum on a change to the Egyptian constitution allowing contested presidential polls

amazing match
Liverpool come back from 3-0 down to win the Champions League final by beating AC Milan on penalties

ny times & rafsanjani
* Interview
* Article

store wars
Revenge of the Seeeekh

"Iran's greatest statesman"

over our head
Oil to flow from Caspian Sea direct to Mediterranean as giant pipeline opens

thanks to bush team
Amnesty International: U.S. leads global attack on human rights

Iran Ready to Compromise in European Talks

literature in exile
Radio Hambastegi: Interview with Hossein Nushazar

hunger strike
Shirin Ebadi's appeal on behalf of Akbar Ganji

* Video: Cans at Cannes
* Khodahafez Paykan, boo hoo hoo
* Video: Video phone beauty
* Video: Dog and cat
* Video: The power of Viagra
* Flash: Maze with a surprise
* T-shirts: Maybe, maybe not

* Video: Family in northern California
* Video: Going south

cs monitor
Should the regimes in North Korea and Iran acquire nuclear weapons, the US should make the consequences strikingly clear

Campaigning kicks off for Iran election

avoiding iran
Caspian oil pipeline set to open

human rights watch
Judiciary Stonewalls on Zahra Kazemi Death

* Europe Expected to Get Tough With Iran
* Iran warns EU over nuclear talks

* Egypt arrests 15 on eve of poll
* Syria quashes last dialogue forum


zoroastrian murder
Kasra Vafadari

iranians of the day
* Tehran U. protest: Election sham (20 pix)
* Sara Shahi: The L Word
* Bidjan Assadipour: Master artist
* Silvia Seasholtz: Graduation (2 pix)

* Whah! I want votes!
* Love song
* Tahesh TV
* Super Mullah returns
* Mullah Amirahmadi
* Persian Gulf
* Princess Akeleh

zahmat keshidan
Iran hardliners allow reformists to run in presidential race

nuclear unclear
EU-Iran talks have 50-50 chance of success: Tehran
Farewell poem for Paykan

thanks for nothing
ISNA: Khatami thaks Khamenei

Moin va Khamenei

Tehran Internet Festival

how gracious
Khamenei Wants Candidates Reinstated

election melection Reuters: Reformists threaten boycott
Rooz: Moin ham khodi nabood?

hossein derakhshan
Election analysis

Commander of unit set up to fight insurgents in Iraq is shot dead

patterns of abuse
NYT: The Bush administration has provided nothing remotely like a full and honest accounting of the extent of the abuses at American prison camps

* Muscle cars in Iran
* Karaj tulip garden

qorboone een entekhaabaat beram...
Reformist candidates disqualified
* AP
* BBC Persian

akbar ganji
Rooz: Cheraa azaadash nemeekonand?

patience bee patience
Iran Urges Patience Over Slain Journalist Zahra Kazemi

Iran issues stern warning to Europeans ahead of nuclear talks

UN calls for US to open controversial Bagram air base to Afghan human rights investigators

democracy :o)
Key Egypt opposition leader held

college sex survey
Sexuality among Iranian-American College Students

akbar ganji
goes on hunger strike

shocked?! :o)
Afghan President demands action after reports of US prisoner abuse

ny times
Guantánamo Comes to Define U.S. to Muslims

Sunni mosques in Baghdad are closed for worship in protest against a spate of recent killings of Sunni Arabs

* BBC Persian: MP Mehdi Koochakzadeh attacks reporter
* Ebrahim Nabavi: Bacheh por-roo

human rights & democracy in iran
Seminar hosted by Swedish Liberal Party, June 3

the great leader
Saddam in underwear

Dissident cleric rails against Iran's system

usa today
U.S. doesn't have needed support in U.N. to punish Iran, official says

cs monitor
Iran flexes its 'soft power' in Iraq

"Store Wars" & six other entries

Scientists make stem cells perfectly matched to individuals which could mean better treatments for many diseases

U.S. Rules Out Giving Incentives to Iran

nature mag editorial
Scientific excellence can re-emerge in Iran, unless there is political upheaval or further sanctions

khoda margam bedeh
Shermine Shahrivar: Miss Europe at Cannes (3 pix)

asa soltan rahmati

human rights watch
Mojahedin Khalgh have subjected dissident members to torture and prolonged solitary confinement

Zan dar Amrika

Rafsanjani urges U.S. to begin thaw in ties

* Reuters: Iran won't reverse nuclear plan, but may delay
* NY Times: Iran Seeks Incentives From Europe in Nuclear Impasse

ebrahim yazdi
Rooz: Khatar-e khaareji baraaye Iran jed-deest

Rooz: Simin Behbahani

Rooz: Iranian presence at the Cannes Film fest

no big deal
Registering New Influence, Iran Sends a Kharrazi to Iraq

Progress on political rights for Kuwaiti women

Saudi crackdown on dissenters

Condoleezza Rice=Berenj-e Dom Siyah

iranian contemporary literature
Radio: International literature critic Christopher Merrill reviews works of fiction from Iran

Iran won't reverse nuclear plan, but may delay

iranians of the day
* Air freshener man: Velenjak
* Mehrdad Moayedi: Tiger Woords
* Xander Bagheri: Green Lizzie
* Reza Langari: Fuzzy logic
* Camera-phone: Imamzadeh Saleh
* Shahin Shafaei: Playwright
* Jimmy Delshad: Beverly Hills City Council
* Khosrow "Shawn" Daivari: Koshti Kaj
* Peyman Namdarian: Australia

Video: Shamaizadeh singing "Aghaaghi"

cs monitor
President Bush's democracy push faces resistance in the Middle East

in the name of god, the stone thrower
* Iran murderess given stoning verdict for adultery
* Iran judiciary denies stoning verdict

extra! extra!
Mojahedin Khalq Organization has subjected dissident members to torture and prolonged solitary confinement, according to a human rights report to be released Thursday

* Iran facing real prospect of Security Council referral
* Allies to Hold New Talks With Iran

Talk to your Congressperson on "Iran Freedom Act"

thank you
Canada freezes most Iran ties over Zahra Kazemi's death

EU-3 nuclear talks with Iran likely to be in Paris

* Khamenei: 40 Commandments
* Akbar Shah
* Britney Spears campaigns for Rafsanjani
* Mehdi Hashemi: Rafsanjani's son
* Fly on my Spaghetti

roo kam koni
UK MP George Galloway goes on the offensive at a senate hearing over accusations he profited from Iraq oil [News] [Video]

Voter fury threatens Iranian election

British official's report says Bush administration appeared intent on invading Iraq long before...

phone message
I am Assadi... Peeleez touch me

fire the bastard
Rooz: Shamsolvaezin calls for Mortazavi sacking

trial presidental election
Early vote (of no confidence)

* Boston Globe: Warning to Iran
* CS Monitor: Nuclear Lies
* NY Times: 'No Nukes,' No More
* WashPost: No Good Options On Iran?

matt mossman in shiraz
A close shave connected me to Iranians eager for answers about US

Bill Moyers' speech to the National Conference for Media Reform: * Listen * Watch * Read *

here & there
Vehicle stickers in Iran (25 pix)
-- S.M.

azaa azaast emrooz
Paykan-e Aziz (sniff sniff)

paykan (1967-2005)
-- Shah opens plant
-- Khayyami's legacy
-- Arab sheikhs
-- LA "Paykan Party"
-- Miss Iran (1) (2)
-- Jokes
-- Cartoons (1) (2)

* Iran sanctions no sure bet in UN Security Council
* US again threatens to take Iran to Security Council

Rafsanjani meets students (6 pix)

cheh ajab
Kuwaiti parliament gives women right to vote and stand in elections

mystery man
... "comes alive" at the piano

kol belov
Flash art: Themes from William Shakespeare with ups and downs of life. Brilliant
-- Arash Sayedi

swift (in)justice
New hearing into murdered photographer Zahra Kazemi ends in an hour

Merhabalar! Iran Turkey e Dergi

* Iran: EU last chance
* Annan warns U.S.
* Sanctions bill advances

rural women
BBC slide show

iranians of the day
* Alecko Eskandarian: MVP soccer player
* Esmail Zanjani: Stem cell research
* Parisa Parnian: Queer fashion
* Shaun Toub: "Crash" (2 pix)
* Zohreh Sullivan: English Professor
* Parsa Sorbi: TV commentator

in other words, boycott
More than 500 politicians and intellectuals in Iran have announced they will not take part in the presidential election [Statement] [English news][Persian news]

informative :o)
PowerPoint: Know your presidential candidates

an american in iran
NPR: From Mujahadeen to the Movies: Salahuddin (Hassan Abdulrahman)

een yaaroo chesheh?
Parviz Modaber: Serial litterer

zer zer on torture
BBC Persian: Notorious prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi issues odd decree

political prisoners
Nobat-e aazaadi-ye Ganji va Zarafshan

ebrahim nabavi
Naneh pirezan va entekhaabaat

* Iran climbs down, but tough EU meeting ahead
* Iran bill urges more nuclear work

Designing Palestine

Dick Cheney's Right to Conceal

heard on tv
"You only have one life to live. You can either make chicken shit out of it or chicken salad." Hmm...

free speech
Video, Part 3: Internet and bloggers in Iran
Raeesjomhoor-e ayandeh baayad...

* It's easy to be president
* Great choss of candidates :o)
* Amirahmdi: American-Iranian President
Nima Arab
* Rafsanjani: Wealth & wives
* Rafsanjani elections (1)
* Rafsanjani elections (2)

iran elections
* Registration ends
* BBC Persian
* Rooz
Kabab Koobideh attack

iranians of the day
* Abbas Kiarostami: Cannes Jury President
* Bahar Soomekh: "Crash" actor (3 pix)

we've heard that before
Iran: near deal with EU on resuming nuclear work

laleh seddigh
Vroom-Vroom, She Said to the Doubters -- NYT

abbas abdi
Iran frees reformist jailed over pro-US opinion poll

san francisco
Iranian-American teenager beaten twice; video posted on Internet

for shah
Elahe sings: White Revolution

not for khomeini
Googoosh explains "Agha Khoobeh"

1970s: When Googoosh was GOOGOOSH (13 pix)

1970s music videos
* Dariush: "Khaab"
* Foroughi: "Niaaz"
* Farhad: "Koodakaaneh"
* Googoosh: "Khandeh... Geryeh"
* Yaghmaie: "Havaar Havaar"

iran! nein!
What major U.S. newspapers are saying

the guardian
Iranians hold their noses as they pick new president

washington post
Iran Leaves Door Open For Nuclear Discussions

free speech
Video, Part 2: Internet and bloggers in Iran
Farsi-English dictionary

ny aids walk
Parissa Behnia

Old recordings

medical students
Education on how to be licensed in the United States -- Dr Mizani, GMCGroup

students & academics
Going to Iran? Giving a talk?

first amendment
Some Assembly Required


UK elections: Nahid Boethe

la weekly
Bah bah... Attari's "Kuku Puff's" in Westwood

terror on trial
Trial Begins in Rome for Murder of Iranian

iran elections blog
Open Democracy

Hashemi ham amad

* BBC: Tough European warning to Tehran
* Guardian: Europe on alert over Iran nuclear ambitions
* NY Times: Atom Agency May Be Asked to Meet if Iran Resumes Uranium Work

Brazilian author says his latest book banned in Iran

u.s. national id
NIAC: Impact on Iranian-American community: driver's license/identification card security measures and immigration reform


* Rafsanjani gets a break
* VOA & Aghdashloo's critics
Gharibe Ashena
* "You made my day" in Persian
* Ajab ghalati kardam: Aghdashloo
Nima Arab
* Googoosh: "maraa bebakhsh..."

BBC photos: Ebrahim Khan bathhouse in Kerman

look who else is running
Hooshang Amirahmadi is going to Iran to become a candidate for president

next president
People & politicians register to become candidates (28 pix)

* Code Yellow

* Here comes Rafsanjani
* Googoosh & Danny de Vito: "Bodyguard 2"
* Googoosh & Aghdashloo

shirin ebadi
NPR Radio: On presidential elections and what kind of future she sees for Iran

BBC Persian: Khoraafaat

leila farjami
"War is organized murder" & "Tehran dar Atash"

free speech
Video: Internet and bloggers in Iran


BBC Persian: New moderate Iranian newspaper "Rooz" launched

surprise surprise
Rafsanjani declares candidacy for president
* BBC English
* BBC Persian
* Rafsanjani statement

* Iraq's bloodiest day of violence in months
* Four die in Afghanistan in protests sparked by reports the Koran was desecrated in a US military jail
* Egypt backtracks on reforms

thomas friedman
Unless China and Europe get serious about the problem of nuclear nonproliferation, it's not going to get fixed

kaveh omidvar
BBC Persian: Listing ethical rules for Iranian journalists?

* Nokar-e mellat-e Iran
* Video: Natural is what suits you best
* Video: Stand-up comedy: Russell Peters
* Islamic khorr-o-poff
* Video: I can't dance
* Little Red Button
* Hapland

phone campaign
Voice your opinion about "Iran Freedom Support Act" introduced in U.S. Congress

New Yorker
* U.S. Inquisition
* Do it yourself
* Military vs. Civilian
* Position, with benefits
* Rafsanjani: Heyf

Googlesque Persian search engine

presidential hopefuls (and a few nuts)
* News: Registration begins
* Photos: MEHR and ISNA

iranian american bar association
* Scholarship
* IABA Review

iranians of the day
* Rafat Bayat: Presidential elections
* Sudabeh Shoja: Hoover Medal
* Massoumeh Ebtekar: In pants, in public
* Negar Pourbordbari: Shaakhe-ye Shemshaad

* Iran confirms processing tons of uranium ore
* Iran 'to resume nuclear activity'

Hundreds of Western students are living and studying in Damascus

I was under the impression that one of Farrokhrou Parsa's "crimes" was that she was a Bahai. Am I wrong? -- J. Javid

go ask your mother
Azar & Negar Nafisi

dr. mojtahedi award
Shayan Nabavi Nouri (5 pix)

Iran's booming animation industry

iranians of the day
* Laleh Jalilian: Injection without a needle
* Akhavan Sadat: Sohan makers
* ISAA bosses: Elnaz, Saba, Hoda and Jaleh
* Behrouz Souresrafil: Extra special

BBC Persian: Iran relaxes visa rules for foreign travelers

Discontent flaring in rural Egypt

Malaysia may pull out of US$2 billion joint venture gas project in Iran

Iran, "killer destination" for those in the know

* ... moves to ratify protocol but vows to resume nuclear work
* ... 'loses interest' in MG Rover
* ... insists new airport is safe, despite warning

important to me and you
Apple and Microsoft have announced updates to their operating systems

attention bloggers
Questions About Ethics

the guradian
For the first time, an army insider blows the whistle on human rights abuses at Guantanamo

mother's day
Radio Farda: 150 million greeting cards for American moms

world record in vanity
Video: CBS news report on popularity of nose jobs in Iran

New Yorker
* Mind games
* Woman on the phone
* Work-related
* All I want to do

* Sharbat-e Asheghi
* Khaastegaari
* Roozegaari bood...

breaking the rules
Nader Davoodi's photo exhibit, University of Toronto, May 14-31

Entekhaabaat-e ryaasat-e jomhoori

labor movement (including iran)
BBC Persian: Yassamine Mather and Behzad Kazemi on workers unions

oy vey!
The wife, son and daughter of Israel's chief rabbi arrested in connection with kidnapping and beating of a teen who was in a relationship with the rabbi's daughter

iranian of the day
Sara Najafi: Microsoft award

* Video: Delkash, "Fardaa Roshan Ast"
* Video: "Hassan Kachal"

vanity and boredom
... fuel Iran's nose job boom

* Qoran classes for football players
* Ayatollah Behbahani

an iranian fairytale (in san francisco)
Traditional Iranian storytelling (Pardeh-Khani) May -12

Have a good one!

* No PhD, no chance

iranians of the day
* Shohreh Aghdashloo: Co-starring with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock
* Babak & Friends: NYU award
* Cameron Cartio: Eurovison song finalist
* Farnaz Sabet: International doctor
* Omid Djalili: Genius
* David Ostad: Plastic surgeon
* Kian Esfandiari: Most beautiful
* Ryan Karbassioun: Cute
* Perissa: Model

good job
Announcement for the position of Executive Director of Iran Human Rights Documentation Center

For young Iranians on the prowl, the Internet is the ultimate veil
-- Kelly Niknejad, Columbia News Service

* Audio: Elm o farhang o tarashohaat-e badani
* Video: God damned money for Jesus
* Should I date a co-worker?
* No photo & moving
* Famous Kabab
* Video: Finger enlargement
* Video: Real scary (not really)

Iranian carmakers reported as forming a joint venture to take over MG Rover

Iran said US political pressure excluded it from buying Dutch plastics giant

Pakistan will send centrifuge parts to UN watchdog for Iran tests

arms race
Iran says Shahab-3 missile entirely Iranian, production ongoing

Iranian woman's images of the daily commute in Tehran

khatami & spielberg
Move the cursor over the image!

Tony Blair says he will focus on voters' views after securing a historic third term - but with a reduced majority

good lord...

cheh ajab
Iran's top judge attacks police


punish greed, help democracy
Petition: UN Pro-Democracy Fund for Iran

Car sticker seen in Berkeley yesterday: "Tree-hugging dirt worshipper"

iranian-american art
Slide show: "of past and present" art show in San Francisco (May 1) organized by Taraneh Hemami and.... Photos by Robert Karimi (info)

sarah takesh
Up and coming Iranian designer... I have known her for years - so I was very proud to see this :)
-- Sanaz K

reza aslan
The Jihad Is a Civil War, the West Only a Bystander

cs monitor
Toward real nuclear disarmament

nulcear club
Excluding mollas

boys club
Lawmakers Block Women From Voting in Kuwait

New Yorker

* Lemonade Without Borders
* Surrendering before...
* God
* Civilization
* Masood Kimiai: Film director
* Namahram

so much to learn about...

cinema iran
London's Channel 4 presents a season of Iranian films, documentaries and shorts

happy birthday

Persian poetry: German radio interview with Peyman Vahabzadeh

live discussion
Washington Post's live discussion on Iran's Nuclear Plans

christiane amanpour
Video: Guest on Daily Show

persian pop fashion

iran analysis quarterly
PDF: A Publication of the Iranian Studies Group at MIT, Winter 2005. Articles by Mojtaba Mahdavi, Maziar Behrooz, Samira Mohyeddin, Davood N. Rahni & Saeed Golkar

phone campaign
Voice your opinion about "Iran Freedom Support Act" introduced in U.S. Congress

iranian of the day
Christiane Amanpour: Guest on Daily Show (11 pix)

* Video: Prince Charles bachelor party
* Bush: What happened to santa?
* Video: Blaupunkt speakers
* Video: True football fan
* Video: Mercury Mistress
* Croatian Muslim passport
* Video: Heaven can wait
Bayern swoop for Iran star Karim

boys club
Kuwait MPs fail to give women vote in time for local poll

iran elections
* BBC Persian: Speakers who encourage boycott "barred by Intelligence Ministry" [Audio] [News]

* BBC: US Iran nuclear row intensifies
* Guardian: Nuclear options

food for thought & more
* CS Monitor: Nobel for Bush and Blair?
* Guardian: Perhaps the neocons got it right in the Middle East
* Ali Karimi: Bayern Munich
* Roshan Khadivi: Darfur
* Feridon Shahbaznia: Great dad

breaking the rules
Nader Davoodi's photo exhibit, University of Toronto, May 14-31

Video: Kiarostami's "Forest witout leaves"

ny times
U.S. Demand Deepens Gulf With Iran Over Nuclear Facilities

cs monitor
Political gains for Mideast women

Yes 'leads' in French EU polls

The mixed identity and struggle for equality of Arab Israelis


Baaghi maandeh-haaye jang

Tanhaa raah-e nejaat

* Iran shouldn't resume nuke enrichment: ElBaradei
* Annan Seeks Iran Nuclear Arms Restraint
* Iran-U.S. rift threatens to stymie attempts to update non-proliferation treaty

donkey for dinner
Yabou Khar?

just become president already
Pro-Rafsanjnai billboard

uk elections
For Blair, Iraq Issue Just Won't Go Away

soldiers in iraq
From 'Gook' to 'Raghead'

cs monitor
Finally, a film sheds Muslim stereotypes

the onion
Heaven Less Opulent Than Vatican, Reports Disappointed Pope

aryan shmaryan... boro baba hosseleh daaree
The Aryan Emancipation Society of Iran

may day
BBC persian: Rafsanjani apparently skips angry workers' gathering in Tehran

may day photo
"Untimely death" of workers' rights

candidate no more
BBC persian: Conservative Ahmad Tavakoli drops presidential bid

Iran issues nuclear warning to US
Football fans comment on Aghdashloo-Googoosh row

iran varzeshi
Editorial in Persian: Seven football fans died and nobody gave a damn

Iran and UK in row over Khomeini airport

Swapping fatigues for suits, ex-Guards target Iran's presidency

don't miss
SF art show: of past and present Sunday, May 1st

new york times
* Iranians Seek Nuclear Deal in Meeting With Europeans in London
* U.S. Recruits a Rough Ally to Be a Jailer
* Bush, the Great Shiite Liberator

the guardian
* Iran ready to ignore US nuclear countdown
* French voters now back EU constitution

Da Vinci 'paralysis left Mona Lisa unfinished'

New license plates for vehicles in Iran


* Queen Aghdash
* Googoosh asks for forgiveness

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