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October 2005
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iran-israel We fully recognize the right of the Israeli and Palestinian people to live in peace and security

let's not forget
AFP: Akbar Ganji being tortured, wife alleges

great idea
CS Monitor: Britain offers interest-free art loans

eeno baash
CS Monitor: Berlusconi: 'I tried to keep Bush out of Iraq'

iranians disagree, mr. president
Ahmadinejad's Israel remarks split Iran
-- AP
-- Radio Farda

whatever Happy birthday Alaahazrat Reza Shah II

bogus group, right ideas
Freids of Iran in America: Even if Israel had spent millions of dollars, it could not have gotten a bigger boost than what Ahmadinejad did for her



* Ahmadinejad & Israel
* God & the devil (1)
* God & the devil (2)
* Questioning God

* More prayer, less belief in God
* Emigrant life in Cananda
* Welcome to Cananda

* How to control Ahmadinjead
* Scooter Libby: Iraq War
* Milestone: U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

* Penguin religious leader
* Bird flu in Iran
* Khamenei reads prayers from his hand
* Paul Wolfowitz: Divide Iran

Persian hospitality... for $450 an hour
* My reputation is more important than your life
* Family photo
* Sit. I dare you.
* Video: Dancing skeleton
* Video: Who's your daddy?
* I'm joining: Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Outgoing German foreign minister marries Iranian fiancé Minu Barati in Rome
-- Radio Farda
-- IranMania

BBC Persian: False popular perceptions about the Qajar Dynasty

yaadesh bekheyr
Be like water
Video: Bruce Lee in his own words

CS Monitor: US units lure Taliban into losing battles

firoozeh dumas
New York Times: Forever young

chogha zanbil
Gooya: Oil Ministry and Heritage foundation battle over Chogha Zanbil &...

neo-cons love ahmadinejad
Jim Hoagland: Most Valuable Politician of the year? How about President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran?

what's love got to do with it?
Washington Post: Potomac killing of Iranian-American woman casts spotlight on son's romance

good to know
BBC Persian: Khatami: It's not our mission to make the world Islamic

dumb foreigners
Independet: Ten very surprising things about Iran

Born again Palestinian

Should Israel be destroyed?

better idea
Sibestan: ADD Palestine to the map

more palestinian than palestinians
Enameh: Az felestinihaa felestini tar

hala biya dorosesh kon...
BBC: Iran 'not planning Israel attack'

ya abalfazl
BBC: Exxon profits $9.9 billion in three months

i don't think he gets it
BBC: Security Council condemns Ahmadinejad

should Iran be expelled from the UN?
NIAC: Tell your member of Congress

Commander in chief's better half

trita parsi
Open Democracy: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech and the Iran-Israel cold war

kaveh afrasiabi
Asia Times: Iran, Israel: The good, the bad and the ugly


* Video: Indian chat to find the right girl
* Video: Somebody's waiting for the bungee jumper
* Video: Ey kalak... phony strawman
* Video: Very lucky
* Video: Halloween: Car ad

BBC: Cheney aide resigns over CIA leak
AP: Dick Cheney's chief of staff Scooter Libbby indicted on five counts

CS Monitor: Confused about the CIA leak? Start here.

hey shoaar bedeh...
BBC: Ahmadinejad defends Israel remark

honeymoon is over
Guardian: Ahmadinejad's slogans fail to cover up a lack of experience


* Ahmadinejad huffing & puffing at Israel
* Saddam: Cover up

Amnesty International: Journalist Akbar Ganji reportedly tortured in hospital

Farshid Arman: Fuel cell

my son & i
At Ajax game in Amsterdam (6 pix)

iranians of the day
* Jasmin Tabatabai: "Unveiled"
* Nezam Tooloee: Mayor of Bainbridge Island?
* Reza Rostam Bakhteyari: From Esfahan

here & there
Doorways remind me of old Shemiran (10 pix)
-- A.S. Mostafanejad

media wars
CS Monitor: BBC goes all out to reach Middle East

any minute now...
* Washington Post: Bush Aides Brace for Charges
* Guardian: Spotlight on Cheney

new world order
CS Monitor: Russia, China looking to form 'NATO of the East'?

CS Monitor: FBI infractions raise civil liberty concerns

chogha zanbil
* Miras Farhangi: Oil or national heritage?
* TNT planted 70 meters around Chogha Zanbil (2 pix)
-- Ali Nasri/Noshad Rokni
* Oldest remaining ziggurat in the Near East (3 pix)
-- Khodadad Rezakhani

She knows more about Iran than you do

gay photography
Toronto: Iranian gay & lesbian photo exhibition

Driving with Abbas Ghaderi
Friends enjoying the music of Abbas Ghaderi while driving in San Jose
Jahanshah Javid

american casualties
This is what 2,000 looks like

* Flash: Awesome stopmotion
* The Islamic Republic & Joseph's 7-year plan
* Animation: Don't be depressed. Become a Republican
* World's worst drivers? Take a wild guess...
* New Grand Canyon sky walk

others started the race
Reuters: Iran bomb could fuel Middle East arms race: IISS


* Saddam's trial
* Iraq's constitution

iranians of the day
* Ramin Karimloo: Miss Saigon
* Soudabeh Neeya: London play
* Shahdokht Javan: Down with the veil!
* Samira Makhmalbaf: German Biennal
* Thala: Firend & business woman

rosa parks
BBC: US civil rights icon dies

indictments this week
Washingtonm Post: CIA Leak Linked to Dispute Over Iraq Policy

Washingtonm Post: Cheney plan exempts CIA from measure that would bar abuse and degrading treatment of detainees

nordic state
Guardian: The most successful society the world has ever known

best blogger
Vote: Deutche Welle competition

“special” wing
Reporters Without Borders: Wife confirms Akbar Ganji confined to special section of Evin prison

nuke offer
BBC Persian : Iran preparing plan to invite foreign participation in nuclear power program

AFP: Russia renews support for Iran nuclear program

* Video: Unbelievable football dasti
* Audio: Cutting Social Security
* Video: Madagascar rocks... in Kurdish
* Guaranteed college entrance with Sheikh Abu Mofid's Qoran prayer plan
* How to win an election in Iran, the American way
* Competition for Starbucks
* Free mammogram

BBC: Women 'can't cook to save their lives', says celebrity chef

where's my god damn money?
USA Today: Grants to promote democracy in Iran delayed

oil or chogha zanbil?
Letter: Oil exploration activities threaten Chogha Zanbil

azar nafisi on akbar ganji
San Francisco Chornicle: From Iranian true believer to dissident

Takhte Jamshid in the land of the sun

BBC: Powerful explosions near Baghdad hotels used by foreign media kill 11 people

The Guardian: Martin Rowson's cartoon

maah ramezoon
Music: Shajarian's "Rabbanaa"

Blog: Iranian Graffiti & Urban Art

dump her
Guardian: Colleagues call for removal of New York Times journalist in CIA leak case

no limits
New York Times : Howard Stern prepares for satellite radio

ancient motion picture
Radio Farda: 5000-year-old objects from Shahre Sookhteh to go on public display, including the "jumping goat" cup

here & there
Turkeys before becoming halim in Karaj (3 pix)

iranians of the day
* Mamali: ... in Baghdad
* Pejman Taghavi: Slovakia Medical School
* Shahnaz Mahager: Boston Persian Grille
* Amir Amirani: Films
* Manuchehr Kanany: Always be my Iranian of the day

Haji Agha
* Ahmadinejad: Superman?
* Dividing the loot
* Pahlavi & Ammeh Jaan

Thanks again to Ali from this time for his Halloween logo. Send your design here

no trade ban
AFP: Iran denies blocking critics' exports despite complaints


next web giant
Washington Post: Microsoft and Google chasing AOL

CS Monitor : Americans becoming more accepting of cohabitation, divorce, and nontraditional families

sayeh saidi sirjani
Dast-deraaziye Amir Taheri dar morede Jahangir Tafazoli

we care
Be a good neighbor. Help Asia quake victims
-- Relief International
-- ICRC Emergency Fund

AFP: Russia to launch Iran's first satellite

messing with history
Petition: Persian Empire omitted from scholastic books

Video: Jessica's day in court
Judge Joe Brown's court TV

here & there
Tehran on a clear day: (12 pix) Kish/Dariush Hotel (10 pix)

Orkut: Parham chatting with Kiosk band leader Arash

blair of arabia UK in secret arms talks with Saudi Arabia

Pizza Hot

Financial Times: Alien life high above Tehran

google 2084
NY Times: Cartoon by Randy Siegal

Asia Times: The missing charge at Saddam's trial

music video
"Roozmaregi" from Kiosk

hurricane cia
WashingtonPost: Bush administration nervously anticipates CIA leak probe indictments that could sideline top aides to Bush and Cheney

bah bah...
Radio Farda: Ahmadinejad's bodyguards beat up journalists who asked tough questions

ebrahim nabavi
BBC Persian : Week in review

project misplaced
Iranian Studies Journal: "The Rise and Fall of Simon Ordoubadi" Houman Mortazavi, with articles by Jacki Lyden, Tara Bahrampour, and Elham Gheytanchi, Los Angeles: Art Project Catalogue

is iran prepared?
Radio Farda: Seismologist Naim Farzad on steps to minimize earthquake damage in Iran

nothing about rights?
UNICEF: The situation of girls and women in Iran

merci mandela
BBC: South African phone company says it is to take 49% stake in Iran's Irancell mobile network

Is this true?

* Wish life had a reverse gear
* Video: Surprise!
* Video: Not exactly a waterbed
* Video: Face to face with Ratman

chemical weapons
BBC Newsnight: See video feature by Amir Amirani on Iranian village attacked by chemical weapons in Iran-Iraq war.

war crimes
Video: Saddam's message before Khorramshahr's liberation


* Persian arrogance
New Yorker
* Can't wait to meet you
* Infidel!
* New! Blogmobile
* Are they trying to scare us?
* Great art
* Your great grandfather
* The best defense
* For emergency use only
* Give the regime a chance
* Dog blog
* I feel like tearing off your clothes
* Girl vs Boy
* I miss you too
* Alternative mouse trap
* Olé
* His & her life
* I want bigger...
* Yes? What do you mean?
* Clergy: Sermon
* Weight walkers
* Undecided
* Army recruitment
* Geneva Convention
* Evolution
* Do you want to comne along?

"thirteen and a half"
Friday night at York University: Documentary by Abbas Ahmadi and Nader Davoodi

sex crimes?
Amnesty International: Death Sentences of juvenile offenders and stoning sentences continue to be passed

* Video: Italian remake of "Ya Hossein, ya Hossein"
* Video: I will survive Thanksgiving
* Chinese-American tensions
* How to tell when there's a terrorist at the airport
* Iran Air food
* Vote for Peggy
* End of the rainbow

iranians of the day
* Shahla Sherkat: Courage in Journalism Award
* Sam Nazarian: The New Yorker
* Ezzat, & Nashmel Ghaderi: Seattle's Minoo Bakery
* Dennis: Texan friend

Reuters: Iran to escape UN referral over atomic plans: diplomats

BBC: Pakistan/India quake 'is UN's worst nightmare'
Donation: Relief International

kaare engelisaast
Guardian: Blasts in Khuzestan rekindle anti-colonial sentiment

Hot summers

nuke retaliation
Guardian: Britain fears Tehran block on trade
Reuters: Iran bans UK, Korea trade: sources

khoda raziyeh?
BBC Persian: IRI bans films that promote "secularism, liberalism, nihilism and feminism"

tehran avenue music festival
Disappointing selection with very few hidden gems.
-- B.


* Welcome to Mosharekat
* Weak balls
* Kissing Khamenei's hand
Haji Agha
* Bird flu
* Ahmadinejad in heaven

here & there
* Chaaraah Eslambol (5 pix)
Signs in Tehran (12 pix)
* Building boom: Namakabrood (7 pix)

jesus christ...
BBC: Hurricane Wilma 'strongest ever'

#12 ebadi, #15 soroush
Foreign Policy: World's Top 100 Public Intellectuals

dameshoon garm
CS Monitor: Female firefighters find they can take the heat in Iran

trade ban?
Reuters: Iran appears to have banned S. Korea exports

Without men

* Ahmadinejad: No comment
* Psarargad under water
* Video: Iran Khodro's hip new cars
* Dick Cheney
* Majboori eghraagh koni? (Slight exaggeration)
* Making Olympic Games more interesting (1)
* Making Olympic Games more interesting (2)
* Donald Trump's dog
* Why women live longer (1)
* Why women live longer (2)
* Cat terror incident

qabool baasheh, baraadar
AFP: Iran cops ‘kill man for eating in Ramadan’

AFP: ElBaradei 'confident' nuclear talks will resume with Iran

Radio Farda: Akbar Ganji's family and lawyer visit him in Evin prison; wife says his condition is "more dangerous" than she thought

deep deep doodoo
Washingon Post: Dick Cheney's Office Is A Focus in Leak Case

doubt it
Guardian: Is Britain going to war with Iran?

Reuters: Iran's hardline press calls for cutting UK ties

CS Monitor: A welcome surprise: war waning globally

top intellectual
Guardian: Chomsky is voted world's top public intellectual


* Persian Saqi
* Shab-e Sharaab...
* Pooran: Shamsi Pahlevoon

* Iraq policy: In the dark
Haji Agha
* Radio Farda & BBC

Heavenly taste

is he alive?
NaderDavoodi.Net: Photo of pre-hunger strike Akbar Ganji who has not been heard of for 47 days

lots of noise
AFP: Iran summons British diplomat over Iraq allegations
Reuters: Iranian mourners vent anger at Britain over blasts

rafsanjani makes his move
BBC Persian: Expediency Council to form borad to "supervise" three branches of government

ya emam zaman, nejaatemoon bedeh
Entekhab: Ahmadinejad cabinet writes letter praying to Emam Zaman and drops it in a well

islamic republic of iraq
Rooz: Iraq's new constitution looks a lot like Iran's

nuclear melody
Telegraph: The songs that bomb in Tehran's hit parade

Protected village
Oriental rugs - rug portal & magazine

tortured evidence
BBC: Law Lords will decide if Britain can use evidence against terror suspects that may have been obtained by torture

bereem jaassooss besheem
CS Monitor: Australia will double its intelligence agency by 2010

one woman's war
Observer: Maryam Namazie personifies the gulf between liberal apologists and those who really want equality

here & there
* Hello from Dublin (10 pix)
* Oshoon and Fasham (27 pix)
-- Babak Nassirian
* Irvine volunteer appreciation night (28 pix)
-- Arezou Bakhtjou
* Faded elections (5 pix)
-- Qumars Bolourchian
* Door to door (14 pix)
-- Shohreh

US retains control of Internet's root servers

rice in london
BBC: Rice seeks UK support over Iran

* Video: Jamaican "Baaz mano kaashti rafti"
* Video: Metallica's "Sepideh Dam"

Music: Iranian bands share their music

cheshme maa roshan
BBC: UK approved export of key components needed to make nuclear weapons to Iran

Swedish Liberal Party in support of Akbar Ganji, Arzhang Davodi and Mustafa Jokar all being held in prison

do good
Help Pakistan/Kashmir quake victims
-- Relief International
-- ICRC Emergency Fund

* Ahmadinejad-Rafsanjani web wars
* Do-it-yourself circumcision
* Art: Mise a nue
* Top of the charts: Khamenei CD

ahvaz (oil)
BBC: Iran bomb blasts leave four dead
AP: Four Dead in Iran Mall Explosions

stand by
New Yorker: The strange liaison of Sartre and Beauvoir

home not alone A place to meet

BBC: Waiting for justice in Iran

Monireh Lewinski

sunday night in berkeley
I saw Hadi Khorsandi a few years ago in Southern California and what can I tell you... I still laugh at some of the stuff I remember.  We will be there. Come on down…
-- Farzod Mobin

nuclear bolt
BBC: US ambassador to the UN has accused Iran of spending 18 years trying to develop nuclear weapons while lying about its intentions

Thanks to Ali from for the first logo in Persian! Looks great :o)
Send a your design here

khatneh soroon
Video: Ghatebeh getting ready for circumcision
Bahram 9821

* George Carlin on god and religion
* Shahid Ahmadinejad Highway
* A Jeep in Tehran
* 40-Balls village
* Dictionary of Women's Vocabulary in Personal Ads
* Buy your "knickers" in Kabul Central Park
* Video: More Catholic than the Pope

eslam dar khatar ast
Iranian women footballers to play German team

nostalgia :o)
Joobs in Tehran (16 pix)
Babak Nassirian

it was like christmas
Mark Makki: Released

Komron and Kayvon Fardipour: Kansas Twins (2 pix)

Bahar Soomekh: PETA gala

Daily Double! Khate Mikhi

BBC: An 80-page handwritten manuscript by Beethoven which was missing for 115 years has been put up for auction

hee heee
Reuters: Rove spends hours at CIA leak grand jury

CS Monitor: Negroponte creates new spying service

ebrahim nabavi
BBC Persian: Week in review

rice in paris
BBC: US presses Iran on nuclear talks

reza eslaminia
San Mateo Daily Journal: Former billionaire boy faces prison

free speech?
CS Monitor: Muslim leaders in Europe get caught between new legislation and community expectation to sermonize on politics

nuke report
Reassessing the Implications of a Nuclear-Armed Iran
-- Institute for National Strategic Studies, Washington DC

cultures in a box
Washington Prism: It all started when Roya Ansari dropped by her son’s class to talk about different countries of the world

real game
KumaWar: Mission 58 - Assault on Iran

more reason to plunder
UPI: Australians strike gold in Iranian Kurdistan

now i get it
BBC: 'Political element' to Pinter Nobel prize


* Bush meets Intelliegent Designer
Haji Agha
America to attack Iran?
-- Ghalat mikoneh
-- Goh mikhordeh banned
Judiciary shuts dow popular news site
* BBC Persian
* Announcement on baztab


CS Monitor: Iran waits for change from Ahmadinejad

BBC: Controversial British playwright Harold Pinter wins the 2005 Nobel Prize for literature

Torch of knowledge

* Music: Singing for Faati
* Video: Baby drummer
* Paris Hilton screwing
* Video: New dodge: Bigger is better
* Video: Get out of my car!

the heavens
Reuters: Stargazing bug seizes the imagination in Iran

The Guardian: Iran's heritage deserves respect from America and Europe

where's microsoft?
BBC: Apple unveils video-playing iPod

khollar wine
The Guardian: End of the vine

iranian of the day Tehran trash collector

what if?
Rooz: What could happen if Tehran experiences a major quake

AFP: Iran ready to restart nuclear talks with EU: ministry

scum of the earth
Radio Farda: Officials ban visit by Akbar Ganji's wife and all those who are worried about his life

Washington Post: Logging intensely personal experiences on the Web has become a new form of therapy for millions

BBC: Syrian minister 'commits suicide'

Foreigners' favorite

london exhibit
Guardian: Persia in pieces

* Millennium Park: Chicago (10 pix)
-- Farrokh Khatami

CS Monior: Pentagon wants new spying powers in US

AP: Diplomats See Possible Iran Compromise
AFP: UN nuclear official on Iran mission

secularist of the year
London award ceremony for Maryam Namazie

* What's that smell?
* Video: Bush: Master of speech
* How Halloween was born
* Video: Where to inavde next?
* Man marries boy
* TPA: Terrorist-Proof Airlines
* Erotic ads (7 pix)
* Video: Playing piano without hands
* Liar liar Jamal's beard on fire
* So far so good: Ahmadinejad government

Way back when


* Bin Laden's answer
* Bush proud of his work
Haji Agha
* Police in Canadan & Iran
* Before & after U.S. attack
* Drunk Khamenei in 6 parts
* Ahmadinejad: Teer khalaas
* Women in government
* Gheysar never dies
* Adios Amigos
* Foroozan: Real Diva
* Ahmadinejad: Dozd-e Aftabeh
* Roozeh Baatel
* Pahlavi: Not in charge

very different iranians of the day
* Maryam Namazie: Secularist of the Year
* Farah Pahlavi: Grace and Distinction Award

young blog
Kamal B. Farahani

... in London

Nationalism survey

city tv
Iranian in Canada

where's ganji?

new york screenings
David & Layla

pro life
BBC Persian: International day against capital punishment

got bad milk?
BBC Persian: Official figures show high microbe levels in milk produced in Iran

NIAC: Republicans vs Democrats, Octgober 13

BBC: UK dialogue with Iran imperative

UNICEF: Hotline for children

2005 music
Young vocalist: Hamed Nikpay

1950's, 60's & 70's music
* Haydeh: "Roozeh Neshaat"
* Elahe: "Moosh o Gorbeh"
* Dalileh: Cha! Cha! Cha!
* Afaridon: "Hameh Jaa"
* Moghaddam: "Nefrin Beh Zan!" &...
* Leila Forouhar: "Zendegi Shirineh"
* Ramesh: "Khorshid Khanoom" &...
* Azita: "Khaaterkhaatam"
* Banan: "Dokhtarake Faalbin"
* Parto: "Papeli"
* Shafeie: "Maryam Jan"
* Molouk Zarrabi: "Naamehrabaan" &...
* Giti: "Rizeh Rizeh"
* Marjan: "Ey Shekasteh " &...
* Parvin: "Ney Bezan Choopan " &...
* Vafa: "Donya Donya" & ...
* Ashkan: "Faryaade Mano Beshno"
* Onik: "Gaahi Geryeh Gaahi Khandeh" & ...
* Siar, Bahram: "Raahe Bikhatar"
* Ghazal: "Ey Hamoomi"
* Siar, Bahram: "Raahe Bikhatar"
* Roya: "Leila" &...

suicidal statecraft
Some 60 years ago Arnold Toynbee concluded, in his monumental "Study of History," that the ultimate cause of imperial collapse was "suicidal statecraft." Sadly for George W. Bush's place in history and — much more important — ominously for America's future, that adroit phrase increasingly seems applicable to the policies pursued by the United States since the cataclysm of 9/11.
-- Zbigniew Brzezinski
Recruitment agency

BBC: Pakistan's president seeks international help to cope as the death toll from a massive earthquake nears 20,000

* Undies online
* Video: Sunglasses improve your vision

BBC Persian: 169 prominent writers, academics and politicians demand answers about Akbar Gani, who has not been visited for almost a month

Support for the freedom and legal protection of gays and lesbians in Iran

crowd control tactics
FarsPhotos: Men dress as loose women in Tehran crowd control maneuvers

AFP: Major fires hit oil, gas pipelines in southwest Iran

AP: Iran, West Urged to Resume Nuclear Talks

hee hee
Bush: God would tell me, George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan. And I did, and then God would tell me, George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq... And I did

* I'm speaking
Little Saman Alikhani
Jahanshah Javid
* Deep Dish
Video Apple computer commercial featuring Ali "Dubfire" Shirazinia and Sharam
Sia Naeemi
* Bachehaaye Sheytoon
Video:Kids singing
Blog: Finally met one of my role models: Pierre Omidyar

hee hee...
Bush: God would tell me, George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan. And I did, and then God would tell me, George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq... And I did.

aabitar az gonaah
BBC Persian: Winners of book award in Iran

singing for qamar
Radio Iran: 1958 recording of Elahe singing for Qamar ol-Molouk Vaziri (poor thing can hardly speak)

Common carpet

here & there
* Puerto Nuevo: South of the border
* Atashgah: Isfahan fire temple
* Ganjnameh: Darius inscriptions
* Ramsar: At night

iran's position
Video: Listen to chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani

ebrahim nabavi
BBC Persian: Week in review

BBC: Hackers jailed over global virus

death to...
FarsPhoto: Demonstration in support of nuclear energy

AFP: Iranians demonstrate en masse to back nuclear program

Asia Times: Reinventing Iran's foreign policy

reporters without borders
Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents
* English
* Persian

BBC: Cervical cancer jab 'in a year'

* Bad dog
* Confusing the world
* Video: Funny commercials
* Video: Road rage
* Sakina beauty center

mehrangiz kar
Radio Farda: Naming public places in Tehran after women "martyred" in war

barikalla brazil
CS Monitor: Brazilians buy more 'flex' cars that run on alcohol or gasoline

Old message

* Republicans under....
Haji AGha
* Who's getting rich from oil?
* Khamenei, Rafsanjani: Oil wealth
* Akhoond beh fekre rishe
* People & ruling mafia

iranians of the day
* Morteza Gharib: Da Vinci
* Sema: Smart as a button
* Slater Bakhtavar: House Majority Leader Tom DeLay
* Sarah Afshar: Writer, Actress, Vocalist...
* Matthew Albert Rasnavad: O.P., KS.
* Bashardoust: Brothers

BBC: Nationality stereotypes 'a myth'

5 steps to...
CS Monitor: Bush frames battle of 21st century

supposedly important
bush islam doctrine
President Bush Discusses War on Terror at National Endowment for Democracy

thank you
Reuters: Canada to put forward UN resolution on Iran rights

dar changaale mojahedin
Dutch TV documentary on abuses by the Mojahedin Khalgh

Video: I951 oil crisis

googoosh on ebay
Pictures for sale

AFP: Iran says nuclear fuel cycle not up for negotiation
AP: Russia Won't Join Iran Nuclear Talks

CS Monitor: Saudi king tiptoes toward more openness

enough trouble
CS Monitor: US employing a gentler touch with Latin America

war games Military battle game in Iran based on reality

zarif quits
AFX: Prominent Iranian diplomat quits nuclear negotiating team

Can't miss it

iranian of the day
* Ebrahim Nabavi: Prince Klaus Award

* Iran nuclear bomb
* President's UN speech
Haji Agha
* Nuclear bombs or economic development?

more mehregan
Festival in OC (18 pix)
-- Bita Bakhtjou

* Video: Iranian rap video and song for chemical safety
* Video: Iran-Iraq war

thank you
UKgayNews: Celebrities Join London Protest Against Iran Gay Executions and Torture

BBC: "Iran directly linked to killing" of eight British troops in Iraq this year
Reuters: Iranian minister delays Saudi visit amid tensions

workers Iran: Textile workers’ protest brutally attacked

bereen bemeereen
AFP: Iran to hold jury trials for press offences

AFP: Iran's tough nuclear stance causes domestic jitters

you go girls
Women's paintball team in Iran (5 pix)

* Video: New Numanuma sing along

attention muslim men
CS Monitor: UK may criminalize forced marriages

Federal Times: Democrats want procurement investigation after Safavian arrest

they're jealous
BBC Persian: Tehran among ten worst cities in the whole wide world

AFP: Iran says South African firm now poised for telecoms deal

Radio Farda: Sanandaj prosecutor issues summons for three Kurdish newspapers

Radio Farda: Persepolis in unprecedented slump

A star is born

10th anniversary
Too darn sweet

* Video: Googoosh promotes Beverly Hills Kayla products

Denmark to deport Iranian who will be lashed and jailed in Iran
Petition: Stop the deportation!

Protest filtering of women's web site & blogs in Iran

gay bbc persian
Gay group calls for demonstration in front of IRI embassy in London

mmm... miss canada
Nader Davoodi: Ramona Amiri in Vancouver


* Women in sports
* Pahlavi & freedom
* Iran's nuclear bomb
Haji Agha
* If America attacks Iran
* Dialogue of Civilizations: Iran & Canada
* Women's rights in Canada
* Crazy in Canada!

Mina needs your help

Reuters: Iran wants unconditional nuclear talks with EU

NIAC: Republicans vs Democrats, Octgober 13


i wish i was a turkish citizen too
BBC: Deal reached on EU-Turkey talks

Reuters: Iran threatens US interests over nuclear referral
Reuters: US calls on Russia to freeze Iran nuclear project

world cup
Franz Beckenbauer in Tehran (5 pix)

He's got the beat

* Video: He gets this way when he's hungry
* Iran's nuclear music
* Video: Athletic boobs
* Cosi: simply good taste

ebrahim nabavi
Rooz: Ahmadinejad is Mossadegh and oil is uranium. Yeah right.

resistance is futile
BBC: EU reaches deal on Turkey talks
CS Monitor: Bitter debate over Turkey's EU bid

Great rock

AFP: Iran warns Israel against attacking nuclear sites

music, less politics
CS Monitor: Iranian musicians try to hit the right note

dissident sentenced
AP: Sazegara gets five years -- in absentia
Radio Farda: Sazaegara calls on Khamenei to end Iran's international isolation

ebadi worried about ganji
Radio Farda: Nobel laureate expresses concern for the condition of Akbar Ganji and other prisoners of conscience

BBC: EU deadlocked over Turkish entry

iranian of the day
* Reza Aramesh: Artist

war with no end
BBC: Bali bombs 'were suicide attacks'
October 9th: Form a committe in your town to gather signatures to protect our heritage from flooding
Bezan bekoob radio

biya akbari, geryeh nakon
AFP: Rafsanjani given more powers
BBC Persian: Khamenei relinquishes some of his power to the Expediency Council

Radio Farda: Parts (12), & (13) of feature on IRI's assassination of opponents. By Ali Sajjadi: Parts (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)

Radio Farda: Iran national student conference shows democratic trends

letter to rahbar
Radio Farda: Sazaegara calls on Khamenei to end Iran's international isolation

Guardian: The new pornography of war: is the most horror-filled website I have ever seen


* Bush: Follow my lead
* Abortion, blacks & crime
* Silicon Akhtar
* Miss L.A.
* Waiting for Khamenei
* Roo sefid
* What's hot, what's not in Iran
Haji Agha
* Iran's nuclear program
* Forget Islam and oil, have a drink

* Majles: Ajab kharaaee
* at 10: Merci khersi

no balls
BBC: Iran denies report of oil threat

BBC: UK embraces Las Vegas

bombed again
BBC: Nineteen killed in Bali bombings

BBC Persian: First rock concert in Iran after Ahmadinejad

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