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February 2006
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Bahram's travel pictures

bee sho oor
Video: Tom and Jerry: A Jewish conspiracy

bloody hell
BBC: Four bombs in Baghdad kill at least 35 people
Washington Post: Surge in Violence Kills More Than 1,300 in Iraq


* Nuclear self-isolation

spring fashion
Pegah Anvarian

Wine & poetry: Jamsheed drunk on Rumi

Video: Sangam: "O Mehbooba"
Most popular Indian movie in Iran in the late 1960's

* Hejab in Iran
* Video: Ronaldinho: Great goal
* Video: Beavers: Tasteless restaurant

Guardian: UN watchdog refuses to give Iran clean bill of health in nuclear row

BBC: Iran has begun using nuclear enrichment "cascades" and failing to co-operate with UN inspectors, they complain
AFP: US says Iran has one-week 'opportunity' to defuse standoff
AFP: Iran nuclear talks in Moscow Tuesday

trees die for cars
BBC Persian: Thosands of trees bulldozed in Lavizan to make way for new highway in East Tehran

holy moly
Washington Post: 'Da Vinci Code' Court Case Opens in London

BBC: Bomb blasts hit Iran oil cities Ahvaz, Abadan and Dezful

death penalty
Human Rights Watch: Alarming increase in Iran executions

LA Times: American gulag
-- Thomas Wilner

uncommon sense
NY Times: We Can Live With a Nuclear Iran
-- Barry R. Posen

carrot & whip
LA Times: The wrong way to fix Iran
-- Charles A. Kupchan and Ray Takeyh

last-minute diplomacy
Asia Times: Iran's fate still in US hands
-- Kaveh L Afrasiabi


Popular baby

world cup
FootballMedia.net: An Iran fan's agony

you go girl
Marzyeh Ghassemi: All-USA College Academic Chess Team

iranians of the day
* Alidad Saveh Shemshaki: Olympic alpine skier
* Mojtaba Mirhashemi: Olympic cross-country skier
* Ahmadinejad: Cover of Newsweek
* Parry Aftab: Privacy lawyer
* Khodadad Rezakhani: Historian (2 pix)
* Jahanshah, Javaneh and Moishe: Jupiter brewery in Berkeley, California.

fine wine
... from iranian.com fan (7 pix)
-- Jahanshah Javid

here & there
Dawn's wedding shower, Boca Raton, Florida (6 pix)
-- Azam Nemati

* Khamenei: Divine light
* Khamenei: I will rule the earth
* Nuclear explosion
* Ahmadinejad marries goat
* Ahmadinejad tree
* Will you marry me?

New Yorker: In this article, from 1978, Joseph Kraft reports on conditions that led to the Iranian revolution of 1979

nuke deal?
Washington Post: Iran, Russia reach agreement
Guardian: Iran and Russia reach tenuous deal on nuclear programmes
BBC: Iran has agreed in principle on a joint venture with Russia to enrich uranium

iranians & civilization
Fact & fiction: Did you know America was first discovered by Iranians?

israel, uae & arsenal
BBC: Israel seeking goal with UAE-owned Arsenal football club

early charshanbesoori
AP: Iranians hurl firebombs at British embassy

president schweitzer?
Salon: The answer to the Democrats' woes

* Wackiest street name: Psycho Path
* Creation vs Evolution

allah o akbar
BBC Persian: Prison population up 10-fold since 1979 Revolution

pool pool pool
Flash: Animated music video about money

AFP: Oil-hungry Asia stays friendly with Iran

Let's party

total information awareness
CS Monitor: NSA continues controversial data-mining program

bill mahr
A 62-year-old woman in California gave birth to a 40-year-old man who walked out. News

New Yorker: Two scholars explore the fragility of contentment

not the first... but fair
First Alternative Iranian Radio (FAIR)

alo tehran?
Song by Parto from early 1970s?

Crime busters

AP: Russia Still Foresees Iran Nuke Resolution
Reuters: China sending official to Iran for nuclear talks
AFP: Top UN inspector heads to Iran for last-minute nuclear talks

political exceutions
Amnesty: Worrying trends in use of death penalty
AP: Shirin Ebadi's group blasts 'political' execution

watch your mouth... for 3 years
AFP: Newspaper publisher given suspended sentence

moderate newspaper
Etemad Melli

take a break
BBC Persian: Heavy metal & sex logos banned in Semnan (Forward to minute 10:00 for a good laugh) -- BK

* The sea of sadness has no shore...
* Boz boze aghdi: Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat
* Video: Can your cellphone do THAT?
* Video: Sumo wrestling

poking around
Financial Times: US marines probe tensions among Iran’s minorities

The Bam Project

New York Persian Parade

Video: Omid Djalili

Znet: U.S. instigated Iran's nuclear policy in the '70s
-- William O. Beeman

IranCartoon.ir: Holocaust cartoon competition

free speech :o)
BBC: London Mayor is suspended over Nazi jibe


* Atomic bomb for dummies
* Winter Olympics & Iran
* Ahmadinejad: Mehrvarzi
* Ahmadinejad: Baade havaa
* Rafsanjani: Ahmadinejad

that's funny
BBC: Moscow stung by US warship gaffe

what's this?
Reuters: Iran offers IAEA information on uranium project

CS Monitor: China's media censorship rattling world image

ya hossein... let's dance
Music: DJ Mazhabi: Abolfazl!

* Video: Frank Caliend does Bush on Letterman
* Video: Cork soakers

Reuters: China joins Russia in Iran diplomacy

more to come
BBC: More than 100 killed in aftermath of bomb attack on a key Shia shrine in Iraq

abbas maroufi
New novel: "Fereydoun Seh Pesar Daasht"

off da hook
Rapper Sha Meezy: "What I Wanna Do" (Shohreh... You Lookin So Cute)

take a break
Music from the 1970s
* Shahrooz
* Giti
* Shabkhiz, Hamid
* Hossein Movafagh
* Afsar Shahidi

radio iran, 1970s
* Vigen sings "Mahtab" live on radio
* Fereydoun Farrokhzad's fun chat with people about the origins of "Galoubandak"

jesus christ...
BBC: Israeli asks Germany to charge Ahmadinejad with denying the Holocaust

hossein derakhshan
Guardian: Iran endorses its own blogging revolution

uncivil war
Washington Post: Blast at Shiite Shrine in Iraq Touches Off Reprisals

the plague
BBC: Cartoons and the globalisation of protests

more important than cartoons
Iranian Women's Day marches in U.S. & Canada
* Call for participation
* March8.org

natioanl duty!
Request Google to display Norooz logo

Two pictures, one leaf

Radio Farda: Iranian secular democrats to meet in Hanover

Reuters: Putin sees hope after talks with Iran

* Video: Football violence
* Ya Ali!
* Video: Cute kid, expensive dream
* Heaven
* Brothers take over sisters
* Video: Eye-Fi

shoolooghesh kardan
BBC: Iraq Shiite shrine blast sparks protests
BBC Persian: Iran calls 7 days of mourning

BBC: Iran offers Hamas financial aid
AP: Israel Warns Iran Against Palestinian

* Nuclear proliferation

iranians of the day
* Ali Zare: Photographer
* Nazi Abbsapour: Photographer
* Catherine Bell: Audrey Hepburn moment
* Ali Fakhredin: Actor/comedian
* Samuel Shayan Rabiei: My son
* Saeed Ganji: Last wish
* Hameed Pour: My buddy

concerned citizens
Petition: Iran & the nuclear crisis

good show
Boston Legal

power in palestine
Guardian: Reaction to Hamas victory is gift to Iran's leaders

human rights
BBC: Report probes deaths under US custody in Iraq and Afghanistan

racist reaction
BBC: Bush threatens veto in ports row
Washington Post: Bush Stands Firmly Behind Port Deal

BBC: Iran-Russian talks close

* No to Noruz
* Persian textbooks with local flavor
* While you were sleeping
* Video: Kharriyat in action
* Video: Foti's Angels: Iranian women police
* Video: Use birth control
* Video: Always wear a seat belt
* Olé indeed

BBC: Organisation of Islamic Countries denouncces cartoons violence

big stink
Statement: Simon Wiesenthal Center on its Jerusalem Project
BBC: Row over Israeli tolerance museum on Muslim cemetery

ghalat kardam
IRNA: Mohsen Gharavian on nuclear weapons
* Telegraph
* Rooz

Asia Times: Closing the doors to diplomacy
-- Kaveh L Afrasiabi

koo gooshe shenavaa
Reuters: China calls on Iran to suspend uranium enrichment

save a life

boose eydi
Mujsic: More Ramesh songs from the 1970s

Indian ambush

i bet they won't let him go
Radio Farda: Akbar Ganji's prison sentence officially ends in less than a month

live & learn
Radio Farda: Iranian women talk about long-distance marriages

cover girl
The American Poetry Review: Forough Farrokhzad

BBC Persian: Montazeri condemns attack onQom Sufi ghathering

congressman omar
NIAC: Iranian-Palestinian-American Republican running for Congress

celebrate noruz

khaarej az dastoor
Radio Farda: Chi bood chi shod...
-- Siavash Ardalan

goes around, comes around
Times: UK radiation jump blamed on Iraq shells

freedom of speech :o)
BBC: Holocaust denier Irving is jailed

freedom of speech :o))
BBC: Saudi paper 'shut' in cartoon row

Guidebook for Iranian Mac users
-- Ali Rastegar

Guardian: Russia and Iran hold uranium enrichment talks

* Video: Bush stand-up comedy

elham foroutan
BBC Persian: Journalist who compared Khomeini to AIDS is "fine" and taken to Evin Prison

Washington Post: Aid to Iran...


* IRI bus: End of the line
* Rebellious thoughts
* Power corrupts
* Proof of WMDs
* Rather hunt with Dick Cheney
* Danish cartoon & free speech
Reza 007
* Islamic parliament
* Rafsanjani
* Ahmadinejad & Haddad-Adel
* Holocaust
* Team Melli cartoon in Germany
* America can't do anything

fun stuff
Mooshak: Iranian t-shirts & things

not fun stuff
Panahjoo.com: Extensive coverage of human rights news

for your child

allah o akbar
Iranian fatwa approves use of nuclear weapons
* Telegraph
* Rooz

bird flu spreads
BBC: Iran, India and France confirm presence of virus

also in iran
Washington Post: Internet breaks Chinese government's grip on news

you have it, i want it too
Reuters: West may have to live with low-level Iranian atom work
AP: Iran will not abandon sensitive nuclear work

the other side of the wall
Blog: Iranian living in Israel

for god's sake
AP: Iran bombers warn U.S. against Iran attacks

BBC: Italy cartoon row minister quits

BBC: Nigeria cartoon protests kill 16

BBC: Iran films return to Berlin festival

beh tokhmeshoon neest
CS Monitor: U.S. under growing international pressure to close Guantanamo

Back yard

che goli
BBC: Iranians rename Danish pastries

hamino kam daashteem
boomka.org: Israeli group announces anti-Semitic cartoons contest!

incorrect answers
Quiz: Intuition

* Iran going down the toilet
* Cheney lucked out
* Iran demands British forces leave southern Iraq
* Attacks on UK Embassy in Tehran

abdolkarim lahiji
Nilgoon: Freedom of speech & cartoons

Reporters Without Borders: A journalist may have made prison suicide attempt
BBC Persian: Elham Foroutan in comma after alleged suicide in Bandar Abbas prison

no shame
BBC: Simon Wiesenthal Centre constructing Museum of Tolerance on 1000-year-old Muslim cemetery

something in french
Radio France: Spécial Iran

united states
BBC: Europe increases pressure on Iran
BBC: Rice: Iran is terrorism 'banker'

Iran e Ma: Photos of attack on Sufi gathering in Qom
Reuters: 1,000 arrested after police and Sufis clash in Iran

paris hiltonesque
NaderDavoodi.com: Transformation of the hejab

iranian-american leadership camp
iranianalliances.org: June 25 - June 30, 2006, Thompson Island, Massachusetts

moi: hot-steamy

quiet death
Radio Farda: Iran secretly carries out execution against accused bomber Hojjat Zamani

plain & simple
Audio: Houshang Naseri explains Iran's ruling culture

crisis management
Washington Prism: Nukes, Nukes and more Nukes

BBC: US attacks UN Guantanamo report

good luck
CS Monitor: A bid to foment democracy in Iran

khaarej az dastoor
Radio Farda: Tote'eh karikatori
-- Siavash Ardalan

run away from the v.p.
Song: Dick Cheney had a gun!

Mitra Sistani

Islamic Academy Awards

shoraye zede enghelab
BBC Persian: Former revolutionary council members question revolution

Video: Laughter: All together now

don't miss
World wide media: One of the best sites I have seen in a while
-- Ramin Tabib

mad dogs
Reuters: 1,000 arrested after police and Sufis clash in Iran

sony, nokia, adidas
CS Monitor: Status of US brands slips globally among teens

Guardian: Bush plans huge propaganda campaign in Iran

Reuters: France accuses Iran of secret nuclear programme
BBC: France steps up rhetoric on Iran


* Khomeini's watching
* Ahamadinejad's brain to power nuclear plants
* Holocaust, holocaust, holocaust...
* Shahnameh akharesh khosheh
* Bush book reading

Remember this face

pretty far, considering
NY Times: Iran's artists wonder how far they can go

Reuters: Bleak Iran film puts social pain before politics

pretty much applies to iran too
Telegraph: We were brought up to hate - and we do

free speech?
BBC: Holocaust-denying historian faces up to 10 years in jail

BBC Symphony Orchestra: Persepolis - Discovering the Music of Iran

fan club logo
Orkut: Saman draws a couple of logos for iranian.com fan club

there are good things in LA
LA Times: For lovers of Persian food Los Angeles has become a veritable paradise

Panorama: Paris by night

AFP: Russia hints domestic Iranian uranium enrichment a possibility

axis of comedy
Video: Feeling sorry for Bush

wink wink... call me...
Reuters: US to devote 75 million dollars to promoting democracy in Iran

Reuters: Portugal summons Iran envoy over Holocaust remarks

* Video: Bush slips & tells the truth
* Video: I'm hungry, mummy

scared stiff
Gallop Poll: Iran Threat Poses Leadership Crisis for Americans

BBC: Iran has world's 2nd biggest proven oil reserves and 2nd biggest gas reserves

new & improved
BBC: New Abu Ghraib images show "homicide, torture and sexual humiliation"

including me & you
Washington Post: U.S. terror watch list has 325,000 names

your signature counts
Petition: Free human rights lawyer Abdolfattah Soltani

CS Monitor: Why enrichment in Iran rattles the West

CS Monitor: Afghan gas pipeline nears reality

here we go again
Guardian: Iran demands apology over German cartoon
-- German cartoon pictures Iranian players as terrorists
-- Tagesspiegel responds to criticism

BBC: Guantanamo Bay detainees tortured, leaked UN draft report says

BBC: Man Cheney shot has heart attack

advice for offended muslims
Enameh: Benshin, harf bezan, sokhan begoo...

team melli song
Music: Arash & DJ Alligator sing for Team Melli

having fun with dick
Comedy Central video: Dick Cheney hunting accident


* Two things: One is Holocaust cartoons
* Danish pastry: Haraam
* What to do with Danish ambassador

happy valetine's day
Radio Farda
* Iranian singers & love songs
* Hadi Khorsandi
* Lovers in Tajikistan

What's cookin' Doc?

derakhshan in israel
Video: Interview with three Iranian professors in Tel Aviv

iranians of the day
* Craig Newark: Honorary "eyeranian"
* Said Amin: Jet setter!
* Soraya Khalilian: Courage and Dedication Award

try using it
BBC: Iran 'resumes' nuclear enrichment

toffe sar baalaa
Hamshahri's call for Holocaust cartoons
* Hamshahri's call

* Video: Why men need to shave
* Video: We are SINKING!
* Video: Nice shot grandma!
* Video: Bad day at work

axis of comedy
Video: Egyptian Princess
Ahmed Ahmed

Cox & Forkum

* Being respectful to Muslims
* Wanted: Ayman Al-Zawahiri
* Dr. Know
* Palestinian government

Guardian: Thousands would die in US strikes on Iran, says study

BBC: Iran shelves Russia nuclear talk

Face to face

russian plan
Asian Times: Iran plays Russian roulette
-- Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

mm writes: "regime attacked Sufi place in ghom with knife and mashadi today..."
See BBC Persian

akbar ganji
Amnesty: Nominees for the Martin Ennals Award 2006

british animals
News of the World: Brutal British soldiers caught on video beating Iraqi boys
BBC: Blair promises Iraq 'abuse' probe

no subtitles needed
Video: Dutch documentary on Jews of Iran

mixed rules
CS Monitor: Free speech in Europe


* Arabs and Super Arabs
* Why Danish embassy caught fire
* Shiite Pet for Valentine's Day: Moqtada Sadr

* Feeding anti-Islam hatred

* Aghaye Lor

eeno baash
Video: Berlusconi says 'I am like Jesus'

iranian ebay

iranian suicide football players :o)
* German cartoon pictures Iranian players as terrorists
* Tagesspiegel responds to criticism

iran-emrooz: Iran unblocks BBC Persian website

az khandeh mordam...
BBC: Cheney shoots friend in hunting accident

going where they have a sense of humor
BBC: Indonesia laments Danish pullout

and iran spreads love?
BBC Persian: Khatami says Mohammad cartoons spread hate

jews in iran speak out
Iran Jews express Holocaust shock
* Reuters
* BBC Persian

what's next?
BBC: French Muslim organization sues papers over cartoon
BBC: Sweden shuts website over cartoon
BBC: Danes in Indonesia 'under threat'

OMID: Memorial for human rights victims in Iran
-- Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation

Russian tribute

thanks to tolerant islam
BBC: Denmark pulls ambassadors out of Syria, Iran and Indonesia over safety concerns

* For Holocaust cartoon competition
* Mohammad: Global crisis
* Muslims stone Danish cartoonist
* Emam Hossein
Reza 007
* Ahmadinejad aroma

golbon eghtedari
second eye opening travel through South America

ah madinejad
BBC: Iran 'could quit nuclear treaty'

IPS: In U.S. Public's Eyes, Iran Biggest Foreign Menace

danish exports
Washington Post: "It took us 40 years to build up our business in the Middle East, and five days to bring it to a total stop,"

axis of comedy
Video: Muslim names
Aron Kader

Holocaust cartoon

* Video: Hindu Santa

nukes & cartoons
NPR: Trita Parsi together with George Perkovich and Michael Eisenstadt

AFP: Britain urges NATO resolve in confronting Iran
Reuters: Use of force debated amid diplomacy on Iran

i'm stunned!
Washington Post: Bush misused intelligence to justify war, former top CIA man says

lots of interest in this
opedNews.com: Iran’s Oil Exchange threatens the Greenback

BBC: Cartoon row editor sent on leave

good boy
BBC Persian: Tehran Friday Prayer leader tells faithful not to attack embassies

axis of clowns
CS Monitor: Can leaders of Iran, Venezuela forge political counterweight to US power

soft talk
Reuters: Annan urges Iran to freeze nuclear plans, talk

tough talk
BBC: Iran may need force, warns former UK foreign secreary Hurd

* Video: Jealous cows

god save her
Mideast Times: Iran to hang 18-year-old woman who killed in 'self-defense'

AsgharAgha.com: Aya Emam Jomeh Esfahan baakereh bood?
-- Hadi Khorsandi

Asia Times: China's energy insecurity and Iran's crisis
-- Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

He does have hair

Telegraph: We must show our opposition to Islam, says Danish queen

hitler is alive
Aref-Adib.com: Official logo of the German police for World Cup

mostly 1970s music
* Pooran: "Biya Keh Delam Tangeh" & 8 more
* Afat: "Bigir Mano" & 2 more
* Ahdieh: "Molla Mostafa" & ...
* Ramesh: "Mitooni Moshte Mano Vaa Koni" & ...
* Masoudi: "Mahboobe Del o Rahmate Jaani" & 6 more
* Kayvan: "Gol" & 5 more
* Bita: "Az Yad Rafteh" & ...

khaarej az dastoor
Radio Farda: Ali Larijani darse siyaasat midahad
-- Siavash Ardalan

BBC Persian: Internet in Qom

gas chamber
BBC Persian: Pollution takes the life of one Tehran resident every hour

you've been punked
* Video: Kidding... about the cartoons

Guardian: Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons

no mohammad jokes, promise!
Axis of Evil Comedy Tour
San Francisco, Thurday night

nothing is private
CS Monitor: US plans massive online data sweep

Reuters: UN council reply on Iran steers clear of substance

* Video: Mohammad, mo problems
* Hojatoleslam Marmoolak
* President Bush's energy policy

uncooked rice
BBC: Condoleezza Rice says Iran and Syria fuelling Muslim anger in cartoon row

remember him?
Radio Farda: Akbar Ganji in deteriorating health after more than 150 days in solitary confinement
Audio - Text

an englishman in tehran
Telegraph: 'We would welcome your troops with flowers...'

Shahla Ramzi's iranian.com logos for Valentine's Day (1) (2) (3)

enough already
BBC: Four die in Afghan cartoon riot
BBC: Chirac warns media over cartoons
AP: Khamenei sees Israel's hand

no evidence
Washington Post: Strong Leads and Dead Ends in Iran Nuclear Case

bus drivers
Radio Farda: Tensions remain over Tehran's protesting bus drivers

my kinda gal
Wikipedia: Betty Friedan pioneer of the feminist movement

donkey rights
CS Monitor: Western animal rights in Middle East


free speech
Petition: Condemn threats of death and bombings to limit, censor and silence any critique of Islam

Reuters: Cheney says Iran nuclear situation "dangerous"
Poll: Growing Number of People Fear Iran

* Video Hazer ghayeb: Rowan Atkinson
* Toiletry: Rostam ol-Tavaarikh

chert o pert
Rooz: Abdolkarim Soroush sees abuse of freedom in Mohammad cartoons

holy crap
BBC: Danish PM urges Muslims to refrain from violence in what he dubs a "global crisis"

iranian of the day
Reza Vedadi: Forum

free speech this...
Guardian: Iranian paper to run Holocaust cartoons
Aljazeera: Iran paper plans Holocaust cartoons

maestro rahbari
Video: CNN report on former conductor of Tehran Symphony Orchestra

Guardian: The west is playing into the hands of Iran's mad mullahs

CS Monitor: Turkish writers take stand for free speech


* Wrong ideas: EU & Iran
* Danish cartoonist: Devilish
* Tashkhiseh Maslahat
* Supporting cartoonist
* Habib sings... "Maadar"
* Habib sings... "Tanhaa"
* Habib sings... "Shahla"

Avard... what?

ITN: Danish embassy under attack in Iran

Karim Sadjadpour: Nuclear crisis (16 pix)

going somewhere, soldier?
Photo: American soldier with Iranian map of Middle East

cameras off
AP: Iran Tells Nuke Agency to Remove Cameras

big deal
BBC: Iran cuts trade ties with Denmark

shirini-e gol mohammadi
ISNA: Danish pastry now "Mohammadi floral pastry"

who needs danish?
... when we have Nan-e Khamenei?!
-- Guive Mirfendereski

ghalat kardam
BBC: UK Muslim apologises for bomber protest

what a hunk
Video: Ladies! Enjoy....

iranian of the day
Nasrollah Nasehpour: Thanks but no thanks

crazy asses
Photos: Muslim demonstration in London against Mohammad cartoons (10 pix)

Asia Times: Iran's frogmarch to the UN
-- Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

Reuters: U.S. says Iran sanctions outside UN would be legitimate

AP: Russia warns against conflict with Iran

Guardian: Iran taunts west on security council move
Guardian: Iran is a consumer society not ready for sanctions

BBC: Two die in Afghan cartoon protest

San Francisco Armenian film fest, February 17, 18 and 19
-- ArmenianFilmFestival.org

Play maker

i'm jealous
Maclean's: The scariest man on Earth


* Security Council: Before & after
* Mohammad: Cartoon double standards

burning bridges
AP: Iran ends cooperation with nuke watchdog

burning islam
BBC: Demonstrators set fire to Danish embassy in Beirut, as protests against Mohammad cartoons
BBC: Syrians set fire to Norwegian and Danish embassies

arresting the wrong people
BBC: Two Jordan editors are arrested for reprinting Mohammad cartoons

chand nokteh
Enameh: Kaarikatorhaaye Mohammad

the feminine mystique
BBC: Feminist Friedan dies aged 85

now what?
BBC: Iran to resume full-scale uranium enrichment and halt snap nuclear checks
Guardian: Tehran rejects Russian nuclear offer

BBC: Iran reported to Security Council
BBC: Iran standoff moves to new level
BBC: Key nations' stances on Iran

Video clips: Christiane Amanpour reports from Iran

vagina monologues
BBC Persian: Behzad Bolour interview with two Iranian prostitutes in Dubai

Traveling message

Fereydoun Farrokhzad with Armik: "Dele Zaaram"

u.s. sides with iran...
... to bar gay groups from UN

rapper of the day
DJ Raminem

taking orders
Video: Fish dumber than you imagined

stay tuned
BBC: Key Iran nuclear decision delayed

yeay! we're number one!
BBC: Iran is the country most widely viewed as having a negative influence in the world

guess who
Zharf: Monzavitareen keshvare donyaa

AP: US blasts cartoons of Prophet Mohammed

* 2006 World Cup Opera rehearsals

perpetual state of war
Washington Post: Rumsfeld Details 'Long War'

no joke
AP: Turkish movie depicts Americans as savages

Khasteh nabaashi


* Reza Apachee

war of words
AP: Iran Threatens Full-Scale Enrichment Work
Reuters: Iran nuclear potential 'immediate concern'- U.S

bye bye khuzestan
Annexing Khuzestan; battle-plans for Iran
-- Mike Whitney, Information Clearing House

no GMAT for you
eJavaneh.com: Khoonam beh joosh amadeh...

allah o akbar...
BBC: Danish plea for calm on cartoons

beh qoran, mohammad would have laughed
Mohammad Cartoons

* Wanted: Daad zan


guarding iran
Ebrahim Mirzapoor

Guardian: On Iran, the French are from Mars and the Americans are from Venus

supreme (dead) jackass
Reporters Without Borders: Seven provincial journalists arrested for insulting Ayatollah Khomeini

calm down...
BBC: UN's nuclear body says row over Iran's nuclear research is reaching critical phase but is not a crisis
BBC: IAEA Resolution

highest concern...
AP: U.S. Intelligence Chief Issues Warning Over Iran

beh jahannam...
BBC: Anger grows over Mohammad cartoon
CS Monitor: Firestorm over Danish Mohammad cartoons continues


* The art of kissing
* Ahmadinejad goes to war
* Very desperate housewives
* Amnesty against execuring donkeys
* Putting Bush on trial
* He aint as cute as Khatami

tik tok tik tok...
Norooz saal tahvil countdown
-- CheKhabar.com

look out
Washington Post: Friday Is D-Day for Computer Worm

BBC: Apology for Bush speech activists

apologise for what?
Maryam Namazie on cartoons of Mohammad
* Cartoons & comment

nothing is sacred
BBC: Mohammad cartoon row intensifies

iranians of the day
* Roxanna & Rebecca Ganjineh: Born & raised in Switzerland (2 pix)
* Niv Rahimpanah: Footbaliste Irani dar Sydney, Australia (2 pix)

some things are sacred
CommonDreams.org: Anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan removed before Bush speech

Take Action: Akbar Ganji Subjected to Harsh Prison Conditions in Iran

* Ahmadinejad's aggressive posture towards the West
* Video: Karma: Dokhtar irooni attitude, with a twist

blah blah blah
BBC: Bush hopes for a democratic Iran

music awards
Tehran Ave Music Fest
* tehran360.com
* BBC Persian
* Radio Farda

release drivers
"More thsan 1000 arrests" in connection with Tehran bus drivers' strike
* Radio Farda
* Human Rights Watch

Defending children of Iran's striking bus drivers

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