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January 2006
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Defending children of Iran's striking bus drivers

pious bastards
BBC: Arab ministers condemn cartoons

khaarej az dastoor
Radio Farda: Setaadhaaye hoghooghe bashar
-- Siavash Ardalan

BBC: UN confirms Iran uranium enrichment move

Reuters: Iran threatens to halt nuclear spot checks

iren: movie star
* Today
* Yesterday

iranians of the day
* Comron: My baby boy (5 pix)
* Enayat, Zahra and Salma: No Papa Moishe

report card: A+
Science and Arts Foundation (SAF) provides information technology to those who can't afford it. See 2005 report (pdf)

nice diversion

R-rated diversion
Sineh Zani in Sweden

all over the news
Front page: BBC website, Jan 31, 2006

BBC: Iran row hits Belgian spy chief

security council
BBC: Iran warns West over nuclear row
BBC: Key powers agree to report Iran to the UN Security Council
Washington Post: U.N. to Hear Iran Nuclear Case
Washington Post: Poll: Most Americans Back Sanctions
BBC: Iran move prompts oil price rise

nuke debate
BBC: Iranian blogs debate nuclear row

hate crime, perhaps
Iranian-American family target of vandalism in San Jose, California (12 pix)

* Symphony No 8: Snoring
* Young wife, old husband
* Putting old husband to sleep
* Chirac: French idiot
* Ahvaz bombs: Death to Britain!
* Fat Sheikh

muslim sense of humor? hah!
BBC: Danes face growing Muslim storm

Copy cat

33 fans
Orkut: iranian.com fan club

CS Monitor: Secular Muslim professor chronicles Hajj pilgrimage and finds tears, joy, crowds – and more questions

bush miyad keh...
Reuters: Bush to say he wants Iranians to have greater freedom

Radio Farda: Tehran bus drivers will take Friday off to protest dozens of arrests

hadaf, 1960s
Photos: Hadaf Elementry School in Tehran (9 pix)

no chance
BBC: 'No progress' from EU-Iran talks

fashion for charity
Shabnam Malik: London fashion show (6 pix)

* Video: Maadar Jaan ... that's not a phone
* Iran's light water reactor
* Video: Sand fantasy
* The information age
* Do you see the frog?

fascism vs. super fascism
Rooz: Abdolkarim Soroush on Mesbah Yazdi & fascism

last chance
Reuters: Iran makes proposals before UN powers meet
BBC: EU set to hold urgent talks with Iran to try to resolve nuclear stand-off

ebrahim nabavi
BBC Persian: British spies

who's listening?
BBC: Stark warning over climate change... Greenhouse gas emissions are rising at an "unsustainable" rate and the Greenland ice cap is at risk, scientists say

Man in the mirror

no news, no problem
Iranian media forced to keep silent on Tehran bus strike...

state of the union
CS Monitor: Why Bush may avoid fiery words on Iran

the meek shall go to prison
Bus drivers demand freedom for their leaders
* BBC Persian
* Radio Farda

holocaust schmolocaust
Mehr: Indifference on anniversary of the Big Lie
AFP: Iran invites Blair to Holocaust conference
Reuters: Merkel says Iran threatens democratic world

things to consider
Guardian: Iran warns of missile strike
Guardian: Iran crisis 'could drive oil over $90'

bus strike
Hundreds of striking Tehran bus drivers arrested
* BBC Persian
* Deutsche Welle
* Radio Farda

hossein derakhshan
NY Times: Democracy's Double Standard

derakhshan in israel
* Photo: Hossein Derakhshan in Tel Aviv
* Derakhsan's blog
* A Muslim Iranian visits Tel Aviv: Big deal or not?

to tame tehran
... strategy for reducing the Iranian menace to international security must include the development of an alliance with those inside Iran who also see the dangers of the regime's adventurism
Abbas Milani & Michael McFaul, Washington Post

AP: Iran and Russia Expand Uranium Plan
BBC: Straw pursues Iran conciliation

strategy: f
Washington Post: Hamas victory suggests failure of Bush administration's strategy

zarathushti games :o)

18 fans + myself
Orkut: Reader in Canada launchs iranian.com fan club

Fists meet bullets

playing house, for real
Amir-Hossein (6) and Haniyeh (4) engaged
-- BK

Asia Times: Iran's challenge to the UN
-- Kaveh L Afrasiabi

no deal?
BBC: Russia plan 'not enough' for Iran
Reuters: Iran cooler on Russian nuclear proposal
BBC: US increases pressure on Tehran

CS Monitor: Surprise Hamas win shatters status quo
CS Monitor: Is democracy boosting Islamists?

The Onion: Iran's Holocaust Conference

dead serious
BBC: Annan condemns Holocaust denial

hottie of the day
Leyla Milani: Model, actress & entrepreneur


* Saddam & Rajavi: Evidence
* Imam Ali: Traffic light

give the man credit
BBC: Bill Gates gives $600m more to stop TB

giant non-issue
IHT: Iran's nukes are a non-issue
-- William Pfaff

persian studies
National Persian Flagship Program at the University of Maryland invites applications

offer that can't be refused
BBC: Bush backs Russian plan for Iran
AP: U.N. Nuke Chief Hails Russian Offer

democracy's a bitch
BBC: Hamas sweeps to election victory

Telegraph: Origins of Great War of 2007 - and how it could have been prevented
-- Niall Ferguson

* Video: Deer Hunter
* Welcome to Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines
* Unclear energy is our obviouse right
* Swallowing the sun

Nida-yi Haqq: Headlines from a religious snewspaper in 1952 (10 pix)

BBC: Palestinian chief Ahmed Qurei announces his resignation, amid strong signs Hamas has won the election

maa inim
Farmanieh sports complex
-- Nader Jahanfard

let's make a deal
Reuters: China backs plan to have Iran's uranium enriched in Russia
BBC: China backs Iran compromise plan
AFP: US seeks to defuse India-Iran row

Sad story


* Ahmadinejad: Khare Morad
* Atomic Kabab
* Bird Flu: Turkey
* Camera is innocent

take a deep breath
Reza Aslan on Daily Show with Jon Stewart talking about nuclear crisis
* Photos
* Video

* Aliabad
* Bread & punishment

here & there
First time: Seeing Dariush in concert (5 pix)

bbc blocked, too
BBC Persian: Iran filtering web sites. Why?

google goozid
BBC: Google move 'black day' for China
BBC: Google censors itself for China

pressure works
BBC: Iran eyes Russia nuclear proposal
AP: Iran Welcomes Russian Nuclear Offer

* Video: Time to see the eye doctor
* Family photo at the beach
* New airbag
* Dumb dog
* One drink? No problem

peyvand khorsandi
My uncle was a devout Muslim but gave up religion after he discovered rock music. He changed his name from Mustafa Soleiman to Cat Stevens.

BBC: Iran accuses UK of Ahvaz bombing link

khaarej az dastoor
Radio Farda: Conference khabari Ahmadinejad
-- Siavash Ardalan

Washington Post: The Realities of Exporting Democracy

Tourist Burger

bbc blocked, too
BBC: Iran blocks BBC Persian website


* Kuwait's advice to Prince Charles

Asia Times: The Iran-Israel misconception
-- Kaveh L Afrasiabi

first women
BBC Persian: Ozra Dejam's directory of more than 200 Iranian female pioneers

us-israel v. iran
Guardian: Bush commits US to defence of Israel in face of Iran threat

BBC: Eight killed in Ahvaz bomb attacks

* Video: The kissing seal
* Video: Sleepy Smiley
* Video: Surprise!
* Video: Coolest pool kid

Yummy yummy yummy

three fans + my daughter
Orkut: Reader in Canada launchs iranian.com fan club

partners in crime
BBC: Europe 'knew about' CIA flights

learn from kuwait
BBC: Kuwait emir 'agrees to abdicate'

let me count the ways
CS Monitor: Why US doesn't trust Iran on nukes

will deserve oscar for best film
Brokeback Mountain

cirque de nuit
Short film by Majeed Beenteha
* Official site
* Video clip

taste your own medicine
BBC: Campaign to seize US judge's home

CS Monitor: Indian immigrants fight over "true" history of India in California textbooks

2 decades in afghanistan
Photographer REZA to deliver speech at National Geographic DC headquarters

learn from turkey
BBC: Turkish court drops a case against renowned writer

Shomal, somewhere

nuclear persepolis
Washington Post: In Iran, Power Written in Stone

ebrahim nabavi
BBC Persian: Nesvaane Alam gheyrat namaaeed!

Financial Times
* Iran warns against UN referral
* Interview with Ali Larijani


* Ahmadinejad in the dark
* Samad Agha Ahmadinejad

che ghalataa
BBC: Kuwait cabinet moves against emir

iranians of the day
Mojtaba Samienejad: Taking exam in chains
* Homa A. Garemani: "Fortress of the Golden Dragon"
* Mogjan Azari & Omid Amidi-Mazaheri: Drilling teeth

umteenth hint
AP: Israeli defense minister hints at military action to stop Iran
BBC: Israel warns Iran on nuclear work

Tower of power

* Malaagheye Atomi
* Sing for me, or else...
* Dinosaurs scared in Tehran
* Majles-e Maalidan

bigger than the bomb
Martin Walker, UPI Editor: Far more profoundly punishing Iranian blow to American interests than the atom bomb: Persian Gulf oil & gas mercantile exchange

torture? what torture
CNN: US military jury deliberates in suffocated Iraqi case

nuclear technology :o)
Aref-Adib.com: Sharp missiles

family fued
Economist: Israel v Iran

easy does it?
Reuters: Softer Iran draft needed to win over Russia: diplomat

good luck
AFP: "Etemad Melli" Iranian reformist newspaper launched

global reaction
BBC: Iran nuclear crisis

Enameh: Baraaye Malek Abbassi

so what's your point?
Fars News: Amanpour from "prominent Bahai family"

B Orz

* Ahmadinejad in line with laws of physics
Mullah Ali
* Everyone agrees, including the maymoon
* Google, Googoosh & Googooz
* Iran & Syria: Complete harmony
* Kooleposhti, hammali style

make money, not war
BBC: Confusion over Iran 'assets move'
Reuters: US business urges no unilateral Iran sanctions

foozooli moghoof
BBC: Google defies US over search data
BBC: Google data request fuels fears
Washington Post: Google Refuses Demand for Search Information

nucelar march
AFP: IAEA chief holding off Iran report until March

take the money and run
BBC: Iran 'moves assets out of Europe'
Reuters: Iran shifting foreign assets to Asia

who do you love?
Photo: I love my Amu

* Good Bush, Bad Bush
* Jesus: Whassuup!
* Meet the Fuckers
* Jesus is coming...
* What causes heterosexuality?

dametoon garm
* Visit: ABFiran.org
* Sisters Unveil Human Rights Database of Iranian Victims

Not a secret nuclear reactor

here & there
Parseh... wondering
Tehran under snow and more (18 pix)
-- Nima Sheikhy

iranians of the day
* Parvin Ardalan: Iranian Feminist Tribune
* Sanaz Amirpour: Miss Universe Canada 2006 finalist

AFP: Ahmadinejad meets radical Palestinian chiefs in Syria

oil cut
AFP: Iran seeks 1 million bpd OPEC quota cut

ebrahim nabavi
Forward: The Satirist's Guide To the Iranian Nuclear Crisis

he's back
BBC: 'Bin Laden' audio tape broadcast

iranians of the day
* Banafsheh Akhlaghi: Civil liberties lawyer on CNN (9 pix)
* Fazollah Damavandi: Legacy, strength and love


my lumps
Video: Breast self-exam

* Comedy reunion: Ciccio & Franco in Damascus
* Star Trek: The Backward Generation
* Sheep dreaming

shirin ebadi
LA Times: Defusing Iran With Democracy

no winners
Guardian: The west has picked a fight with Iran that it cannot win

here we go
Reuters: German spies see Iran 3-4 yrs from A-bomb: source

nuclear advance
Analysis with Guive Mirfendereski, Kenneth Pollack & Mark Hibbs
Boston's NPR affiliate WBUR

AP: Hillary Clinton Calls for Sanctions Against Iran

BBC: Iran 'wants nuclear compromise'

Human Rights Watch
* Respect for basic human rights in Iran deteriorated considerably in 2005
* World Report

iranian of the day
* Kambiz Fathi: Iranian Kurd of the day!

ali mirfetros
BBC Persian: Book on current Iranian intellectual debates

political prisoners
Radio Farda: Hunger strikes end in several Iran prisons
Audio - Text

* Video: The power of Pepsi: Elephant Tower
* New pillows from Japan


world cup?
Morgen Post: Mehdi Mahdavikia injured
-- Amir

CS Monitor: On Iran, West looking for a Plan B


* Shahab meets Shahab 3
* Nuclear umbrella


first draft
Reuters: EU3 draft resolution opens door to UN sanctions on Iran

better life
CS Monitor: Europe bound - why a Moroccan heads north

salman rushdie
Behind the US Government's corruption of language lies a far greater perversion

... and speaks persian
IHT: Corruption probe target 'No. 1' Congressman Bob Ney lived for a time in Iran

CS Monitor: On Iran, West looking for a Plan B


* Shahab meets Shahab 3
* Nuclear umbrella

BBC: Parrot squawks on woman's affair

First Iranian national anthem. Written by a French composer for Mozafareddin Shah Qajar
Song by Bijan Taraghi
Performed in Tehran's Vahdat Hall
in October 2005. Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

* Video: Free photo booth
* Video: Jesus Christ: The Musical
* Video: Bounced for a beer

Line up

* Tasliyate moteghaabel

* Denying uranium to Iranians
* Prince Charles: Take Mum with you
* Rafsanjani: Always comes back on top
* Sheep get a break: Donkey meat

not so united
BBC: Powers disagree over Iran crisis
Reuters: Russia, China want talks not sanctions on Iran

iranian sleeper cell in white house
Geena Davis & husband Reza Jarrahy at the Golden Globe Awards
Photos -- Video

BBC: Iran lifts CNN ban after apology
CNN: Iran bans CNN after a translation error quoted Ahmadinejad as saying Iran has the right to build nuclear weapons

world cup poll
Will Iran be barred from World Cup football in Germany?

Washington Post: Key Security Council Members Unite on Iran
Guardian: Iran crisis talks expose west's split with China

* Ahmadinejad: Catch him!

fair play
FootballMedia.net: Banning Iran from World Cup football serves no purpose but punishing the Iranian fans
-- Kaveh Mahjoob

Music videos

fasten your seatbelts
Reuters: EU3 launch move to refer Iran to Security Council

ya hazrate abbas...
BBC: UN's top powers meet in London to discuss common strategy to tackle Iran's nuclear program

Guardian: Tehran faces backlash over conference to question Holocaust

save a life
Texas: Mehrdad Masoudi needs to find a perfect match with a full bloded Iranian male doner

music: landlord
Zirzamin.se: Interview with Esfand Pourmand, vocalist / guitar player

oil as a weapon
Guardian: Iran issues stark warning on oil price

kay nobate maa misheh?
BBC: Chile gets first woman president

big boys
Reuters: UN Security Council powers meet on Iran atom crisis

kill option
Reuters: U.S. Senators say military strike on Iran must be option

world cup without iran
AP: British politician urges Iran's ouster from World Cup

* Ahmadinejad: Catch him!
* Ahmadinejad, Iraq, U.S., holy halo
* Fouladvand TV

bird flu in iran?
Iran destroys thousands of birds in bird flu alert near Turkish border
-- AFP
-- BBC Persian

fohsh fest
BBC: Iran to host debate on Holocaust

Reuters: Defiant Iran calls for atomic talks

apology would be nice
BBC: 'Zawahiri' strike in sparks protest

nuclear energy
BBC: Ahmadinejad says Iran 'does not need nuclear arms'
BBC: Iran ready to confront the West

Reza 007

* Shabhaaye Barrah: Mesbah & Ahmadinejad

here & there
Iranian embassy in Berlin: Holocaust reminder

Shining bright

this is some trial
BBC: Saddam judge 'resigns from trial'


* Nuclear club
* Proof: Ahmadinejad not a fool
* Following Sharon
* Yum yum... cheh khari...
* Batman for peace
* Goodbye Abedzadeh

bay area
Community: Iranian-American parents in San Francisco Bay Area

bayern 2 persepolis 1
CNN: Bayern win controversial friendly
Mehr Photos (1) (2) (3) (4)
FootballMedia.net: Priceless lessons from Bayern match!

home away from home

Video: Mother of all mobile phones

you're a real diplomat, george
BBC: Bush urges Iran nuclear diplomacy

samira mohyeddin
b namus: The holocaust is no myth

kings of the jungle
Guardian: Iran and Israel will be kings of the Middle East jungle
-- David Hirst

Mehr Photos: Ahmadinejad does Jules Verne; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
-- Faramarz

BBC: Iran threatens to end UN checks
AP: Germany's Merkel Meets With President Bush

Four out of five

just a start
BBC: Sanctions on Iran

nuclear ambitions
Trita Parsi on NewsHour
Video -- Photos

Suitable husband

here & there
* At Shamesh and Ghassem's (18 pix)
New Year's Eve 2006
Farah Ravon
* Toronto New Year's Eve concert (9 pix)
Navid Nikoo

decisions, decisions
BBC: EU calls for UN action over Iran
Reuters: EU3, China, Russia, US to meet on Iran: UK

annual carnage
BBC: More than 300 pilgrims killed in Hajj stampede

doing iran
Guradian: Doing better with Iran than we did with Iraq

NY Times: A Firebrand in a House of Cards
-- Dariush Zahedi & Omid Memarian

kharej az dastoor
Radio Farda: Davaa bar sare Mebash Yazdi

NPR: Iran and the Sign of Things to Come

nuke poll
Should Iran be referred to the UN Security Council?

* Video: Sexual harassment
* Video: Learn Mexican
* Every name needs a password

ISNA: "Nuclear fuel activities still on hold"
BBC: Blair threatens UN action on Iran

Suitable wife


* Die in peace
* Black-eyed man

bird flu
BBC: ... could become endemic in Turkey and pose serious risk to neighbouring countries

Amnesty International: Inquiry needed in the death of Bahai prisoner of conscience

Reuters: Britain urges U.N. to consider action on Iran
BBC: Iran ex-president Rafsanjani lashes out at West

* Nakon... Nakon ... Nakon (somebody please translate this)
* Return the halo, Mr. President
* Video: Scrotum scrub
* SaveMyAss.com
* Amir Kabir's letter to Nasseredin Shah

this week
HotZone: A rare, in-depth look you won't get anywhere else


* Yasser Arafat expecting old foe Sharon
* Evolution
* Equal respect: Ahmadinejad

BBC: EU leaders consider Iran action
AFP: US warns Iran against 'serious escalation' in nuclear crisis
BBC: Iran breaks seals at nuclear site
Reuters: Iran resumes nuclear research

Video: Interview with Paris Hilton


1979 regrets
Alefbe.com: Photos of the revolution

AP: Five nuclear powers send messages to Iran: US
BBC: Iran steps nearer confrontation

another military plane crash...
A Revolutionary Guards commander and at least 12 other people killed
* ISNA: [News] [Pix]
* AP

The Australian: Iran's inflammatory president is flagged offside


* Ahmadinjead kills Santa Claus
Ali Mazda
* Wendy's hamburgers, Iranian style
* Joint Majles-Cabinet session
* Exodus: Donkeys

bird flu
BBC: Human bird flu spreads in Turkey
BBC: Human bird flu spreads to Ankara

Abdolkarim Soroush's latest jab at theocracy & Khomeini
* BBC Persian
* Rooz

iranians of the day
* Daryoosh Vakhshoori: TIME magazine's Tech Pioneer
* Siavash Saffarpour: Dead young dissident
* Shahram: Childhood friend
* Dr. Nasser Alavi: America's Most Wanted
* Balalai: North Tehran
* Kamran Pahlavi: Globus Magazine

BBC: Iran says it will resume nuclear fuel research on Monday, despite international appeals to desist

new york
Enameh: Namaayeshe majjaani

akbar tanha
NaderDavoodi.com: Photo of the day

eslame naabe mohammadi
AFP: Iran to hang woman who killed in 'self defence'

"no need for excessive panic"
BBC: Residents of Turkish town (near Iranian border) hit by a fatal outbreak of bird flu in humans

AFP: EU calls on Iran not to resume nuclear activities

Radio Farda: Tajikistan abuzz with reports of Googoosh visit

khaarej az dastoor
Radio Farda: Pool va diyaanat

* Kaakol Zari
* Lalehzar in L.A.

syria? revolt?
BBC: Khaddam calls for Syrian revolt

won't be pretty
Chicago Tribune: Iran and the crash of 2006
-- Marvin Zonis

AP: Microsoft shuts down Chinese blog for discussing politically sensitive issues

AFP: UN inspectors to reopen Iran nuclear centres
Reuters: Iran's no-show at IAEA fuels tension in atomic row

Dicks From Around the World: From Great Britain to Iran (12 pix)

CS Monitor: As Dubai thrives, an eye on political reform

so diplomatic
Ahmadinejad prays for Sharon's death
* AP

ahmadinejad's christian twin
CNN: Robertson links Sharon's stroke to 'dividing God's land'

create one for the iri, too

* Video: Iranian friendly toilet
* Mojdeh! CD sag Emam Reza resid
* Artsy fartsy Qazvini table
* Donkey meat sellers arrested
* Poz nadeh eekbiri

* BBC Persian: Iran fails to show up at nuclear meeting
* AFP: IAEA-Iran nuclear talks stumble
Reuters: Rice Says Patience With Iran Waning
* Guardian: Fuelling the crisis

iran's future
IHT: Watch the streets
-- Peter Ackerman and Ramin Ahmadi

edalat in san francisco
Zharf: Observations on anti-war speech


micro... who?
BBC: Microsoft downplays Google threat

* Ahmadinejad's struggle between good & evil
* Strongest man in the world
* Bravest man in the world

killing fields
BBC: Iraq suicide bomb attacks kill 80

BBC: Israeli PM in critical condition after stroke

dirty money
Washington Post: President Bush joins politicians giving up campaign donations from disgraced lobbyist

don't kill yourselves
Mehr pix: Pishkesvataane football

any day now
* Bird Flu: In debth
* Turkish teenagers die of bird flu
* World map: The spread of a lethal strain of bird flu

No war on Iran


rajavi arrested?
Mojahedin Khalgh leader reportedly under house arrest in Iraq
* Rooz online
*I news

build up to trouble
Video: ABC news from Tehran... "something is building between the United States and Iran"

AFP: US freezes assets of two Iran nuclear firms

koorosh news

money for education
Iranian American Scholarship Fund

Sisitan Baluchestan University students newspaper

wmds... sound familiar?
Guardian: Secret services say Iran is trying to assemble a nuclear missile

ya emam zaman
CS Monitor
* Iran's true believers dial messiah hotline
* End-of-timers' influence


* Ahmadinejad Divine Beheshti
* Very brave man: Bilakh
* Donkey economy

Washington Post: Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff will testify about members of Congress in corruption probe


high stakes
* Shahram Sheikhan: Poker on JetBlue (3 pix)


* Iran to monitor human rights violations in Europe
* Ahmadinejad: Indian delegation
* I married you for love, darling
* Shir zan: Lion woman

Reuters: US warns Iran against resuming nuclear research
BBC: Iran to resume nuclear research
Reuters: Iran tells IAEA atom research resumes January 9

* Presidential dinner
* Video: George W. Bush's greatest hits
* Video: Hot to tell when a relationship is over
* Video: You won the lottery!... kinda... not
* Video: Cowboy family ties

you in washington
NIAC: Public Service and Journalism Fellowship

ali parvin
FootballMedia.net: Parvinism

desert snow
BBC pictures: Dubai snowdome

here & there
Iranian concert in Toronto
* Video clips
* Photos

AFP: Health of jailed Iranian dissident deteriorating: wife

the answer is yes
Der Spiegel: Is Washington Planning a Military Strike?

concerned citizens
CampaignIran.org: “Stopping a War against Iran before it Starts”: San Francisco and Boston

iranians of the day
* Taraneh, Farzad, Zoya & Nima: Happy Holidsays! (2 pix)
* Roya Djavid Carter: Growing fast! (4 pix)
* Sheida Mohamadi: Blogger/writer
* Afshin Ghotbi: Los Angeles Galaxy
* Azam Nemati & Friend: Ladan

underground music
zirzamin.se: Hear and see Iranian youth popular culture

BBC: Iran rejects Russia nuclear plan
CS Monitor: Iran rejects Moscow offer of uranium enrichment in Russia

A day to remember

AFP: Iran closes newspaper and bans women's publication

cheghad een martikeh baamazas...
BBC Persian: Ahmadinejad suggests sending Iranian reps to monitor human rights violations in Europe

new year, same crap
AFP: Iran President: Israel Completed Holocaust
AP: Iran president in new diatribe against Israel

I am a woman


* Ahmadinejad at your service
* 2006: Year of the World Cup
* 2006: Year of the Dog

santoor heralds 2006
Video: Los Angeles County Holiday Celebration with Sadeghi Ensemble

ali parvin raft
FootballMedia.net: ... Kaash zoodtar miraft

rocking with hafez & rumi
I'm listening to O-Hum's "Aloodeh" CD which came in the mail a couple of days ago. It's an instant classic. Five very enthusiastic stars.

... go see Spielberg's "Munich". Anyone who does will be a better human being

student protests
Radio Farda: Elm o Sanat University students play music to protest against limits on cultural freedom

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