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December 28, 1999
My lemon yellow roosari
My hejab had to say something about me
By Dokhi Fassihian

It's time
Mehrangiz Kar's human rights campaign
By J. Javid

Sept 29, 1999
Hamadan's Brad Pitt
Iranians aboard have Brad Pitt; we have Haj Abbas
By Loren S.

Sept 23, 1999
Who are you calling "kharaab"?
By Saghie Zarinkalk

April 27, 1999
Real Iranian girls?
Looking for a bride? Go to Iran.
By Cyrus L. Raafat

March 25, 1999
Not their fault
Women generally - not inevitably - bow to socio-economic pressures
By Laleh Khalili

March 2, 1999
To live or to be alive?
That is the question for Iranian women
By Laleh Khalili

November 11, 1998
Zarry's Wedding
Short story
By Massud Alemi

October 21, 1998
The chosen one
His choice, not hers.
Memoirs of Taj al-Saltana

October 15, 1998
First snow
I quietly asked her what was going on outside. She gave me a long glance and said, " is... just snowing!"
xAle's Corner

October 9, 1998
Hot dog
What did you expect me to say, Ghormeh Sabzi?
By Yasaman J

September 16, 1998
The little emigre
Who would I be today, without all those losses?
By Yasmine Rafii

August 26, 1998
Mommy's boy
When I'm angry or feel harm coming my way, I think of her and feel safe
By Shahin

August 20, 1998
"... why did you and baba leave?"
If it was so great...
By Yasaman J

August 12, 1998
Fire & snow
We siphoned some gas from our car into a few bottles we had in the car and wrote our names and created some designs on the snow and lit it. Wow!
xAle's Corner

August 10, 1998
Requiem for a matriarch
She left her husband after nearly 10 years and four children, a daring gesture back in Reza Shah's Iran
By Ramin Tabib

July 30, 1998
The women we wanted to be
By Laleh Khalili

July 27, 1998
Shattering truth
Murder? Unbearable domestic abuse? The case of Farinoush Dalili
By Ramin Tabib

July 24, 1998
No sand between my toes
I am a Mercedes-driving, cellphone-carrying, club-hopping, lady :-)
By Golpar

July 23, 1998
My grandmother's gift for storytelling
By Jasmin Darznik

July 10, 1998
We picked an old tree with many majestic bending branches, heavy with deep red mulberries...
xAle's Corner

June 17, 1998
Farm workers gathered around and commented about my dress...
xAle's Corner

June 15, 1998
Loving an Iranian man
By Laleh Khalili

June 1998
"The road to Afghanistan"
The editorial in the April/May 1998 issue of Zanan magazine in Iran

March 1998
From empress to net surfer
Farah Pahlavi on the information superhighway
By Farhad Sepahbodi

January 1998
My first girlfriend
By dAyi Hamid

December 1997
Khaaharaan va dokhtaraan maa (Persian).
Excerpt from a 1944 book (Our Sisters and Daughters) by Ahmad Kasravi, a year before he was assassinated by Islamic militants

October 1997
The Bird & The Whale
She and he finally meet in a far-away land...
By J. Javid

October 1997
Oh sweet rebellion
Watching (and admiring) girl rebel over techno music
By Ramin Tabib

October 1997
Gloria Steinem could learn a thing or two
An intellectual (and intelligent) discussion in Tehran on women's issues

August 1997
Vivid memories
Book review: "Snake's Marble : A Persian Memoire"
By Mahvash Shahegh

June 1997
Az koori-ye cheshm-e falak (Persian)
Fond memories of Iran's great female singer, Qamar-ol-Moluk Vaziri

June 1997
My wife, please?
Iran and Britain went to war over a Persian lady
By Barbara English

June 1997
Zir derakht porteghaal (Persian)
The shah was human and she loved him
By Soraya Esfandiyari Bakhtiari

February 1997
Uncovered: Girls poop.
You guys thought it wasn't possible, didn't you?
By Shadi Ziaie

December 1996
A new generation?
Discussing women's issues in Iran in the 1990s

December 1996
Letter from America
A 13-year old Iranian-American girl talks about her life, hobbies, interests
By Sheila Mostafavi
By Janet Afary

December 1996
Scent of a brick
My mother's, bless her heart, garden in Tehran
By Haeedeh Fattaey

September 1996
Zoroastrian Divorce
From ancient to contemporary times
Encyclopaedia Iranica

September 1996
Are you listening to me?! (
Persian Text)(English Text)
Why haven't we learned to listen to others?
By Neda Bojnourdi

July 1996
She wanted a dog. I got her a dog
By J. Javid

July 1996
Elitist attitudes, grassroot problems
Where the Muslim women's conference in Washington failed
By Sussan Tahmasebi

July 1996
In Search of...
Looking for that perfect companion?

May 1996
Helping the Helpless
Maryam Namazi at
CHAIR focuses on rescuing refugees
By J. Javid

May 1996
Iranian Under the Veil
From "The Country of Flowers and Nightingales"
By Robert D. Kaplan

May 1996
Cheraa film-e Iraani misaazand? (Persian)
Commentator laments cheap nudity in Iranian films

May 1996
Kotak-kaari dokhtaraan baraa-ye Vigen (Persian)
School girls go crazy for young Vigen.

March 1996
From Moscovic to Marilyn Monroe (Persian)
Silly and serious Iranian newspaper ads in the 1950's

March 1996
Dokhtar khanom! Movazeb bashid!(Persian)
Iranian female courtship rules circa 1954. Outrageous!

November 1995
Dancing for Dad
Surprising interests and activities of a girl in Iran
By J. Javid





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