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School? Not again!
On a larger scale, our own planet rotates once a day and revolves around the sun once a year, producing day and night, and four seasons, over and over again
September 7, 2005

Adam and Eve
Short story
March 24, 2005

Just a lie... honest
She had me confused
March 11, 2005

Selling dreams
Striking a balance between dream and reality
February 23, 2005

Strawberry fields
A strawberry grown in another land is still a strawberry
December 14, 2004

A simple question
What are the criteria for being an Iranian?
November 27, 2004

Angel in disguise
Valentine's Day
February 13, 2004

A miracle drug recently approved by FDA
January 19, 2004

Don't lose yourself
Parody of a Eminem's song, "Lose Yourself"
September 4, 2003

The cure
Eye contact, smile, Titanic, flowers & perfume would do it
June 30, 2003

Jump on your couch
What makes people happy?
June 17, 2003

Persian is our secret
The power of language and its effects on the lives of Iranians in the West
May 7, 2003

Lights, tanks, action!
April 22, 2003

My name is "Today's Valentine's day"
When she finished talking, a couple of sharp teeth remained outside her mouth
February 14, 2003

A poem for those tough times
January 22. 2003

Daastaan-e shab
November 20, 2002

Where's the firrrrrrrrrrre?
Short story
October 15, 2002

Why this never-ending fall?
June 14, 2002

Flushing sabze down the toilet
Short story

April 17, 2002

Black apple
Short story
January 22, 2002

The green scarf
Short story
June 14, 2001

The tower
Mysterious smiles and unshaved faces
March 22, 2001


Arash Emamzadeh resides in Nevada. He has two degrees, one in math and another in biology. He is currently a math teacher but enjoys writing poetry and prose, and reading both fiction and non-fiction. He particularly enjoys writing experimental stories with a lot of symbolism. Top


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