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Sketches of a war, still
It is not only an affair of geopolitics, but also a matter of personal history, sometimes even a theological puzzle which brings into question God’s will and man’s ways
January 6, 2007

Perfectly parallel mirrors
for John T. Chalcraft
June 23, 2006

Baba Joon
Letter of a mournful daughter
May 30, 2006

In his memory
April 28, 2006

May 8, 2002
No dolls in Damascus
Globalization of another sort

December 3, 2001
Beleaguered beautiful Beirut
Lebanon has seen it all and yet it remains an amazing place

September 12, 2001
And for what?
A love letter from New York, in ruins

June 5, 2001
Loving a farangi
He holds me up to the air and the winds and the sunshine

December 15, 2000

August 21, 2000
Tastes of paradise
Ode to forgotten flavors

August 16, 2000
In Australia

May 10, 2000
Under layers of taarof
Tehran's museums where you find the substance of yourself

February 22, 2000
So alike
Us and the Americans

February 3, 2000
Taking a bow
... to the splendor of Isfahan

December 16, 1999
Yazd, my love
Where kind hands bring small paradises into living

October 27, 1999
Chai, shirini and the Internet
Loving two of Tehran's cafes for very different reasons

September 9, 1999
New is good
Hunger for modernity discards of history

August 12, 1999
Meeting Time
Ahmad Shamlu's Mi'aad

August 10, 1999
The Tale of Love
Short story by Samad Behrangi

July 27, 1999
Short story by Samad Behrangi

July 16, 1999
Book of Kings
A tribute to Iranian students

July 9, 1999
But a sigh
Ahmad Shamlu's "Beh joz aah-e hasrati keh baa man nist"

June 22, 1999
The luminous horizon
Ahmad Shamlu's "Ofogh-e roshan"

June 19, 1999
Palm groves survive
From Ahvaz to Khorramshahr and Abadan

May 27, 1999
Tehran spring
There is freedom of speech, but at a price

May 11, 1999
Desert refuge
Lost & found in the desert near Yazd

April 13, 1999
Take a break
Entertainment thrives in Iran, for those who can afford it

March 25, 1999
Not their fault
Women generally - not inevitably - bow to socio-economic pressures

March 17, 1999
Fire with fire
Tehranis hold their ground and celebrate charshanbeh suri

March 10, 1999
All is calm. For now.
The council elections showed a desire for change

March 2, 1999
To live or to be alive?
That is the question for Iranian women

February 17, 1999
Tinged with the Color of God
Learning the ins and outs of Iranian cinema during the Fajr festival

February 11, 1999
Twenty years after
In Azadi Square on the 20th anniversary of the revolution

February 5, 1999
Jonoob-e Shahr
Where everyone is exhausted

January 29, 1999
A first concert
A performance of Gipsy Kings tunes in Tehran

September 29, 1998
Forgiving Salm and Tur
A polemic on race

September 10, 1998
We don't need this
On the Iran-Afghanistan conflict

July 30, 1998
The women we wanted to be
A simple recounting --- and nothing else

June 23, 1998
On Football, Philosophy, and Joy
Watching the Iran-U.S. match in New York

June 15, 1998
Loving an Iranian man
Learning to look at the world through his unblinking honest gaze

May 13, 1998
Mixing memory and desire
A survey on Iranians in the United States

Sept 15, 1997
Absence Part one -- Part two -- Part three
Home is still the now-vague-image of Iran


Laleh Khalili is working towards a PhD in political science at Columbia University, New York. She was voted by readers as their favorite writer in 2001. TO TOP

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