Head or Tail

Head or Tail
by jamh

Have no fear,
even though the center
of your psyche is far
from cupid's loving stare,

even though the finger
of the news points at you,
for nothing in particular,
personally, every day.

As you reluctantly carry
the weight of your birth
like a serpent on your neck
while it should be a joyous affair.

I welcome you now
to the select club of
germans, communists,
jews, religious or not.

You are beautiful in despair,
As Rumi would surely say.



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Orang Gholikhani


by Orang Gholikhani on

Thanks to be as you are.


Manoucher Avaznia

A Cup Of Wine For A Friend

by Manoucher Avaznia on

Thank you for sharing.  Let's shine together.


O Friend Of Mine;

Have some of this wine

That I am pouring

After best refine.


This aged good wine

Comes from the vine

Grown in my heart:

A ruined gold mine.


There is a mission

With this clear wine:

It is to combine

Hearts of yours and mine.


Your thirst is a sign

Of your need to wine

To quench this thirst

You do need a Rhine.


It is resting there,

Between your fingers,

Looking in your face;

My barrel of wine.


Drink it to soul

Not your intestine

Once you are drunk

Together we shine.