The lone song

The lone song
by jamh

It was hot in the desert
a heat as sharp as the steel
of my financial defeat.

In the deep end of the bar
with sweats of alcohol
sticking my shirt to the seat,

I was done. I knew well
the way back home through
the familiar humiliation.

"Are you ready to submit?
to accept, on your knees,
the way to salvation?"

Why was I shaking then?
What was this invisible force
taking me back from my death?

"Do you want your doom?
or with a click of faith,
the same as the greatest greats?"

Today, notorious but not great,
in this vast colonial room,
I reflect back on that fork.

The weight of the future
is crushing my aging back
as I cry in the hallways at night.

The solace of the drink is gone,
and my friends are hissing
in the dark.


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With time behind us, and

by jamh on




Thank you Manoucher. A

by jamh on

Thank you Manoucher. A lovely reply.

As far as the poem being sad, it sure is, but like I said, it is not about me. Even the people who you think don't deserve any sympathy, do.



Manoucher Avaznia


by Manoucher Avaznia on

Jamh Jaan;

As you know, this a Persian peom inspired by your poem that seemed to be a bit sad to me.  I hope I am wrong.  So, I just wanted to say that despite all failurs, we ought to start anew that is the whole process of existence: a constant restlessness.  And words:

1. "rovaa" is part of the "Rah Row": that means the one who follows a path: intellectual, physical... The full word is a "Raah Row":"Raah:way, Row:traverser, or traveller" and "rah" is the short form of "raah".  "aa" at the end the word can be translated to addressing "O," in English.  Because of poetic necessity and the way that is said in Farsi, I changed the "W" to "V" to put more emphasis on the last part of the word.  So, the two words together means: "O traveller;".  One of the beauties of Farsi is its elequence in smoothly conbining a few words to make one word that conveys the meaning of all of them.  Haafez is full of these kinds of words. 

2.  "Takaapoo" is easier to explain.  Please, read the first "a" as "a" in "as" and "aa" as "u in up" and "oo" as "oo" in "good".  The word means "endeavor; hard work".

Unfortunately, I don't have Farsi word processor to write it in Farsi.

I hope this was of some use.

"Bebeen K'e Ghosseh Az Tabassom'e to Meeramad!"

"Behold; how grief is running away from your smile!"

Peerooz Baashee





Dear Manoucher. Could I

by jamh on

Dear Manoucher. Could I ask you to explain a couple of words for me? I love words, and it pains me to have forgotten some of them. Maybe it's the way they're written in english. They are:



PS: even though the first person is used, it is a projection (or an expression of empathy for someone else).




Manoucher Avaznia

Jahdee Deegar

by Manoucher Avaznia on

Chehreye deldaar man paayandeh ast

Garche paayam khasteye een raah maand!

Rah rovaa; jahdee degar baayad namood

Baa takaapoo sooye oo baayest raand!


Try it again!