Lost in the garden of deceits

The immorality of attacking Iran


Lost in the garden of deceits
by bakhtiar

Cry "Havoc," and let slip the dogs of war.
-- Shakespeare, Julius Caesar (Act III, Scene I).

The call for war against Iran was issued by no other than Mr. Bernard Kouchner the foreign minister of France, a country with the motto of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. France the home of Voltaire and Rousseau is now calling for war against a country that has never threatened France or its neighbours. France a nuclear power with illustrious colonial past is urging others to be aware of the dangers that nuclear weapons pose.

From the other side of the Atlantic we hear the same cries for more war, death and destruction. As though the death of 650,000 Iraqis was not enough, we are urged to prepare ourselves for another war. We are told that by killing more civilians, creating more refugees, destroying more bridges, power plants, schools, hospitals and factories we are going to be safer and live better lives.

Recently Mr. Greenspan told us what we already knew: namely that Iraq was invaded because of its oil. This of course was not the first time that we heard this and it certainly will not be the last either. But who cares? Here we see President Bush and his allies illegally attacking and destroying a country, making millions homeless and starting a civil war without a slightest sign of remorse. They went to steal the natural resources of Iraq and they did it and are doing it.

And now they want more. Yesterday it was Iraq; tomorrow it will be Iran and the day after it will be Venezuela. When the president of the world’s only superpower acts like a thief, what protection is there for the rest of the world? The very same people that brought us the Iraq tragedy are using the same excuses to repeat their misdeeds again.

In late August, “Iran and the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency released a plan laying out a step-by-step timetable of cooperation with the goal of resolving by December issues that have been under investigation for four years. Agency officials have praised the timetable as a breakthrough and Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on Tuesday said the investigation into his country’s nuclear activities was now closed.”

This agreement was hailed as a success by the IAEA and UN. The problem with this agreement is that it takes away the excuse needed by Bush and Co to implement their strategy of strangling Iran and get their hands on Iran’s oil and gas. Naturally, just like the case in Iraq, they have dismissed the agreement saying that it was not enough. Then the talk of war intensified, with US, Israel and then France talking loudly about an eventual attack on Iran. The main aim of these shrill voices is to take the people’s attention away from the IAEA-Iran agreement and back to some illogical talk of Iran’s threat to the world.

It is said that if you tell a lie big enough and often enough, people will eventually come to believe you. Having used this tactics in Iraq with some success, they believe they can do it again. They believe that people will eventually come to believe that Iran is a serious threat to the world and grudgingly accept another war. And the good thing about this is, so they believe, that this time they don’t even have to produce any evidence of wrongdoing by Iran. They just have to say that they have prevented Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons in the “future”. Very logical, isn’t it?

The fact that these same countries posses lots of nuclear weapons is irrelevant, so we are told. We are to believe that Israel, Pakistan, India, US, UK, France, China and Russia are all exception to the rules. Other countries that enrich Uranium are also exceptions. It is only Iran with its vast natural resources that is a danger to the world peace and prosperity.

Israel has over 200 nuclear weapons and last year was involved in one of the most savage attacks on Lebanon. She also recently bombed Syria. Yet we hear no protest from the so called “civilized world”. Pakistan, a dictatorship, with its tremendous security problems (Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc) has nuclear weapons and is awarded F16s. India tested nuclear weapons and was awarded trade and nuclear technology transfer agreements.

What is the moral lesson from all this? There is none; the law of the jungle rules. Those who can steal will steal. Those who can rape will do so with impunity. There is no punishment for the strong; it is the weak that has to pay. Meanwhile we pretend to believe all their lies and keep hoping for cheaper oil and higher share prices; otherwise we have to face our own complicity in their crimes. After all who elected them and who re-elected them? Our very silence makes us an accomplice.

As you read this you should think about all those Iraqis that have been killed, the 2.5 million Iraqis that had to flee the carnage in their country and a similar number of internal Iraqi refugees. You should think about all the lies that you have been told and ask yourself these questions: do I want another incident like Iraq? Can I stay silent and accept more killings and destruction? Is it OK for the powerful to commit armed robbery?

If one finds it difficult to answer these questions, then perhaps one should follow what Bertrand Russell said: “We have, in fact, two kinds of morality side by side: one which we preach but do not practice, and another which we practice but seldom preach”.

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar lives in Norway. He is a management consultant and a contributing writer for many online journals.


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shame on IRI's apologists

by J. Rashidian (not verified) on

Mr. Bakhtiar wishfully propagates a foreign danger; this time, it is a French attack on Iran! This is his usual manoeuvre to divert his audience from the brutal and anti-Iranian nature of the IRI.

Mr. Bakhtiar and his likes need a “French menace, a US danger… to demagogically roar a nationalistic hyperbole which in deed serves the continuation of IRI’s regime.

This ”French menace” is nothing but aother planned exaggeration of IRI’s propagandists and apologists.

The main enemy of people is the plague of the Islamist regime, this plague is presently more destructive, more omni present, more anti-Iranian than any eventual foreign danger.


Did you really understand tha basic message of the article?

by An Iranian loving his Country but not the Iranian regime (not verified) on

Dear all, who are criticising the author:

most of things you wrote about the crimes of the Iranian regime, about the problems of Islam and so on are right. But the point is that whether you're supporting the idea of attacking another country including the possibility of another half of million of people dying, most of them not supporting the Iranian regime? Do you really want to destroy another country completly just because its president who does not have the real power in the country is speaking like an Idiot? If you're supporting this Idea, then you must be a person full of hate and without knowing what humanity is. For you, the life of a person coming from middle east, in particulare from Iran, is less worth than the life of an ant.
ou simply should shame.

Dear Dr. Bakhtiar,

thank you for your article.


You are not Iranian, let alone a concerned one

by Amazed (not verified) on

I am surprised that the commentator with the moniker of "concerned Iranian" passed the math test to post his/her comment. A calculator must have been used.


Iran and America

by Anonymous164 (not verified) on

First of all I am an American, I lived in Iran from 1976 until the revolt in 1978. I can say that most of all the Iranians I have met in Iran and in America I have liked. There are many things I would like to see happen that will not happen in my life time because not just the American Government but the Iranian Government. It all stems from Religion the thing that started the Afganistan and Iraqi Wars. Yes we American's have a choice on what Religion we want to practice, the same should be for anyone around the world. It is a human right to beleive in God (Allah) in anyway you like. It's your choice to choose your faith government's should have no right to tell you what religion you should be or put you to death for not being that religion. It is sad how Great Iran was and how a religion has taken over the Great Nation of Iran. The revolt agaist the Shaw was over justice and what justice have you seen? The Oil is media propaganda to make idiots beleive thats what the war in Iraq was started for. I would think that if Iran would help stablize Iraq, instead of suppling weapons to terriorists in Iraq then talks would be more productive between our Governments.


Foad is a gas he doesn't pas gas ..

by The Gas Man (not verified) on

because his gas canal is blocked with a mullah's dick in it.


Let's Concentrate...

by Foad on

Let's concentrate on the current situation between Iran, US and Israel. Let's concentrate on a war that could take place and could result in more than million casualties. Let's concentrate on Blitz plan with 1200 sorties in three days. Let's concentrate on a war which will be catastrophic for the region as a whole.

Now if you still are interested in my physical deficiencies, I'll tell you. Yes I am old and yes I pass gas. Are you happy now?



Why Iranians a so gullible?

by bacheh_porroo (not verified) on

Frankly people I don't se what is so special about this article. This is simply a poor immitation of many similar opinion pieces written on this site. Unless all those admirers of Bakhtiar are his personal friends, I cannot see how Iranians show the kind of reaction that have shown to such an article. The argument against the war is so easy and straight forward. Has anyone got the guts or the brain to argue in favor of the war?


Are we Iranians free in Iran?

by Speak Up (not verified) on

Islam has infested every mind.Are we Iranians free in Iran? Can we write freely? Can we speak freely? Can our Iranian women be Iranian women without veils? Can our Iranian men and women be head of State? Can we freely and without lashing, stoning, jailing, and killing exit from Islam and choose another faith or belief?

Face it. It is hard, I agree. But, it has been 1400 years of struggle against the brutality of Islamists invaders in Iran. Do you celebrate your true Iranian heroes? Or, why can’t we teach our children in school about our pre-Islamic history? Why do we have mandatory Arabic courses in school? Why do we have to pass Islamic behavior conduct test before getting to universities? Just think as why the national anthem of Iran was in Arabic at the beginning of so called revolution. Read your Ferdowsi.

They hate Israelis, Iranians, and the rest of the world. Everyone is damned by Moslems! Wake up and give up Islam cult. The Islam in that region hates Iranians and Israelis. They hate civilization and modernity.

Islam is a cult and can make Iran a hell.


Re: Lost in the garden of deceits

by behzad Compani (not verified) on

Dear Dr. Bakhtiar,

Thank you very much for such a well written article.
It's so sad to see the lies, propaganda and political carnage unfold right in front of our eyes, with the majority of people too bogged down in their selfish lives to give a rats ass or do anything about it. It is our duty to revolt and unite.


at no name: From our

by NN (not verified) on

at no name:

From our comments you have deduced whatever suits you and makes you secure. That speaks to me of your insecurity . You can bring evidence to disagree with us, but the fact that you don't shows your cowardice. Intoning "AIPAC and JP" as a magic incantation doesn't obviate hollowness of your argument. I've never watched Fox News or read Jeruslame Post--in fact I don't watch TV-- but I'm sure many would suspect your sources of information just as much as you do theirs.

Typical reactionary narrow-mindedness, lack of fairness and balanced judgements, fatal incapacity to understand another person's perspective unless it's an identical copy theirs are emblematic of either the Islamists or their allies, the loony far left...According to you people everyone you disagree with is either a zionists or whatever names you have for them.

I'm beginning to understand why the Jews had to organize themselves around zionism...good for them..


your comments are only believed on jerusalem post

by no_name (not verified) on

@ last few commenters:

I see our AIPAC friends have discovered iranian.com and they are showing their true agenda. Create conflict between regional countries and blame others for Iraqi invasion. Your koolaid is best drank at jerusalem post or Faux news.


Why is it then that the

by NN (not verified) on

Why is it then that the Islamic Republic collborated with the Americans to invade a soveriegn nation. Why is the Islamic Republic supports the puppet gov't of Iraq along with the Americans. What about the Shia death squads supported, trained, and funded by the Islamic Republic to kill Iraqis? Iraqis and Arabs increasingly are beginning to see the Islamic republic as their biggest enemy. In fact, if it were not for the secterain war Iran is foementing to sustain the chaos in Iran and if Iran didn't have a design on the Souther oil fields of Iraq, the US troop would have left a long time ago.

Islamic Republic's IRGC Commander confesses: Chaos in Iraq is Good for us


You're not only ill-informed, you're doing a lot of damage spreading biased information. I feel sorry for your students.


Islamic colonization

by Awakening (not verified) on

The Islamic colonization of mind and body endures to this date and has been a millionth time more devastating to our nation than any Western colonization ever could inflict upon a nation.

Are we free to be Iranian in our mother land Iran?

Islam out of Iran. Preserve Iranian culture. Modernity in. Particiapte globally.


Your letter is well writen but it is ill-informed.

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

This whole talk about how America invaded Iraq for Oil and they are after power in the region sounds good. But it is not a true picture of how things really are. If those damn Arab murderers had not attacked the US in 2001, America would NEVER have invaded Afghanistan or Iraq. This is a Moslem problem, not America or European problem.

If I were an American or Europoean, I would be extremely upset when these Arab killers set foot on their soil in order to kill inncoent people. America is not in Iraq to kill people. Don't let the media mislead you. They went there; at least on the military level, they have been there to secure the country after decades of despotic rule by a madman. It was he, Saddam, who kept his subjects so suppressed and tortured that at first sight of freedom they began killing each other. Blame him. Stop playing victim.

If America ever attacks Iran, it is not because America wants to, it is because the Iranian government is a very dangerous hypocracy, which if not stopped it will poison the whole region, as it has done its own people.
A concerned Iranian



by Persian Gulf (not verified) on

Dear Dr. Bakhtiar,

Thank you for sharing with us your honest and unbiased thoughts about one of the most important issues facing Iran and Iranians at this critical time in the history of our homeland. I especially congratulate you on your courage for expressing the truth, which is hardly found in the media nowadays. What you have said is also hidden in the minds and hearts of many Iranians, but unfortunately it doesn’t come out easily for whatever reason. Perhaps it’s not considered popular or “intellectual” to say something in favor of Iran and against the policies of our adopted countries. Regretfully, many of so-called Iranians living in the comfort of western countries are lost in their fantasy of regime change in Iran no matter how and with what price, even at the expense of the country being invaded and “raped” by warmongers. What we Iranians (both in and outside the country) need at this time is unity and a strong, united voice to defend the country and its people against conspiracies of the true axis of evil: U.S., U.K., and Israel.

Thank you again, and please contribute more to this website. It’s in need of more articles worthy of reading.


Many thanks

by Bavafa on

A well written piece and it is truly sad to see the ugly face of state terrorism that has been brought to the Iraqi people and maybe to the Iranians.. But I have no doubt, if US/Israel makes the stupid mistake and actually attack Iran, the Iranians will not just sit and watch. Just as they defended their country when it was brutally attacked by Iraq and supported by the west, they will fight till victory.



Why hasn't Syria protested the recent Israeli bombing..!?

by Curious (not verified) on

Answer: Maybe, Syria was doing something that it was not supposed to do?


Javid Shah

by Foad is an old fart (not verified) on

Iran was invaded by the terrorist barbaric mullahs 28 years ago. It has been raped on a daily basis since 1979. I am sure if you put the option before any Iranian living in Iran that a) the mullahs are going to stay for ever and missery is going to be around for ever and b) Iran will be partitioned and some of them will be free of mullahs and badbakhti. I bet a large percentage will chose option b. So, it is the f**king Islam and mullahs that have been the source of the problem all along not US not Israel.

PS Foad you can lick my exit point.



by Amini (not verified) on

In chess, near the end, the outcome becomes clear! Iran has had many years to prepare and respond. It is now clear that Israel and USA will attack Iran. Israel just hit Syria and no refricusions! Iran talks big but the Iranian arm forces are no match for Israeli airforce and the American military power. It is ironic that Iran is following the same path as Iraq. Our beloved country will be destroyed once again. It has been a long time since the mongols invaded Iran and now we need to face this again. Checkmate!


Excellent indeed

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Thank You Bakhtiar


Boring fatalist article

by alimostofi on

Oh I have read so many of these articles. I am tired. For goodness sake it is really clear that the average Iranian right now, is far more alert than before on what the Seyyeds and the foreigners are about.


Fact is that we have all innoculated the demons of Islam, US power. We just need to talk of a unity that is morally higher than anything else that will bind us together.


What is that morality that we need to bind us. It is nothing more than the need for peace. The fact that the people of Iran, like any other country can form a non violent General Strike based on Peace, makes the Seyyeds shiver.


So why don't we all tell the Seyyeds and the US that we will bring Iran to a halt by not working. What will they both do? The Seyyeds will just be dumb founded, and the US will applaud.


Now can we Iranians use this power, and get the Seyyeds running for Najaf harchi tontar lotfan.


But then some people say Iranians couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery. Hmmm .....


Ali Mostofi



We are right here Foad and

by jamshid on

We are right here Foad and we are not going away...


Where are They???

by Foad on

I congratulate you for writing this article. Tony Blair used to be GW bitch but now he has been replaced by Kouchner and Sarkozy.

What I like to know is where are those who are barking "Javid Shah"? Where is that incompetent, Moftkhore  specimen? where are those who parade pictures of bloody Pahlavi and statuesque Soraya? Where are you????? Foad


The un-Iranian mullahs

by Nay (not verified) on

The un-Iranian mullahs are

The un-Iranian mullahs are only slightly less interested in war than the United States is.

A lot of good things happen from their long-term perspective.

I think they see what the US is having to do in Iraq, and they like their chances.

Plus history shows that the best way for an unpopular regime to hold power is to unite the people against a foreign enemy.

They may be taking a calculated risk.

Wars are strange things; they occur only when both sides are wrong in their assessment of their own capabilities and intentions, and those of their prospective adversaries, but both where sides of the conflict have clear and unambiguous conflicts of interest that they are willing to damage and take damage into order to win.

At the heart of it all, the only reason war between the United States and Iran is even realistic is that both countries feel they have a shot at winning.


Great article, thanks for

by Mansour (not verified) on

Great article, thanks for posting it


Let's not forget

by FranceShouldPayHaiti (not verified) on

Let's also not forget that Kouchner also supported the invasion of Iraq!


Israel's wish is my command

by no_name (not verified) on

Mr Bakhtiar,

This is well written argument. As much as we dislike the mullahs is hard to stand for the blatant criminal act of invading another sovereign country.

Please keep in mind, Mr. Kouchner is half Jewish and just as many Jewish Americans he seem to have a stronger loyalty to Israel than the country of their birth. His call does not help France and what France has stood for, but is only a mouth piece for Israel.

Unfortunately, we have many gullible Iranians who think Americas attack will bring democracy to Iran. These guys are either blind or oblivious to the situation in Iraq. When you hear all the talk in US, I have yet to hear anyone talking about what is best for Iraq. The conversation in Washington or elsewhere is about America and allies best interest. Is there a wonder why the country is in the verge of civil war.

Everyone blames Iraq situation in bad planning. But I have done the research, and I know that what has happened in Iraq had been predicted. And I argue what has happened in Iraq is what was intended.

Mark my words, they will divide Iraq (federalize as they will call it). Kurdish, Sunni, and Shiia. Why you ask? Because an independent Kurdistan has and will become the Israeli base. For those who do not know, the Israelis are building-with US tax payer money, of course-airport, communication systems military training and bases.

This is why, every Israeli lobbyist from Tom Friedman to Richard Holbrooke are arguing for a federal system in Iraq and why is such a "good thing". Federal system will give Kurdistan region enough sovereignty to keep the Israeli forces in there. Despite destroying millions of lives, and forcing relocation of thousands of people from houses and neighborhoods they have lived for generations.

The same plan is in the doors for Iran. I have heard all the speeches and the arguments. They want to create a civil war state in Iran between Persians and non Persians. And chop up the country!

Iran regime at some point will change and evolve, but a divided border never will remerge again. Attack on Iran will be end of the land and border as we know today.

So I call to all Iranians, to unite on this issue and oppose a foreign attack on Iran. We as Iranians should be the one solving the destiny of Iran.


They are the neo-fascists

by alborzi (not verified) on

Just like deporting Jews in WWII, France and Germany
are fascist by nature, the liberal behavior was an abnormality,
they are back to their nature, however be not concerned the events this summer shows they have their own problems.



by Anonymousssssss (not verified) on

for finally coming to its sences

20 years of mollahs agent jack chirac really had u ppl going didnt it?!



by asefati on

I am speechless and have nothing to add except saying it was a great pieace.... Well done.