Must-see TV

IRIB's to broadcast confessional show


Must-see TV
by Shahriar Zangeneh

There are those who enjoy opera, ballet and an occasional afternoon at Guggenheim savoring the intricacies of finer things in life, yours truly does not. My chosen mode of cultural/artistic venue is more down to earth, way way down, to be blunt, guttural. I enjoy Jerry Springer confessional shows, the so called white trash trailer park reality talk show. Let the Hoity-toity watch the Oprah Winfrey, I take Jerry any day.

Likewise I enjoy Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting to any other mass media outlet, especially over the Persian media in Diaspora. Aside from the stupefying imaginative ways it presents strings of unending bad news with glorifying adjectives and artful twisting and turning of physical facts that puts the best contortionist to shame, once in a while it has a special treat for people like me.

I know there are those who might be tempted to label me and my type as perverted bunch, the sadomasochists in desperate need of heavy doses of psychotherapeutic medication in conjunction with daily intensive laid-out-prone on the couch therapy. To them I just say don’t knock it till you try it.

The very first time that I saw a confessional show on IRIB, I was captivated. True, in the beginning it was crude, the interviewer was always out of camera range barking out the “questions” and the subject’s physical pose was unnaturally rigid for someone who was unburdening himself. Their eyes had the deer-in-a-headlight look to them but like any other Endeavour in life, art included, it has progressively gotten better. I am sure Van Gogh’s first few paintings did not come close to anything like his Sun Flower paintings; likewise IRIB is getting better as the time passes.

I said all these to share with those few like minded connoisseurs who might not have heard the blessed news. Our beloved IRIB has just announced the two episode long confessional show to be broadcast on its channel one on this coming tonight and tomorrow night (Wednesday and Thursday) at 21:45. The stars are to be one Haleh Esfandiari, a sixty something grandmother and Kian Tajbakhsh, a father of a spanking new baby.

The grapevine gossip has it that the setting will have the ambiance of a comfy home and the interview will have an air of friendly casual conversation/chat. It is expected that the elderly Mata Hari, James Bond duo are to reveal the dastardly master plot hatched by non other than the chaps at the Central Ineptitude Agency, CIA, in conjunction with their colleagues at half dozen foreign intelligence agencies.

It is further expected that the dynamic duo will name names and unmask many deep moles and sleeping agents who have been planted to overthrow “the first government of Allah on earth”, Allah-land for short. I tell you I can’t wait for Wednesday’s début.