A new dawn

Reading comments can now be even more fascinating than the original article

A new dawn
by shahireh sharif

Since reading "Your wish has come true", I have considered the new ability to post comments without registering a potential revolutionary one.

I thought the ease of commenting could bring about substantial changes to the way that the site is used in the future. After seeing a couple of comments on one of my recreant photo-essays, I realized that the future has arrived and things have changed already.

A simple calculation revealed that since the publication of the article mentioned above only 14% of posted articles managed to remain immune to comments (all articles till 18th Sep were included in this calculation). Let’s not talk statistics, but at the first glance an increase in the number of articles commented on is apparent.

The comments posted on some of the articles are very interesting. The twists and turns (even u-turns!) in the topic of discussion moving from one comment to the next are dramatic, unpredictable and sometimes a joy to see. Reading comments can now be even more fascinating than the original article and indeed they can add fresh perspectives or give credibility to the topic of discussion.

However, anonymous commenting coupled with the heterogeneous mix of the site contributors means that a clash (head on) is inevitable. This collision is not likely to be preventable, and it could go in two ways. It can either be fun and even educational, or painful and disastrous to watch.

In the worse scenario more introvert contributors would be pushed off the site altogether. On the other hand, we might get a chance to practice the art of debating, something that traditionally hasn’t been encouraged. So, does anonymous commenting work for this site? Only time can tell, but thank you Iranian.com for the opportunity to experience it.


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useful information

by webkinz (not verified) on

useful information


reply to: talking about dailykos

by goali12 on

The name of the creator of the blog is Markos (Markos Moulitsas Zúniga), Kos from the last syllable of his first name, hence the name of the blog; totally innocent, but unfortunate translation/meaning in our own language (farsi).



talking about dailykos

by Alborzi (not verified) on

You think they just chose the name for their blog or they liked
the Persian concept?


Twos of the best site to

by Nay (not verified) on

Twos of the best site to learn debating skills from is dailykos.com and angryarab.blogspot.com. You don't have to agree with their comments but most of those who comment on those sites are master debaters and present and substantiate their opinions with evidence and facts; something we Iranians need to learn; presenting facts instead of opinions.


I like this new way

by farrad02 on

I think with the exception of a couple of things, the new site is doing just about everything better!  And I think this open commenting will settle into its final tempo! It takes a little time. And I agree that some shy readers may get taken aback but they won't stop coming here and reading. Even they will enjoy the occasional fireworks between the readers and will kepp coming back for more!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Alborzi... do you mean the Anyway section? It has a new page: //iranian.com/main/life_anyway



its not all bad but

by Alborzi (not verified) on

well I miss the anyway part.