Someone stop this train!

Ebrahim Nabavi on the threat of War


Someone stop this train!
by (Translator) Siamak Alizadeh

Ebrahim Nabavi wrote this last week. I found it interesting and translated it:

It has been six months that we, Iranians, are approaching a fall in the train of fate. Meanwhile people who have the power to intervene are in different conditions:

Ahmadinejad: He welcomes a war. If a war begins he hopes that the world would come to his rescue and USA would be trapped in the quagmire of Iran. USA would be defeated and he and his friends would be war heroes. They could move against his rivals and get rid of all opposing factions and social groups. They would rule Iran comfortably without fear of domestic opposition. Ahmadinejad believes that disturbing world is the preface to the coming of Imam Mahdi. He is a dangerous person; all with final and uncompromising beliefs are very dangerous in the position of power.

Ayatollah Khamenyi: His Eminence hopes all ends well. No head of government exhibit the obedience that Ahmadinejad has shown him. His Eminence also is worried if the opposition takes over the country, if Ahmadinejad falls. Ayatollah Khameneyi believes that reformists, Mr. Hashemi or Khatami would hurt the religious establishment, Islam and Shiites. He is under the impression that USA does not dare to attack Iran.

Ali Larijani: Dr. Larijani knows that USA want to attack Iran, but he thinks since the cost of war is too high Americans are wise enough to avoid a new adventure. If he could, he would resign not to witness a war. He hopes that he could stop an insane war at the last moment.

Hashemi Rafsanjani: He knows that war will come and more than anyone he wants to stop it. He would if he had the power. He lacks the maneuverability to negotiate with Americans and to compete with Ahmadinejad at the same time. Americans are losing all their opportunities and want to find a final solution for their issues with Iran. Despite everything Amadinejad still hopes to have one last chance to negotiate. Hashemi-Rafsanjani is a chess player with 10 seconds for each move.

Reformists: They hope that the elections happen sooner than a war, so they retunr to the position of power and prevent a war. They are afraid of war. They cannot prevent it and do not have any role in it, so they prefer to change the topic and bring the debate to a place where they have political maneuverability. Reformists also lack the ability and resources to organize an anti-war movement. If they organize an anti-war anti-US movement the government wins. If they organize an anti-war anti-government movement they will be accused of treason, collaboration with enemy and cowardice.

Intellectuals and Elite: They are so dissatisfied by government and so cut from public and social realities that they cannot warn anyone of an approaching war. They cannot talk to people because they do not have the media, they cannot talk to government because government would treat them as enemy agents.

Public: Iran society, public and the middle class are buried under economic crisis, insecurity, tensions, fear and psychological bombardment of government controled media. Those who know how bad situation is are silent. They cannot do anything (to stop a war) so they prefer not to seek any news or to think of any danger.

Iran Military Forces: Iran military forces, especially IRGC and Basij, are preparing themselves to fight a guerilla war on the ground with the enemy and to administrate the country through entering public administration system and assuming positions within government bureaucracy. However it is less likely that Americans fight a ground war.

Islamic World: Ruling elites and governments of Islamic World have realized the threat of a revolutionary Iran. And they are more afraid of Iran than USA. Muslim nations are mostly Sunni and they are afraid of Iran as well. It must be pointed out that in most countries with fundamentalist tendencies dictators or absolutist elites rule whose relations with Iran have become sore in the last year.

Europe: European countries have lost their economic interests in Iran under Ahmadinejad. Instead Iran has become closer to China and Russia. The majority of European countries even unenthusiastic about a military option and even if they do not cooperate with USA in a military action will not oppose one. European countries are very weary of Islamic Fundamentalism themselves.

USA: Bush Administration has been preparing global opinion and American public for an attack on Iran. Ahmadinejad also has provided them with many ample opportunities that guarantee Iran's defeat in a psychological warfare. The USA have little time to lose. It seems that President Bush administration will lunch a destructive military campaign against Iran sometime soon. A disaster awaits us, Iranians.

The train of war is speeding. We could close our eyes and do not witness the crash, but the truth is that drums of war are being beaten. In this train there is no wise man that could stand up and grab the brake handle. I am afraid of tomorrow.



Both will suffer

by hanniball66 on

Unfortunately the governments of both the U.S and Iran are playing a deadly game. The Iranian leader is a zealot and evidently cannot fathom that the U.S. will actually attack, or at least back up Israel should they begin a bombing campaign. Bush is even scarier in that he apparently believes that God speaks directly to him. He uses this justication to put American troops and citizens at risk with very little real consideration of how it affects them and their families.  It is as if both countries have governments who do what they want, when they want and we, the people of both, wonder what the hell is going on. For those of us who have lived under Bush for 7 years, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Bush, Cheney, et al., could actually plan to expand this "war on terrorism". God, or Allah, help us all!


stop the train

by Faribors Maleknasri (not verified) on

the problem is: No war against Iran will ever beginn. the best apportunity to start a war against Iran was winter 1978/79. and it was no real apportunity. so please dont worry be happys


Nafahmi ka shako dom namikhahd

by Not Anyone (not verified) on

Nafahmi ka shako dom namekhahad.

ISRAEL is behind all the war mongering.
Come and say it with me:

1- Yes to hope and No to war.
2- Yes to Justice and hope , and no to the state of perversion Israel.

The Zionists are the worst of the worst who rule
the US. That is a fact. None of you, not even one person has said a thing about that.
Go listen to Dershowitz and Eavens who plan to make US in their own image will have to say about Iran.

I will say it again, LISTEN:

Those who scout the world over in search of despair, only to nurture it and to use it as a means to an end should know when despair and anguish rules them.

Now, like the proverbial CAR sales man, Israel (via US) will play the WAR card already.
Let them play it. Fear and despair can make you do strange things.

When dental plan and job security are all about the business of war and killing, it is easy to understand where you are going with all this.

Hai mega Islam o zhera mar az mast. Na

HOPE az ma hast.


Az mast ke bar mast

by Kamangir on

I was 4 years old when people in my country chanted 'esteghlal azadi jomhoorie eslami' when they saw the face of that goddamn khomeini on the moon, when their work strikes brough the nation to a complete halt (I don't see these actions now, what happened?)I was very young when they took the American staff as hostages, when they started their mediocre rule, relaying on the 'marg bar amrica' slogan.... my generation lost its country, we left Iran, many died in the war with Iraq, the reign of Islamic terror came upon our land and people. My generation is paying the price of all the extremely 'incomprehensible' mistakes made by other fathers and grand-fathers, many of whom left Iran and have been living in the west, enjoying basic human rights. We the Iranians 'deserve' this as a country (as mast ke bar mast) we are totally lost and only when we hear the war drums is when we start to worry. This regresive involution is very unique to Iran. I know my own community as an Iranian, I know that during the first couple of weeks of a eventual war with Iran we will all act very concerned and possibly very loudly, but then, we'll go back to our concerts, familiar parties and money making life. We are a very inmature people up to the point we worry much more about the film 300 and do give a damn about the building of Sivand dam. As a western diplomat said many decades ago: Iran is child that has been asked to act like an adult.



“But war, in a good cause,

by LoverOfLiberty (not verified) on

“But war, in a good cause, is not the greatest evil which a nation can suffer. War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things: the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing worth a war, is worse. When a people are used as mere human instruments for firing cannon or thrusting bayonets, in the service and for the selfish purposes of a master, such war degrades a people. A war to protect other human beings against tyrannical injustice – a war to give victory to their own ideas of right and good, and which is their own war, carried on for an honest purpose by their free choice – is often the means of their regeneration. A man who has nothing which he is willing to fight for, nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." - John Stuart Mill

So, Iranians, which would you rather fight for:

1) Your own freedom to live in a land filled with the potential for justice, liberty, and opportunity?


2) Your own personal safety, albeit without living in a land filled with the potential for justice, liberty, and opportunity?

The choice is yours to make, Iranians.

Unless, of course, there exists much better men-and women-than yourselves.


My People

by Foad on

Well I lived about five decades in the US and 18 years of my youth in Iran. I love both countries and both Americans and Iranians are my people. I am however critical of the government of both countries. Iran is my birth place and where my family (a few still alive) live. US provided me college education, 35 years of employment, children, grandchildren  and a comfortable retirement. I owe my life to both countries. I don't wish harm to either counntries.I think Iran's current regime making a tremendous mistake to believe that it can withstand the awesome military power of the US or even Israel. Equally GW administration make big mistake to think that 1200 sorties in three days will solve the problem. I wish both countries come to their senses and start negotiation and talking to each other. Is this clear enough? Foad


Why does this guy even

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Why does this guy even write? He doesn't know anything except what he was taught by his mullahs. He is clueless about the world affairs and politics. He lives in a cobweb of religious hallucinations and he has nothing to offer except nonsense for uneducated, uninformed and bisavad mullah and basiji characters. He is an embarrassment to Iranians with knowledge, brain and intellect.


Muslims Against Sharia

by Anonymous911 (not verified) on

Muslims Against Sharia condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the decision of Columbia University to provide a speaking venue for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Apparently letting Akbar Rafsanjani speak at the National Cathedral was not the height of American Dhimmitude, because providing a venue for the world's foremost anti-Semite, whose proclaimed goal is the destruction of the USA and Israel, definitely takes the cake. What is surprising is that we don't hear any complaints from Columbia alumni who should be ashamed of their silence.
This is from the group's website:


Brothers and Sisters!
Do not make the next generation of Muslims clean up your mess!
Fight Islamic Fascism now, so your children won't have to!
Meanwhile... The Columbia Dean says that the university would invite Hitler as well!
Actually, Columbia did invite Hitler.

** Sign the petition HERE against Columbia's disgraceful invitation to Ahmadinejad.



Severe Economic Sanctions

by Kamangir on

A military attack on Iran will cause serious long term  problems that no Iran wishes for Iran. The Iranian Islamic Regime is too vulnerable to severe economic sanctions, that is what scares them. They are not affraid of a military attack, all the opposite, they really look forward to it. Let's hope their mafia collapses before the confrontation.


Eslam Rishekan Nashavad,

by Anonymous456 (not verified) on

Eslam Rishekan Nashavad, Iran Iran Nashavad
Eslam Rishekan Nashavad, Iran Virantar Mishavad
Eslam Rishekan Mishavad, Iran baz Iran Mishavad!!!


“Islam is our tradition". You must be out of your f%$&ing mind.

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

“Islam is our tradition". You must be out of your f%$&ing mind. You do not know what tradition means. We are Iranians. Our tradition is to be free from dogma. Our tradition is to honor Iranian history. Our tradition is to honor Iranian pre-Islamic heroes and achievements. Our tradition is Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds.

Your Islamic tradition is force, savagery, cheat, deceit, lie, chopping fingers, cutting hands, hanging, lashing, maiming, murdering, superstition, butchery, torture, wife and daughter beating, women bashing, women exploitations, underage marriage, many wives, pedophile, dogma, public physical beating, forceful praying, eliminating cultures, eliminating languages, unhappiness, burning libraries, no court, no jury, no freedom of speech, no freedom of assembly, no freedom of opposition, no modernity, no invention, no respect, and worse of all occupying other people’s lands.

Your tradition does not even have sympathy to friendliest and most beneficial animal to mankind, dogs.

Stop Genocide of Iranians


No FREE OIL for USA in

by Not Anyone (not verified) on


USA has some of the best people the world has to offer and unfortunately, it also has the worst of the worst the world has to offer.

The Zionists are the worst of the worst who rules the US and the rest, the good tend to die young.
This site is a mouth piece mostly for local consumption.
There is no logic in his rant and name calling.


Those who scout the world over in search of despair, only to nurture it and to use it as a means to an end should know when despair and anguish rules them.

Now, like the proverbial CAR sales man, US will play the WAR card already.
Play it for all it worth for the world to see.

It is only a play.

But then what?


When dental plan and job security are all about the business of war and killing, it is easy to understand where you are going with all this.

Islam is our tradition. And what scares you about Islam is the potential that it has for growth.

After Iran war no oil for USA in the ME.



And your point

by Mohsen Dasmalchi (not verified) on

You are correct. War is near. Although, it will not be a guerilla war. The US knows that it can not win a long ground war. Instead, all it needs to do is to hit key targets hard. Devestate the economy and intimitate the iranians. Once the US controls the oil fields and the Air campaign, it has already done the damage and will wait for the shahi faction to take over.


Re: Foad...

by jamshid on

Foad, You talk about "brash, arrogant and self appointed policeman role of GW and Israel", and "those who are literally choking Palestinians under pretext of security..."


It seems to me that you are more concerned about the fate of palastinans and other foreign entities than the fate of your own people. What about the "brash, arrogant and self appointed role of the mullahs in Iran"??? or "the clerics who are literally choking Iranians under pretext of security"???


Have you stopped for a second and thought about your own people?


Foad: ARe you an ARab?

by NN (not verified) on

Foad: ARe you an ARab?


Midwesty: No dear. Here I'll

by JK (not verified) on

Midwesty: No dear.

Here I'll spell it out for you.

Iran will be bombed/nuked in the near future because the U.S. and Israel view Iran as their existential threat; Isreal in the near future and the U.S. in the long run. The answer to why in case of Israel is obvious, thanks the cleric's anti-Israeli stance.

The answer as to why the U.S. views Iran as a threat has to do with geopolitical issues where the U.S. cannot allow China and Russia use Iran as a proxy to do their bidding in expanding and acquiring resources, on top of the fact that "War is Money" for the elites...I think you should read the below article:



JK, Nazi?

by Foad on

Jk, I don't understand how from this translated article (by the way thanks to the writer and translator)you can conjure up Nazi area. Two controversial points are Rafsanjani and Larijani's assessment. The rests are right to the point. Any population center that I visited in Iran, people were more in tuned and aware of global problems, in fact more so, than in any city in the US. If you believe in global village then how do you justify brash, arrogant and self appointed policeman role of GW and Israel? Then what do you call those who attack a sovereign nation based on false premises. Or those who are literally choking Palestinians under pretext of security (according to UN more 500 check points in the West bank). Or those who conduct bombing raid in their neighboring country without any provocation. No,JK, Iranians are not Nazi follower. They despise him as much as they do the international bullies.Foad


JK, I don't understand your

by Midwesty (not verified) on

I don't understand your point about what the connection is between nuke and terrorism. You mean nuking Iran will prevent terrorism? Think again. I hope that mysterious group doesn’t think that way either because Iranians by culture and religion are linked to many many countries and people. That will differentiate Iran from an isolated island such as Japan. But still we don’t know whether Japan will decide to retaliate one day. I don’t think you get the point either. Easterners never forget things. Bottom line I think part of Americans are angry because Iranians shattered their ego. I apologize for that and I know most of Iranians do. Believe or not as Thomas Friedman said Iranians if are not the only they are amongst a few supporters of US values and culture. Also part of Jewish Americans are angry at Iranians because they are afraid of Iran’s rivalry to Israel. I assure you that Iran won’t be any threat to Israel. Iran is the home to the largest Jewish community in the Middle East after Israel. They have been peacefully living together for 2800 years. I like to say one more thing. US, Iran! Stop bullying each other, have a nice face and get back to you sand box.


Midwesty: You seem not to

by JK (not verified) on

Midwesty: You seem not to understand the external forces at work to foment war each with their own agenda...What we wish were true and realties on the ground are two different things. In an ideal world, you would be right...War is never right and it would be devestating for both parties, however, we know that both parties in this case are stupid enough to start one.

It is also up to Iranians to assess the external threats correctly ,whether they like or not, and don't get nuked and slaughtered.


JK, It is up to Iranians

by Midwesty (not verified) on


It is up to Iranians inside of Iran to decide. What you are saying is against all related international treaties. Even Hitler respected some parts of Geneva Conventions. US don't need to go to war with a sovereign country to prevent terrorism. I am sure US military and intelligence might and diplomatic efforts can track and neutralize terrorist acts just as easily. Many countries have been dealing with terrorism for years but they never invaded a country to uproot terrorism.


Talk about General Strike

by alimostofi on

Yes Yes Yes we all know that the Seyyeds control the media, duh! But who is to stop the world media to question the support of the Seyyeds, in light of the last so called election.

Why don't major news papers in the world tell the Iranian people how effective a General Strike is, and how the Seyyeds like any other totalitarian state cannot win a discussion on the matter.

Someone should ask Mr AhMADinejad what he would do if an Iranian did not make bread for him. He would have to have it flown in from Baghdad eh.

So we Iranians have a choice. As it says in the Avesta, there is always a choice, and Free Will.

Ali Mostofi



To Mohhamd AlirezaOld Persian expresions...

by Common sense (not verified) on

1) Kasi Keh Kharboozeh Meekhoreh Payeh Larzesh Meeshineh. Iranians poured on the streets 28 years ago and supported the mullahs, now they need to undo what they did then. Pure and simple.

2) Kasi keh Havaseh Tootee Meekoneh Be Hendoostan Meereh. No pain, no gain! To get rid of the mullahs, Iranians must fight back with all means and tools. And yes, the will lose their lives in the process!

We all know to get rid of the mullahs require some blood must be shed (see your argument about the crazy caged bus driver, e.g., mullahs), then the question is whose blood will be to free Iran from the mullahs!?
Iranians' blood would guarantee Iranians to control their destiny. Americans' blood would give the control to Americans.

Again, the choice belongs to the Iranians and the rewards also depeneds upon which choice they make.

It's time for Iranians to stop acting as victims and take some responsibility!

PS -- Foad is a mullah ass kisser.


Khoonsard bashid

by alborzi (not verified) on

You guys are acting really scared and thats not Iranian. I remember back when Saddam attacked Iran, all the countries were helping him and doom was predicted. It was not pretty. but Iran last. Iran's situation is not all that bad this time, I think you guys might have been away from Iran too long.


To: Midwesty I sure hope

by JK (not verified) on

To: Midwesty

I sure hope you're right, however, Iranians need to understand that there is a movement against the terrorism their gov't exports and it must be dealt with and it has nothing to do with whether Iranians hate or love their gov't.


Translator, NOT!!!

by farrad02 on

Mr. Translator. Please don't quit your day job!


JK, I don't agree with you.

by Midwesty (not verified) on


I don't agree with you. The main factor of the rise of Hitler in the Europe was the economical conditions aftermath of the WWI and what he blamed Jews for adding salt on the fresh wound.
You are not an Iranian; I say this because you have missed out on one great aspect of an Iranian life that we hate our governments no matter who they are. We simply don't trust any of them. There is only one thing can bring Iranians together and have worked for thousands of years and that is the love of the country, Iran, the smell of its soil, and the kindness, hospitality and simplicity of its people. What else we hate is the pressure from outside. If there is no regime change from within Iran is because there is no good substitute for the current regime. Iranians are smart enough to wait until the conditions are right. So don’t push it too hard it might backfire from where you expect the least.


The pace of changes in

by Midwesty (not verified) on

The pace of changes in Iranian society is so fast that is hard to believe that Ebrahim Nabavi who has been out of country for several years now can have any say regarding its current conditions. I sure hope so that the US has never had any plan to attack Iran. Since the beginning they wanted Iraq and nothing else for whatever reasons. The media likes the drama and what is better than speculating on Iran war. Honestly I am surprised that US government is even letting the media speculate on Iran war plan while the US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq don't even want to get close to Iranian borders. Just if the Iraq war have had worked US wouldn't have needed any other war for years to come and Bush would have been the most admired president of all times. Still he has killed less people in war than any other US war presidents. Oddly Clinton killed more Iraqi children with his sanctions than Bush's bullets. US policy makers aren't mad men just going around and looking for fight. Every single step leading to Iraq war had been calculated. They bombed Japan then built it. They bombed Europe then built it. They bombed Iraq and now are building it. I don’t want to talk about if that’s the right approach but I believe in American goodwill and values. What you see in Iraq is not what it had been planned for. Either way if a war with Iran breaks out due to the Iranian society's complexity there is no indication on how Iranians in Iran and all over the world react. In either case talks such as what of Ebrahim Nbavi’s, not only don’t help preventing the war but they might send wrong message to people who want to see Iranian regime be gone regardless of its price. Again, Iranian society is much more complex than being portrayed by a comedian. I love Nabavi’s work but just for fun.


Foad: You might be right in

by JK (not verified) on


You might be right in your assessment of how most people think in Iran. Remember Hitler was also a democratically elected president with million of German Nazi supporters with great conviction in their ideology and their mission. The world has awaken to the shenanigans of the Islamic Republic and if the information-deprived Iranians don't know any better, then it's the responsibility of others on the outside to educate the ones inside. The Iranians need to understand that the world is getting increasingly closer and they have to take responsibility for their actions in the global village.

They precisely think like that because they are bombarded by propagnada and superstition and systematic Islamification of Iranians who naturally will follow these monsters against their own national and future interests...

Mohammad Alireza

Response to "Why don't Iranians..."

by Mohammad Alireza on

If it was only so easy!
The clerics believe they are doing God’s (Allah’s) work and their mission is to prepare for the return of Mahdi (Second Coming) and if anybody is against this they are a heretic, anti-revolutionary, and should be either locked up, or killed.
All avenues of communication, organizing, and assembly is controlled in Iran so any actions that show the slightest “anti-regime” characteristics are quickly suppressed.
Iranians are like passengers on a bus hurtling down a mountain road and hiding in the bush ahead is a cowboy planting a bomb to blow up the bus. The passengers hate the mad driver and can’t get to him because he is enclosed in a secure steel mesh which if they touch they get electrocuted. Jumping off the bus is possible but very difficult.

Mohammad Alireza



by Foad on

Once again, Pahlavi Cabals are insulting individuals rather than concentrating on the content. From my personal impression based on my last trip to Iran, like it or not, that is the way people think. I like to see a scholarly report from our resident scholar in Woodrow Wilson Institute. She may be able to shed a different light on this grave situation.