Ancient Aryaian/Persian women warriors


by Aniconic

In articles about "Women Rights" issues, I am proud to be strong supporter of Iranian/Persian Women Rights.

My focus is on ending violence against women in the family and in conflict/post conflict situations, two of the most dangerous environments for millions of women throughout the world, especially in Iran.

The creation of a world in which women and girls are afforded their basic human rights is our ultimate goal.

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Ancient Aryaian / Persian Women Warriors.
>>> 1st VIDEO

Throw out women glory history, Every PERSIAN / ARYAIAN Parsi women warriors have fought and led troops into battle.

Parsi / Aryaian Warrior Queens, Princesses and other Aryaian women warriors runs from the legendary Persia land marks.

Sadly, we know too little about most of these brave warrior ladies who stood up to the powerful male leaders of their day because history is written by the victors.

Mostly have been real warriors from the Steppes written and told about.

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3000 yrs Persian /Aryaian Culture 500-BC & 6th Century BC.
>>>2nd VIDEO

Over 3000 yrs ago in Persian heritage Men & Women were not different and they were equal.

Princesses, and Queens were seen as role models and every women in Persia were always side by side men, equally without any discrimination, They were working together in persia for peace, freedom and glory.

Many warrior ladies being captain of armies held the highest position in militaries, side by side with men, in the toughest wars, they fought with enemies. 

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Reason; why am I choose a word THROWN-OUT & I should not use word Throughout?

By the way I have to add this, we are talking about the humanitarian women rights of women in Persia how it is now and how it was then, and how it has been THROWN-OUT and forgotten by our Aryaian / Persian culture.

Parsi women should not be mistreated, treated as slaves and savagely abused and brutally murdered.

In our Persian culture and heritage women did everything side by side to men most toughest job, It was taken as much necessary at own time, and you never saw anything written by scientist or any God books in our Persian history about treating women as if they were nobody’s or just a piece of property.

They are always mentions in our history and written by scientist or God books about as being EQUAL, and even in highest positions and engineering.

Like chief or commander, strong leadership, tough fighters, horse riders, and archers, and.

Most of the all architect, sculpture and arts and craft, musician and song writer and singer, grammar and languages, list are going on.

History was written about the Persian kingdom about Parsi women; their glory, beauty, stylish, fashions, intelligent, so talented, well educated, smart, and their beautiful femininity,

They were one of the most beautiful collections of women on earth, when you see. Its like heaven opened its mouth and dropped them onto earth.

And Persian Men never use nasty jargons words in front of women. After the victory fight there was never anything written about Persian men were barbaric, never mentioning that they have sexually assaulted or abused women, or taken them as slaves, and sold them.

Aryaian/Persian did not use victory as an excuse to commit any these inhumane acts.

Unbelievably after all, even in some Hollywood movies maker there is mention of the truth about the Persian heritage.

As always Parsi/Aryaian Men give to everyone of their enemies’ humanitarian treatment, especially amnesty to women and children and their rights and freedoms, Unbelievably to every homosexual in every culture too and themes right.

It amazing how in history in Persian culture women were working side by side with men, and are equally paid coins as same weight of every men based on their particular skill, as negotiated by them as them wishes.

Where as in our time, we have forgotten who Persian women really are we think all women have to beg for mercy, to be used as slaves, and do everything men ask, men that savagely abuse and beat these women.

This is NOT us, this is NOT our Persian culture, it belongs to the stinking Arab culture, where women have to be covered up form there head to there toes, like a beast, and to keep them in the Dark Age.

In our culture women do not belong in the kitchen or to be as baby-sitters, grooming men, or children. Women and men were always spoken as equal, known as a PARTNERSHIP to complete one another other.

History and time line has proven that what men can do, women can do much better. Believe that.

For a moment close your eyes and visualize this image, you will see a society where there is never suffering, or even wars. And there might have been peace all over the world, much better then now.

This is THROWN OUT and FORGOTTEN, in other words; it is an Islamic religion Taboo.

What happened to us? This is not our culture; we are not like that as today! This is not us! 

Can you answer this? 



Thank you so much you know that there is a difference between those two words.

The definitions of it,

Throw out;

To discard something that is not wanted.

– disconcert somebody, dismiss somebody, to expel somebody from membership of an organization.

e.g ; She THREW OUT (past tense) the leftovers from Thursday’s dinner.

e.g. Here people have THROWN OUT (once again, past tense) and forgotten the glorious role of women in Persian History land mark as warriors, that is what we’re talking about here.


Meaning in all sections, or parts of something.

e.g. ; He mentioned the word obviously numerous times THROUGHOUT the letter.

You should look at your dictionary well and not translate it to your language it will make you more confused.



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Ancient Aryaian / Persian Women Warriors.
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Get life god dam it

by Persian (not verified) on

Hey smile (...All human are craeted)
What the hell ! --Nobody is talking about religion or mentions it and this article is not about it either.
You should tried to write your own article to make sense of it, and very fast you bring stupid non-sense opinions here which have no relevance to what he is talking about.
Hello is anybody home! He is talking about women issues and abuse.
Did Muhammad abuse, harass and cheat his wife Ayesha? Didn’t she have equal rights to her husband Muhammad?
If your answer is NO, Then shut up.
Then did you read well what he is talking about or are you too stupid to bring Prophets down by the most ridiculous explanation.
Afterwards you are talking about Persian history without any research and any clue about the history.
He is saying they were working together and built the country even through the toughest wars with enemies, so then what are you talking about! There is no men !!!!!
And after all what does that have to do with European history and Midwest cultures and you are comparing your bull shit with this article, what is the relevance and how does it have to do with Persian women culture?
Fool do you understand what he is talking about! Can you read well, do you have any understanding how important this issue is around the world? geez who are these stupid people.
Where are all the ladies, allowing these stupid people to talk on behalf of you.


...All human are craeted

by smile (not verified) on

...All human are craeted equal. If you see any discrimination, it is personal desire. Nothing to do with any releigion or culture or race, etc. In Islam you see " Ayesha" as the head of army stands up against the most powerful army of "Ali". She was a woman and Prophets wife. In Persia we see "Ramtin" stands up against 'Alexander", in Pars. In sasanids period we have'Purandokht" and "azarmidokht", as the kings of Persia, because there were not any men left from sasanid family, not because they were considered equal. In the middle ages you see what they did to women in Europe. Look at kings of england how many wifes the had and murdere after one another, even the changed their reliogous to Protestans because Pop opposing divorce, etc. All of these are individual behavior not somebodies culture or releigoius.


Well done and your support

by From women shelters (not verified) on

It is good to see someone intelligent like you, is supporting women rights issues.
Can you imagine we have to go through every day dealing with those kinds of men, they have something mentally wrong with them and they have pleasure in abusing their own wife, daughters and every other woman around themselves?
They can’t see one intelligent and honest young man, like you, opening to others and trying to change the world. You are incredible along with your article and those two fantastic videos make us more impressed.
You did take time to make and write those well. It is beautiful to see women with those ancient dresses and historical fashions brought back to life with that nice background music.
Be stronger then before, and ignore every pathetic person that is leaving hypocritical comments to this article and they are not ashamed of themselves either.
Those People can’t understand humanitarian of women or any of their rights and they can’t understand a solid reason and evidence why you did it.
Do not pay attention to any one of those shallow people, they are messed up in the head like a shape of cube box and can’t make any sense of it and they can’t see and they want to see further.
Keep the good work young man and do not stop. I can’t wait to see your next one.


The Arrival

by Kamangir on

Th arival and stablishment of many Arabic tribes into Persia, in the centuries after the fall of the Sassanids, changed Iran for all time. What you see now, is a mix of Persian, Arab with some Moghol ingredients. This is to be found everywhere, in our expressions, language, physical feature and aspect and way of life. Who dares, saying anything against the arabo-muslim bastards rulling Iran righ now? They'll either call you 'kafar' or 'mortad' or something similar. However, you can actually go to Cyrus's tumb and piss on it, nobody cares, nobody will stop you and you may even get a free trip to Meca. Yes! my friends, we are being ruled by the descendants of the Arabs who raped and killed and sold our Persian women and children.



Thumbs up to you! and Special thanks to web site.

by Women Right Group (not verified) on

Today morning at my work; I got e-mail from some friends of mine and other organizations to look at this nice article about women, they asked me what I thought and I sent them my comment and opinion.

Aniconic do not pay attention to those are jealous people, they are as bunch of ignorant, and mentally ill people. They have nothing better to do with lives. They just spend time on the internet, all day and night, and just ruin other people’s blogs with spam, low mindedly, no talent required.
However this is the only thing they are talented at. They can’t see the success of other among them, like you, you wrote something nice and truthful, most importantly by yourself, researched it to, It is not like some others, who copy and past from somewhere else, this is killing them.

It is so pathetic to see someone who tries to give comments, with the most stupid explanation and childish fact, which not relevant to what you are trying to say to us and especially to women today.
They are trying to pretend that they are better, more accomplished, and more intelligent than you, but they are not.

They article you wrote is factual, fantastic, and excellent; and without any mistake, grammatical errors, spelling errors, too perfect.
You even left sources too by given two names. Then you did your homework, If someone wanted know more badly about then they should be research by them self.
It’s funny that those people are advising other to read books, they did not even open first chapter of any book. They have no clue about the meaning of its contents. It is so pathetic. They are still confused, asking: is your article true or not?

One more thing, please do not stop or any reason to get cold feet, writing and researching you could write a book with that one day, do not forget put your initials too, so we know about it.
Now you know why they are planning, then you do not stop either. So I am sure their Boos will make you stronger.

Thank you for your supporting us women. It is good to see an intelligent person like you paying attention to an issue like this. I’ll make a request for it to be published on our women’s domestic violence organization news articles. And also I’ll send your link to our partner the amnesty international women right.
Thumbs up to you! Special thanks to web site to supporting us.


For those who think there are no prove of female equality...

by Haleh (not verified) on





Have a look at these articles written by archaeologists and historians...

And leave the poor man alone, at least he tried!!
How ever fancyfull, there are some truth in his words.


What happened here?

by Anonymouse on

Hajiagha and couple of feminists were having a discussion but unfortunately those comments got deleted.  I was translating one of them but the 2nd one, the better one got deleted.  Oh well.  The better one was about blind leading another blind.  She was telling Hajiagha "Dud" fix your Englisi first! 


You cannot change history!

by Anonymous!!!!! (not verified) on

Those stinking Arabs slaughtered thousands of Perisans some 1400 years ago and again twenty plus years ago!


Reality?.....OR, right out of comic book

by LostIdentity (not verified) on

How pathetic some people can be to push their agenda........please look closely at the history....let's not talk about Prince and princess.....let's talk about what this dinosaurs have done to people of Iran in the past!

People can do anything to get their hands of Petro$'s......beating on the drum of war, making up the shot.




by Mazloom on


Manoucher Avaznia

Great claims, no documentation

by Manoucher Avaznia on

It would have been a wounderful job if the author had documented these claims with some archiac sources of our culture, history, religion, archeological findings, and mythology that are abundant.  Definitely, he did not live three thousand years ago in Iran or anywhere to witness what he claims here.  No famine has descended on our cultural and historic traditions.  Even it is not clearly known where Iranians lived three thousand years ago and before.  Only some archeological findings vaguely indicate they perhaps came from Central or Northern Asia.  Let's do not forget we are Iranians and Perians are one (perhaps the largest components) of Iranians; and if the ancient Greeks called us Persians it was because of those who ruled Iran and Aniran in those days.  In recent history the Western powers for their colonial interests loved to call us Persians in order to divide us and devour us easily.  Rarely, Iranians have called themselves Persians.  During the Sassanee Era the head of the Iranian army was titled "Araan Sepahbath" and other titles always came with "Araan or Iran" as prefix.  Perhaps, the name Iran comes from a Kordish word "Aaraan" that means "flames or fires" that aludes to the fact that the word itself refers to all those people who somehow regarded the fire a sacred element.  These people were spread from the Chinese western borders to Syria and beyond; and from Central Asia to the southern seas of Iran.  They were related to one another by blood, culture, religion, traditions, myths, and above all their language. It is wounderful to be and act like what the writer suggests. But just one example, in our Zoroastrian traditions women who were on their period were forbidden to even watch the sacred flames (the central element in our religious beliefs that is still with us) of the "Aatashkadeh" leave alone participating in its workshiping.  We are a nation on the face of the Earth like every other nation with all its positive and negative aspects and should not make an eay morsel for others to devour us under any pretext.  There are plenty of researchers who work in these fields; and I suggest not make claims that we cannot support.  Please, keep writing.


One more time Thank you.

by Women Community (not verified) on

It is us again, I just remembered and realized that we have to delete the last part that mentions about Arab culture "stinking Arab culture" I am sure that we do not want to discriminate anyone or their heritage,
if you do not mind it might be changed a little bit and we do not want to touch on the fact.
If you live in Washington DC or British Columbia you will get our newspaper issue on Oct,19, 2007 at any women community or library.
Thank you again Mr. Aniconic for managing and taking the time to write this beatiful article.
We even got this article from web page.


Special Thanks to all of you.

by Women Community (not verified) on

It is fantastic you wrote this beautiful, historical article about women in the world issues, and it is something very new, Excellent.
I got an email from a friend of mine to read this article and watch the videos.
It's phenomenon that the Iranian young generation can have thoughts and understanding like this.

I work at the Women Rights group in a shelter, if you do not mind I copied this article and printed our weekly neighbourhood newspaper for the abused women community.
Again thank you so much to all of the Iranian people in this Iranian community web page, put the magnificent article on the top of the list, especially thanks to whomever you are Mr.Aniconic.


This is the best discussion!

by Anonymouse on

I can't keep up!  These comments are by far the best comments and most intriguing!   Feminists vs Hajiagha.  Note to self, start a blog under "Feminists vs Hajiagha" ;-) 



by farrad02 on



This is great!

by Anonymouse on

This is great!