In tomorrow

In tomorrow
by jamh

It wouldn't be too far fetched
to say that you'll need
everything you got to face
your blue tomorrow.

I've looked into this for years,
through thick dusty books
filled with alchemy
and theatre of absurd,

through the encouragement
of the psychoanalysts
that to the south repeat
what Tibetans know best,

through the lost tribes
living in fear, or anger,
differently colored altogether,
and restless at the border.

You'll need to remember
the steam of strong tea
or whatever else that lets
you hold on to the rest.

Or, simply think of a number,
but it has to be large,
and it has to be yours,
while you wonder
all the toys you can buy
and in what order.

I have seen your future in my dream,
it is the deep blue of rare sky.


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