Voices that Radio Farda fears

Report the truth from both sides

Voices that Radio Farda fears
by Mohammad Alireza

TEHRAN -- To president of Radio Farda, Jeffrey Gedmin: Below please find my response to your opinion piece, Voices That Tehran Fears, in The Washington Post:

Oh come on! You make it out to seem as if Radio Farda is this enlightened beacon that will save Iran and bring about freedom, democracy, and peace to Iran if only it could operate freely.

The truth is your programming is mostly silly irrelevant pop songs with the occasional filler of watered down news that has little substance and reaches us here with a scratchy signal that makes it hard to listen to.

When have you reported about the neoconservative warmongers that have had Iran as a target since September 11, 2001? When have you reported about Cheney’s behind the scenes plotting to attack Iran? When have you given Iranians an in-depth reporting of the war crimes being committed only a few miles from our borders?

I could go on as the list is very long. You are primarily a mouthpiece for the American government and are not free to report the real truth. You are also part of the demonizing of Iran that is going on so that when Iran is attacked it will be supported by the all important “public opinion” in America.

Report the truth from both sides. Tell us about the war criminals in the White House if you really are a real radio station. But you are not. You are a fake radio station being paid to tow the line. And when Iran is attacked you will have blood on your hands because you will have played a part in demonizing Iran.

I’m happy your reported has been freed, but please save us from your sermonizing because you are not playing any part in preventing war between Iran and America but instead are putting Iran in danger. We in Iran would be better off if you stopped broadcasting to us.


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Radio Farda sounds Free

by Absent (not verified) on

Radio Farda appears to be free in it's contents.
At times it is very negative about Iran and reports only the negative developments on Iran but sometimes it has positive items on Iran too.
But let's be frank. Within the past 3 decades what has been positive about Iran.
The name of Iran itself has been abused by clerics.
People can't swim or sunbathe freely on Iran's lovely beaches. Discos, bars have been shut down.
People cannot drink a pint of original Iranian beer. You know Iranians are the founders of beer brewing and wine making. Iran's female stars are banned from singing and performing. All of the Iranian women and girls are forced to abide by the Islamic dress code and they have no right to choose what they desire to wear. People are being executed in public. What has happened to Iran within the past 3 decades has no example amongst the 200 and so nations of the world. Even Hitler and Mussolini didn't hurt their people as much as these clerics have harmed the Iranian people. What is this? What has come to Iran?
World do you hear me, Iran, the Grandfather of all nations and the pioneer of civilization and freedom has fallen captive to Ahriman.
Iran will be free again and Iranians will again enjoy all that's associated with liberty.

Mohammad Alireza

Response to Anonymous500

by Mohammad Alireza on

Your comment really does not contain anything worth responding to as all it says is that your political views are Republican and mine are “left”, whatever that means.
If seeing reality clearly causes me to be labeled “left” then I do not mind that label. If I see reality not according to how The Weekly Standard and The National Review views reality then I consider myself fortunate.
As far as not understanding how America works, well, I only spent 29 years living there so I guess I saw enough, and one thing I saw was that after Bush was elected America was a very different place.
Maybe it will reclaim its true values but for now it is swirling towards fascism and neo-colonialism, and maybe about to launch World War Three.
Hopefully I am wrong and the real Americans will stand up and stop the occupants of the White House from destroying a great nation; meaning their own.
The Iranian people want peace with the American people, but for now we have a group of extremists on both sides that are inching towards war. It’s up to the American and Iranian people to stop them.

Mohammad Alireza


Mohammad Alireza: In no way

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Mohammad Alireza: In no way shape or form, you understand the American government or society. It is obvious by your half-truth you obviously read on left leaning blogs...to be taken seriously, you need to dig much deeper. It is sad that the caliber of those who try to inform others is of such a poor state.


Muslims Against Sharia

by Anonymous911 (not verified) on

Muslims Against Sharia condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the decision of Columbia University to provide a speaking venue for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Apparently letting Akbar Rafsanjani speak at the National Cathedral was not the height of American Dhimmitude, because providing a venue for the world's foremost anti-Semite, whose proclaimed goal is the destruction of the USA and Israel, definitely takes the cake. What is surprising is that we don't hear any complaints from Columbia alumni who should be ashamed of their silence.
This is from the group's website:


Brothers and Sisters!
Do not make the next generation of Muslims clean up your mess!
Fight Islamic Fascism now, so your children won't have to!
Meanwhile... The Columbia Dean says that the university would invite Hitler as well!
Actually, Columbia did invite Hitler.

** Sign the petition HERE against Columbia's disgraceful invitation to Ahmadinejad.


Mohammad Alireza

Response to three comments below

by Mohammad Alireza on

IraniValiAzad: I’ve started a blog on Iranian.com called “Letter from Iran” so I’ll be writing about how things are here. What I can say is that from outside Iran things look very different and most perceptions are not in line with the reality of everyday life here. I’ve lived long enough outside Iran to know how Iran is perceived from the outside and I’ve been back long enough to know how things are here.
Anonymous234: Why would I fear Radio Farda? But if I do get really scared I guess I can always just switch it off, right? If you mean I’m somehow connected to the regime, well, no that is not the case, and besides I don’t know too many people connected to the regime that are scared of Radio Farda, though some of them may find Marylin Manson a bit frightening.
Anonymous2000: I don’t take you for an idiot but maybe if you expressed your thoughts clearly I could at least understand what you are attempting to say. You need not wait for “my types”, whatever type that is, to be extricated to Iran and tried for treason because I’m in Iran and so far nobody has charged me with treason. Do you even know what “extricated” means?

Mohammad Alireza


Report the truth from both

by Anonymous2000 (not verified) on

Report the truth from both sides? What an idiot to take us for idiots. Ok, when IRNA starts reporting the truth from both sides, we'll then worry about Radio Farda.

What a sellout you are. I can't wait for the day that you and your likes are extradicated to Iran and tried for treason.


Re: Mohamad alirez...

by Anonymous234 (not verified) on

It seems that YOU are the on who fears Radio Farda. I wonder why?


The truth

by IraniValiAzad (not verified) on

Mr. Alireza, you used 322 words to say, in short, "You are primarily a mouthpiece for the American government and are not free to report the real truth."

Why didn't you use these 322 words to tell us the real truth yourself?!

So, what's going on in Iran?!


Why bother listening in the first place

by Concerned (not verified) on

I admire your initiative to write to these clowns and let them know how you feel. You are a better man than I.
I personally don't listen to or watch any of these so called "free media" such as Radio Farda, VOA etc. They are all an extension of the US war machine and designed to protect and promote the imperial agenda. Why bother in the first place? I realize there there is a lack of free and unbiased media in Farsi but that is no excuse to resort to these bozos.


Radio Farda is a CIA organization -- What do you expect? Logic?

by almo5000 on

Get a life and don't waste your time with these radio stations sponsored by you know who .....


You only need to remind them of genocide in Iraq

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The genocide in Iraq (and they never condemned it) is the biggest since Pol Pot and Hitler. And thats their prescription,
no thanks.