What will you do after America destroys Iran?

Do whatever you can to prevent this from happening


What will you do after America destroys Iran?
by Mohammad Alireza

-- What’s the connection between; the theft of the 2000 Gore-Bush
election, Cheney’s secret meeting with oil executives, September 11th
2001, the invasion of Iraq, and plans for destroying Iran’s military
defenses and setting it’s economy back 50 years?

The connection is Peak Oil.

If you have not figured this out and are still lost in your
hatred for the mullahs, or still worshiping the Pahlavi’s, or are part
of the Rajavi cult, then you are in for a very rude awakening. When
Iran is attacked and you see your dead and maimed countrymen on your
television set or computer monitor it will be too late to do anything
to prevent this war crime against your home and country.

Do your part in preventing Bush and Cheney from destroying your
country. Get informed. Write, call, fax, email your political
representative. Using your networking skills organize a peace
delegation to Washington or 10 Downing Street. We Iranians that are in
Iran do not have access to any of these freedoms. The fools here are
even blocking sites that are working to prevent the attack on Iran.

The warmongers are planning not only on destroying Iran
militarily but also economically. Iran is the only obstacle remaining
between America and the energy reserves in the Middle East being
controlled by the military industrial complex. America is running out
of oil and gas and if it does not have a “reliable source” its vital
national security will be placed in danger. Wake up people.

We in Iran need your help to head off this catastrophe. There
is still time for diplomacy. Nobody here wants war, but if Iran is
attacked our country will be transformed into a warrior nation and the
bloodshed will last for decades.

Do whatever you can to prevent this from happening. We in Iran
need you to put aside your hatred for the current regime and work for
peace so that we can one day put our energies towards bringing about
freedom and democracy and the rule of law to Iran.

When Iran is a smoldering ruin irradiated with depleted uranium
and there is no electricity, water, or infrastructure, the priority
will be survival not regime change. Wake up people!


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Mohammad Alireza

Response to: "The trick is going to be....."

by Mohammad Alireza on

Thank you for your optimistic and thoughtful words Bert Chadick. Yes, the American and Iranian people have a long history of good relations even though much dirty business has taken place and needs to be reconciled. However, I am not yet ready to consider Cheney as not being a danger. If it was up to him the bombs would have dropped long ago.
Various forces within Iran are coming together to reign in the hardliners, and to some extent the same is taking place in America. Hopefully these forces will be in time because both hardliners have their horns locked together and the smallest spark could cause a major conflagration.
Iranian-Americans can play an important part in helping to avoid this catastrophe and to do so they need to become peace activists and temporarily put aside their hatred for the mullahs. Believe me, we WILL eventually return them to their mosques but the roots they have grown within Iranian society are deep and they all need to be cut one by one and this will take time and can not be achieved with bombs as bombs will only make the roots uglier and harder to uproot.

Mohammad Alireza


The trick is going to be.......

by Bert Chadick (not verified) on

Getting through to January 20th 2009 without war will tax all of our resources. On our end (The USA) we will keep Bush and his fantasies of Christian Empire in check. He has no serious support other than the minority dominionist Jesus crazies. We don't have the resources to move into Iran, and a quick bombing run would do nothing to change anything. The Bushies are going to spend the next year and a half fighting with Congress trying to keep their secrets out of the newspapers. Nothing Bush can say or do will bring about a war with Iran. Cheney is the guy plotting war, but he is so far out of the decision making loop that he may as well be dead.

When it comes to Israel, you have to remember our history in Europe in the 1940s. We take it seriously when anyone says they are going to drive the jews into the sea, as your Mullas seem to love to threaten. Great Satan has become a punch line of bad jokes.

Iranians need to keep your eyes on the prize. Your Mullas have screwed your economy up beyond all recognition and are as corrupt as any set of rulers in your area. That's eying something. Clinton's campaign committee had a saying. "It's the economy stupid." No amount of religious haranguing will convince the general populace that their lives are getting worse. Do what you can to make sure the Mullas get the blame they deserve.

The US and a secular Iran would be natural allies. We will eventually see that The Saudis are our enemies, as they are yours. Persians have no affinity for Arab culture or tribal politics.

I'm sitting here in The States, and have a pretty good grasp on our politics. My knowledge of Iran comes from a couple of decades of reading both local and Iranian sources. You know your country better than I ever will, but I can recognize that we have much in common. Lets work with that.


Unfortunate but true and the

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

Unfortunate but true and the sooner the better.

Mohammad Alireza

Response to "Iranian paranoia regarding the U.S."

by Mohammad Alireza on

In response to Quadji:
It is not “belief” that I have that Cheney and Bush and the warmongers want to destroy Iran; it is a deduction based on numerous reports that have surfaced ever since September 11, 2001, and most careful observers have arrived at the same conclusion.
The fact that America did not attack Iran in the past is not evidence that it will not attack now. Today the circumstances are totally different to past events.
The rest of your comments are based on insufficient information and not based on facts and it would take pages to point these out to you so instead I’ll provide a link or two where you will find what you need.

Mohammad Alireza


Iranian Paranoia regarding the U.S.

by quadji, the angry American (not verified) on

I would like to respond to the beliefs expressed on this page that the U.S. wants to destroy Iran. When the Shah was overthrown, did the US step in? No. But the revolutionaries, with the full support of the mullahs, invaded and held our citizens hostage. If we did not have a weakling as president at that time, we WOULD have rescued the hostages. When we have repeatedly proven that the Iranian Govt has trained and sponsored terrorists and terroristic actions against US citizens, did we attack Iran? No. We have already proven that Iran is interfering in Iraq and making a terrible situation worse, but we have not attacked Iran. BUT, if Iran was to develop a nuclear bomb and use it against the U.S., no US Govt leader would be able to resist the demands of the American people. We haven't forgotten the World Trade Center and will not tolerate another terroristic attack , especially if sponsored by the govt of Iran. We don't need the Iranian oil, we have more than Irans capacity in reserves. We haven't had any use for Iranian oil since the overthrow of the Shah. The Iranian people need to fear their own preident and their govt, along with the mullahs, more than they fear the US. Their own leaders are the provocatuers of any action taken against Iran by the U.S.


Alternative Energy

by alimostofi on

The argument for "Peak Oil" is only good up to a point. The forces that benefit from "Peak Oil" do not benefit from alternative energy coming on line. Already there is talk of new cars that will change things forever. And there are loads more examples. But at the end of the day these other sources are good, because Iran's oil must not be used for burning, but for other derivatives. Moreover if the Seyyed rulers of Iran wanted to help Iran, instead of their utopia, then they would have developed the gas network of Iran.  Oil gives them cash which they can buy WMD's with.

Mohammad Alireza

Thank you Armanshahr

by Mohammad Alireza on

I wanted to thank Armanshahr for his comment, which is constructive and thoughtful, as opposed to some others below.
Here are a few new articles that appeared today worth looking at:
Mohammad Alireza


A war with no winners and suffering for our common humanity

by Armanshahr (not verified) on

Our views, experiences of the revolution have coloured our existence and interpretations of events growing up and living in otherwise alien societies. This is all despite varying degree of assimilation. What remains incontrovertable and self manifest is that human suffering is not to be tolerated no matter what colour, creed or ideology they hold. What has happened in Iraq which was illegal, unjustified, based on false assumptions has killed nearly 1 million innocent men, women and children.

It has not made us in the west any safer. In deed one could convincingly argue that the torch bearer of western civillization and values (US) has come one step closer to losing its preminence in a similar fashion to Rome. This of course will have far reaching consequences that the GOP strategists in the White House are either not considering or do not care about. Certainly those in AIPAC and Tel Aviv do not care about, as their national interest is different and one would be a fool to argue that any two countries national interests are so interwined that what is good for one would inevitably be vital for another.

I say the above because it is our patriotic duty as Iranians and as Americans to prevent this lunacy, not only in the name of our common humanity but in the name of National Interests. A war with Iran at such a time of Budget deficit, rising power of China and India, bad will towards the US across the globe would be nothing short of catastrophic for Iran, USA and by extension the Western Civillization. Are the Iranians interfering in Iraq, perhaps, Are they protecting their future against a possible Shock and Awe deluge of the US armed forces, yes; Should they exercise infulence in Iraq to protect their national interest, they would be derelict of duties if they did not; Do they have a right to nuclear technology, yes; should it be monitored at the strictest levels, yes; should they have the right ot enrich Uranium yes; Should they be encouraged, nay coerced into promoting freedom and democracy, yes; Should they be bombed out of existence, Should they be invaded, divided, pilliaged, raped and maimed, the answere is a resounding NO. This is irrespective of your nationality, religion, views on the revolution. Usurpation by a power that was founded on the decleration of Independence is unacceptable to Iranians and obviously hypocritical.

In deed we should take our responsibilties seriously, write to our representatives, lobby, shout from the roof tops to stop this. When the Greeks, the Arabs, the Turks, the Mongol Hordes, the Russians and more recently when Mossadegh was overthrown by a republican adminstration we sat silently at home because, Mossadegh and all his predecessors were guilty of some breach of our sensibilities. What is at stake for Iranians here is no less her actual existence one that has not been so resolutely questioned and undermined in over 2 millenia. What is at stake for the US and the Western Civillization, is the prospect of irrevocably losing moral moral authority as well as material governance and influence in the coming century towards a simailar decline that followed the Persian Empire, The Romans and more recently The British, irrelevance.


Were Doomed

by gloomy (not verified) on


War for Israel

by no_name (not verified) on

Like the war in Iraq any war against Iran is for Israel. Israeli control of US and US Media is getting so bad that even long-term conservatives likes of Pat Buchanan are publicly stating the war was for Israel. Even before that Rev. Billy Graham complained to Nixon about the Jewish control of the Media. If the issue was really nuclear weapons, then Pakistan is more of an urgent target. It was only weeks ago that the German intelligent broke a Pakistani terrorist cell before they had a chance to inflict damage to US targets. Pakistani support of the Taliban and their complacency in 9-11 has been well documented, yet with all that, the Israeli-controlled media is after Iran. And just like the invasion of Iraq, media outlets have yet to question the sanity and morality of such action. Why? Because it's for Israel.
The worst part is, it will be the American people who will pay the price, both in taxes and global reputation and Israelis will just play victims as usual.

BTW, this is no support of the idiotic mullahs, but we have bigger idiots on this site who think bombing Iran will bring democracy to the country. I have news for you. They want to turn Iran into Iraq, rift with sectarian violence between Persians and non Persians. Just follow the talk by all the neo-cons. They want to divide Iran just like how they are dividing Iraq. Economical prosperity is the only way to democracy in Iran. The only time, in the recent history we were able to organize against a regime was at the height of Shah's government which incidentally was the height of the Iranian economy. The more pressure you put on the Iranians, the more desperate and complacent they become and the more control the government will have over them. If you don't know that by now, you must have been asleep in the past 30 years.


Unfortunately, the olny way to get rid of the mullahs is to

by New York (not verified) on

bomb them.


our problems are our

by NN (not verified) on

our problems are our problems, your problems are yours, just keep your mafioso troops inside your own boarders and we will take care of the mullahs, dont you worrie.

I wish that were true. I wish mollahs had stayed out of exporting their militant Islam by exploiting other Arab causes that has nothing to do with them. I wished they stopped funding terrors and wishing to wipe people off the map and wanting to live in a "world without America". I wish they didn't spread their hate-filled and divisive ideology of Dar Al-Islam vs Dar-Al harb. It is the mullahs who have self-appointed themselves as principle players in taking on the "arrogant power".

You take Americans for fools Mr. IraniIrani. The Islamic Republic has been up to no good foementing proxy wars in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria. Their shiite death squads are killing Palestinian Iraqis in Iraq and other Sunni Iraqis. The Arab Sunnis increasingly see Iran as the real enemy in Iraq and other Sunni countries.

The IRGC commander in a remarkably rare moment of honesty said, "Chaos in Iraq in good for Iran":

The newly-assigned commander of the IRGC stated, “If the enemy succeeded in securing Iraq, they would definitely attack Iran. Fortunately, and thanks to Muslims of the region, they failed in this conspiracy.” He added “If they are not sure about their plans, that’s because of their failure in Iraq”. “The Islamic Iran has turned into a great regional power…and all world powers are anxious about the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran”, he concluded.


Iran's proxy war against America:

I highly recommend you write a letter to your leader and ask him to stop thinking he can defeat the West and stop pursuing his goal of "World without America", for the sake of himself and survival of his grotesque regime.

If he can't take the heat, he needs to stay out of the kitchen.

Dozens died in Syrian-Iranian chemical weapons experiment’

“Proof of cooperation between Iran and Syria in the proliferation and development of weapons of mass destruction was brought to light Monday in a Jane’s Magazine report that dozens of Iranian engineers and 15 Syrian officers were killed in a July 23 accident in Syria.”
BTW, today,


Mr Austin Powers, If you are

by zart (not verified) on

Mr Austin Powers,
If you are so brave and macho, why have you taken a hide behind an anonymous name?!

Ya baby



by Kamangir on

Infrustructure if 'destroyed' can be rebuilt. However, a cultural destruction will forever damage the generations to come. For the last 30 years Iran has been walking towards strict cultural backwardness day by day. The most extreme Islamic nonsense has become 'law' and our identity and dignity as civilized culture have been seriously questioned. This is a continuation of the same bacteria that infected us 1400 years ago. This cancer is what 'destroying' Iran. Iran still imports more than 45% of its gas as it lacks refineries. For couple of medicocre old nuclear reactors, begs the retired russians for help and so on so forth....

Only the American pressure can bring about change. In the mean time our youth is busy getting nose operations, 'bekarat' replacement and the hungry gather around ahmedinejad...and those who can flee to canada... or Dubai



Ya baby!

by Austin Powers (not verified) on

You Persian pussies are history! Our American tanks will run thru your homes and cities! Advice: run to Afghanistan! Ya baby!!


why USA only get in Iran?

by hossein (not verified) on

is rail have boob, Pakistani have booms, India and many more why Bush only get in sensitive to Iran> he already fuck off the Iraq and Afghanistan and more as 500,000 Iraqi murdered, I thinks we need to support Russian to get in power and support human right to Russian stand in front stupid wild american others this crazy Bush may like to have war with all over the world like Hitler


complete nonsense

by Anonymousssssss (not verified) on

stop being a mouthpiece for the mollahs and go live in iran

u can help fight off the invaders

through yourself under an american tank and leave us alone


Your president said that God

by IraniIrani (not verified) on

Your president said that God told him to invade Iraq, so spare us the lecturing, our problems are our problems, your problems are yours, just keep your mafioso troops inside your own boarders and we will take care of the mullahs, dont you worrie.


Re: Sahar

by jamshid on

The paths you mentioned are till far less violent and much better than anything that happened during the post-Islam period.


We are trying, but there is hope still

by IraniIrani (not verified) on

The US has to finish its main 6 permanent bases before launching the air campaign, if the resistance in Iraq keeps the US seriously busy until Bush leaves office, delaying the production of these bases, we will be fine.

If the US economy keeps deterioating like this, we will also be fine as there are serious groups of business lobby people who dont want an attack on Iran, not to mention the European ones that are already mad about the sanction threat from the US to deal with Iran.

Also, if we finish 2007 without confrontation, odds are that Bush wont attack during 2008 as the campaign will be starting.. but then again, this is cheney we are talking about.

So far they are running Psy Ops to either mentally prepeare people or just to scare, we wont let them win either way, anyone who hears or reads someone writing or talking about bombing Iran, jump right at their throats right at the spot and fight them down with arguments.

Read about the situation on:


Also go on some GOP forums and debate these guys so that your prepeared to fight them in real life if you meet them.

If they do attack, I will refrain from typing what every iranian should do.. but its not very nice..


We are stupid, but not stupid enough to attack Iran

by Bert Chadick (not verified) on

You must understand that the model that we use it the one that served us in such good stead in the cold war. We called it "containment", and it worked. The underlying theory is that your enemy's population will eventually grow weary of being poor and repressed. We had the advantage over the Soviets because their economic model didn't work very well.
Theocracies make us nervous because they cannot be relied upon to act logically. Nuclear weapons in the hands of a government that cannot be relied on to act rationally would bring sanctions and a blockade against that nation.

Bush and the Neocons are an unfotunate accident that is ending in fifteen months, and they have no support for an adventure in Iran. Before September 11th 2001 the average American had little or no interest in the Middle East. We are much more sophisticated now. The finer points of Islam still escape most of us, but generally we are aware that you come in different, and sometimes incompatible sects and nationalities. This fact is progress.

What floors me is the fact that Persia, the second or third oldest culture on the planet, is happy to live under the thumb of a gang of fifteenth century fanatics. Yes we installed the Shah in a mistaken idea that it would help keep you out of the Soviet hegemony, and that the monarch would be a benign ruler. The first part worked, the second, not so much.

The USA is not going to come save you from the mullahs. If you wish to be free, it's up to you. Every day the sun rises Iran will be poorer, more oppressed and less educated. Iranian women will descend more and more into the morass that is the heritage of Ottoman culture and Sharia Law.

I honestly don't know what drives Islamic cultures in this direction into barbarity, but there it is, writ large across North Africa to the Sea of Bengal.


I think Bush will attack

by Azadi (not verified) on

I think Bush will attack Iran, no matter what, latest it will be after the November election (2008) before handing the power to the next president. And democrats are cowards, they will not stop him.

Most of the progressive movement is fallen at sleep or busy with climate change etc.

And Ahmadinejad is crazy enough to make more excuses for Bush. They are (Bush and Ahmadinejad) two faces of the same coin.

It is a dark time unfortunately and I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel.

I wish I'm wrong.


Please dig the photo

by no_name (not verified) on

please dig the photo page, //www.worldisround.com/articles/98910/

something like, "images the bush admin doesn't want you to see" and tell us the dig link, so we can all dig it too.


The result of war is just destruction and nothing else.

by binaam (not verified) on

I prefer mullas over a fate similar to that of Iraq (good to know that I am a Kurd and not a big fan of the Islamic Republic). At least it is moving in the right direction (it has to in today's world) in the form of "koormaal-koormaal". After the war their will be no Iran, I promise you that.


What different path?

by Sahar on

Do you mean taking the path of massacring thousands and thousands of Iranians as Anooshiravaan did?  Taking the path of Sassanid kings murdering their own sons, brothers and fathers?  Or, maybe you mean converting to Zoroastrianism.  With all due respect to my Zoroastrian fellow countrymen, Zoroastrianism, being an ethnic-oriented religion, doesn't allow proselytization. And certainly, they would not and could not murder millions of Iranians.


Don't let then I-wreck Iran

by Parsi (not verified) on

If a picture is worth a thousand words then images posted on these two sites speak volumes. Open your eyes wide and say no to wars of aggression imposed on millions for the benefit of few:




Mullahs have already taken Iran back 1400 years...!?

by Washington DC (not verified) on

Another 50 years would take Iran back to 1450 AD. To correct itself, Iran would have to trace back to the source of the problem and chose another path different than it took 1450 years ago.

Mohammad Alireza

Psychological warfare precedes all wars.

by Mohammad Alireza on

Reply to Alborzi:
Before a state can convince a human being to kill another human being it needs to psychologically prepare them. That is what they are doing right now.
Mohammad Alireza


its all psychological war fare

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Israel just bombed Syria, they never announced it and do not discuss it, the discussion would just make the defenders to be ready. Its not done. Its just bravado, but just like the Iran Air shooting down, it takes just one redneck to kill 300 passengers, so accidental casualty is not out of question.