Another make believe

Another make believe
by jamh

If sun were god,
not of everywhere, just here,
how easy it would be
to believe.

How eagerly,
every single morning
we could bask
in its obvious glory.

Effortlessly we would
teach the children,
who grows and giveth
our food,

and where we stood
without its multi layered hands,
or invisible shield
against the void.

It does all of this
out of love, we would say,
It burns its essence
for our warmth.

And at night, when the moon,
the vigilant envoy,
away at its court
let other gods appear,

We would gossip
whether this or that god
was young, or old
or wise or bold.


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I will look up

by jamh on

I will look up Alethophobia. The opposite of an Aletheometer? :)


Manoucher Parvin

poem about sungod

by Manoucher Parvin on

Yes sun has been worshiped as god by many. In my novel Alethophobia( fear of truth) sun is worshiped by Professor Pirooz for many reasons some cited  in the above poem. I wonder if the author of this good poem has read Alethophobia? Manoucher Parvin

persian westender

Interesting poem. I

by persian westender on

Interesting poem.

I think that there has been a time that god was seen as sun (or may be just as a symbol of god). Puttnig it in such a poetic/assumptive form is nice.