Are we ready for democracy?

Iran Survey 2008


Are we ready for democracy?
by Schahram Schamsawary

Just imagine, all Iranians could express their opinion about the political and cultural situation in our country publicly and online. Not tomorrow or in a few years, but right now.

My name is Schahram Schamsawary, living in Germany. Maybe you have already noticed that I have started a short survey about Iranian´s attitude towards politics concerning our homecountry. I hope the readers wont get tired with my project...

Let me tell you a few words about my intention. Many of us think, Iranians are more democratic than any other people in the middle east. This might not completely be new for you, and there were already a few surveys in the US. But the media in Europe think different and pay nearly no attention to that circumstance.

In the end they think in clichees, which I dont have to mention. Policymakers not just act, but they often also react to changes of peoples mind for obvious reasons. So, if we want to change policy, we have to change the present circumstances, the clichee iranian type. We can change that, by changing the medias attitude.

It is us in the west, who have to draw the media´s attention to the, let us call it a fact, that Iranians are Democrats and deserve to be supported. But a fact is something, which needs evidence. Every Iranian can proove and contribute by taking time (5 minutes), just clicking in the survey... I will pass on the results to the media in Germany. Despite the survey naturally may not be representative, it could be seen as a very small step.

We Iranians have vivid discussions about us, about people´s attitude towards religion, politics, the revolution. But do we really know, what Iranians think? Do Iranians in Iran have different opinions about these topics compared to those outside of Iran?

We, the people of Iran, can do much more than we think. We don´t need to wait for anybody to stand up and go on the streets. We have to prepare the fields with public relation work, and what is easier than doing it from your home?

This is why I decided to start this survey. The more Iranians take part, the more we can do for us. Please notice, that I neither belong to a political party or organization nor I want to belong to any of them. I am working on this project alone, I belong to the free iranian network community as you. Please move this message forward to everyone you know, in the world and especially in Iran. Let us find out, what Iranians really want.

Please consider, if you can reach 10 Iranians, who again send this mail to 10 other Iranians, you will have the opinion of 100 Iranians just after a few minutes. There was no such a campaign in Germany until now. Please help us to spread this e-mail amon Iranians in the world!

If I could convince you, please click here:

or the direct path to the survey:

>>> For Iranians outside of Iran

>>> For Iranians in inside of Iran

To be sure not to be influenced by results, the first round will be published two weeks, a second round is planned for April, first 2008.

Thank you very much, for taking part,

Schahram Schamsawary



Reply to "Reply: Are we ready..."

by Schahram on

Schahram Schamsawary Dear Faribors,

the aime of the survey is not a revolution (esp. from outside), the first aime is to find out what iranians want. I consider myself together with my friends as observers. Everybody can draw his/her own conclusions from the survey. Nothing will change in one night just because of one survey.  Of course you can just find out tendencies with a survey. And many questions in the survey just indirectly have something to do with the question "Are we ready for democracy".  Iranians for sure will go theire own way, and things will develope from inside the country. The aime is to find out, if Iranians are able to speak with one voice (many of us doubt this) inside of a framework (in this case the survey is the framework with just a few options for each questions) and if they are tolerant. I think, this survey can give everyone a little peace of information, and everyone can draw his/her own conclusion. E:g. If you support strongly the Shah or Mossadegh with Jebheye Melli or Tudeh, does it make sense to discuss hours for hours about the old times, when the results in the same moment showe, that each of them get just about 20% or less, and that the majority of Iranians, who took part, do want something new (in this case a republic with Social Democrats as governm. party). At this point we should ask ourselves, why we are defending "dead" things in endless deabtes for the future? Would an American, who would believe in e.g. monarchy,  start to fight for british monarchy in the US after 200 years? By the way, I think we have to discuss these things of the past, to take out the poison, but if you see the results until now, it is for history. And what should republicans do, if the majority would support the const. monarchy? The we would have another situation.

All we knew about what iranians think untill now is very opaque. We all have about x- family memebers, one part in the US, one part in europe, one part in Iran. Each of them says something else. Than we hear the taxidrivers in Tehran said this and that...All we know is guessing. But can you say: from nearly 1000 asked Iranians, exact 69% think...

Step by step, when Iranians learn to acceppt facts, what they have to, then things can develope better.



REPLY : ARE WE READY.....................

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

For Sure we are. otherwise we were not in the diaspora. The method is recommended is called by some poeple snow ball-method. it is practicized in western countries, where mass cheating and swendling to earn mony, is a most popular way to get rich. However it is for me not clear what should happen, when 100s, and 1000s and more Iranians in the diaspora or elsewhere recieve the message and see that also they are ready. what should happen then? Changing the constitution in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN is possible. But only by a revolution. and who should work for it? A few Millions Iranians in the Diaspora? May be they write a letter to AYATTOLLAH KHAMENEI and say we want Democracy up to the Model which they have in the USA and even the better kind of it in europe? there is stil another barrier: Iranians do not have an intensive contact with other Iranians. How should they get 10 Iranians as reciever of the message? One needs only to look up in the "IRANIAN". One will see - from the comments coming in - that iranians have no good agreeement and understanding with each other and a mutual agreement about "WHAT SHALL WE DO" looks just impossible. The Iranian nation - for me count to that nation the ones who have founded thier ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN, are living there and are willing to protect what they have achieved during the last 30 yeras AND: they do not like Democracy likewise the western one. So I should say: Mission Impossible. Anyhow I wish Good Luck. Greeting


RE: Who is "us"

by Schahram on

Schahram Schamsawary

By "us" I mean definitely the iranian communitiy itself, including everybody, who is interested in this field. "Us" does not mean any political movement or organization.

Thank you.


Who is us?

by accurate (not verified) on

Dear Schahram,
In the text of your request you clearly indicate that you are doing this suvey alone but in the middle you ask:
"Let us find out, what Iranians really want."
It for sure is a slip of keyboard but can you correct it or explaine what you mean by "US".


Re: Problems

by Schahram on

Schahram Schamsawary

I am sorry about the problems - there was one Problem with the beginning of the english part which could be fixed. concerning the explorer: It seems that there are problems with some explorer versions overseas - which I did not expect. I will try to fix that problem. Thank you for the hint.


There are problems with the survey.

by A reader (not verified) on

Dear Sir,

The links do not work properly in MS IE. Also, since the instructions are mostly in German, it is hard to understand what should be done.

English language section has serious grammatical and orthographic problems, hence it is hard to understand what you are trying to ask. It may be useful if a) you regenerate the whole questionaire in Persian b) ask someone who knows English to go over the questions.

Best Regards