Are you prepared for some truth?

A silent majority exists in Iran and beneath that silence lies a deep hatred for this regime


Are you prepared for some truth?
by Mohammad Alireza

Voting for the Majlis was a pointless exercise and by participating one has cast a vote for this farce, this hoax, this kolah bardaari.

The act of voting means that one's vote could contribute to change. The fact that whichever way Iranians vote will have no effect on the situation in Iran means there is no point in voting.

There is no such thing as democracy in Iran as the form of political Islam practiced in Iran is inherently a totalitarian belief structure created to control a society through superstition, violence, and brainwashing.

Thirty years ago the Iranian people were fooled into believing that the mullahs had the answers and could bring about a utopia, and the mullahs thought they could deliver this utopia. The truth is that the Iranian people were wrong and so were the mullahs.

Thirty years later we all now know that the vote for an Islamic Republic of Iran was wishful thinking and it is time once again for another referendum.

Over these past thirty years the Iranian people have discovered these truths:

* One: Even those in high religious authority lie and steal, and they do not have any special relationship with Allah.

* Two: Mullahs can get drunk on power and behave like ruthless dictators.

* Three: Given the blinkered world view that mullahs have they are not qualified to lead a nation into the modern age.

* Four: The application of Islamic laws that were developed 1,400 years ago can not be applied to modern conditions.

* Five: If Iran is to advance and the Iranian people are to have a higher standard of living there has to be Islamic reformation.

* Six: Just because an individual has religious knowledge does not automatically make them a superior person or grant them special privileges.

* Seven: Given the horrendous level of incompetence at all levels of this regime a state of anarchy now exists in Iran where university graduates see no future for them in this society, businessmen do not abide by a signed contract, and grabbing as much money as possible through any means possible is the first priority for all Iranians.

A silent majority exists in Iran and beneath that silence lies a deep hatred for this regime, but alongside this hatred there is fear, and that fear is that if that hatred was ever to find a voice it would ignite another upheaval and instead of positive change the oppression would instead increase. And it is that fear that keeps in check the hatred. It is that fear that keeps this regime in existence.

The day that Iranians know exactly what kind of country they want to live in will be the day that this regime will disappear. If we do not know where we are going we will never get there.

Iranians need to decide for themselves if they are willing to continue living in a mullah created hell when in fact it is within their own power to live in heaven or hell. Heaven and hell are not where we go when we die but they are right here, now.

Don’t be fooled by the many tricks that the mullahs play. Learn to think for yourself. Discover for yourself. Decide for yourself. And when you do you will be ready to create the Iran that you want and not the Iran that is imposed on you

(The term “mullah” is used to refer to those that are failures on the spiritual path but have a head full of memorized verses but no understanding of what they have memorized and are opportunists seeking personal power and wealth. The essential feature of a mullahs is the presumption that they are spiritually superior to everybody else.)�


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by Anonymous347 (not verified) on


Dariush, you wrote: “There

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Dariush, you wrote: “There is more corruption and sex scandels and crimes committing every day by the west and zionists in the west and the world, than has in Iran in the passed 30 years”. If you believe sex and sexual liberty is a “crime” then you don’t believe in democracy. If you mean so called “moral corruption of sexual liberty”, then you also don’t believe in democracy. Every Iranian who has been to Iran can testify to the state our women and girls have turned into. Prostitution (Not sexual freedom) is everywhere, girls as young as 14 are leaving the country to Pakistan and Dubai to be sold to wealthy men for money. You wrote: “I can tell most of these comments are made by Zionists such as” Once in for all, you IRI apologists need to explain how can you call someone a Zionists? How you define an Iranian, to be a Zionist? What is Zionism?


All must be equal

by a_moslem (not verified) on

Under any form of Iranian government the minorities should be treated as justly and equally as Moslems.


No form of government...

by AnonymousCoolGuy (not verified) on

Will matter until Iranians can learn to tolerate one another. You can say "this and that is needed to run the country" until you're blue in the face, it won't matter a trickle until Iranians worldwide have last name basis loyalty that other ethnic groups have in order to ensure their survival.


Mr. Mohammad Alireza

by a_moslem (not verified) on

Most of what you say is correct. Any 'religious' human being who has power and does not represent God can cause more problem for people than being able to help them. It is true that some Mullas are bad like some bad Popes or bad Rabbies.

Corruption exists within any form of government, whether it was under any dictatorship or even a more free society like the USA; The only difference is that they have made corruption legal and named it 'Lobby'. But that is besides the point.

The government in Iran has domestic problems because Mullas do not trust a non-religious person in positions of power.

If there was a kind and people loving Moslem leader in Iran today then the people would support the Islamic way of life there, but unfortunately justice is not fully stablished there.

It should be the primary focus of a Moslem leader in Iran to help the people of Iran first, fight hunger, poverty and suffering of people there and then focus their help towards Moslems elsewhere.


to Mazloom

by Anony7 (not verified) on

mazloom says: "What Iran needs is pragmatic and level headed leaders who walk the contemporary time - not some bygone era of Islam. Iran needs to get back to its glory days of the Persian empire, not be ruled by petty and backward clergies who think destroying another nation is sanctioned by some illusive allah."

Mazloom, there are some non pragmatic Iranian extremists who may 'think' about destroying another nation but there are non pragmatic Israeli extremists who think about destroying another nation and follow that with action. I am sure you are smart enough to remember Israeli invasion of Lebanon that caused some 20 years of suffering for both sides....
Anyhow as I have mentioned in the past (my comments in Zion's article), there is no reason for Israel and Iran to be enemies.


Reply to Annym7 and others.

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

First I wish to make it absolutely clear. the Israelis separate the Iranian people from their leaders. Period. And why not.

Many of our leaders (Shaul Mufaz, Dan Halutz, Moshe Katzav - yes the same guy who koss mi-zash-te' his pretty secretaries, and was forced to resign is shame. Now is facing indictment), they were born and grew up among you. We were one of you. we are not ashame of the ancient Farsi cultural, and the beautiful language.

I wonder how many of Iranian young generation know the fact, that for over 25 years, during the Shah rule, Israeli experts were helping Iran develop its water irrigation and other agricultural projects. All the drip irrigations in Iran were developed and installed by Israeli experts. Look what we get in return. blind hate from the mullahs and for no reason.

Second. Since we are by far, more free to read and communicate with others then the Iranians, we know that the people themselves don't hate us. Fortunately we know you. Unfortunately, you don't know us.

It is rather the Mullahs (or some call them diperheard) whom we despise, and object to. So my criticism is not directed toward the Iranians. Rather those fanatic lunatics in Tehran who wish to take us back to dark ages ages of human development.

Yes, corruption exists everywhere. The different is, in Israel it is demonstrated that NO ONE is above the law. We air it out in the open, no sacred cows. Even a war hero like Arik Sharon will face indictment for campaign law violations, and his son is in jail as you read this lines.

On the hand, in Iran, or other Arab Islamic states no one ever dares to even utter the word "corruption" in public, for fear of losing his head..

Jews have lot to thank Cyrus the great of the Ancient Persian empire. he is the one who facilitated for Jews to return to their home in Jerusalem, and build our second temple.

What Iran needs is pragmatic and level headed leaders who walk the contemporary time - not some bygone era of Islam. Iran needs to get back to its glory days of the Persian empire, not be ruled by petty and backward clergies who think destroying another nation is sanctioned by some illusive allah.


Good Post Mohammad

by masoudA on

The mullahs must be ousted -

make no mistakes about it - we either do it ourselves or others will do it for us.   and believe me we will save a lot of face if we can do it ourselves. 

Dariush - just like many other threads - except for you, everyone else here has made one post under one thread - do you know what that tells me ?   It tells me you do this as a job.   But what does this tell you ?  it should tell you that a herding discussion boards as you does not work as it does when you send a hred of Hezis into Iranian City Streets.    Happy posting 


Mehdi Mazloom

by Zion master of the world (not verified) on

You are right! Iranians should be like us Israelis.

Can you understand what is their problem? All we are doing is taking over Moslem land, oppress and kill them and take their houses and lands. Is that bad?

If they are bad enough like us, they can have the West help them with technology so like us they could progress better.

Who cares about their prophet, they should start worshipping our lord Zion. Only if they knew what is good for them!



by Anonymous347 (not verified) on

"corruption is everywhere", "crime is everywhere", "Mullahs are competent; otherwise how could they last so long?", etc. etc. etc.

That is the weakest most flaky defense of the corrupt incompetent mullah rulers of Iran that I have been repeatedly hearing from all their open, semi-open and closeted hidden supporters since the inception of the Islamic Republic in Iran.

ALL dictatorships of the world have sycophants who ALWAYS try to JUSTIFY them in that way.

Mullahs are in no way competent, smart and certainly have not motivated anybody since the so called Reform movement went down the drain of the history's toilet.

They have lasted this long because the so called opposition groups are disunited, they have lasted so long because the so called Opposition groups have not been able to show the Iranian people and the world that there is a better alternative to Mullahs' madness.



Corruption is not just an Iranin phenome! (to "Mazloom", and ..)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Hey Mazloom!, I have no problem that you guys (extremist Iranian Israelis) come here and trash everything Iranian but don't pretend being what you are not! "Mehdi Mazloom" aren't you the guy who even confused Zion (see Zion's article: //
Learn from that good man Zion who posts in as a Zionist and many of us respect him despite our differences.
BTW, Agha Meyti, you zertekies are also not much better than Iranians when it comes to corruption:
Israel orders Olmert corruption probe
Corruption is not just and Iranian or Molla phenomenon!


There is no unity. Some

by Farrokhzad lives! (not verified) on

There is no unity. Some Iranians dye their hair blonde to look more Anglo, some call themselves "Persians" because they think it's embarrassing to say "Iranian" amongst Westerners, there are two flags flown based on your political beliefs, and there are two national anthems for the same reason. And let's face it, anytime you meet an Iranian in America you immediately get that "I don't associate with other Iranians" vibe from them and a very half-baked hello at best. The whole ethnic group is torn over religious beliefs, political beliefs, economic class, preference where they're located (Los Angeles or "not Los Angeles), on and on. Does anybody else see how this spells eventual inevitable doom for a culture?

Don't blame "Zionists" for anything. They've lasted as long as they have because they stick together, their loyalty is fierce and they move mountains for each other. Us? "Eh, shomah Irani hasti? Bah ejazaat, khodafez!" Really pathetic when your own kind looks at each other askance!



by Dariush (not verified) on

Mr.Mehdi, I tell you why. Firts it is not just 5 million jews. It is 5 million jews plus a few hundred millions weterns joined together for common interests!!! The reason they are running the world is because, they have united and will do anything to get what they want including genocide and without any respect for anyone else's rights except their own!!! we have seen in south Africa, Iraq, palestine Iran and many other countries!!! The reason they have been succeeding is, because of lack of unity in the opposite side!!! Which is the key to the success of our country in dealing with such problems!!! That is why they all try to prevent any kind of unity to be accomplished in the region. Unlike what you say, none of what I wrote has any benefit for me personaly as a matter of fact it can harm me. But I tell the truth as it is no matter what!!! Do we have a lot of problems? Yes, But history has showed us outsiders are not there to help Iran. So we must unit and become independent!!! let hope Rafsanjani and his type also pay for their wrong doings soon. I thank you for your comments and hope you also wish the best for Iran and all Iranians less those who betrayed Iran in any form or shape. May God Bless Iran. "Happy New Year"


Iran from the POV of

by Anonymousv (not verified) on

Iran from the POV of non-Islamists:

"Iran is the leader of the Shia version of fundamentalist and extremist Islam. It sponsors terrorism promiscuously. Its most important terrorist client is Hezbollah, a Shia group that de facto rules southern Lebanon. It is also the most important foreign sponsor of Hamas, a Sunni terrorist organisation that rules the Gaza Strip. Islamic Jihad, which has been responsible for much Palestinian terrorism, is effectively a branch of the Iranian intelligence services.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for Israel to be "wiped off the map". Iran also sponsors Shia and Sunni elements of the insurgency in Iraq.

There is no doubt the US has given the deepest possible consideration to taking military action against Iran's nuclear plants. When I interviewed US Vice-President Dick Cheney earlier this year, he endorsed Republican senator John McCain's formulation that the only thing worse than a military confrontation with Iran would be a nuclear-armed Iran.

Yet some analysts consider the idea that Bush may strike Iran to be wildly unrealistic. Let's be quite clear. I am certainly not advocating a strike against Iran but we should all know that we are heading for an epoch-marking crisis. The US has deployed extensive naval resources into the Persian Gulf in a bid to coerce Iran into some co-operation and to reassure Iran's neighbours, especially the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, that the US will look after their security. At the same time it has strengthened its military bases in the Gulf states and provided moderate Arab governments with extensive military equipment. Washington is also considering declaring Iran's revolutionary guard a terrorist organisation.

The best-informed analysts in the world believe the Bush administration will try very hard to make UN-mandated sanctions against Iran as powerful as possible to deter Iran from pursuing nukes. However, these analysts also believe this will be unsuccessful and that, whatever the outside world does by way of sanctions and pressure, nationalism will trump economics and Iran will eventually get the weapons.

The Europeans have been their usual pathetic selves in all this but a sanctions regime of sorts is in place and it should get tougher. And Iran is vulnerable to sanctions, even though it has huge reserves of oil and gas. The revolution of the ayatollahs is worse at running a modern economy than even the old command economies of the defunct Soviet bloc were.

But it won't matter because Iran's leadership is motivated by a type of religious conviction that cannot be trumped by economics. Young people in Iran are reportedly alienated from their leadership, but they still want nukes. Virtually every section of the Iranian population, whether motivated by religion, nationalism, power considerations or whatever else, wants nukes. Indeed, one part of Ahmadinejad's problems with the religious leaders stems from their feeling that they could get nukes more quickly and with less trouble if he would just shut up.

On the positive side, the US is implicitly offering Iran full diplomatic relations, trade benefits and any other reasonable benefit it could want if it gives up the nuclear chase.

But Iran is a classic demonstration of the limits of realist theory in foreign relations. It is genuinely motivated by ideology, not by a normal calculus of national interest. Washington has been offering Iran some version of this deal - diplomatic and trade normality in exchange for nuclear non-proliferation and regional stability - virtually since the ayatollahs came to power in 1979. It was once Madeleine Albright's chief goal in life when she was Bill Clinton's secretary of state.

The deeply flawed James Baker-Lee Hamilton report on Iraq contains some sentence along the lines of saying that Iran shares the US's interest in a stable Iraq. Which Iran are the two esteemed American statesmen talking about? It is an Iran of their imagination, it is certainly not the real, existing Iran.

Iran's leaders are delighted with today's geo-strategic situation. They would rather not have sanctions but they have shown full mastery of the techniques of suppressing their population and are not seriously inconvenienced by its troubles. Otherwise, for them life is fine. The Americans are in a world of pain in Iraq. Iran's ally Hezbollah is slowly trying to take control of the Lebanese Government, in alliance with a pro al-Qa'ida Syrian front group, Fatah al-Islam. One of their techniques is novel: to assassinate the existing Lebanese parliamentary majority one by one.

Meanwhile Iran's other proxy, Hamas, goes from strength to strength. The Iranians are leading the Shia reassertion in the Middle East at the same time as they are polarising the broader Arab population around the idea of resistance to the West. Thus, as things stand, Iran has no incentive to make a bargain, except the fear of a US military strike...much more below:



Some important points

by Abarmard on

Firstly the term democracy is used very loosely these days must be defined before making any statements. Author uses the term democracy as synonym to freedom and that is not correct. Democracy is a vague term to mean that people will choose the candidates/policies for their own good. In the ancient Greece Plato had argued that democracy won’t work since many people are not politically or socially coherent to make their choices correctly. Therefore a better way would be a Republic. In this case we have a so called leader or leadership that decides what is the best route for the nation to take. I believe most countries including Iran are Republic in their actions, but not every nation has the same experiences and socio-political evolution. In Iran we are on the infancy stage.

Secondly I don’t believe that the people of Iran “fooled into believing” anything, but that we were at the stage that the revolution had took place. We may argue about the chicken or egg but most probably is that the Iranian people had been kept in a dark for many years and naturally were behind their time. Islamic Republic is a mix of Constitutional Revolution and Iranian traditions that were unanswered historically for our nation to learn from. We must take these paths that many Iranians arguably agree is the right path, to clear the position of religion in our society.

The answer is with the people and their growth, we cannot have a “democratic” or I should say Free system if our society is traditional and violent in their customs.

I fully agree with the rest of the article.


Muhammad, you should be the new prophet

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

Agha e Muhamad
You are saying what most educated people already know. But I like to touch on 2 points to which you had raised.

1. High authorities steal: Indeed, otherwise how Mullah Rafsanjani became a BILLIONAIRE ($4B) in such short period. Last I checked, Tehran is in Iran, not in Silicon Valley California.

6. Knowledge of Koran and authority.
Your paragraph above pretty much epitomized the very reason why unfortunately Islamic states have fallen so much behind the west.
Consider this. While throughout the West, every aspect of human life (Economy, education, medicine, psychology, marriage counseling, social science, etc.), each guided and supported by experts, who spend 6 to 8 years studying in universities, just to qualify to do their respective fields.

In Islamic countries, and unfortunately in Iran as well. ONE Mullah who as you had pointed out very well, has all the answers to most of these fields - just because he read some 1300 year old book, and recite some passages from there. Marriage adviser, fashion designer, Psychologies, economist, military leader, Astronomer, Physicists, all wrapped in one man.

How can anyone call a democracy or elections, when ONE man, who wasn't even elected by the people, sits at the top, and in one swoop can cancel any law passed by those "elected" in the Majles.

Dariush Agha,
Please cut the diatribe will you. Stop blaming all your ills and failures on what you call "Zionists" (Jews). If 5 Million of them are capable to "control" and "manipulate" the lives of 1.4 Billion Muslim, what does it tell you about the viability of good and honest Muslims.?. I guess not much. By whining and blaming the Israelis, you tacitly admit of your own failure to control your own destiny and future. Sure, It is easier to pin the onus on, and blame others, then roll up your sleeve and work hard to accomplish for yourself.

When was it last time these Mullahs have allowed an open and honest public polemics and discourse. Airing out what is wrong with the country, and its corrupt leaders which Muhammad had brought it up.

I am talking about now famous "Winograd report" which the Israelis just completed and published for all to see.
Iran and the rest of the Arab-Islamic world have lot to learn from these Israelis.
If Iran would have governed itself exactly as the Israelis do, You would have much more positive outlook on life - as the Israelis do.



by Dariush (not verified) on

Why are the mullahs more successful in motivating people, but the opposition groups are not? The fact that oppositions do not know the answer shows how diconnect they are with people in Iran. Some say mullahs are stupid and don't know anything. Well, what does that makes them? when mullahs still rull?



by Alborzi (not verified) on

Maybe you are correct, but in fact the Iranians do have a conservative section too. Its kind of like back in 1973, McGovern was well educated (phd and a professor at Northwestern), yet Nixon easily won. You are projecting your values to a majority, it may not be as you feel. Thats actually a problem, the liberals in Iran are not connected to masses, the mullahs have been more successful in motivating the conservatives. Khaki bashid.


Zionist propaganda

by Dariush (not verified) on

No goverment is perfect. There is more corruption and sex scandels and crimes committing every day by the west and zionists in the west and the world, than has in Iran in the passed 30 years. The direction some hope they get from outside help will take them to Hell like Iraq. The accusation I read about cmmunistic Iran, are the same accusations made to Dr. Mossadegh to bring him down by the same outside help you hope to get. I can tell most of these comments are made by zionists such as the professor yave goo for their zionists students like baluchi (read other comments) because, If you were Iranian you wouldn't keep quite. Just a reminder that if it wasn't for Iranians you would still be slaves!!! we will deal with arab part ourselves, don't you worry!


Mohammad Alireza Khod fooroosh

by Dariush (not verified) on

Mohammad it is very funny that you with your long slamic name are anti Islam. At least change your name dude! I don't care much about Islam, but people like you bring shame to my country by selling theveselves. So let me currect you name. Mohammad Alireza Khod Foroosh


Sticks and stones will break my bones but bullets will kill me.

by Balouchi (not verified) on

Thirty years ago Iranians gathered by the millions to welcome Khomeini WITH outside support/intervention and now it will once again take outside intervention to guide Iran in the right direction. As is the Iran is being given away to the communist countries and the Arabs. Syria gets free oil and has been getting it ever since Islamic Republic has come to power and it has become an oasis just like Lebanon was before and Palestine is being supported on the backs of Iranians. With addiction and the ever increasing brain drain it is rather simplistic in my opinion to expect Iranians to stand up and overthrow this regime when the price of a kilogram of chicken has risen 500 Toman in one week. There is an expression that my university professor used to say in regards to the middle east studies, it stated "keep Arabs full and Persians Hungry, then you will have peace". The hatred for this regime and Islam as a whole is at an all time high in Iran with people converting to zoroastrianism.
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If the Iranian people were wrong, it was their decision

by markux (not verified) on

1. It was Iranian people decision, wrong or right.
2 . Iranian people( inside Iran ) will decide again.
3. Boycotting is always wrong.
4. Even America mistakenly interpret democracy to be nothing but voting alone.
5. George Bush lied too; he is still doing it.
7. All government lie, that's a given
8. There are certainly resentment in Iran
9. We don't need outsiders of any color to butt in.



by Kamangir on

Let's put it clearly here. Iranians made a huge mistake back in 1979 not because they were against the monarchy but becaue of their mediocre slogan: Independance, Freedom: Islamic Republic.

It was branded as 'revolution' because the BBC among others said so and Iranians believed it.

Did they realize back then what a 'Islamic Republic' really means? did they expect freedom under an Islamic regime?  The powerful western media trying to isolate the Shah's regime had spent time and efforts to creat a ficticious sensation of a 'revolution' and even nowadays after 30 years many Iranians still refer to what happened back then as a 'revolution'.  No revolution took place there. Look at the result. Didn't they want an 'Islamic Regime'? well that's what they've got. Since this was an Iranian mistake only Iranians should fix it. They have been suffering the brutal opressive methods and ways of the IRI for more 3 decades and as the author of this article points out, there's a very deep and silent grudge and hatred against those who have systematically brutalized the Iranian people.

Now, it's clear to many that the IRI is not Iranian in nature. There has been a systematic effort to arabize Iran, to erase its pre islamic past. Large sectors of the Iranian population are well aware of this (except for the brainwashed sectors and the desendants of the arabs themselves)

Iran's reputation as country, well look at the current 'president'

Iran's economy: no comments. 

However; this very odd and bizarre situation in iran will not change by a military attack against it. That would make matters much, much worse... Iranians made a huge mistake 3 decades ago and only Iranians are to fix it (with international help, of course!) but not with war.




Are you prepared

by Bahramerad on

I am and I hear you!


precisely why we need military intervention to rid Iran of the

by mahmoudg on

Precisely whey we need militrary intervention to rid iran of the Mullahs.


Problem with your thesis

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Boycotting last time actually led to change: for the worst. So boycotting made it easier for the hardliners to take over.