Art of dealing with people

If you were offered the grand task of running Iran, what would you do?


Art of dealing with people
by amirkabear4u

For those who missed the first part, I have included it followed by the second part.

It is a fact that we Iranians always talk about politics in any public or private occasion. It is partly due to not having a voice in running our own affairs. I believe in democracy and as a researcher like to involve everyone to join in trying to run our own country. Remember big projects always start from drawing board and this is it.Let’s assume, for some reasons, the situation in Iran completely changed and mullahs decided to pack their bags and run (no government lasts forever).

If you were offered the grand task of running Iran (you never know, could happen to you) what would you do? By no means, this is going to be an easy task and all the time you should bear in mind that if make mistakes your life and other peoples’ lives may be at risk. Be serious because politics is the art of dealing with crisis and people. Due to the geographical and political situation, Iran inherently has been an unsafe country. What should be done to overcome this? You really need to consider the fact that there is nothing so far done properly. You should consider every aspect of daily life including international issues related to Iran.

And finally try to be as realistic as possible. Do you hire other people to do this for you? What if there are not many people who are qualified to do it? Assume you are the brain behind this change of government (and trust me to take over mullahs you need to be a political brain because mullahs have a way of influencing masses and so should you). To help you to decide better you need to consider if you want to be crowned or be a president and why? Both have their own advantages but just choose one.


It may be surprising, for a historic nation of ours which is famous for its history and hospitality to have nearly 1001 problems. These problems rang from majority of issues in the country, in other words an A to Z list. Since we ordinary Iranians are not supposed to be in charge of our own country this issue can be very new to us. So I created a list of your chosen agenda in alphabetical order. Need to remember these are important issues to consider at least for a short while at the beginning:

- Army: What do you do with an army that been following the previous regime? Do you discharge its personnel or not? Do you expand it? Should you buy more arms? Or maybe just let them sort it out for themselves?

- Arms control: There are a lot of people with guns in Iran what do you need to do about it? Should you just make sure your personal protection is well equipped. Does democracy allows them to keep their revolution era weapons?

- Authority: Who makes decisions and how making sure they obey your instructions. Need to bear in mind even educated Iranians do not like to take orders. Do you select the initial politicians or the public by voting?

- Budget: This is very important. A government with no budget is like a runner with no shoes. You probably will discover, with a shock, all the money Iran earns in the coming years from oil has to pay for outstanding debts mullahs created to keep them going! Your new government will not go anywhere if you cannot afford to pay for all expenses. This budget needs to be pre-determined and how are you going to get this money (here you need to assume mullahs’ families have taken it all and nothing left). You need to roughly predict this amount beforehand. Running a country with over 60 million populations is not cheap. No one wants to believe your political ideology if your government cannot afford it. These days money and politics go hand in hand.

- Boarder control: Iran is a vast country and historically anyone just walks in. Believe me it is habitual for some. Now that your government is establishing some may want to threaten your government. Maybe just, to take the advantages of all the changes. Who is going to protect your boarders and how? Do you need to consider this at all?

- Business and banking: This is an area which needs to be established correctly and efficiently. If we had all the world oil and gas still need to create a better impression of our country by doing professional business. This area historically not well defined and developed. This is why a lot of people do not want to invest their money in industry or even save it in bank accounts.

- Commerce: Again as business and banking needs improvement. Since the discovery of petroleum politicians preferred us to be consumers and just purchase what they wanted us to buy.

- Communication: Emails, faxes, phones and etc. Should they be allowed during the initial days or not? Or are they important at all?

- Community work: Is there a need for this or things will improve as time passes. Are there people who need help and not involved in politics at all?

- Corruption: Both pre and post revolution governments were corrupt. Do you think you may have this problem or not. You may need to consider what are the roots of corruption? Corruption is the biggest problem in that area.

- Crime: Believe it or not average Iranians by nature are not good criminals. But we do have it which may need special attention. This can be a long discussion but just let’s make it simple for now. How are you going about it? Also do you agree too much freedom and democracy helps criminals?

- Currency and monetary system: I do not think there is an Iranian who does not know about disgraceful state of IRI’s exchange rate. What do you do about that? Do you see a need for totally changing the image of Iranian currency? As a leader how do you set about to improve our currency.

- Democracy: It is a strange thing because everyone from our friends to our enemies repeating it. Democracy is a keyword search for any politicians’ website. What do you do about it? Is it necessary? Dictatorship has its own glamour!! Financially democracy is more costly. Maybe better to have a dictatorship but just call it democracy. This is a trend at the moment in most under developed countries.

- Economy: Don’t even mention this. This is one of the most difficult duties of any politician and that is why at the moment all of them ignoring it. If you can truly improve Iranian economy to just 4 or 5% inflation with no unemployment, without having to sell your country and its’ people, then you deserve to be a king.

- Election: Should there be one at all, is there a need for it really!! First you need to decide if you want to go with the trend and announce your government democratic and then ban all elections. Seriously if you are the one behind overthrowing of mullahs and go for an election you may lose because others may take the advantages of democracy, then what do you do?

- Food supply: Do not look at your own table because you may make the classic mistake of mentioning in public ‘if people do not have bread to eat why don’t they eat cake!’ Iranians have enough of shortages how do you deal with this one? Anyway it is for a short while would they like it?

- Freedom: First of all you need to consider what you see freedom and what you don’t. At the beginning is it needed? And how far will you go to provide the freedom. Just as an example, if you let woman to dress in any way they want what general effect will it have. Will it strengthen or weaken your political standing.

- Foreign affairs relations: This is an issue a lot of people complained about after the revolution. What is your solution? Even though there are a lot of governments that do not agree with IRI but their media may have their own attitude about a new regime in Iran. As a nation famous for hospitality how do we go about this? Is it your responsibility or other peoples’ responsibility.

- Fuel: Any foreign national who pass through Iran and see queues at petrol stations wonders why these people are queuing for petrol. Imagine if there was a change of government. There would be more queues. Beside what about heating and cooking. Do you need some arrangements for this?

- Government departments and ministers: Here you have two issues. One is what to do with the previous ones, not all of them are guilty so you cannot get rid of them but which ones? The other is selecting and establishing your own backed officials.

- Leaders residence and office arrangement: Should you use the existing arrangement whatever there is? Where do you want to function as the leader and where do you want to leave. Would you move into an existing palace or a hotel?

- Law and order: How do you go about this one? One of the worst side effects the existing government created is the lack of law and order. The general trend in Iran is to follow what already been there, do you think this is sufficient?

- Justice: Forgive and forget or not? This is a question. Americans did this at the end of 2nd World War with Germans. They decided not to take legal action against a lot of officials. Do you need to go that way or is it too good for your opposition?

- Human rights: This includes all ages and sexes. How are you going about this as at the beginning it might look undemocratic if ignored?

- Martial law: Is there a need for it? Armed opposition can overthrow you. On the other hand, is it fair to the public who just want to go about their business?

- Media: In the last few decades there were numerous newspapers, radio and TV channels established. Also there are a lot of foreign ones. Should they be allowed to function? Then what to do with the ones who backed the previous government. Should they be closed down?

- Policing and Public safety: Iranian had enough of the insecurity and disorder. This is similar to law and order but you need to consider if there is a real need for policing. During the past few governments, politicians tried to copy western countries to police Iran (e.g. paseban). However as most people know it did not work. You need to consider what steps to take. A nation with no police force is like an individual with no immune system.

- Political jails and political prisoners: Do you want to continue with this trend. Mullahs disliked it but continued with it. What will you do? Is torturing acceptable by you? After all it will secure your existence. Some of you been leaving away from Iran for different reasons for too long, the last thing you want, after all these struggles, to end up in exile, do you?

- Public service: These are water, electricity, gas etc. They need to continue, how do you go about this?

- Security: Due to geographical and political situation, Iran inherently has been an unsafe country. What should be done to overcome this? This is different from general law and policing. For example how do you deal with terrorism?

- Opposition:
The losers which are mullahs and the other oppositions, how are you going to face them? The other oppositions don’t want to share leadership with you but they want to be in your place. You can’t agree with this, how do you go about this? Will you be willing to share it with them? Then there are mullahs in a country with so much feeling towards religion how do you deal with them? Remember these oppositions could also be your enemies.

- Religious fanatics: In particular dealing with Hezbollah by no means is easy no matter how many millions in the world dislike them dislike them.

- Public Relations: Iran is a multi cultural society and PR can be a difficult task. Past those days you could throw tea and cake parties to get every ones satisfaction. Iranians these days are better informed and educated, so they expect more. They may require daily updates about the state of the country, do you have anything to tell them. If you seat back and let the nation run Iran at the beginning what do you have to tell them?

- Transport: In countries like ours it is customary to close the boarders (e.g. airports, etc) and even movements between towns during the first few days. What should you do? Again these are measures just for the short while at the beginning. They are not long term and not a complete list. Considering this is a lengthy list, you may mention the top most important actions you prefer. You are also free to add what is left out, as this list by no means is complete.


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To gougouli and samsam1111

by amirkabear4u on

For your information on 1st Paragraph of part II was mentioned "Need to remember these are important issues to consider at least for a short while at the beginning". This line was also repeated in the last paragraph but seems was not published by editor. At the beginning one needs to deal with urgent issues.


What would you do

by Gougouli (not verified) on

Amazing that noone even mentions some of the most urgent matters that need to be attended to: education (quality), environment (urgent) and cultural heritage (including education in art and architecture in order to stop the disfigurement of the Iranian landscape with gaudy monstrosities).The same 'uneducated', 'superstitious' etc. people you mention, are far more aware of the need for more concern for the above.


Iran is a highly

by asdf (not verified) on

Iran is a highly superstitious, uneducated, deeply brainwashed, misogynistic society and frankly it is not ready for democracy...People in Iran have to suffer more under Islam to realize once and for all that the real problem is their backward belief system...once they realize that the enemy is within then there mullahs can no longer use religion as a tool to subjugate the masses and steal their wealth.


You FORGOT the most important & Urgent priority in ur list!

by samsam1111 on

Culture & Education ministry which will Force feed the nation  with triple  dose of Iran,s true pre qadesiyeh heritage for years to come..this time with full force unlike timid Pahlavis.


First task: Seperation of

by Peyman (not verified) on

First task: Seperation of church from state. This is imperative in Iran and many other countries quite frankly.

Second: It is announced in front of the National Assembly by the new leader that Iranians of all backgrounds(ie muslims, jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Baha'ii....and anyone who calls Iran their home)are equal and will be judged on content of character, not religion or background. I know this sounds like the same old rhetoric we hear all the time, but in Iran, this is a symbolic message that would carry great weight.

Third: As much as I despise the current regime, it is imperative that the Islamic Party (if you will) not be witheld from voicing their opinion. Afterall, if the new government does so, they will only be doing the same thing the government before them has done for 30 years. Lets learn from our history.

4th: Whoever the next leader is, or whatever type of system is placed, let us not settle for whatever is thrown at us. We learned this the first time where people were so fed up with the Shah, they accepted anything that came after him. Today, because most Iranians have a personal, deep hatred for the current regime, let us not say "well, whoever takes their place will be better than them." This has always got us into trouble in our history.

I would start there.
From: One Proud Iranian


Simple when you don't put people

by Abarmard on

of Iran in the equation. Have you visited Iran lately? If yes you would be more realistic.

The issue is half government and half (or a bit more) social/cultural. I normally blame the people more and don't think that a system alone can accomplish any dramatic changes once we are in the level that we are. Again a visit to Iran should be the proof of that!

To short answer your article:

Any areas that are directly related to the government, such as economical policy, military and foreign affairs the government can make positive changes, only to some extend, and if the west allows!!

We have to note how we would want Iranian system to be, a Yes Man or independent. It's important to know that the west and oil giants would do their best to topple or change if you would want to do what's best for Iran since that would make the government more careful about selling our natural resources. I believe the biggest problem of the west with Shah was that he was going to only sell the final products of oil rather than raw oil. We saw what happened to him.

Have that in mind when answering. Many tend to forget the threats and see it as IR problem that once IR gone, everything will fall in its place. That's day dreaming!

Based on what I have said above, the role of society therefore becomes a vital factor for the Iranian democratic and freedom movement. It needs to be more specific as what is an accepted form of democracy. Based on my personal experience, many Iranians inside the country today, similar to the days of revolution, would not be happy with a western style democracy, unfortunately. In most of the cities in Iran, people are still conservative when it comes to social and religious issues. So if the system wants to impose its "democracy" to the majority of the people, we might end up with a dictatorial state.

To some, democracy means similar to Turkey or Egypt, where people are socially free to drink or wear what they want. That would be similar to Shah and based on our history I would say will not work.

Social responsibility and civility must be taught to the mass and hope that in the next fifty or so years we would be a few level higher than today.

Government will only take advantage of the wealth of our nation and force its policies on the people as long as they can, and with this level of social responsibility and civility that we have in Iran, regardless of the system, one can not be too hopeful. That's to me the reality of Iran and rest is just dreams.

Yet nothing wrong with dreaming and having high hopes! Although I believe passionately that there are no quick fixes.

Ari Siletz

Good checklist!

by Ari Siletz on

Poses the problem in an organized way. Mendeleev did that for chemistry, and Linneaus for biology, starting off the two sciences. The Iranian scientist Zakariaye Razi owed a lot to his skill at classification. Cool!


I don't want the job

by Mehdi on

I much rather to just sit on the sideline and nag at the one who is stupid nough to take over the job. I would just sit there and use catch phrases like "Islamo-Fascist" or "ZioNazi" or "ruthless dictator" and create a revolution and overthrow that stupid government. Once the a government starts to take shape again, I'd start my activities too.

But joke aside, with all due respect, this is an excercise in futility. Why sit here and daydream uselessly? Maybe what you are trying to get at is what an ideal government should look like - or an ideal nation. This does not mean it is possible any time soon but it could give us a sense of direction.

For whatever it is worth, I would put in place a very extensive statistics system first. Without accurate and valid statistic, managing a nation or any activity depends on "luck," if there is such a thing. To really know what needs most attention or how much money or effort should be spent in an area, one must have accurate statistics, otherwise it will be all based on OPINION. We will have "experts" who know jack about the situation but are somehow magically "experts." And their suggestions will most likely end in disasters which will require more "experts" to handle. If you are following what I am saying, you will know why most governments today are in such a a mess. Because  they really don't have a clear picture of what is going on. They are relying on "experts." These "experts" could be bought by special groups (need I bring up the infamous Israel Lobby?) or they could just be spies of some foreign country, etc.

Aside from that, a leader, if allowed to lead and not interfered with by foreign forces or traitors or mafia groups, etc, must have a very high ability to communicate with different factions and strata of his country and be able to make them see that they are all really trying to achieve the same thing - a high level of survival (hopefully a luxurious one). If one can get the members of a group to work together in one direction, as opposed to every man for himself in different directions, then there will be a force to get things done fast and well. So, communication is of essence.

Fairness and justice is of course very important. If the leader can provide solutions that includes everyone, including Basiji, Pasdar, etc, then that leader will have success. To the degree that he can't come up with solutions or can't bring different groups together, he will be a failure. Israel is a failure because it has failed to bring different sides together (I don't wanna hear all the fancy excuses - I have a lot of them too). The US has failed in the Mid-East because it has been unable to get agreements from all or most sides. 


here you go.

by MRX1 (not verified) on

Keep the army, diamante basijis. Revolutionary guards that want to be part of army will be given a chance, by enrolling themselves in military school, climbing the rank the normal way…….
- Arms control: Let people keep their gun. Give them four months to register their gun. If they don’t and that gun is used in violent crime by them or even some one else, hefty sentences for the owner even if he or she was not involved in the crime.
- Authority: People’s representative, after a free election, and creation of majles moasesan.
- Budget: all contracts signed during the reign of IRI regime, will be subject to review and if it turns out it does serve the need of nation, adios! Cancel them. The proceed from sale of oil & gas should go budget and planning dept. Cenetral control on these vital resources.

- Boarder control: Iranian army with a help of local militia if needed.

- Business and banking: The great Dr. Khoshkish took an unknown entity Bank Meli Iran and made among one of the most solid and recognized bank in the world in 1970;s. no reason it can not be done again.
- Commerce: Let the free market reign with correct taxation
- Communication: absolutely, let them all work.
- Community work: yes but this requires an overhaul of the culture but you have to start from some where.
- Corruption: you can never root out corruption 100% , but you can reduce it dramatically. It all start from the top.
- Crime: crime has nothing to do with democracy. Real criminals should be subject to arrest, representation in court, etc.
- Currency and monetary system: get rid of rial and it’s useless zero’s. complete new currency

- Democracy:. Let’s have it cause people will make such a mess out of it that they will beg the government to intervene and save things!
- Economy: it can be done. Iran has everything, oil, gas, natural resources, mines, tourism, and sea on both side of the country. With good leadership and free market base on rules economy will pick up. Take a look at UAE, Turkey, and Malaysia …..
- Election: yes after order is restored and creation of majles moassesan.
- Food supply: there is lot’s of land in Iran to use for agriculture. Problem: lack of water. Spent large sums of money on water projects: dams, deep wells, conservation, water recycle water desalinization plant at mass scale.
- Freedom: it’s 2008, let’s have all the freedom. As long as people play by the rule who get’s hurt? Any doesn’t and try to oppress others, arrest him.
- Foreign affairs relations: previous regime did a magnificent job of trying to keep the country out of wars and have friendship with as much countries as possible. Same thing should be done again.
- Fuel: easily solved! Reason is because this sewer regime IRI hasn’t built any refineries in ages.
- Government departments and ministers: ministers from IRI? Get rid of them. As for depts. Keep most of the staff, specially lower level staff.
- Leaders residence and office arrangement: some where humble so one can accuse me of m staying in castle, out of touch with people and so on
- Law and order: extremely difficult since you had over thirty years of lawlessness
but you have to start from some where. At the top.
- Justice: Forget, never! One Islamic sewer republic is bad enough. Let no one ever forget that. Forgive: after truth commission is established, after civil court is established and truth comes out for people to see.
- Human rights: follow the universal guide line.
- Martial law: you bet! Imminently after take over you need it to restore order. But shortly you begin the process of dismantling it.
- Media: let all media function. Who cares? Why to be afraid of some stupid newspaper or reporter.
- Policing and Public safety: A professional police force (Not a low level thug Gestapo style organization) will work there to. It has to follow the constitution and protect people. Otherwise you fire the abusers, case closed.
- Political jails and political prisoners: no political prisoners any more. I would eve let separatist run around free cause I am confident their number is so small and fear is unjustified.

- Public service: same way that’s been done every where.
- Security: Terrorist should be arrested and given due process. If guilty, they have to go to jail.

- Opposition: dismantle all these religious schools, disrobe mullah’s put them to work. Done with this useless moftkhor once and all. Establish real theological schools based on solid education
- Religious fanatics: crush them, no more mercy on them! Cut their funding.
- Public Relations: come on this is an easy one. You can either spend millions on it, or you can be as honest and as open you can be. This will be a breath fresh air.
- Transport: if there is a need , you close the airports and train stations for several days just so akhoond and aghazadeh’s don’t’ escape the country during chaos, then you open them.