by jamh

Clueless, I entered the lab

on such a beautiful day

chatting with the radiant girl

playful and pregnant.

A little voice nagged

at the back of my head:

Remember the last time

we acted this way?

The thought lingered

not even when the needle

jabbed at my side.

I was not afraid.

It is precisely at these times

I swear on my long life

that we need to be small,

ruffled and unmade.

Looking backwards,

we can almost sense

alien eyes weighing our worth

seeking a peasant among lords.

Desperation beats countenance

and sacrifice hope,

just as rock beats scissors

and scissors a page of words.




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Thank you for taking the

by jamh on

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy a poem.  I'm always saying to myself who'd read it?  But it is important to pass on what we've learned. I do feel that judgement occurs on this life rather than the next, and in very narrow intervals of time.  I've felt it maybe 3 or 4 times, when our life compresses to a very intense couple of seconds, and for what is worth, for me, it seems like the air becomes foggy and you feel a large presence. You remember every detail of the scene and the people in it, even random strangers. And the most important point is that it seems that it matters what you do in this interval.  Almost as much as what you did in the rest of your life.

Again, thank you for your warm words.



A fine fine fine fine thing.

by ncnotloggingin (not verified) on

A fine fine fine fine thing.