Comrade Obama?



Comrade Obama?
by Peyvand Khorsandi

The word socialist has been bandied about more in the past few weeks than it has since the early 1990s. John McCain was asked whether nationalising banks was not tantamount to socialism – remarkable, a mainstream network airing the s-word in an interview with a US presidential candidate. In Britain the word socialism is regarded as a terminal virus the Labour party sneezed out in 1994 when the then opposition leader Tony Blair ditched Clause 4 -- along with its commitment to “the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange”. After Labour came to power in 1997, its use was phased out.

Now that capitalists themselves are forced to accept that a system that rewards complete bastards, for being complete bastards, is doomed, “redistribution of wealth” and “socialism” are out of their cages. Quite what they mean is a different matter. In the run-up to the US election, socialism had turned into a euphemism for black. "I'm not voting for Obama because he's a socialist" had less to do with any pledge he had made – to create a system of free healthcare for all at point of use or to lift the trade embargo on Cuba – and more to do with his ethnicity. Asked to define socialism, one caller to a New York public radio phone-in rambled incoherently before saying: “Marx! It’s about Karl Marx.”

Yet with Obama’s victory, no-one is asking what is this “socialist” going to do. Suddenly it’s “Black! Black! Black! Black! African-American! African-American! African-American”. The thing is Obama can as fairly be said to be white as he is black – he is, after all, mixed race. But we live in a world that still considers white to be something pure that can be tainted by the black. Under apartheid, mixed-race South Africans were called "coloureds", black painted on to white, not the other way around. So in the US, Colin Powell is regarded as a black man – which really beggars belief.

In one of the first signs that the world is changing in terms of racial politics, demonstrators took to the streets in Rome yesterday after Silvio Berlusconi referred to Obama as "sun-tanned". The young protestors were keen to show the world they are not retarded even if their prime minister is. And perhaps, unlike Berlusconi, they knew that a hundred years ago, immigrants to the US from Italy suffered similarly ignorant jibes and prejudice at the hands of their Anglo-Saxon hosts.

One day, our skin-hue obsessed world will allow the mixed-race person to choose whether he, or she, is black or white. For now, though, we can bask in the honeymoon the mere complexion of this capitalist and pro-Israel president-elect affords us in the hope that, one day, the US will pick a leader who is young, gifted and Red.


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by Ajam (not verified) on

Just like any imperialist power in decay, the US is having a hard time adjusting to the new realities of a post-American world. If it took riots and revolution on French streets for France to decide to let pull out of its African colonies, it is taking a long process of zigzag policies for the US to abondon its imperial ambitions!
It started the 21st century with The Project For A New American century, launching new wars in the Midlle East, renewing the cold war by conjuring up the Missile Defence System, shrugging off concerns about the environment... All this would not have been possible without the George Bush's cowboy swagger which in turn repersented the redneck rebellion against the Clinton global initiatives.
Having resulted in nothing but failure, this time the swing towards the bare-teeth posture is being reversed by an anti-Bush rebellion and a shift for, yet again, a "global president."
How many swings should this prndulum take before the US reconsiders its imperial goals, is anybody's guess. But one thing that's for sure is it won't be a voluntary process, or an easy one for that matter!

Farhad Kashani

I have a crush….  

by Farhad Kashani on

I have a crush….


There is a difference between bashing and/or criticizing a president, and bashing a country. Now I don’t know about you, but some Iranians on this site, who are a minority, clearly bashed the U.S, not just Bush, and what was really outrageous, was the fact that they did it in favor of the fascist Iranian regime, or their leftist ideology, and since we Iranians are friends of the U.S, and we Iranian Americans feel obliged to serve both our mother land and this great country which gave us so much, we did not and we will not accept that.


Example, I disagreed with the war on Iraq decision, but in no way, shape or form, I did that because I thought U.S “hates Islam”, or “hates Arabs”, or is an “imperialist” or anything like that. I had other reasons. I believe in the capitalist system, but I didn’t agree with the government’s lack of oversight which led to the current economic slowdown. Get the point?


Finally, make sure you ask next time which party I belong to before you say “you lost”. I’m not gonna tell which party because 1- You didn’t ask. 2- Its irrelevant.


You guys need to understand that the era of looking everything in black and white has gone. You can’t generalize people anymore, you can’t say “if he is against the Iranian regime, then he must be a pro Israel, religious, anti Abortion, Republican”, or if he is sympathetic to the regime, then he must be an anti Israel, secular, pro abortion Democrat! You guys NEED TO WAKE UP! Its not black and white. That’s where you guys made a miscalculation about Obama. WAKE UP! You ain’t foolin anyone !


Progressive taxation is

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

Progressive taxation is redistribution of wealth in and of itself. Credit cards are sort of a welfare program too for the middle class. The US is hardly a true capitalist country; only in someways; when they privatize profits and socialize the debt; in otherwords the risks taken by corporation!

"bout a month ago I wrote that America is not now, and has never been, a conservative country. Paul Rosenberg, Eric Alterman, and Think Progress have also done an excellent job swatting away at this meme.

But the best argument that America is indeed a center-left nation was penned without fanfare by one of the Republicans at, nephewmiltie, in response to a post assessing the grim future of the GOP.

In just a few short grafs, nephewmiltie exposes the entire GOP economic fraud better than I've seen any progressive do.



Irandokht Don't be confused

by Abol Danesh, Ph.D. in Sociology (not verified) on

...My new aociological manifesto that I worked it out in the underground in the quise of poetry for several years in the deep dark will soon be released by XLIBRIS and in there all the secrets and conspiracies have been exposed--

After finishing this mamifesto reading you will come out babtized with clear vision as if you have never been confused about anything...


Camrade Hassan ibnel Ghasem ibnel Mehedi ibnel ...


I am confused!

by IRANdokht on

Mr "sociologist"

what are you implying?  I didn't think "taneh kenayeh" was an accepted form of social behavior.



let European countries lead the way

by the problem (not verified) on

I am yet to read an intelligently objective piece about the racism and prevalent bigotry in Europe. Now that an African American has been elected as president in US (imagine if the next prime minister of UK would be black or yellow or Red as Khorsandi suggests), the first person to have a heart attack would be the queen and lots of other Brits and even the Iranian expats. Did I mention the queen? yes, there's still a very retarded political system that has queens and princes and people actually accept them to be in such positions and hail them as the royalty and let them hoard all the wealth that they have actually not earned but inherited. God save hypocrites from the fires they make.


Baby Wait a little longer...

by Abol Danesh, Sociologist (not verified) on

...So a chinese american sets his foot in the oval office while the chinese red army parading in pose in couple of millions soldiers to send their congradulatory salute to the new president...

Now having said the critical question is: What do we have for desert after having the meal...

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I'm not bitter. I am liberal because I love life and liberty

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Farhad have you lost your mind? We're not bitter. Right now, the Bush administration is signing off to give away beautiful American land for Uranium and Gas exploration - Also known as "The Last Frontier", part of America's story and creation.

Even Reagan loved this land too much do that. Bush and Cheney and the rest don't love this country, and if they do, they hide it well. I'm not a Reagan fan, but he loved this country more than these goons.  

I'm not bitter, I'm sad. We're here temporarily, and we do so much damage that lasts until after we leave, that it is wrong. So no, not bitter, just sad that some people can't appreciate the beauty around them. 

LET IT GO. You lost, your party is like a stinking corpse. You all need to make it official and hold a funeral. I'll bring the ghormeh sabzi.

Farhad Kashani

I have a crush…..,  

by Farhad Kashani on

I have a crush…..,


Gimme couple of days, I’ll get back to you on that.

Farhad Kashani

The biggest losers of this

by Farhad Kashani on

The biggest losers of this election, the America haters, are resorting to character assassination and outrageous claims to take some of the bitterness and anger out of their system for losing the historic election! At first they thought they have another Castro elected!! Soon they realized the joke is on them!


Now they resorting to shameless lies for saying “the ones who we’re not Obama supporters are now supporting him”! Who are they trying to fool?


They have been bitter, are bitter now, and will always be bitter, because they are “bitter” people themselves! They are full of hate. How many times should this be proven for us?


Look at this character “Obama supporter….”. He’s saying that I called Obama an “Uncle Tom”, not that I predicted people like him, once Obama becomes president and execute his policies of further isolating and defeating their dark vision of Islamist –Leftist ideology, will call him that! How outrageous, and silly (Because people can scroll down and see what I really said in my first comment!!), this misinformation is! How pathetic and evil these people’s techniques are!


You know what is strange?

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

The fact that BerlooseKooni's remarks got so blown up and the fact that just a short while ago, 25th October, over 2million Italians marched against BerLooseKooni's right wing agenda and it was properly reported.

Oh and you may have missed that Obama is Irish!

"US President-elect Barack Obama's roots have possibly been traced to 18th century Ireland and a village called Moneygall in County Offaly.

Irish band, Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys have highlighted Obama's Irish heritage with the song, 'There's no one as Irish as Barack Obama' "

Everyone is claiming Obama.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Farhad Kashani's Crystal Ball Predictions

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I'm intrigued Farhad! Can you tell me if my baby will be a boy or a girl?


it's amazing

by Obama Supporter from Day 1 (not verified) on

The ones who called Obama socialist were the ones who praised McCain "the hero" for having the better policies (!!!) and the smart choice he made by picking Sarah Palin.
Those same people are running to Obama camp now, but not until the day after the election.
Now they're more Catholic than the Pope and they are praising Obama, which in itself would be a noble act as long as they didn't turn around and spit in the face of the ones who defended Obama from day 1 against the same people's accusations!

Whether you speak of Iran or USA, the chameleons on this site call themselves the true Patriots, and everybody else is always shamed and accused and insulted.

If you watch closely after having praised president Obama, they go ahead and use the nastiest insults in a passive aggressive way, again blaming the real Obama supporter. "Uncle Tom remark" was said by Mr Kashani because he can't stand the fact that he was proven wrong and that Obama is not "the socialist/leftist/pro-IRI who's palling around with terrorist" as he and the othe GWB supporters like him on this site accused him to be.

God save us from these folks who sway whichever way the wind blows!!!!

Farhad Kashani

All the Islamic Leftist

by Farhad Kashani on

All the Islamic Leftist Iranians on this site thought that Obama is a "socialist revolutionary"!! And thats why they supported him in the begining. But as soon as he came out showing that he is a patriot American who understands the threat of Islamic Fundamentalism and believes in free market, ideas of democracy and the unique greatness of America, they started calling him a "sell out to the Israel"!!!

Like Obama said Tuesday night, all the people who doubted in America, and boy didn't we see those folks on this site!, got their answer with his election.

Of course now they are turning anti Obama, more is to follow up. I can already tell you the names they gonan cal him: sell out, neo conservative (but the Democraic, not Republican, type!), imperialist, anti Islam, (and I won't be surprised if they throw in a couple of "Unle Tom" type remakrs either..these people have shown over and over again that they have no sense of decency, or logic, at all..)....and more is to follow!! Lets watch.

a pimp named slickback

brotha in da house!

by a pimp named slickback on

brotha in da house!