Dream On

Dream On
by Arash Daneshzadeh

I take my prayers and start

To kneed them into creamy dreams
And from that rich texture
I will sing encapsulating songs from the void in my heart
To wrap them into bitter sweets

Then I wakefully task myself again
To taking these dreams and with them
Create a hammock that sieves my anger -into singing daffodils
Who sing the songs of resiliency
And their pollen is power, and their nectar - understanding
Blossoming at the heart of a simple flower

And I ask you:
Contextualize a round mountain on which I may plant my dreams
To hide them
Within the semi-circle of your unfinished dreams

I’ve rolled my prayers into a hidden fortress of distant memories
And remember as I do
That the ugly sides of life, while strong, won’t remain
They are forgotten lullabies dissolving under the creamy covers of my dreams
And yours

Dream on, either way,
Continue to dream on