The Dutch Connection

The Dutch are cooperating with the CIA in disseminating rumors


The Dutch Connection
by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Without doubt, psychological warfare has proved its right to a place of dignity in our military arsenal.’ - Eisenhower

The recent De Telegraaf article ‘revealing’ the Dutch intelligence cooperation with the CIA is a propaganda piece aimed at undermining the credibility of the United Nations specialized agency, the IAEA, and its chief Mohammad ElBaradei’s findings on Iran’s peaceful civilian nuclear program. As importantly, it presents war as the solution to a non-existent threat.

In an attempt to demoralize the Iranian people and undermine the resolve of the Iranian military forces, De Telegraaf would have the readers believe that the Dutch intelligence has been secretly operating inside Iran and has been sharing its findings with the CIA. It is common knowledge that the American administration is frustrated with the lack of information it has on Iran and its civilian nuclear program. Equally frustrating is the Administration’s dissatisfaction at being in the dark about the complex Iranian society and its government.

There are no or few Iran specialists; certainly few who are willing to cooperate with the CIA. It also seeks to demoralize the Iranians and undermine their resolve in confronting outside enemies. Likewise, it is an open secret that the terrorist cult Mojahedeen-e Khalg which according to sources receives its information from Mossad, has been providing the CIA with -- not reliable and accurate-- information. There is no doubt that the Dutch are cooperating with the CIA – but the extent of their cooperation is limited to communication – disseminating rumors.

Writing in Mein Kamp, Adolf Hitler claimed that the masses were more influenced by their emotions than by their brains; to this end, “all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogans”. It would seem the neoconservatives are students and fans of Adolf Hitler.

Planting rumors with the intention of waging war against Iran, the neocons are well aware that misinformation which spreads through a third country lends more credibility to their propaganda. The psychological warfare waged on August 29 by the Dutch-Israel-American axis - De Telegraaf article, the threat by the former Labor Knesset Member, Eprahim Sneh (2), and the Israeli lobby war games over Denver skies during the Democratic Convention, are propagandist use of communication to achieve one objective – sacrifice peace to promote Israel’s expansionist policies in the Middle East.

Deceit has become an essential tool of statecraft with this administration and its allies. Lies have become more urgent and exaggerated as Iranians continue to succeed and Mr. Bush’s time to leave office draws to an end. While Iran proudly announces its peaceful accomplishments in various fields, the controlled media in the West hijack the news and undermine the success of such advances in order to weaken the morale of the people and the government’s credibility. Iranians are immune to this style of warfare.

When on March 31, 1949, VOA launched its first Farsi program, Harry Truman praised it and said that he hoped it would help facilitate greater understanding between Iran and America and promote prosperity and peace. His successor, Eisenhower, used it for covert operations to undermine the nationalist Mohammad Mossadeq in a CIA-backed coup. Today, Iranians are not affected by propaganda; whether they are planted in a Dutch paper or transmitted otherwise.

Tragically, the manipulation and propaganda has had its effect on the American people. Unruffled, the Conventions are hijacked and used to intimidate Americans into yet another war. And the Dutch continue to insult another Mohammad – this time one who was awarded a Nobel Peace prize in Oslo in accordance to Alfred Nobel’s will "to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses."


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Roshanbeen, You have

by varjavand on

Roshanbeen, You have summarized fairly what I have been trying to bring up throughout my comments earlier here or elsewhere. We have to be realistic, searcing for commom ground. The utopians who dance only to their own music have no connection to realities. As Don Xiaoping would have said we want our cat to catch mice, we don’t care if it is black or white.

Mammad, When I posted my first article on this site back in January of this year, I received some reckless comments by those who attacked me personally simply because they didn’t agree with what I wrote. I decided to continue to write because if I didn’t, they would have succeeded in their aim of warding me off. In addition, I didn’t want to lose the privilege of being labeled by these lackluster experts.  I believed also if I quit writing then my oddities will remain unnoticed, then I lose the chance of treating them. Varjavand  



Soraya: The Dutch Connection

by Kurush (not verified) on

Here is a primer on the Western Intelligence Services for those interested:
Some of us watch James Bond movies too much but most of us have watched at least a few. Primarily, if one is not aware or does not know any better, and especially for the naïve and impressionable types, the Anglo-Saxon appears adroit, omnipotent , ubiquitous, in short, God himself. Are Western Intelligence Services like that at all, adroit, omnipotent…? Nope! History loves irony. Towards the end of World War II, when the Western ruling elites were shocked, shocked to realize that the communist forces were swarming, like red locusts, to the very heart of Europe, the MI6, the renowned British Intelligence Service, was tasked to resume its anti-communist activities under section IX. This meant, amongst many other things, running agents behind the Iron Curtain. This section was, in effect, the very heart of the West’s anti-Soviets activities. Need not go into this too deeply, but suffice it to say the head of the this vital heartbeat, was no other than Kim Philby. Philby, a superb agent, renowned for his intellectual prowess, very impressive indeed, was actually a devout communist. He had been recruited in the thirties by the Soviets GRU. The chief of the super secret section IX, himself, announced to his employer of choice, the Soviets, about the existence of this section and its agenda! The super agent who was running the West’s anti-communist, anti-Soviet espionage was himself a Soviet agent! Adroit? I do not think so. Like to know more? OK. The super secret Los Alamos Lab designing the very first nuclear device, surrounded by barbwires and watchtowers and checkpoints deep in the New Mexico highlands was kept secret from the West’s ally, the Soviets, event though Churchill had promised to Stalin cooperation and exchange of technologies. Not to worry. Uncle Joe had an agent in the very heart of the legendry Los Alamos. It is a profound misunderstanding that the American ingenuity created the bomb. On the contrary, the golden age of European Physics was present at Los Alamos. Specifically, the brain of the Los Alamos was the theoretical division, headed by Nobel Laureate German Physicist, Hans Bethe. Two other German physicists in this division are known to have solved two third of the most complex problems encountered during the design of the bomb, namely, Rudolph Peierls, a Noble Laureate, and Klaus Fuchs. Fuchs in German means fox. The fox was red. To be fair he was reporting his own discoveries to whomever he pleased, and he meant to please Stalin. Ubiquitous? I do not think so. More? OK. The efficiently ruthless Sicherhietdienst, the Nazi intelligence service, was beset from the beginning of the BARBAROSSA, the German invasion of the Soviets, by the Red Orchestra. The Pianists, Communist Germans tapping messages to Moscow, some but not all, were located a stone’s throw from the heart of the Nazi Government’s buildings in Berlin sacrificing themselves for the cause. Omnipotent? I do not think so.
The point I’m making is simple, the Western Intelligence Services, are not stupid, nor are they supermen, James bond types. Soryas’s statement, as to the deprivation the Western Intelligence Services have suffered, not having agents enough in Iran (and sophisticated satellite imagery cannot see inside underground bunkers nor read human mind), etc., is correct.
I would not be finished unless I harped on the Jewish state and its aggressive posturings. This issue with the Jewish State should neither be seen as on the basis of race nor religion, nor as relevant to the Left and Right perspective which some writers on this site seem to suggest. You see the Jewish state is a reincarnation of a previous existence. Yep, we are into séance now. When the western crusaders in 1099 AD laid siege to Holy Jerusalem, the defenders were both Moslems and Jews. The Egyptian army did not arrive in time to break the siege. The crusaders breached the defenses of Jerusalem and carnaged every single man and woman and child and dog and cat. The last Jewish defenders barricaded themselves in a synagogue which the Western crusaders burned to death. The genocide was appalling. The crusaders created the Kingdom of Jerusalem which geographically is equivalent to the current Jewish state. The Kingdom of Jerusalem behaved very much like the current Jewish state. It raided Moslem trading center, cities, communities and even Moslem pilgrims on the business of pilgrimage to Mecca-with impunity for years. The Kingdom of Jerusalem showed every sort of contempt and racism and violence that the Jewish state is known for today toward the Moslems. Almost eighty yeas later after its inception the Kingdom Of Jerusalem was destroyed by Saladin, the Kurdish warrior of the Moslem forces. Both the Kingdom of Jerusalem and its reincarnation today are proxies of the West . I am sorry to say that the Jews whom I respect, because they have historical consciousness and conscience, have set themselves up to no good as the proxy of the western powers who have historically persecuted the Jews. The ancient Jews called Cyrus, the messiah, the Saviour. Only one other person has received that epithet in the Bible. For it was the Achaemenid King who freed the Jews form their Babylonian captivity. This allowed the Jews to set their religious foundation and to write the Pentateuch, the heart of the Old Testament. The ancestors of the present day Jews must be squirming in their graves seeing how their children are behaving towards their ancient Iranian friends!


Dear Mammad ,

by Roshanbeen (not verified) on

I enjoyed reading your well written response, I agree with you almost entirely. I look at these issues the same way as you do. Your style of writing makes it enjoyable to read and comprehend.

One should be realistic in criticizing IRI, one also should mention their positive accomplishments. They have done some bad things and many positive things, like any other government in this world. The most constructive way is to applaud their accomplishment instead of bashing them blindly for every move they make regardless of what they do. That attitude is not going anywhere as the last 30 year is our witness. If more progressive Iranians either inside Iran or outside show genuine interest in assisting IRI, there might be breakthrough toward more opening and ultimately true democracy, otherwise it is business as usual, and no one can play that game better than IRI. Same approach holds true for Western governments attitude towards Iran, They must be reasonable and respect the rights of Iran and it's people.

Any government/nation under gun, threat and intimidation feels cornered and acts irrational and crazy, they ignore human rights, freedom of press, and even their most advanced constitution.

I am bracing for avalanche of accusations, that I must be IRI agent or Pro this and anti that.
Bring it on :)

Farhad Kashani

Isn’t it funny that these

by Farhad Kashani on

Isn’t it funny that these guys think they are having “academic” style of debate! What they don’t realize is that 1- word “academic” could mean anything. 2- I guarantee most of us are properly more educated than them, for example, they don’t know if yours truly has a PhD or not, 3- whether we have more “academic” experience or they do, that doesn’t mean that we understand the realities of Iran and the world more than them or vice versa. What logic says that?

Farhad Kashani

Mammad, fair enough. I

by Farhad Kashani on

Mammad, fair enough. I understand where you’re coming from.



by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

Thanks for the response. I disagree with you on a few points, but I thank you for taking the time to repond to my questions. Now, if we could only hear from Ms. Sepahpour-Ulrich on these issues.



by Mammad on

I did not call you a liar. It is a matter of trust. Between Soraya - a god friend for many year and a lady for whom I have tremendous respect - and you, a man that I have never met, and I disagree with most of the time - particularly due to the way you debate - I believe Soraya. Does that mean that I cannot be wrong about this? Absolutely not. But, it is a question of familiarity and trust.





by Mammad on

Thank you for your kind words.

The reason that I do not post my articles on - a site that I like - is exactly what you said: Some people criticize whatever I and people like me say. So, I prefer to post my articles elsewhere. Even if I am criticized elsewhere, it is with utter civility. But, some people here are willing to say anything just to attack me and people like me. And, my "sin" is not that I am a leftist - and proudly so - rather, that I am a practicing Muslim. I "violate" their stereotype of a Muslim - the cartoon that they have made of Muslims like me.



Anonymous Observer

by Mammad on

First of all, whether or not one responds to any comment is his/her choice.

Secondly, in the past I did debate some issues with you, but each time I responded, you changed the subject. So, I stopped.

Third, I usually read the comments at home, but my computer was down. I am doing this now from work. Hence, the delay.

Fourth, I generally dislike such style of "debating," because it is more like interrogation than debating. Soraya's article, good or bad, is about a completely different subject than your questions (see below). In particular, I do not like the word "us" and "we" in your comment. You speak for yourself and only yourself. Read my comments. I always say, in my opinion. I do not represent anyone but myself.

But, in response to your questions.

1. If you mean the execution of spolitical prisoners in 1988 right after the ceasefire between Iran and Iraq, then, yes, of course it did. One must be out of his/her mind to say that it did not. In particular, three of my own college friends were among the victims.

2. Of course, they were NOT justified.

3. The reactionary right. Except for the first 2-3 years after the Revolution, the Iranian judiciary has always been controlled by the reactionary right, people like Mostafa Pourmohammadi, Raeisi, Nayyeri, Mohseni Ejei, Saeed Mortazavi, etc. Aside from Mortazavi, they are ALL graduates of the Haghani school in Ghom, controlled, since before the Revolution, by Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, the spiritual leader of the extreme right in Iran.

4. They should be put on trial for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

5. Whether the IRI is or is not legitimate is not decided by a single issue. Certainly, those executions are one among many horrible things that have happened since the Revolution.

6. The issue of murdering the political prisoners is completely separated from the nuclear issue. I also do not decide whether people should link them together or not. But, personally,

(a) as I said, the culprits behind the execution should be tried, most preferrably as criminals against humanity.

(b) But, regardless of the executions, I support Iran's rights to nuclear technology. As I have said many times in this column, and as I have said many times in my articles, Iran is entitled to the nuclear technology, including uranium enrichment. Iran, based on the evidence SO FAR, has not violated any international agreement that would take the rights away. In particular, Iran has not violated the NPT, and Iran's six minor breaches of its Safeguards Agreement with the IAEA were found by the IAEA not for being for the purpose of "further a military purpose," in the language of the SA. Iran has also not diverted any enriched uranium for any illicit activity. Therefore, Iran is entitled to such rights.

The nuc issue is what I call true national interest. I support and defend what I consider Iran's true national interests, REGARDLESS of the political system. I have always been opposed to the Shah, but I also think that he was correct when he started Iran's nuc program.

Finally, in October 2007 - 11 months ago - I published an article that dealt in part with the execution of political prisoners, both under the Shah and the IRI. I have wanted to shorten it to post it on this site, but, unfortunately, have not gotten the time.



give it up....

by ali1348 (not verified) on

I have to say, I'm not surprised that you vote democrat! you would just love to have carter's protege run this country, wouldn't you?!
and what a paradise iran would become- another 100 years of mullah-dom! wow, that would be just awesome, right?!
before you say I am defending neocons, or bush, let me tell you, that they are no angels either. BUT, and this is a big BUT, the mullahs fear nothing more than losing their death-grip on iran's wealth and its poor people! obama and biden are loonies who want to legitimize the mullahs by "talking" to them- and I wonder what are you going to say to them???- maybe, something like: "please give up your hatred for us, would you?? we don't want to be the great satan anymore- and while you're at it, please don't create and arm terrorist groups, don't sell young boys and girls to arabs as sex slaves....and on and on..."
give me a break, the mullahs will soon be gone, but it wont' be because of the democrats, who helped usher them in the first place!


Mr. Mammad & Ms. Sepahpour-Ulrich - Can We Have a Response?

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

Mr. Mammad and Ms. Sepahpour-Ulrich,

We are still eagerly waiting to hear from you on the few questions that I posed to you. As the other commenter points out, you are both excellent writers and debaters and , Mammmad in particular, is a prolific commenter. Therefore, I am extremely surprised that we have not yet heard from either of you with regard to the simple and fact oriented questions that were posted yesterday.

Can we benefit from your insight on these important issues? Thank you.


Don't You Love..

by Anonymous1111 (not verified) on

how the like-minded congratulate each other on this site when one of them writes something?!!!



Dear Ms.

by varjavand on

Dear Ms. Sepahpour;

Although I envy your  popularity among the readers of this website, I usually read your articles. You are a superb seasoned writer and a fair and sensible analyst. I admire your love for your country and your defense of non violent approach. As you know, comments on this site, which are plenty and often seemingly absurd. They are like raw mineral ore. We should use our good judgment to winnow out the bad ones and respond, if we would like, to the good ones. We don’t need to sanctify  the aggravators by direct respond to their comments.


Dear Mammad, you are a good commenter and a well-rounded debater, and I believe an academician like myself. Can I make a suggestion that you start writing for this site. I am sure with your good style of writing and great deal of knowledge on contemporary issues, you can make much more effective contribution by writing than by commenting. They are some commenters on this site who criticize everything that breathes. Arguing with them is like carrying water in a strainer.   


Wishing you all good luck,






by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

Just to further illustrate my comment about cosmetic changes in major cities, and also to address your point about services and specifically "clean water", this is how people in a village in Kordestan, in the 21st century have to obtain drinking water (from Fars News Agency)


So much for progress!!!



by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

Bringing order?!! You know the famous phrase, "Mussolini made the trains run on time"? So, are we supposed to applaud them for bringing order?

Plus, since when providing basic services to citizens, especially in a rich country like Iran, which is any government's primary responsibility, became something special?

Are we to only oppose the government if sewer was running in the streets and the country looked like Afghanistan?

Iran is a very rich, and relatively under populated, country with great natural resources. In fact, this government has been a disaster in advancing Iran's industry and economy. For instance, there is such a lack of refinery capacity in Iran, with antiquated oil facilities and incompetence of those responsible, that Iran has to actually import petroleum products to meet its citizen's basic fuel needs. Also, don't get me started on inflation, unemployment, poverty (40% living below poverty line according to the government itself).

Additionally, some projects that appear awe inspiring are actually examples of incompetence and poor management. Take the Tehran metro or the new Tehran airport as examples. Both of these projects were planned and were about to start BEFORE the revolution. In fact, if the revolution had not happened, Tehran's metro would probably have been operational 20 years ago, and the same goes for the new airport.

What the Iranian government has done magnificently is implementing cosmetic changes to major cities such as Tehran so that when people like you visit them you can come back and tell everyone how nice everything has become....and that's what this regime is a master at: manipulation of the Iranian psyche...and that's where they deserve credit!


Hating IRI 24/7 Is Bad For Your Health.

by Sialashgar on

Hating IRI 24/7 is not going to do you any good  unless somebody(AIPAC,Rajavee,Shah's son)is paying you to do so or you have all this hate in you for whatever reason and you need to directed somewhere.

I am an American Citizen and I love America but that dosen't mean I hate IRI

I love America because i thing is the best country in the world

I don't  because I believe thay are doing a lots of good.

Like bringing order to the entire Iran and it's people.And if you don't see the importence of order in any society then you don't know anything.

like keeping Iran togather(Persian,Turks,Arabs,Kords..)

Providing security for the Iranian society.

Like keeping the enemies out of Iran.

Like Building Schools,Hospitals,Roads,Providing Electricity, Clean water

and they are just starting to give people free money(rayane) .Nobady is saying that  IRI is Perfect or even anything near that but Running a government in Medileast is not the same as running a government in Euroup or US.   

I feel like I am talking to my five years old  but i can go on for a long time pointting out all the goods that is comming out of the brand new not even fifty years old government of IRI.Work with them and give Iranian and their government more credit. Peace and Love Shah Hossein 


Sorry my intrusion

by Souri on

Dear all,

Sorry fro the little intrusion. My point here is not political at all.

I noticed that many people here in this thread and in this whole website,
constantly accuse each other of being left or being right. I tried to bring you a good summery of the book written by "Maurice Duverger" about
the Ideological scale, but failed to translate it from my Persian book
"Osoule Elme Siasat" by Maurice Duverger translated by Abolfazl Ghaazi in 1970.

So I just invite you to read that book and study more about "jahat haaye siaasi" and the model issued by Eysenck, the English politico/sociologist. it will help all of us, to know where we and the other people are standing in regard of this scale.

In an additional note, while I was surfing on the web for finding the exact translation of that chapter (in vain), I had found another document which is very interesting to read and learn how the ideological models are described

Thanks to all :


Asghar Taragheh


by Asghar Taragheh on

I agree with you 100%. She also has permission to insult others in her articles and replies. Here she just called Farhad a lier. But no one can tell her to stay in the IRI the next time she goes there. The editors must realize that some writers raise the blood pressure more than others (as Ms. Soraya). As long as no profanity is going on, articles should not get deleted. To not allow  reasonable personal attack on people (without the use of profanity and religious bigotry) is just silly. Here she comes and calls people traitors and she is some how immune from the same level of rethoric. 


Asghar Taragheh

From the Dutch to CIA to Mein Kamph to Mossad to MEK

by Asghar Taragheh on

Reading your articles remind me of that British show Connections that used to be on the Discovery Channel where the guy would in a genius manner link the most recent human inventions to events all the way back to 3000 years ago.

I am sorry but I don't see any connections here. You are trying to hard to make the IRI look innocent and it just does not work. They are not innocent! I just can't understand how you can defend them the way you do. This will result in the murder and abuse of more Iranians by the IRI at the end.

Also, below is the article the editors first published then deleted. I had it in my reply box while I was writing the above. What is wrong with calling here Anti American? What is wrong with telling her to stay in Iran next time? This is not a comment worth deleting after you already posted it!!!!


by redneck (not verified) on

By the way, I came back from
Iran 2 weeks ago. I spoke to taxi drivers, cleaning lady, ‘baghal’,
shop keeper, and the rich. When were you there?

Soraya: Why did you come back??? You're virulently anti-American and
I don't buy for a minute that you consider yourself as an American of
any kind. Don't come back next time you visit your beloved IRI.

Farhad Kashani

Mammad,   1-    

by Farhad Kashani on



1-     Sorry but that’s not the case for two reasons. One is that there are many shite fundamentalist groups out there now in the Islamic world, to mention a few : Hezbullah in Lebanon, Mehdi Army and Badr group in Iraq, Al Hoothi group who is fighting the Yemeni government in Yemen and has been accused by Yemen of receiving aid from Iran, and others. Did you know that Trinidad and Tobago had an attempted coup I think somewhere in 05 or 06 by a fundamentalist shite group!! This is the extent which Islamic fundamentalism has reached throughout the world. Second, only some Sunni groups despise Iran, not all. Many of them support the staunch anti modernism and fundamentalist stance the regime takes. More importantly, most, if not all those groups, are inspired by the rise of clergymen in Iran to form an Islamic government and society. Remember, Khomeini had 2 sets of propaganda tactics: 1- He declared himself as the leader of shites when talking to domestic audience 2- declared himself as “Vali Amr Muslemin” when talking to Muslim audience in Islam world.  Also, I totally agree you about Israel being smart and give the Golan Heights back. Not only smart, but the right thing to do.

2-     We’re good there.

3-     They absolutely do. A) First we have to define what leftist is in U.S and elsewhere. NY Times and W post are liberal papers versus the right winger FOX news and centrist CNN. They don’t necessarily have a so called “anti American” agenda, but remember, they have an audience. And their audience expects them to talk on their behalf. that’s what democracy is all about. For everyone to have a voice. and internationally, you got your Al Jazeera and Guardians and French paper, who have clear agenda, and again, are talking to the audience. B) Lets remember, the Media as we know it has changed. For example, blogs and websites and news-shows on TV have much more influence right now than many big News papers and traditional news programs on TV. The blogs, you got your, or democracy now,,and guess where most Americans get their news from :The daily show with Jon Stewart! So, I don’t think we should look at this in the traditional sense. C) again, if we not look at the traditional leftist definition, yes, many of them are leftist. Pleas don’t confuse leftist with extreme Socialism or communism. When you said yourself once when you declared you are a leftist , and you went on to elaborate, I didn’t see any “communist” ideas on the issues you mentioned. D) I suspect that’s the case, but I have no doubt that the right wingers have done a horrible job passing along their message. Or at least, they have done a horrible job in the last 4-5 years. The beginning years of W first term did they a better job, but after the Iraq war and the mess, they have been silenced. And I agree with you on Guardian, I’m sure you read my article “Rising expectations” in which I quoted the Guardian as calling the IRI as one of the top 10 worst offenders of human rights in the world.

4-     No they haven’t suffered. They have been suffering by their own people. Castro was suffered under Batista, and I don’t know who “tortured” that monkey Chavez. We both know we disagree on the self responsibility issue. So I’m sure you gonna come back and make the “Well U.S supported Batista” argument, but in reality, that support wasn’t the reason that Batista did bad things, the reason that Batista did bad things was Batista himself wanted to do bad things. That being said, the most important issue here is even if they have suffered, nothing, and I mean nothing at all in this universe, can justify the dictatorship of Castro and the semi-dictatorship of Chavez. That’s my whole point. Shouldn’t these “anti imperialist liberators” stand for everything that their opponents don’t stand for according to them, like democracy, and free speech, and …so how come the Khomeinis, and the Castros, and the Chavez’, and the Mao, and the Stalin, and what the people they despise so much have done X 1,000,000?


Among Iranians:


Leftists do support the regime for one main reason, because to them, disagreeing with America and what they call “standing up to the U.S” is far more important than what happens to Iran or what goes on in Iran. That’s an undeniable fact. Just like Islamist, they do not have a “nationalist” agenda, but rather a “global” agenda.


Iran’s rights:


-         Who is “WE? That’s the ultimate question. First we need to come to an understanding whether the regime represents us or not, then will take it from there. Most Iranians will tell you it doesn’t. even some IRIs own officials are saying that we shouldn’t pay a high price for our nuclear energy and that we should be smart. As Iranians we have right to free election, free press, individual freedoms, economic prosperity, a responsive governemtn..and the regime hasn’t provided any of those. So let me ask you which do you think is more important, freedom to elect your own government and freedom of speech and freedom to live, or a nuclear energy that even its “alleged” benefits for the people has been debated even within Iran. Not even touching on the fact that it could be used for both military and civilian nuclear activity, and I have no doubt that IRI is using it for military activity.

-         I’m glad that you agree that the IRI has contributed greatly (I would say almost all of it) to the bad relations between Iran and West. Mammad, no one is letting the West off the hook of the things some Western countries have done in the past,, but 1- We have done bad things too 2- We need to find if there is a connection or justification between lets say what the U.S did in Japan in 1945 and what the IRI is doing. That’s were we take the wrong turn. There isn’t ! IRI would love you to believe there is, but there isn’t. like I said, nothing can justify what IRI is doing. If the U.N or U.S or anyone else mentions a word about terrible human rights conditions in Iran, the IRI will come back and talk about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to make the U.S look bad. The IRI is not answering the accusations of human rights violations, but its character assassinating the one who talks about these things. And if we Iranians say anything about that, 1- if we’re in Iran, we end up in jail or six fee under 2- If we’re outside its supporters like people on this site (Q, Shining Head, Anonymous8, Soufi and others) us “imperialist agents”! Does that make sense to you?

-         When did the West encourage Iraq to attack Iran..after 1979, correct? OK, why did it to that? What did it cause the West do that? It was what the IRI has been doing since it came to power in 1979, what do you except the other side to do when you create enemies? The Germans never fault the West (Or the world for that matter) for confronting Hitler because they know Hitler was the one who started it. same here. Of course no one is implying that the U.S should bomb Iran because the time for bombings has passed. Its not 1945, but rather, 2008. in some instances, like Afghanistan, you have to use military power. but in Iran’s case, you don’t have to.

-         I don’t think I ever said U.S foreign policy was/is flawless. My argument is we shouldn’t accept the IRI or justify for what its doing because of that. That just doesn’t make sense. And I do agree that the biggest beneficiary of the Iraq war was IRI. That’s one of the main reasons that I opposed it, along with the fact that it was illegal.

-         Again, why did Israel considers Iran an enemy? It goes back to what we talked about. When did it start? After 1979, so the blame rests with the IRI. I have no problem with a rational, sensible position on Israeli – Arab issue as long as it doesn’t hurt our people. But the thing is reason and logic are some things the IRI are enemies with.


Farhad Kashani

Soraya and Mammad. Cool

by Farhad Kashani on

Soraya and Mammad. Cool off.


Soraya, you did correspond with me when I was registered under a different name which was not my real name, it was a nickname. It would be silly of me to lie about something unimportant like this, wouldn’t you agree? I even remember the word you used to call me was “monster” for calling out the “leftists friends that you knew for many years”. Maybe that rings a bell.

It is not our tactic or “character” to character assassinate. You guys do that, not us. Calling you an “extreme left wing” is not an insult, it just says you belong to a certain political spectrum. I get called all kinds of names by people with your political belief all the time, maybe with the exception of Mammad, whom he just called me a “liar” for mentioning your correspondence. I think that was out of character of him. I thought he had more class. But nonetheless, I won’t engage in character assassination against you or anyone else. But if someone tries to intimidate or insult me, I will definitely fight back. That’s my right.

I don’t hate you at all, I just think you’re wrong, I don’t see you as a bully (neither I see Mammad) but I cant say that about the rest of the guys on this site who subscribe to your political ideology.

I don’t agree with many “labeling” also. I consider myself a liberal and I don’t think in America a liberal is a leftists, cause I’m certainly not. But people, including Mammad, have called me “an extreme right winger”! So I think there is a huge misunderstanding on where people stand which is created mostly by the media, and not just U.S media, but worldwide media. You repeated what I’ve been saying all along that different political ideologies mean different things in different countries. Most people belonging to your political spectrum make the naïve statements that “the religious conservatives or Republicans in the U.S are the same as Hizbullahs in Iran”, which is absurd.

I was in Iran during Nowrooz.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

The fact is that virtually anything this person writes is incendiary and divisive, no matter which side of the issue you subscribe to.

But I must say I see the writer of this article tends to enjoy tremendous amount of latitude not only with the original article, but also when her blogs or articles are brought up to scrutiny. And it should be noted that perception is based in reality.

I don't know if this will remain published, but I must express my very strong doubts concerning the writer actually speaking with taxi drivers, cleaning ladies, and the like, when for the most part, there's an absence of truly productive dialogue between the writer and both supporters and detractors here on this site.

Asghar Taragheh

JJ The Editing here is going to Far

by Asghar Taragheh on

Are there multiple editors for this blog? I just saw you guys accept an anonymouse response about Soraya's statement below which must have gone to you guys for approval and then get deleted after you approved and posted it. Why you accept than delete? I have defended you many times on deleting crazy comments but what is this? You first agree to publish than delete?

The statement that was commented on is below:

"By the way, I came back from Iran 2 weeks
ago. I spoke to taxi drivers, cleaning lady, ‘baghal’, shop keeper, and
the rich. When were you there?"

Is Soraya a family friend or something? She just called Farhad a lier below. Lets delete that as well since its a personal attack!  Nobody cursed and used foul language or attack anyone's religion in a disrepectful manner.  Let the people argue baba. Its politics and politics is a dirty game.


Dear Mammad

by MargBarIRI on

Someone did not like my comments to Ms. Soraya and in the process deleted your reply as well. I wanted to reply to you but I guess they do not want us to discuss whether Soraya is on the left or not, whether Chomsky is an anarchist or not (please see Chomsky's political views on Wiki) or how you were mistreated by the IRI in your last visit and how Ms. Soraya comes and goes to the IRI without any mistreatment. I apologize if I pissed off the editors but I never used profanity and I was not off topic. This editing thing is to subjective and seems to protect the most outlandish elements in our society.


Ms. Sepahpour-Ulrich & Mammad

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

There is an article on this site discussing the executions of the 1980s, entitled "Koshtar". Since the two of you are free thinking intellectuals, are not afraid to express your opinions about what is right even if that interferes with your frequent travels to Iran, are "peace activists", are supporters of "human rights" and are NOT in any shape or way related or affiliated with the government of Iran, can you please provide us with your enlighted opinions as to the following questions:

1) Did the killings happen?

2) If yes, where they justified?

3) Who was involved in ordering those killings?

4) Should those who were involved, including Mr. Pourmohamedi, and the top leadership in Iran, be put on trial for their crimes aganist humanity?

5) How do those killings, which cemented the regime's hold on power, effect the legitimacy of the current government of Iran?

6) Should the Iranian people forgive and overlook the killings (if, in your opinions, they happened) and full heartedly support the Iranian nuclear program?

I think veryone on this site will like to hear from you, especially from Ms. Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, who is the public face of CASMII, on these very important matters.

Thank you.


Soraya jaan

by Mammad on


Just wanted to say that, regardless of my debate with FK, I never believed him regarding you corresponding with him. I know you too well to believe him, or disbelieve you.




by Mammad on

Let me make some comments about what you said.

1. Iranian fundamentalists are Shi'ites. Except for Hezbollah, the rest of the fundamentalist groups in the Islamic world (al-Qaeda, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Pakistan's, etc.) are Sunni. Not only do they not support Iran's fundamentalists, but also mostly despise them. Hamas receives aid from Iran, but has its own agenda. Hamas is not a lackey of the IRI. In fact, its creation was supported tacitly by Israel in 1989, because Israel wanted to counter Fatah at that time. In addition, Hamas has one goal and one goal only: To recover Palestinians land.

Syria, the only major ally of Iran in the Islamic world, has a rigid secular government. If Israel were smart, it would return the Golan Heights to its right owner, Syria, which would split Syria from the IRI. 

2. You are correct there.

3. Leftist media do not control the media worldwide, not even in the US:

(a) All the major newspapers in the US - the NY Times, the LA Times, the Wahington Post, and USA Today - are either centrist, or center-right. NY Times, the supposedly liberal progressive newspaper, has 4 columnists that support foreign intervention: Bill Kristol (the little Lenin of the neocons), Nick Christoff, Tom Friedman, and David Brooks (the little, compared with Kristol, neocon of the NYT). In addition, the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal is virulently right-wing. These newspapers dominate the editorial pages of the rest of the country. Times and Newsweek are both centrist. The Commentary is ultra right, led by the Podhoretz clan.

(b) In contrast, where are the leftist publications? The Nation, the Progressive, Mother Jones, Counterpunch? They are all small.

(c) There is not a single major TV network which is leftist. Fox is ultra right. The rest are, at best, centrist. How can they be leftist, when they are owned by major corporations? Who owns, for example, NBC? General Electric!

(d) The number of right-wing sites and blogs far outnumbers that of the left.

True leftist media, such as the Guardian (in which I have published), are opposed to the US military intervention, US sanctions, and interference in other nations' affairs. They do not support the IRI per se, but oppose the Us policies. There is a fundamental difference between the two.

4. Leftist leaders like Castro, Chavez, and Ortega, have suffered at the hands of the US. Their nations also have very profitable relations with the IRI. But, ideologically, they are far apart from the IRI. It is more like a marriage of convenience, rather than ideological brotherhood.

Among Iranians:

The fundamentalists have the support of 15-20% of the population. But, no TRUE leftist, whether secular or Islamic, supports the IRI per se. What people like me are opposed to are, (1) military attacks; (2) sanctions, and (3) interference in Iran's internal affairs. These are what ALL leftists EVERYWHERE support, not just in Iran. 

As I said in a comment on Rostam Pourzal's recent article on this site, one can defend Iran's TRUE national interests, but also oppose some or all of the policies of the IRI, or its very political foundation. Not only are they not mutually exclusive, but also go hand in hand. So, you are utterly wrong about who among Iranians support the IRI. I have no doubt that there are people who consider themselves as leftists and do support IRI, but they are a very tiny minority. They are not the trend setters.

True national interests are those that, by their very definition, are INDEPENDENT of the type of the political establishment. Examples:

All of Iran's rights recognized by international treaties. We cannot give up these rights simply because we do not like the IRI.

I have said this in many articles, and I say it again: From the stand point of international treaties, in the dispute between Iran and the West over the nuclear issue, Iran is almost 100% correct. But, it is the stupid and senseless rhetoric of Ahmadinejad, particularly regarding Israel, that has turned Iran's strong position into a weak one. 

There is no question that the IRI has contributed magnificently to the terrible state of affairs between Iran and the West. But, every dispute has two sides. It is impossible for one side to be completely wrong, and the other side being completely right. It just defies logic. Thus, the West is also partly responsible.

It was the West that encounraged and later supported Iraq to attack Iran. It has been the West that has imposed sanctions against Iran, sanctions that only hurt ordinary people. It is the West that has double standards when it comes to the nuclear issue: Israel, Pakistan, and India can have the bomb; Brazil and Argentina can have enrichment, but Iran cannot have enrichment, and this is while there is no evidence that Iran has had a nuclear weapon program. The West gets $2 billion from Libya for the victims of the Pan Am aircraft destroyed over Scotland in 1988, but pays only $61 million to Iranian victims of the Airbus in 1988, the same year! The US condemns the Soviet Union over its destruction of the Korean airliner in 1983, but did the same to Iranian Airbus in 1988.

John McCain, Condi Rice, and Bush say, referring to Russia-Georgia war, "in the 21st century nations do not invade other nations." What were Afghanistan and Iraq wars over then? Hello? Amnesia? Alzheimer?

Some of the US policies are so senseless that only help radicals. Who do you think has benefitted most from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars? Not the US, not the West, but the right-wing in Iran. Who has been hurt most by these wars? Iran's and the rest of the region's democratic groups.

I agree with your remark regarding Iran and Israel. I oppose Israel's policies as strongly as possible, from the point of view of human rights, and international treaties. But, opposing Israel is not among Iran's national interests. Only an ideological government would do so.

But, remember that the ideologues in Israel are just as opposed to Iran. They also constantly plan to hurt Iran. It was Ariel Sharon's deputy who said a few years ago; "Iran and Iraq, even if they are completely democratic, are too large and, therefore, a threat against Israel." There you have it: Israel is interested in Iran's and Iraq's breakup. Why do you think they have close relations with Iraq's Kurds? Who are some of the most ardent supporters of Iraq's invasion?



Resorting to Lies, Farshad Khan?

by Soraya Sepahpour (not verified) on

Farshad khan, the fact of the matter is, I would never correspond with you on a personal level – I am merely writing this out of respect for my friend Mamad and the other readers who honor me by reading my articles even if they disagree with my views.
Given how much you dislike me, I am certain that if you had any correspondence from me, especially if I had used “all kinds of foul language”, you would have kept it and used it against me! Furthermore, it is doubtful that I would write and accuse you of being “unfair”. Does it seem logical that in the same sentence I would use an emotional appeal (“unfair”) and offensive “foul language”? I don’t think so.
Without a doubt, the cruelest of all jailors is hatred. It is so hard to penetrate through this obstruction that incapacitates the intellect. I am not sure why some would choose this self-inflicted punishment.
You insist I am a leftist. Frankly, I am not sure what the definition is. I have studied terminology such as fist-wave, second-wave, and third-wave feminism say, and I have a vague idea as it is universal. Leftist seems to change from place to place. In America a liberal is a leftist. In Europe it means a different thing as it does in Iran. We did an interesting exercise in grad school. We were asked to write down on piece of paper, without thinking, 3 adjectives which we felt best described us. I wrote Iranian-American, peace activist, woman. This more than describes me. I do not need any other category. However, due to the fact that there are only two parties in this country, I vote Democrat.
By the way, I came back from Iran 2 weeks ago. I spoke to taxi drivers, cleaning lady, ‘baghal’, shop keeper, and the rich. When were you there?

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

There is more talk coming from the IRI and their supporters about being attacked by the U.S. than there is talk from the U.S. about launching an attack against Iran.

Bottom line, there will be no offensive military action against Iran. That is what is nonexistent.

 You can continue to believe this woman's load of garbage. A woman who lives comfortably in Southern California as another member of the L.A.-based diaspora while trashing the very country that has saved her from a life in Iran that wouldn't even merit being called "second-class".

This article serves solely to fan the flames the IRI has ignited.

Farhad Kashani

Mammad,   No, I

by Farhad Kashani on



No, I don’t consider anyone who disagrees with me a leftist, however, once I wrote an article awhile back and she emailed me back saying that was “unfair” and she used all kinds of foul language because I bashed leftists like her! She is a self proclaimed leftists, at least that’s what she told me. Furthermore, her language and comments show clearly that she has leftist beliefs, which is fine with me, as long as she comes out and says it and stop trying to think she can fool people. She will have my respect more if she comes out and says “I support the regime for the following reasons…..” as oppose to attempts to make everyone who is anti regime, most specifically the U.S, look bad to make the regime look good. The thing is since they know that vast majority of Iranians oppose the regime and wants it removed, they don’t dare to come out and say it directly, but deep onside they are pro regime. So this is a different tactic they use, the tactic is if you attempt to make IRI’s worst self-proclaimed enemies (Israel and U.S) make look bad, then, the regime will automatically look good. That’s their trick.


Mammad, if you look at the broader picture, you will find that when it comes to the IRI, we can pretty much find the following groups to be their supporters:


1-     Islamic fundamentalists in Iran and Muslim World : Right wing.

2-     Unhappy with Bush Americans and non-Iranian foreigners disenchanted centrists. Those do not necessarily support the regime, but apologize for it.

3-     Anti U.S leftist media: They control worldwide media, most specifically, newspapers and blogs, including in the U.S.

4-     Leftists leaders and activists: People like Chavez and Castro and N Korea. Also, the leftists who are present in U.S colleges as professors, leftists activists in the U.S and abroad including anti globalization movement, workers movement, and others.


Among Iranians, there are mostly 3 groups who support the regime : 1- Islamists 2- Leftists 3- Islamic leftists. Soraya is clearly not religious, so she doesn’t belong to groups 1 or 3, that leaves us with group 2.


So, your claim that I call everyone a leftist is false. I disagree with many of Bush’s policies and I never voted for him either election, so how can I be his supporter? But I’m definitely pro Iran and pro U.S. U.S as a big picture, not for example pro-U.S when it attacked Iraq. I’m pro Iran when Iran, as people and civilization, is a hub for liberalism and promoting humane ideas and principals, not pro-an Iranian regime that promotes everything that are not those.


Also, please always have in mind when you say “defending Iran’s rights”…there is a big difference between defending Iran’s rights and defending the rights of an un-elected, illegitimate, human rights violating, terrorism sponsoring and inspiring regime that does not speak on behalf of us in any way, shape or form. How can a regime that does not represent us speak on our behalf?


Mammad, lets stop for a second. There is something fundamentally wrong with Iran as we speak. I think we can all agree on that. Even the regime says that. For example, even they are people in the regime itself that say we shouldn’t achieve nuclear energy by paying a heavy price. That’s themselves saying. So everyone agrees that something is wrong. For one, we are not at peace with ourselves or with the world because of this regime. None of us are. Neither me nor you. Some people are staunch pro regime (very few) and some staunch anti regime (the majority), but both are not at peace for couple of reasons. 1- the regime has bruised our soul 2- we are both fighting for Iran’s soul and its not our fault that we’re fighting, the regime has caused this fight. We’re uncertain, we don’t know whats gonna happen because this regime doesn’t act based on logic or sanity. Many of us deny reality for the fear of losing ground because the regime doesn’t allow any room for any disagreement and for any gradual approach to changing things for the better. The regime has made it impossible for us and themselves to have a normal being. We are desperate for survival and recognition at a time when the regime has threatened our survival and reputation, but we make ourselves happy by blaming it on others fearing that if we believe the regime has done that, then we come to the realization that our survival as a civilization and our historical reputation is at threat for real. So we become aggressive and rebellious against each other and the world. That’s the lack of inner peace.

We’re not at peace with the outside world because of this regime. Why is that you think? Also because of the lack of sanity on regime’s part. Some of us have came to this conclusion that “Iran is being harassed because its anti Israel and because U.S is anti Iran and anti Islam”. Let take a deep breath and really see how much of that makes sense. The question why is the regime taken this anti Israeli position to this level? That’s the ultimate question. We have lost everything,, and more is to be lost because of this IRI stance. Why is that? Why can’t we take a “sane” and “logical” anti Israeli pro Palestinian stance? Why cant we Mammad? What is preventing us from from doing that? Also, based on what a regime that is one of the biggest oppressors of its people’s voice, in the world, claim that it is taking this position on behalf of us? How does that make sense Mammad?

Everything they do is irrational and we have no saying in them. No functional brain will accept the argument that because Israel kills Palestinian children, the Iranian regime, which is no part of this conflict, and even if it was, should declare that the state of Israel is illegal and Israel should be wiped off the map. Mammad, how do you think that’s gonna get us respect? International sympathy? International support? And then we come around and blame the animosity on AIPAC!!! How absurd is that! Israel should be condemned, bombed, …whatever the punishment is, but to what extent has this blind anti Israeli and blind anti U.S rhetoric has cost us Mammad?

So on both domestic and foreign front, we’re not at ease. And we will never be at ease until this regime is in power. And anyone who thinks its OK to be unpopular as a regime in your own country and outside world , anyone who thinks we are victim of Western media, anyone who thinks we should be proud of being outlaws, anyone who thinks it is OK to pay the price of a nonsense ideology of hatred and dark vision and confrontation and provocation, 1- a bully 2- doesn’t understand common sense 3- doesn’t love or understand Iran.